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Canadian Rail 068 1956

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Canadian Rail 068 1956

:: 1955
The recular monthly meeting of the
Association will be held for this
Notice of j.Ieeting nonth only, in Hoom 153, :.leents
~ indsor ~; .JC. JaMes StreetY,
onlJed:1csday, June 13th, 1956, 2t
8:15 R·I. Older 1l!er.10erS .i11 recall that.
:-loo:;} 153 as the sHo/) of
our meetines for nany years, prior to our nove to the Trans;;.crtat­
ion Building. .fe expect to he back in t21C Transporta1~ion ;1uildi:J.g
by the Jepte;nber meeting.
The entertainment ,,;i11 consist of another T,,!enty ,:uestions
nailwa~ Panel which proved so hilarious and enjoyable on the last
occasio~1. This tLae, the experts will include rIessrs. Dou~ las
Brown, Eenneth F. C:li ver
s, Anthony Cle,:rg, ?orstcr Kemp, and John
i.arJoriJanks, Jr. Ye Editor -Jill act as Iioderator, wbile the
members in attendance v:ill each be given a subject, which they
vsill be askeu. to assume, for the purpose of the questioning.
rho me:nbc,rs of the audience Hill be prov5.tled with a key to the
subject before the questioning starts, so that the Iexperts 01 Till
be the only oncs with no knowled8e of the sab
usual, a cordial invitation is extended to guests.
Association lJews
Trip Committee Chairwan r~rjoribanks,
full of zest after the transit >scekend in iiontreal tfshich he han­d
led in such an excellent nan~er, desires us to announce that the
~nnual 2all FOliaf(e. Exc;;rs~on !liDI b~. held .t;:iG ?~ear on 3:lnday,
~eptember 30th. PuT 11 01. YOU.t CAL;:.!JAIl
1.0.1 -Ld.) It lS
planned to ~old it tLis year over the Canadian facific laibJcy,
from i ;ontreal to Sutton, ~ue., COing via :;03ter, returnir..g vi {
Cowansville. The train 1!ill consist of the customary V{ooden
equi~Jcnt, and will be povTered by a steam locot:1otive –possibly
a 4-0-0 of the CP i. s D4g class. It is expected that tickets >rill
on sal,: SOI; durin£, July. After the response 1e had last
year to our Hawdon trip, ilC … ;ould really SUrt:est that reservations
be made as soon as the notices are received. The eng-ine is small
and once the train is full –t!1at s that! It is expected that
the trip fare will be fl,bout ,..,4.00 anJ facilities will be available
to eat in 3utton. Cor.lplete details in our July-A.ugust issue.
TRIP 21 –
June 2nd, 1956
On Saturday, June 2nd, the Association
held what had oririnally been sched­
uled as the l;J,st trip over the l·lont-
real (;:; Southern Counties TIailway.
Earlier,there had been indications that all service ~y electric
cars on the H::::.3C :10uld cease on that :.late, but due evL, .. ently to
the lack of a suitable auto bus service to replace the line, the
operation Hill continue for the tine being.
News Report !lo. 68
June 1956
Editoriall Address:
P.O. Box 22, ~tation
j·lontrea:i :2) Can2da.
ifry ,/
U ,
Editor: Oiller S.A. I·av?llee
Asst. ~dit0r: R. Dongla,c, Jrown
Com.llittee: Rober-t H. 3rm.m
Kcmneth Chivers
JLllth-.:my Clegg
Fors G3r A. Kemp
A great deal of publicity h?d
been issued, hOlt18VGr, and de,;pite
the fact that the [oct ?cnem,c~;.t of
the date of serv~_ce C:CSS3.ti r).l had
been lClJ.ohl11 for SC!:18 G 1y. it vIas deemed. ir.flUV ls:::.b:~ to
Ca!lC81 the offj cia! Tli ) at
the la3t moment. Nea~~:y sixhy
people participated in the trip,
many of them from out of tmm, and
favourable weQther marked the
occasion. Noted ,lere ~ssociate
f1cnbers 1J.Lupher Hay of Canton,
Ohio, Aubrey r-lattingly and son,
from Arnprior, Ont., and ,Jack
Knowles, John Mil].s and Robert
Sandusky, all from Upper Canada.
