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Canadian Rail 066 1956

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Canadian Rail 066 1956

N.:.JS l~r;;poaT NU. 66
APRIL 1956
l~otice of I:eetJae;:
The rerular monthly meeting of the Assocatian
will be held in room 920, Transportation Building, 159 Craig
Street ,jest, :Tontreal, at $:00 F:I on }eGonesday, April 11th,
1956.. The entertainment ill be announced at the meeting.
l~rranD::!f.lents have been made lith the
COJi1ing Trips j·Iontreal ;:; Southern Cou.1ties . ..lill-lay to
operate a special trip in car }l04, over
all lines of the system on the last day
of service. Ehe exact date has not as yet been determined, thourh
estir,lates place it betueen the 2~th ~f April (til!le chan!!e Veekendj
and the middle of June. ~Iembers and associ£:.tes ho reside
Qut of tom, who .tlOulj be interested in beinr kept info:.:ned as to
the last trip, uhen the !,inal arraneements are mac.e, are asked to
drop a postcard to !-lr. John iI-rjoribanks, Chairman, Trip Cor.1.1ittee,
C.R~H.A~, P.O.30;: 22, Station B, : IOi1treal. nr~riarjoribanks will
keep this record on file, and should sudden arrangements beco:ne
those olho have mailed cards :Iill be infor:aed individu-
ally, by mail. If tine permits, notice will be civen jn the
Ueus Report, otherWise.
PiL.:F~~1~UC~ 1:1 Til..:; f.!..Tft:: OF S~AlI::G SfAC: HILL B~
THb .. h~3E;-tV i:rIOii IS Furr YOURdJLF, O.t ·.J1I::TH~R OTHERS
THA:fj( YOU.
Leonard A. Seton, our Honourary
Legal Coun::.el, is seeking to complete his file of back
cO;Jies of (,he NevIs Reports and Bulletins. If any reader
has copieG of HeNs ,~eport 1 -5 inclusive and }10 (issued
in 1949 and 1950) anu Bulletin 10 -issued 1938, which are
not required, lould like to purchase them. His
address is 354 rTotre Dame Street !est, IIontreal.
IHTE;l:!:STl$D IiI e mm. ;:ovura PICTUaSS
Ted Gay, 156 Van Buren Avenue, Teaneck, N.J., U.S.A., would
lil(e to contact persons inLerested in railway moving pictures.
He would like to obtain ~ mm. footage of CQnadian and US
roads a~d will pay cash, or has PC negatives of all roads,
35 mm. slides and a mrn. footage to trade… COpiAR not Nant-,,d.
-,:ill make titles in exchange. Has ;nany extra titles to
give a …. tay.
by :to bert n. Brovm 24
The superstructure consisted 0 square ,-/roueht iron tubes J
large enou[h to per:7it a train to pass throueh the inside and,
being almost entirely enclosed, it las like riding throu~h a long,
dar, iron tunnel.
frier to the building of the Victoria Bridee and the similar
but earlier Britanni.J. Bridge, eneineers knew very little abQ1.1t st­
resses in bridges and strenGth of materials and nobert Stephenson
was forced to carry out a lone; and elaborate series of experiments
with scale ;nodels. He found that in a hollow :)eam, supported at
each end and sustaining a weight, the upper surface in the centre
is ex!osed to a strain of cOf.lpression, Jininishing to the ends, llli.ile
for t.he bottom surface, at the sai:le point, the conditions
are the reverse, becoming tensile. –the sides actin[: as struts
or braces to prevent those oppoBite strains approaching each other.
In a beam of this description, therefore, the exceso of strenfth
r.1Ust, on the top and bottor.1, be in the centre and dininish as the
ends are apnroachedj vrhile on the aides, the conditions are again
reversed, the centre requirinr the minimum of stren[:th necessary
for connecting the top and bottom, w·ith an increase as tho: ends
or bearinLs were reached. To accor.1plish the required. distribution
of material in the different parts of tile tube J. Irou~;ht iron plates
of various thicknesses
ere used: –5/SI, 9/101, 1/2
, 7/16
, 3/31,
5/16,1 and 1/4/ –the thicker parts being used in the parts
requirine [re~.ter strength, and vice versa.
~ach tube was SIS feet lone ~nd rested on three piers; it was
securely bolyed to the masonry of the pier in the centre, on which
it had a coliu bearing of 16 xI9, and free bearings on each of
the two contiguous piers of 7~ x 19. To provide for e::pansion
and contraction, the ends rested on fourteen rollers, six inches
in diameter anel three feet in length, with cast iron bearing !Jlates
on the top of the piers aml sioilar plates bolted to the under
side of the tube.
