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Canadian Rail 065 1956

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Canadian Rail 065 1956

ilEUS ,lilPORT NO. 65
BARCH 1956
Notice of r.ieeting:
The re{,ular monthly meeting of the Assoc­
iation will be held in room 920, Transportation Building, 159
Craig Street lest, at 3:15 PI!, .!ednesday, March 14th, 1956.
On t~lat occasion, an address ,-rill be Given by Hr. Albert A.
Gardiner, f()rEl~r General Passenger Traffic l1anager, Canadian
Natio!1al Ra:i.l .. rays, on the subject of his r<:lilway experiences.
Hr. Gardiner I s v.ill be we:il known to the older members
of the Association as a close personal friend of the late
C.L. Terroux, in his lifetime a very valued officer of QUI
Association. Through Ilk. Gardiner, the late rIr. Terroux
obtaineo a [reat many of the historical railway items which
the Association possesses today. As usual members are
cordially invited to attend, and guests will be vlelcome.
special invitation is extended to Associate r.1embers who
reside in the nontreal area, to come and get acquainted at
this meeting.
Thanks to an excellent response
On coming publications to the request, inserted in
last month I s News Report, for
photographs of self-
propelled rail cars of obsolete types, much material has been gained for
the planned Dulletin on se!:f-propelled cars. It is expected that
the first part of this list, comprising an all-time list and
description of such cars on Canadian National Hailvfays, will be
distributed late in the spring. This will be followed at a later
date by a similar Bulletin devoted to cars on Canadian lines
other than the C.N.R.
The next Bulletin to appear will be Bulletin 20, the Assoc­
ations official history of the r.1ontreal &:. Southern Counties
Raihay. £his bllietin vIill contain much hitherto unpublished
material, a complete all-time roster in detail, equipment dia­
grams and maps to illustrate the story. If our budget allows us, –
this /ill be our first production totally by photo-offset process.
It is expected that this Bulletin will appear
in /.lay.
At the present time, the Association is preparing a large­
scale (1 mile to 1 inch) blueprint map of the Cape Breton coal
mining area, showing locations of all of the two dozen or so
ceparate mining railways which once existed in the area. The map
will include historical information as far as it is known, on
dates of building,amalgamation and abando~TIent. It will also
show the principal mines served by these railways. Uhile the
cost of reproducing this by blueprint process vlill prohibit free
distribution to members, it is planned to make copies avail abl c
at nominal price. If there is a suitable demand for such maps,
other similar ones will be prepared for other congested areas
in Canada, as 1el1 as by Province, for the use of members tr~cing
the history of particular railways, as they read about them 1n
the Association
s publications a 1·1ort:: ahC>lT, th:i::; i.n t.hI=> f1.l.t..llte_
This is the eleventh
in a series on the
Montreal, AUgusu 17, 1913.
the above dateline, you will note that I am spending a
short time in l!ontreal –Canadas largest community · .. ith a pop­
ulation olose to the 600,000 mark. There is a great deal to see
in the oity and distriot, but we hove been kept so busy that I
have h~d little time to visit the pOints of general interest.
Today, however, we have had e preis7 of one of the engin­
eering feats of the oentury –a tunnel under Mount Royal, whioh
is being oonstructed by MaCkenzio, Mann & Company ~imited for the
Canadien Northern System. The scheme, whioh was first sUGgested
by Henry 7icl:steod, Chief Engineer of Surveys, is proeressine
satisfactorily end our inspection tour was most instructive. I
dont suppose that you would be too interested in the technical
aspects of tunnellinc through solid rOOk, but you may wonder ~hy
such a.n undertaking is being pushed through in Montrenl, v:hioh,
exoept for 1ount Royal, is located in exceptionally flat country.
As you ~t:no.t tho Canadian Northern does not at present poss­
eSB a satisfactory entr~nce into the central part of the metro­
polis, and y:o are still using ths old termin~l of the Canadian
Northern nuebec Rail~ay in the e~atern part of the city, ~hlch is
rapidly becoming more and r.Lore out of the ,:ny. If v:e are to oom­
pete succ6ssfully for any of tho throuch traffic v:hen tr!.ns­
continental line to the Pacific is opened, it is esaential thnt
~6 have a more c6ntr~1 and euitable loc~tion for our passencer
cnd 6xpreas facilities. Thorefore Messrs. Mackenzie Dnd Mann en­
thusiastically took up the idea for the doublo-track 6lectrified
tunnel, r:hich, althouah expensive. is about the only y;ay in :hich
to reach the heart of the city, especielly so nay. that tho 7est­
ern suburbs are 80 built up.
