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Cyclopedia of applied electricity; / / / / / V / 10004113


/ / / / / V / 10004113


a general reference work on direct-current generators and motors, alternating-current machinery, armature winding, storage batteries, interior electric wiring, electric lighting, meters, industrial controllers, electric railways, railway signaling and car lighting, power stations, switchboards, transmission and distribution systems, electro-chemistry, welding, etc., prepared by a corps of electrical experts, engineers and designers of the highest professional standing. Illustrated with over two thousnd engravings…

Maison d’édition

Chicago, American technical society,




8 v. fronts., illus


Electric engineering – Cyclopedia
American Technical Society.


Earlier editions published by the American school of correspondence Chicago.
« Authorities consulted » at the beginning of each volume.
l. Electrical principles. D. c. dynamos. D. c. motors Storage cells.–ll. A. c. principles; alternators, rectifiers, induction motors.–lll. Armature winding. Design small motors, transformers–lV. Meter testing. Magnet design. Controllers Elevators. Signaling.–V. Interior wiring, estimating. Underwriters’ requirements.–Vl. Electric lighting. Car lighting. Electrochemistry.–Vll. Power stations. Switchboards. Station management. Welding.–Vlll. Power transmission, destribution. Railways. Index.

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