Car }J 04 wa.s au.gmented by car }l02 and the special left St.
Lambelt p:c0:1ptlY ai:: 12:27 Pi·1 .c;ST for t,Iarieville and Ste.Angele.
Stops VI,:t0 IJ€!dl2 at Grep-nfield Park. H&,SC Jct., Brcokline, Fort
Chambly 8::.(.1. the Cna.m.~l.y Ca:1al draltTbridre. lieturninc to Saint Lam­
bert, a phcto stop was made at the Richelieu River Bridge, rnile
the cars backed across and made a Iphoto run across t!1e )ridee
for the phot.OtTaphers. The cars then proceeded to IIontreal South
loop and return, to co;,lplete the tour of the system.
service ultimately ceases, car }104 will become the
property of the ASSOCiation, and those present noted that it was
in [ood running condition for the trip.
TRIP 22-Sunday,
June 3rd, 1956
In order to provide a suitable diver­
sion for Sunday, for those out-of-town
guests remaining over after the IY.3C
~xcursion, a trip over lines of the
l,lontreal Transportation CO:1liTIission Has held on Junda}r <.:fternoon,
using, for t:1e first time, car )997, o,!hich has been preserved by
the Comilission. Thanks to the efforts of the shop staff at
Youville shop, with a little final retouching by members of the
Associations Holling Stock COfluTlittee, No.997 las resplendent in
new paint. This car, and others of the sar,le series, have been
out of service for more than a year. They llere built in 1910 by
the Ottawa Car ManJacturing Company, and Vlere the last. car~ to be
received by the nontreal Street tailway, befor~ it becaii1e a part
of the j·lontreal Tram.ays Company in 1911. Trip V-JaS from St.Denis
carhouse J via I3e llecl:asse, St. Laurent 3(}rnard, Park, BleL.ry, Craig,
Place dLrmes Hill, and Place d,·.,rmes, then via ~iotre Da,]e street
to George V loop at the city limits 4 A feature of the trip vIas
the operation over the stretch of track on Place dArmes Hill, which
has not been used by rotular cars in many years. Car )997 neg­
otiated the hill, aided by a plr:mtilul supply of sand. Tl1e trip
returned alone IJotre Dame, St. J<=t:nes, ;indsor, St. Catherine, Bleury,
Park, Bernard, St.Laurent and Bellechasse to St.0enis division.
l-lith the aid of Icir.Yves Saint Pierres excellent farebox, an exact
hand-made replisa of the Clevel~ndd variety found on transit
systems, a silver collection of ,~5.50 was Dade on this trip, for
the use of the Ho1line Stock Committee.
~ :H
c bY~~::~:—~—~~~: :~
Forster A. Kemp. IN
11: Sever:;.l members of the Assoc.­
ation ……. ere present on the last
passenger train from iiontreal to
3t.. Lin, rjUe., Ifhic:1 ran on Sat­
uro.ay, April 23th. The crain,
L&PS p,,,,,];&TLA&J[.·:TJ ,1SGRiSRiS1M.IC ,-U,-,piS, CllOITlHR
no. 473, las hauled uy 2ng-ine
25CO, and included a baggage car
ane: si;~ vlOoden suOt.l.rJ:lan coaches
of the type formerly used in the ;Tontrc3.1 2Lakesnore ,/ COl~:1uter
seY-n.eE. The u…11,sual nuraber of cars uas due to the fact that
the ~;ra in t,o be used in the Ste. ..:heres€-i-lontreal service on
t:h: fa 1. ~o·,lir.L[, Ilon,:ay morning. Despite the: extrJ. cars, the
trz:.5_:1 k~.Jt it.s :](:~wcl_ule and arrived on time. There ~1as c.:.mple
tir,.) fo: the p!1ot.()graphers to record the occasion ,,,hile the
ca.::-·.:j I,i:e r.!alb~1al1cd and the en[..;ine turr.ed on the man-potlered
turf .. table. .L:1e t.hen ret1.trned deadhea:i to 3te. Therese,
en,Jing pa.sseng~r service on the St. Lin 3ubdivision.
ir Uhile sunny weather prevailed for the St. Lin last run./, such
WaG EDt t:le case IDn a similar occasion on another ~)ranch line.