Construction of the tubes is progressing from both ends Dnd
also from ll. shaft loc~tod on Meple~ood Lvenue on the far side of
the mou.,tnin. Headings in tho northGrn pert –that bahGon the
shuft and the West Portal –~Gre completed last April end it is
remarks blc to no te ths t there \08 but one qu~r ter inoh d i scro pan­
cy bct~acn tho t~o alignments. It is G:pocted that eerly in tho
no::t yoar, tho hoadings or preliminr.ry :ill h~ve b£,en
completod throughout. That dOeS not meen immediE.te oporr.tioD,
r, for much v;ork ,,111 to be dono. B~.rrine unfore­
seen difficultiGs, tho struoturo ought to bo in use by tho eerly
p£!.rt of 1916.
Our future Contral Station v:ill be loontad 1n the city block
boundGd by Cathcart, MansfiGld, tagauohctlete end st.Uoniquc str­
eots. The olatforms ~ill be about mid~ay bGt~Gen th~ upper end
lov:or lavels· of tho city, and thS bntrf.ncos :1.:1 b3 so arrangod
us to cutomatically sogrognte tho throuen ~~se~~6TS from tho
Coupled v.lth the station and tunnel plans is a tremendous 20
development for the other side of the mountain .. ,Already r:e have
incorporated the Tor.n of Mount Royal, and construotion of the
residential Model City!? betv:een the lest Portal of the Tunnel
and the Back River is expected to prooeed rapidly once the rail­
r.ay line is in ~peraticn. The to-;n ;:il1 be but ten minutes from
the heart of the business distriot of Montreal via sr:ift and com­
fortable eleotrio trains, and all-~teel multiple-unit oars aith a
speed of 45 m.p.h. are to be used for local servioe.
A looal station called Mount Royal Heights ,-:ill be oonst­
ruoted near the point where our no.-: line orosses the C.P.R. This
.111 be at the corner of Bates Road and Pilderton AV/!Inu/!I and iEl
to be the center of an eJ:tensive real estate development on the
castern slope of fount Royal. It is ona of the mOst desirable
properties on the Island of Montreal and it is plsnned to combine
the station bUilding ~ith a multi-storey shoppine oontre erected
by the real estcte interests.
The railway yards and engine facilities .ill be three miles
beyond the Model City at the point v:here our line crosses the
Montreal Park &: Island Railyay, a local interurban traml-:ay line;
to Cartierville. Outr.ard trains cill be changed at this point
from electric haulage to steam po~er, tho reverss being the caS6
~ith Montreal-bound trains.
Wo have ordcrod six pocerful aO-ton electric locomotiv~s
dosignod to handle mOst of tho avorago runs, but v:hioh I:ill be
equippod to operate in multi pIG to haul tho heavier 16-car trans­
oontinental trains. They ara being constructed by the Canadien
oneral Electric Company and srG of tho mast modern design ,:hich
can be obtained. Judging from the repid progress that is heine
mada in the field of eloctricity, I believe that one of these
days eleotric traction ~ill supplant steam pocor as the most ec­
onomical and suitable form of railv:ay motive po-:er. Our tunnGl
eleotric is therefore a stop in the riCht dirootion.
From time to time I expect to have tho pleasant task of
keeping in touch r.ith further Montreal Terminal developmonto, and
shall try to keep you informod of futuro progress of this under­
taking which soems destined to change not only our operations in
the city but also the I …. hole trend of grot:th in the metropolitan
Naws REPORT No .65
March 1956
Editorial Address:
?O~Box 22, Station B,
Montreal, Canada.
Editor: Orner S.A. Lav~116o
ABst.Editor: R.Douglcs Bro~n
CommittGG: Robert R. Bro,-:n A
nthony Clegg
Kenne th Chi vors
Forster A .Kemp
Ernest Modler
Note: After the notes and
not-:s column had boen pre­
pered, 70 -iGrc. advised thC.t,
dUG to clearonce restrictions
in the St.Cleir Tunnel, the
Illinois Cc.ntral engines ~ill
be usod on Grcnd Trunk Uestern
lines, ruplacing t6n 6300
cl~6B oneinao~ ~hioh cill b6
trnnsferred to the cnn South­
Grn Onterio District.