The sides of the tubes were made of wrour:ht iron sheets, 36
wide, and put together with vertical spaced )utt joints J strengthened
by T bars inside and out and rivet ted throuf,h.
The bottoms of the tubes consisted of iron plates running
longitudinally with butt joint.s reinforced with angle and T bars on
the u-Ylder side. Keelsons) made of 10/ I beams, were placed trans­
versely on top of the bottom plates, spaced 7 feet apart, and
rivetted thiOUeh to the reinforcing T and angle bars underneath. The
keelsons Wi1Ee also attached to t~e inner T bars of the sides of
the tubes by lap tloints and gussets.
The tops of the tubes were supported by transverse 10
bar keelsons, also spaced 7 feet apart and s1nilarly aLLached to the
T bars of the sides by lap joints and gussets. The top plates
were laid longitudinally, rivetted to the transverse keelsons, and
the longitudinal butt joints strenethened by inverted T bars.
There las a contimlOUs openine, 2 feet ,ide, along the centre line
of the tops of the tubes, to perlilit the escape of smoke and gases
from the snoke stacks of the locomotives. The effectiveness of tilis
vent /as, hm·;ever, nullified by the roof ,:lich :3.5 .;uilt over the
top of t le tubes. For this reason, the s.Joke and bases lingered
unpleasantly in the Stygian darkness of the interior of the oridge.
To protect the tubes from rain and sno, am! to prevent oxid­
ization, it ,·/as orifinally intc::nded to cover the top of the tubes
with a curved corrugated iron roof but t~1is desifn Nas abandoned
and a slopinG .1ngul.:lr one substituted, composed of tonr·ued and
grooved boa.rds, covered vlith the best quality of tin. A foatwalk,
26 inches vlide, exte:ldeJ alone t:le top of the rootf., and rails along
each top edge carried the painting-traveller.
The erection of the superstructure started in the spring of
1857 nne. was cOffil-lated in the autumn of 1859; the time required
for each span being about ten weeks.
Heavy staeine was required for the erection and th~3 had to
be very solid to prevent subsidence during the course of the work.
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PsqsTSÜoo suIst3ors 9tiL
than the temperature underneath and this would cause the tubes
toarch t,heir backs like a r.ow of angry cats on a fence. T
he riiaximum
of such increase in camber observed in one day was 1± w
ith a tem-
perature of 124,° on top and 90° at the bottom.. T
lœ maximum ol3ser`ved
observations were made by T.ï).King who made the Tbridge re
cord itsown movements by means of flat strips of metal or wood att,a
chedto tlæ end of one tube and extending past the end of the
that the bridge was an accur`ate thermometer. ]`£odern i-ii
ete®rolocriistsmight t,hink other`wise.
On November 24th, 1859, Vice President Blackwell was on his
way back to Èn{ri;1and to at-bend a meeting of the J)ir
ectors of the
`, _ `,`,« `j;r`-_-J -_ _ _ _ ____ Jwas thus able to reDort that he had come « via the Vict59, and-vfv3Î :2lâËÏÎ:egnogel:`::ÊlànËeï7ÈÎ?hi
859. on
thelàsÈ à-tone was iaici a.nd the-iast rivet drivenThe last span, lJo.1the bridge was o
August 2`5th, 186by the Prince ofen
oï the moder`n world waà coriipleted.
(Next month, that Éart of the series of `ïcrossing the
per.taining to t,he Victoria Bridge i7ill be concluded, when]Jlr.Br`own recounts a hLmour`ous anecdote dealing with it. )ales, and the job of creaLting the eighth wonder
ment to the foregoing, we ar.e rep.rinting this report once
_ J_,_ _ _ _-= -+= 1–
;vf5i:vtà;,_,;;à;-fËt of those ùho may not poss_ess t
he originalRepor`t carrying this infor`mation.a8aln
Br.ockville, December 18, 1859.
5è:;eïâl:;îtÈ:::à :Êqi.tàilway Com.-1issioner.
I have the honour to r`eport, that in compliance with the
àlï:Ë:F1::i:Ëstî:ogo:Ëâ E:Înîl::Î::; Ë
:àll:l: :Î::::s :e:::Î:ieâcË:nlËeiii your leJûter of the 14th instant, I lef.b rjuebec on
the 15thand made my ejxamination of the Victoria Bridge on the 16th,and of Jûhe Branch leadintm to it from the main line at
à:tJ:n::tl:i::igt:o::dtheBridg,e was this day opcmed for` public traffic.