Tho last run of a Canadian National .~aihlays passenf,er train to
ita,,0.0n, !ue. was made by t~c; No. 203 on Friday, ~pril 27th. It
consisted of a combination ba[;eage ··3ffioking car, and a coach,
both of steel consti~uction, drawn by 0n~dne Ih03. It was a
dark, cloudy afternoon and a lig!lt drizzle began falLtng: just
as the train eased onto t!1e .i;fddon :: .. ubdivision at Paradis, tue.
By the tiLle the train reached J.-~awdon, a heav,y rain was falli::1g.
Heedless to Gay, no time v!as lost in unloading lavldon 1 s last
rai1-)orne express shipment of bread, and in ref~_11L1S the
tender Hith Hater. Then the train back uncere=noniously out of
the station, over the and out of si[:ht, leaving the
sound of raindrops and the roar (! -l,i;d.) of Ilanchester Falls
as the only sounds to disturb the countryside.
ir Several other passeneer services ceased operation on April 29th
in addition to those listed in this column in the :I,lay News
iLeport. All were on Canadio.n National :1ailHays or its sub­
diary, the Grand Trunk .lest ern Railroad.
343-344 f:i::~d London-Clinton,Ont.
~urand-Greenvi11e, Nich.

Pontic:.c-:1ic;hmond, riich.


Pontiac-Caseville, f,iich.

Gro.nd ilapi(l.s-Grand Haven, :·li eh.

21-22 Fsgr. iJinnipeg-Steep ~10cl,-Gypsumville , Nan.
Freight service continues on all of these linGS.
it Canadian Pacific naill-ray has chosen June 3rd as the date for
reG.llction in passenger train services on several lines in the
Prairie provinces. In most cases, trains on the afIB(;t2d 1 i.nes
will run threG times weekly instGad of daily e.xc€pt SunC:a3
Lines affected are as fo110VlS:
Trains 55-56 -.,innipeg-~1egiHa via Jouris
65-66 Swift Cl.lrrent-:2:mpress
101-102-103 ~linnipeg-Great Falls (IIDay1iner·
,/ 121-122 ·,!innipes-DG1oraine-riapinka
123-124 ~Jinniper;-Deloraine-Lyleton

Trains 137-138 Brandon-Estevan
159-161 & 160-162 Brandon-a.gina via Neudorf.
307-308 Regina-Ileyburn 327
-328 Regina-Laniean-Gronlid

In the foregoing, trains 121, 123 and 122, 124 were tri-weekly
tratns on the same schedule between Hinnipeg anj J);
Nos. 1.71-] 2? !lOW run c.:1ce a week, while 123 and 121 .. n::1 ·~!J.ce
we~k::y. .. °l:C.ins ],59, 161 and ].60, 16~ fcl10 … ; d.if.,:~rc,::. !
be~:·.i(:Qn V:~.r(icn 2..~.(:. l1cAll:e)T but. .?re ,,)tbe:1l1z(c i.:J._·.~.::l, 11Pi;15
65 :.[.ci ~)) hf)::-e !.~r~aceti by tri-,,:ee~(::y rr.Lz?J. train~, (-25 ar.d 626.
it AnothEr :.i.nctabJ..>3 odd.:t.y was introduced by tlis Campa;;y on some
of ;;1 s :~:~~E in Ajr€i~td. in the fa.m of a r.1.~)(>:i i.J2zL ~n.:.t ~(/CS
by 0iJ<; .~··).tt.e .3.:Id Teotu.!ns by The ~ I· .. ~j_n L.:.:-... e<3 1:·f;j).(.2)·
each LO:1I;u? as T:.~,;;in 6;2 to NaclJline, AltCl. tir. £lJ.t.<:c,oy it 12J.ves
NaCD.1T!e fo:~ Bas3.:J.r.o as train 6:;4. On IhLl!sca~ it rE.tu!~s to
Calgary ria Irricana as Train 6.33. This res.~lts in service being
giv;;!l in one direction only over the greater portion of t.hese
lii.18s. It is believed that this train goes to Cassils and Scandia
on Wednesday as trains 677 and 678.