|H until recently colu`LiiT?iat s
Ïastern .TJiailway}
r`TO Tj ,`3 8c NEws
by -iTi`,!-`çt,3.:-ji. ?.:ei.r}D
t`;ïiïïi`ïïë;ufTCTÔïÏR i.,; =;.c`
n to t,he T`,Jouthern Jxtens ion
is S_i.`|+.^?f.i Éf~`jr
e;`:L :..;i:J`,.Ï.r`. f.r_`m& pr`oblem child, has becŒrii.e one
8 of üê s Ïriost neïv`rs-worthy
N raj.lL-,.l.7a.ys Jül:Lrough its ambitious
J co.nstruc-l.,j.on pro`r:r`amme. In add-
Tl .` . `
. _ ., /` _
__J_ ï_ _ ____ .,_`l__L _ -_ _ _. _ __
fr.m Vanco.Li.ver t,o Squaimish, T,,`rhich
in June, T,Tork iLs` way on a northern
r;cj` C,eo-ft:e .T)a.i,rvson Crc`ek aïic,. Fort
St. John,
the Cplt claims a loss of
ir, t,|.`ï ï« =`act3 `},±i..i3.f r;t_`i,i.irïbf
?,r`+ « :!Uri`.,+e:,r T.,ro.rl: h8.S be&un on t,WO
tc) i.`-,.ii^ ii: :Ïj..« i`.`T;r.L^,ri+. r`-l-.Lrec:-
,ic,r.`S ou-l-, of iT(,`rt SÛ. JohnS One
t|Lr>.c. = ,rc`i` ,,., ].d `.`c,`,:.LJ;`.,« j. ï,he Pë
L-`Lce; ilivei for` /!.0 downstr`eam to
HLi.fï,5`ïi.`.r; L:rj`i)..`3, iïli.ic..i` is weLit
of iiort 5aiii.t John. The other
woul`i {J.`f,, ;.Û ï:i-.+.€s no`i-tlc, crossiii€
,.i the Beatton River to open up
a£JTicri t,i.,-Lr`? t?Lilcï rlè-lï,Ur`ai €:a.s ai
Ê T1.î`e ?rjer€t,ion c)f the fir,st PŒ train ou
t of lJorth Vancouver in

its -.^i£.Iit o+` i,,Ï!îys +lr`,p€ï-cjï]t
,ly tjiey ob,iect,ecl. sti-enuously to the
int,rilsi:Ùri. o:,~.` LlieseJ.,c`, ï.f*.,;o t,hei:f rci
se t,3a.r`d.e.r`_s. T1ie É`irst -brain
ir`ro`.n 1.`j-or.i,h Ïci.ri.coijv/.-3r to l]..i.nce Gr`;or
.rj.e is Sf;.neduled to be Oper`-
atecl /~in J-~iLrie ].2th, arid it is re.ï)crtecl t
o be booked solid.
Æ A mic3..owave r.adi..c) co« irrjTiiinicé.`.tions s?,r
stem is to be tested by the
PG.Lï oji tTfje Hc.i.t.h V.`ïf.cou.ver -.. Sciuè.~
riii`sh ]]e. If tliis proves
succ.3s`c=,f+l, ii„ ïrj`ç^].y Ï`,.ë rïorj:.i
ed Û. tlrie ent,ire line bet,vTeen lJor`thl va.l.c,`.i. er ,|*|`Lf-t. Iî`olL-t {::ï-,.uTt31~ln.
The ,ç;y`stelll l..rill pel^iïlit Cortmunication
betT`,^`;i=?e.r.t. i.v-3.:. j..;.ùf= î`?irits , be.:w
een ti`e,iils 8.iicl sJüatioii.c„ between two
Or i`1U:.C! +,rLl,.ni,ll.S a.lli `L]Stï`.Ïeen the
erl.t,C~-jne e.nci. vcm On any train.
The ct`;,`ciiù j.: s.`.`.cL`i a. ,ÇTs.tem É.or
the i.^.+hole line ïi.Jould not exceed
tha.Û (:;i` a rjt`ic. liiit? Prince George to
Fort St. John.
# cO.ylj|!^,|1L1.t.,e.ï.S :î.n t,he i,`iontreai area ar
e 83Ltherin8 their for`ces once
mc,i.-`:i -£`s t,iie ].e.ç,u`l..t oi. an ap`flicat,-,io
n by Canacl.ian National and
Câ,I1;~1..`l., c-,`.r. I-`è`+13`j fic r`a:.L].w?Lys to i
ncr.ease Co.rllrtlutation by a
fu.,j,ï.L`Ï-5:) 3. `T.rie:r hav`], +ieen invited
to send repr`esentatives to
a c« ji.:`-`{.~-_r`erice oii_ Jr,Iie iLjatt,e.r, to be h
eld Februar`y 20th. During
000 on commuter service.