The test applied to the tubes of the Victoria Br`ic}.ge con-
sisted of a train of 18 platform cai-s loaded with stohes as
at one tir,~ie and weighecl., as neai-1y as could be ascer
ÏrÈ:::Ïtï.g:S:fofg ;:::Î:&.tshTïr:ïgËaEËeo€
::s :h:b3ÏËd.%:: :oïoà3 t,heof 242 tons was laid on each of the side spans, and 330 t
onsupon the span.
The side tubes being in pairs reachin£J` £`rom the ab
t,o the secori.d pier., fr`om the second to the fourth,
a.ïid so on;they were subi-.iitted to a different. test from the centi-al
one.The load, or forwar`d part of the train was brough.t upon t
Ï:ÎËyhî|:: r:ËÊnp:ilÊ `àJlfoÈ|Îet;ÎÈ
Ëncî:Ê::Ë Ëi::nwËÎ:es:ïg|:â â:Îf
â:g :!:ep:ËËÊ:tmË3Ï$ 3:ÎïJe:àm:iebr?1Elâ
dî: :Ëâ gÈgË:Îg::a n:â;lËnËalfsix observations upon the tube each tii^`.ie of marking.
The tubes cover`ing the 14th and 15th spans being. yetunfinished anc}. unconnected over the 14th pier, were, of cou
rse,on this occasion, tr`eated like the central one as independen
ttubes .
A remarkable uniforr.iity Tv^ras olDsei-veci in the eÉ`fec
t of
this load u+ïion all side tubes that wer`e completed. T„
Ïhen bothhalvcs of the tube were loaded, the deflection in each spanwas five eighths (5/8) of an inch, but when it r`ested
on one
inch and a quarter under a load of a ton to the foot.
Tvj-hen the train was sent over at speed, the obser.ved
tions did not exceed tl-iose just stated, more than the ei
par.-, of an inch, and in all cases, when the load was
re.ti,iovec3.,the tubes returned immediately to their` for_riicr position, th
Ëà:ÏÈ:ÎtÈâ #et;:s:as:Eà:fgft:rïogânlïJ
IÎ:èhtiîJ:: Ëz:âgl:c:Êaîn:Èrelythe heaviest freight train that will ever. cr`oss iûhe Br`id
It may be here r`emarked that the tubes of` Br`idge we
redesi€..ned to sustain practically, a load oi- one ton per
linealfoot throughout their` length, in acldition to their oim weic,
ht,under` which load, the hor`izontal strain was not to exceed f
ivetons of tension to the sqLi.are inch on the Toottom, or` fi
ve tonsof compression t,o t,he square inch on the top. The test
load.applied was as near the int,ended loacl as it well could be.
These tubes present the finest specimen of Engineering skill
;:%|ËÏ:ï:fiàl3n|::Èg :â bî:es::Îfîâeâ:
¥ Ëâr=h:Ërt`g:r`éJÎ:#., aâËdd:fâbi|ity.
The prepar`at,ions £or testirig the tubes in the manner bef
g€sÎËÈbÊËàt::Ëeb3ÎnMg:gÊs?yJ?g: Ê:,Ï
:I:aâ:3rî. ËçegË6cpiI:àË?dËâ:in-
eers from the late Rober.t Stephensons office, in Lor+donj w
hohacl been scnt out from En£;1and to examine and report on
Br.idge. rlThe testi`ng was coi-iii-,ienced by them on the
15th instant,
and the suffic]..ency of the tubes, I desire at the sarne ti
me toexpress my aditiiration of the slnplicity and accur`acy of the
means adopted for o3servin€: the cffect o~-L- these i,« ,
.ei€lits u3]on, ancï of that per`fection of workmanship in the tub
es them-selves, whicli are thus f.iade to shew so slig,ht a deflectio
n, undersuch heavy loads.
I have the honour` to be, Sir,
Your. obedient ser`vant,
Inspector` of i-iaili,^`rays.
_ _ ____ _ __ _ __ _ – ,J —-
_ = _ _
â by Forster` `l.Kemp Ï
is st,ill shown in table 83 of
Pr.esident I)onald Gordon oir` theced plans to purchase another
cars, presuniably diJ.rin€i 1956.