~ Another chapter is being written in the story of the Canadian
Pacifics open observation cars. The wooden cars of the 7900
class, which were attached to all transcontinental trains during
the su:nmer season until the advent of the Scenic Dome
have been
condE;>ll!l1ed. To repl.:lce them on trains 13 and 14, the Hountaineer
which has no dome cars, the CPR is rebuilding three arch-roof
steel day coaches into open observation cars. The cO.:J.ches were
formerly nwnbered 1421, 1422 and 11 … 24. The new numbers are
597, 59J, 599. The new obser·ration cars li11 be similar to the
old 7900 series, -lith a closed centre section and open section:
at both ends. 3eats from t~e old cars are being used in the new
t Lack of patronage is affecting railway bus services as well as
passenger trains. vn Hay 27th, the caR discontinued its bus ser­
vice between Kamsack, Sask. and Flin Flon, r·lan. The bus lines
operated daily except Sunday. CNR bus service between St.Cathar­
ines and Hiagara ralls, Onto was recently reduded from hourly to
twice daily as the result of an agreement lith Canada Coach Lines.
This line was formerly operated by electric cars of the Uiagara
St. Catharines & Toronto Railway.
:Jl: Parliament has given second reading to two bills of interest to
railwayists. In one of these, the Canadian Pacific Railway seeks
authority to build a 20-mile line in a southerly direction from
Brocket, Alberta to serve a plant of the Canadian Gulf Oil Company.
The other bill would incorporate the Grand Falls Central Hailway
Company, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Anglo-Newfoundland
Development Company, to carryon the existing railway operations
of the AHD Company.
:It Canadian National .1ailvlays has awarded a contract for the reloc­
ation of 40 miles of double trc?ck betvmen Corm·fall and Cardinal,
Ontario. The contract, a·larded to llannix, T~i~.lited of C:.i~.gary,
calls for ballasting, track lay~ng and other work to begul Hay
15th and to be completed by Nay 1st, 1957. !lost of the [;rding
and culverts Viere finished last year. 1-1eanvl!1ile, construction Of
the Beattyville-Chiboug.amau line is expected to I:>e conplctc
September. rracklaying ~1i.lS nO-1 1)een Co;.lrlctcd to the Opawica
Hiver, more than half -l.:lY to C~liJouganau. ~l..t this point, ti0
bridges aliait com;,:>letion after the 5pi~ing brer:.kup. Tracklaying
will proceed ,,[hen the Jridges are finishe::l. lhe :ill be
159 miles in le:J[;.th and Hill link up 1.lith a Ij2-mile Chioougamau-
3t .Felicien line Hhich is e;~?ectGd t.o be completed in 1957 or 1958.
It It is reported that ·jthird class( was abolished on British and
,ti;uropea;l railays effective June 3rd. On ~ritish aail;ays, the
forf11er third clas5 will be renamed (second class. ~Jith minor
exceptions, second class has not existed as such on British
railHays since the railway [;rouping of 1923.
it The General ilianager of the Uorthern Alberta Hailways, !-1r. J.F.
Cooper, has annotu1ced an improveme:lt pro3ramme w1ich will cost
four f.1illion dollars. It is proposed to begin dieselization of
motive rQ,.e~.~ starting 1·r::th five units to be acquired during 1957.