55.tï~i`~` ,j`>.-r.i`)i .-L`i-oiïi Fia}-to Oc`tober.
ï;1 }.+.,ï« l`,0û a=ii`:`. +,lie (;iï=i a
.loss of
ii.a+=ï:3 wei-e r€~ised. by 50`;6 inP
Èseven lcicomot,ii,+es be€m i-ent.,ec]. from the
ll_1inois Central
Rai-j.ï`rjéicl by C`,anad-j..éi.n National iïailwai,
rs. They are to be oper`ated
on tf|fJ. Sour,1JC-,rn C:`L-ûaLri o D:i-s [ ri,:,,f;àyb:
:`;Jeïpï:u|ÎÎ:Ëàa t 4ÏL|:,ÏÈÎoriryË::?
Erie :+i.rj,rJ. iJi.;|83ï`a. .Tïai]S, ontG
TheTjr li£J,Îj-.e `-/i« )~].Lnch dLrj.v]ï.i€J; wyi
eels`î 3C`i 3: 30Zî cylinder.s and iï`Teigh
tracù efi.c`i`t. riT:.Lr3y i.iv`(`]:e r`.`3m=U.t
, in the ICRR shops beLween
on Caii{:dian 1ïè3,tir)na.l. ] ines.
# At the, beginJ.iir.g of Jan`i`iry, all Montreal & Southern
Ë:à:Ïaïopî|S|:e:Ë:IÉ ;-â:à â,;`1ïJ:Ë
nî: IslÊ,çÈlï-àrî:::etÊnlé[ÎÏ:r;gï:
ijhe only unit .rœaining at MCGill Street.occasional use, is now
:it fhree eas-electric cars of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which
were recently civen a complete overhaul at the .Angus Shops, have
been placed in service on the NevI Brunswick District. On Feb­
ruary 16th, car No • ..2.Q.Q5 began operation betvleen Fredericton
and Fredericton Jet. NB On the same day, car i;o • ..2QQ1 entered
service between Fredericton and Saint John oil local commuter
trQins no .106 and no .105 J hauling trailer no. 2Q.Q2. fhe latter is
a former battery-electric car of rather unusual appearance, which
in recent years ;1a5 been used as a passencer car on the Cherbrooke
and 1,Ier;antic way freight. This chance means that all CP!t passen­
ger service into Jaint John has been ,Imotorized except when
traffic iti very heavy. Trains 41 and 42 are hauled by 1600 HP
r-fLU diesel units, while trains 113 and 114, The Gull are usually
handled by a liaine Central 2000 HP GH E7 unit, and trains 101 and
102 consist of t10 Dayliner,l iUC uhits. Other gas-electric cars
on the Neh Brunshick District are: No .• 9QQQ lhich runs betleen
~fo?~stock and Chipman on trains 155 and 15J, and ~03, kept at
I·lcrlc…am as a spare.
l: An augmented service betHeen Fredericton and. Fredericton Junction
Nas begun on riarch 1st in order to provide the NeVI Brunswick
capital city lith better main line connections, ,articularly
between Fredericton and Saint John. Gc:..s-electric cars 9005 and
9007 now provide all passenger service on this branch.
:1: The Dominion Atlantic Railway is one of the few lines on ,/~ich
,lZasseng8rs may still riue in an open-platform observation car.
ihere arE7 presently tHO such cars in regular service on trains
95 and 9:; betHeen f:alifax an,-Yar;;louth. They are buffet-parlour
cars 6613 and 5614. Both are steel-sheathed, arch-roofed and
air-contlitioned, lith the parlour section forward, kitchen in the
centre and four-table dining section behind. Four seats at the
rear provide a good view through the rear TindO/s, and the plat­
form makes an excellent place for photographs. Good food is
available, served on dinnerware bearing the Evangeline crest.
Unfortunately, all this will vanish with the inroads of modernity
next July, as t
lO RDC-l units been ordered from the 3udd
Company to replace the steam trains and the parlour and dining
services Jill be Hithdram. Incidentally, the CPRs only remain­
ing /oo(:en parlour car is kept as a spare at Kcntville. It is
numbp-r 6610 ane.;. is also a buffet-parlour ilith an observation
platform. H01ever, the interior arranger.tent is so:nelhat differ-
ent compared iith t~e cars in present use, and the platform smaller.
li .t.lthough the DAit service /ill require only two nDC units, there
are also tl~lve others on order, for delivery betleen April and
June of this year. They (rill replace steam trains in the follo>l­
ing services:
Hontreal to Labelle and l-!ont Laurier (except weekends and
2. ;·lontrea1 to Ottawa via North Shore (422-423) ski trains)
3. Sudbury to Fort ·,[illiam (trQins 17-18)
Cars on order include the folloline types: 2 RDCls (in addition
to the to for the DAll); 7 RilC.s; 1 RDC;1 .; 2 anC4s.