1argest hotel. The neTw wiWhat Ï.Tas for imany years Cainac}.as one-
way railway passenger ser`vice is no
more. The iiober`val-Sague_nay Railwayhas now joined the freight-onlycar`riers and passen£:er serv-ice on the
2l-mile run Ï`rom £:Lr`vida to Bagotvillehas been discontinueci, in spite of
the £`act th.3.t ni_ixed tr`ain operationthe Canadian ïJational svstem folder.
Canadian National ~Tiailways has announ-
foi.iLr`teen BuclcTL-built Railiner RDCService in which the are to beused, or the individual tyr>es has not been c}.isclosed. as
Passenger` train pool serFices, 1ong a i.eature of passenger o
and curtai|ment of these services have been undor recent discu
The [`-Lpril 29th timetables will br`ing_: a nunioer of d
ra.stic revisions
in passen£.:er serviæe. i..r.iong the mQst notable
on the CPR irill bethe c`Liscontinuance of Tjlontreal-Vancouver` local trains 17 a
nd 18,the last remnant of the once-proud Imperial Limited`. To
replacethe.rfi, a hodge-i.odge of locals will t)e put on, similar`
to the ser-
Fice which exists on the CNiJi transcontinental Ï`oute. Th
e pr`esentiïigaiLid local tr`ains 516 and 523 will operate to
ancl fr`om Ottawainst-,cad of fiigaud. This will qualify it as the longest s
ubur`banrun in Canacla. Laurentian mount,ain services i^rill be re
vamped andoperated mainly by RDC units. Passenger service on the St.Li
nSubd-ivision is to be discontinued. Ëxcept-3i`.inday train
s 311-312
betw~een Ï`=oose Jaw and i.Iacklin, Sask, i,^Jill r`un t
hr`ee times weekly.
Canacl.ian Pacific announces that a new wing will be aclded to
iio.f.ra.i -`iTork liote| in Toronto. The 400-room extension
will be built onthe present parkin£. lot, at the east end of the pr.esent
building.Conveirition and dining facilities will be çxtended to assure
thatthe Royal York will not lose it,s place as the Br`itish Com^
is to be r`eadin198-
Yrmv VŒVNTiT0 N0 Tr|0||t[V
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gt,[1 JIol ï$8| UT smo-Pue/Lü Âq i|-çnq useq :tJUT
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J:OSpUT.i.,`i Uosriieq eoTAdes -IP|:ïi.:-`Jeui UT T|:Tis
ST „9A.Opsm3ri„ SS etiiçÂ|*8çit?o tgetïji-epTs e üoui ooü SpuTj
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jvigi p eq.Tïib gpniouT suoiiTeJ:8do suïttj-|ej S,Tt7u
oTq.t}iÏ Ut?TptJLTt3o H
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Ioj- `eddeld.qs
e|=TTA |t3 00 |:ôeïs 88Pïtor| Oq. ©U0 Put?
`LÏ0|TTL`Tt3Ïi Orl3 t?PeLÜ30 jo
Âut?CTLï.Too ieeçif ÛTL:q oq S9u|.Ue eA|efA|
0rst?e| 0rt? 3UT|tss Jçq ÛOT1
-O`edd deLï.ÏJ[Oj qc
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eAt?q S.fieJ,lTT-3iLi [t?UOTqt3i`i U€lpLju30 #
-iioo Â9uPJÇS P|o Oq iu9Ju 417Ç.ON SN `|TT|i
sUTüCIS q-t3 .00 Tt?00 CS
Jçt?MTTt?H Pu.e.[ü80Ltmo st;[q oq. ques St7m ttç.oN
jt-iï -Put?tpTÏ= SToUT[[i
q? o-rJ`t?c)TLïo .seçü?TPTScins ÂeJATit3| sqT
do.T seATioujToooi tTjt?eis
puetrpuooes eJ[o eATj pes€TioÆncl st3ti .oo it?oo c
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•q.uiocl ieTUT.i ie oOTJ.des Mt3S Ù-:OAeu 0rT
-queledde q.riq `üetï-.îns ist7t stepui3Tiv oq. Peu
./3isse s-c?M üie7iit?t st;[]j
•t3iujips püe uopuori use,`ii9CL SLiT~ed| He.J3USsst?d
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etTTUTLm €ïZ~2:|Z-|i7Z SUTt?üq ü9.73USsst?d Tt?OO|
-t?Â|.|..`rs st|| deAO U8}ïpq. rJL9q 47.ON .STJ[q
t,ÏotH |UOosd UT PTeTI.3 .It?I
detiit?d pedepu~8JA eAt?q Seut.`œ 3ïut?q s6|t3uoT|-eN
t;It3TP13Ut30 ulo OM|,
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