Other :i.te!ls on t!1e program-ne will include piers, bridges, roadbed
and cOI1.j;r .. t:.lications. A new diesel snop is to be l:>uilt at Dunvegan
Yards} near ..i:dmonton. n.e overhaul of six passenger cars is also
to 0e included.
tr The CN~1 lill operate its auto ~ferry service betvleen Clareneville
anJ Camoo iie·l:oundland. beGinning June 4th. This service enal:>les
motcrists to bridJ;:e a 59-mile gap in the Hewfoundland section of
the Trans-Canada Highw2Y, which is now under COi1stl~uction. 1~1C
.tferryll train consiats of 10 flatcars anl a coach.
tc The 5700 fj are back Canadi£.n National J . .?ih:ays adc.ed a ne·1
train to its !Iontr€.3.J.-?oron;o service on .~!1ril 30th. Iiumoer()d 31
and 32, this all-mai.2. tra:n operates on-a 6-hour and I5-minute
schedule, stop-;Jing on.l.y for fuel, later and crew ch3.nees ~ Loco­
motjves of the K1!.l class, 4-6-4 ty~e with ;10/ drivin:; Hheels, are
re,bularly assifned to the schedule. These €nr-ines are ~etter
knmil1 .!.:,r t~eir serv~ce on trains 15 and 6 over the same route
before these tlcdn::> became t…:JO heavy for them to maintain the
scheci.ule. In recent ye:-ars they h~ve been used on the Southern
Ontario District, mainly bet;leen Toronto and London.
:Jl Have you ever heard of the Canadian Pacifics 0-4-0s? There
are seven sach enfines located in the yard of the Com.panys Angus
Shops. They were o:itinally )roufht in ,,:or major repairs and
were stripped in t~1C usual nanner for this ·/ork. After this was
done, and. :-:.pparently due to the excessive cost of repairs, each
enL in~ , .. ao then mounted. on tHO pairs 01 driving uheels and set
out -j.n the )Tard~ The engines cO.lcerned are nos. ,mQ, 2395, 24r~
~, 2lli, 21..:65, 5379. Sever3.1 of them can oe seen from _[ache
.::ltreet at the east ena of the property. It is very doubtful that
they Hill ever be reassembled. No.2455 is another earine ,.,hich
has been com. let ely dismantled for €ilree years but is still O!1
the roster! It -Jas brought in in 1953, the Jr):i.ler, frane and cab
separated for repair hork which was never carried. out.
Our Associate r,iernber I~r. Jichard B.
iiillis of Los Angeles, Calif. vlIites
us as follOiIS:
,/ One other thinG, ,thich ~ro)ably
only a stc&w:3hip fan such as myself lIQuId. notive. .!1ere, C~1
:h(;!~. C,jd you U;;-~ your ii1forma~ion that the i)::::LlA KING W,J.S &n
01::1 ·i::;:~E:3~.rpi ili….-ei~ steanarI?(i~,a~~ 37, Lay issu3, 5th par,-i,:.;raph)
Unc.:l.l· …. ,t,-.t11,:,r Y011 have tle Dl., ITA KING confused its sister
st.(-.? T:~.~r):,t lJj~:S; (:U·::.o.;;iJ, whicll was at .!Treat eXlcnse after
,,orl: ),1[, S:( f.)(, dJ 1l:.x0 cruise service on tIle iiis3issippi, l;herc
it <:;-:~_..:.l O;--j·,.~aLr:s. }kMevcr, the less i·ridely-travelleu iJBJ.;1A KING
h:.s ~~Vl.;.!, .s~!e:-j th3 :~ississi~pi nQr been closer to it than 3acra­
uen ::.), . … 1.~ i t(.i:-r ia. Furthernore J I … ould not. descri )e either of
the ;:r.~~;.rt,~ as cIa, as i.l1and. steanboe.ts [,0. lhey .ere built
al.::-ut. 1.. ~1:::f, :; or de luxe .Jvernirrht tourist service on the Sacramento
~U.e: ~1r:t;:8r;n :Jan Franc:isco and Sacramento. ~!hile they were
;:n)pc.:.;:;.cI2 ;;i-ch steri.l raddl::5, t.hey were oil burninz., had every
r.;G0.-~~n ::O)JJc,rt a~lJ luxury (includin& n3.ny bedrooms lith ,rivate
b /cre c.1.nied on the louer deck. Jeclining patrona?e caused them
to Je L;d.d. up ,:iust ?rior to the ,Jar. Jlrin~ the Har they Iere
used as troo? fc..:. … ries on Jan Francisco Bd.Y, and then the 1U:i:~N Has
sent to the ~jiszissippi lil-:!.le the KE)G lanruisl1ed sOr.J.ewhere on
the S::::r:::lmo:lto .;.tivGr, until now it, too, has travelled –north,
to !(i.:.ioot ~ I al,l elad to see it is servine arain in some
c&~cit;~r, i: not as a passen[er vessel. ,/
I had the ple.-sure of nakin.I a trip up the river on the
DBLTA Kl:!G t~le yca! before it las taken out of service) and the
encl. Has foretold on that voyaee) as there was but a handful of
passengers to enjoy the delirhtful cruise up the river. ,(
Canadian N….I.tional Hailways have reccivec:.. the new II. V. :3Ll;lAVI.}!·A
from dcotJ and. The vessel w;,ll replac~ S5 G:.::;nCOi1: on thl3 3t.