) li The ~lgin Subdivision of the CNR is being to,n up. This line,
from Petitcodiac to Elgin, NB was opened in lS74 by C~H.Hallett,
who las first Han.:3.ger. Extended to Havelock in 1885, it.. was taken
over by Canadian Government Rail
lays in 19111. CNR ,ras gi!8n
permission to abandon the line last year.
•• ,KS.
Now 115 your chllilce to help preserve tbls grand old
lnterurbsn. An excellent epeclmen ot an almost­
voll1she~ er., this car wu bullt in 1912 by the Ot­
tawa Car Co. tor tha Montreal & Southern Countlas
Rl;ll1way. It luis operated almost axoluslvely on the
suburbsn servlce between Montreal snd the aouth
shore suburbs ot Greenfield Park., JoIackey-vllle and
Montresl South. For many yesre it hss been used only
In rusb hour service snd, ot ocurse, speoial eJl:cur­
slon.s tor railfaIlS. Withdrswn from service ln l.!8y,
1955, it bas been presented to the O.E.R.H.A. tor
preservstlon. Aa the oar ls now in l!ontreel,. there
still remslll8 the tesk of IIIOving it 377 miles by
rail an~ several IIliles by road in order to resch our
property. Your help is nee~ed to !leet the coste ot
thh long haul, espeoially sinoe 107 oannot be mOTed
on its own Wheels be08uae ot non-standard equipment. 107
ia an ideal oar tor preservation on any rail_
way lIIuseum beoause slmost no restoration:ls neceassry
to bring it back to lts original cond1tion_nothing
h,!I$ been oh8nge~ sinoe 1912. Remcve the woodan ban­ohea
trom the baggage oompsrtment, sn~ the restora_
t10n 18 oomplete! Even after 43 yeara of servioe, it
still has all i t8 han~soma green stained glass ln
the windows, and its beautUUlly oarved snd panelled
The body ot this osr is in excellent oond1tion as
it bos alwsya been well painted, and has been very
well lIIs1ntained by e railway which i8
.ell-known tor its csre ot wooden
107 near 1I0ntreal tsnlll.n.:l, August, 1947.
The O.E.R,B.
A, as tormed in December 1955 IS the
firllt Cenadien trolley IIIUlleum to own its olin III teo S
inoe tbat time, the lIIembera heve bought 3i aorell
of lend, have acquired anti 1Il0ved two tor:mer Toronto
oity oara to tbia property, have repain~ed both oerll
enel oOlllDenolld oonstruotion of a oarbern, es lIell ss
the m.sny other Jobs whioh lIlust be done on e reilway
museum.. Thls ee eocompl1ahed almost entirely by
rail1anll In the Toronto arell. We Ire allld:DB tor your
halp now eo that rail1allll eTerywbere oan help to
presene thia absolutely unique Oar. P:lease be as
generous ea you oan. Re:ni ttanoea should be made pay­
eblll to the AsSooietion.! end tll8ile Onterio Eleo. Hy. Hlatori08l Assn.,
II Highgate Road, Toronto 18, Onto
PLEASE ACT SU!CKU. We hove only a short time in
lIhioh to raise the neceaSary money, snd the rsilway
will not sit for lta p8Y11lent. Donationa of $10.00
or 1II0re will reoeive membership in the O.E.R.H.A. t
brough December 1956. Ao~.ledgementa 111 be sent
for all 81110unts received, lind 11, un1ortunately,
donotiollll lire Insut1lolent to pay tbe necessary 001lt,
they ill be returned to the donors unless otherwise
cars. We of the O.E.R.H.A. hope you
will .ant to have (I shere 1n the pre­
servation of 107. Pleaaa note that we
bave only s ahort time 1n biOb to
raisa the neoesasry money, so lie hope
To: The Ontario Elee. Ry. Historicsl Assn ••
YOU Ul nnt ~ellly in sondins In your
Printed in Csnade
11 Highgste Road, Toronto 18, Ont., CIlMelS.
am enoloalng her8llith lIlT ~onation of • to help prnerve
Oar 107. 11 ,10.00 or more, it 115 alo my I!lcmborohip taa toJ 11515-86
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