Joiln,r.;··L;lviR:)Jrte route. IN IlONIA woill arrive lat8r in the
seaS0n ~o repidcc IiV CO.JJ.OY i~ the Green Say Service.
On the Pacific Const, the CNR recently sold S3 P;UNCE RUPERT,
last of the Gr2..nd Trunk Pacific stea:-rJ.ers, to Japanese in.terests.
This threl:)-funnelcd vGssel had been a familiar si[ht to L.>.cific
Coast residents since 1910.
Some dela~r has l:>cen e:.:pericnced in pre­
paring 3ulleLLn 20 -the story of the
IIontreal t:~ Southern Counties Rai hay –
a 16
-page r-hoto-offset bulletin. It is
being worked on at the present ti:ne, and
will probably be released late in July.

………….. SA TURDAY,
A L ~ TII.F9_;::-~ 1: R:. I f}71 Y SERVI CE ON THE
UOtTT:{:::l.!. {: :3JU~Ilf£nN COUNTIll:S RAIL7.y on saturday, June 2nd, 1956.
an oxouraio~ will be s,onsored by
of the ~g~G Red lway on thn t day.
vin Green!lbld perl MaCkf>yville,
and return. Round trip will also
Mont:-o<1J. ~outh brnnoh.
the ASSOCL.TION over all lines
Trip v:i1l opera te from St·.lFmber t
hanbly, Merievi11e to ste.lngele,
be mnde over the Dt.Lumbert to
It –:r;1lipment to be used wi 11 be ocr {~104. If plltron£.(~e requires,
~dd1tionel similar rollinG stock will be used.
Ii –T:l:lles heve not been determined e::c.ctly, but the trip is soheduled
to leave Ct…nmbert shortly .. fter noon on S.,turdey, June 2nd,
upon arrjYlll of oonnecting CNR shuttlo from Central
Station, Hontreel .. The trip will be over by 6:00 Dt!, DC!.yli{jht
Time. Photo stops .. i 11 be £.r7.(..ncredl as uBual. ~ersons reservinB
tickets -:il1 be notified indi·~dut.lly of e=:ect departure and
errival times, .. hen this informEtion is evcilLlblc.
k –Due to the feet that a l,1ree response is antioipated, it is
5Sf.ENTL…t. that rsserv!tions bs mcde [IS quiOkly (8 possible.
Fnre –
:,)2.50 per parson, befor6 n~y ?6th. l~ftcr M(.y 26th,
the f:;>.re I:i11 be :)3.00 psr person. In the eVlJnt thi.t it is
found neoessary to r6strict the number of passengers, preference
ill be given in the order in ,,:hieh raeervntions received.
k –For ths benefit of those who will remain in Montracl over sundey;
a trolley tri, over lines of the Montreal Trlln3portntion CommisB–
J ion ~ill be held esrly on sunday afternoon, June 3rd. TiCkets,
1.00 in addItion to the M&SC ticket. In other ,;ords. ;;3.50
for tho t~o trips, before MCy 26th. £ftGT May 26th. S4.00.
(order form on rGvorao)

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