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Canadian Rail 060 1955

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Canadian Rail 060 1955

m~F s BE POl T { GO
OCrrOTot[;R 19 1)1.;
Notice of JIeetiuG:
Th 0 r8~ul cr mon th ly Mee tinc of the
A C;;3 0 ciation v; il l be 1.1eId i n room 9,20, lr[,n .3 ) 0 rt c~ ti 0 2J. :~h i ].( i n G,
159 (r 8. ig S +; re et ,.TGst . II0ntr e t: :I. 9a t tl: 00 1: ~ 9 0n t 0dn6 S d. 2.;/ ,
October 12th, 1955. T~i s ~iJl be an on tertainment evening,
there ~il l be no bu s incs s mB8t i n~ . Th e moetinc topic ~il l
be 7 ~F(i. e LsLo of }[ Ull; L I~ 8. i.J. ··: a J j~.nac hII O IJ. i s lnf~ 9 and shor tt a Lks
ill ~..1. s t r £:.ted b (tl sIi des G 110 ,r i n; t 11G V 8. 1i0 u S J: t i] 0 pe r .. t ion s C T1
t11e I f:.l J. 80 f 11·. 11 ? v: i 11 b (; C·i v : n b;j ~~ :-. 0 Dau f.~ J. ; ~l S JJ , ov 11 9 tl T e
f·nthony C!:.e gC, a nd !,~! . omer [.,,-va l l oe . As u sur L, 8, ,-,80ci to
e~ b 8rs and cuests viI I be ~8 1comB .

Ac 0 r» I.. IT,T ~,, S 7~G…Co ,; ,.. t-;- :-})-;;-~ —;;:–;; ,.., 0 b e r
n on –l-:;–c l-R1 r-:-:t R11-Th–~i:-l
J:.• …J 0 – C. v .. .U Q v ~ 1…. . OJ ,;…1. -l~ ) 0 .:- J l. 0-.. ..d, J bv _b 9 ;.•. . .t~ v. 0
__. .._._ _ __ _ _ 1310,::11 acce p ted the :)0 st 0: ChLeman of
the 1956 E~:ll il) i t ion tGo
t o ~) J.8n
a r£ i 1. e :::h i bit at t11 G Ch cL t eau c,G n.. eza y, t0 J. <: st for ce v0r 8.1
week s n e~
sumner . The purDose of the e~hibit io11 ~il l bo to
celebrate & nun ber of cnni ve rAa ries, vi z.:
The Cent
enary of the oponin g of the Gr ~nd ~ru~k R~ iJ.~ay
G t~ e6n Mont rs al and Toro nt o.
e 120th Annivers2ry of tho o, cninc of t h o Ch~m,l£ .in ~
3~ in t La~r6nc 6 Bail Ront .
The 55
th An~ iv6roar y of th G i n tr o ~ucti on of th e str eet
a il~a y to the ci ty of Mont r ea l.
rj1h o 7[5t h Ann ivers ~.n· .7 of the Ln c orpor a ti on of t he () i_l1; d i.a n
P~ci fi c Rail ~ay .
The 70th jnni vcrsary of th e running of th o fir st 82n~ d ian
t r-z.n soon t Ln en t al t r s tn , ov er-th e C DR .
Other s l i ent ~~tos ~il l ~lso be comnsmorated. It i s planned
t o i nc lude m8nv e~hi b its of ph ot oG~aph
, DB9s , document s , r nd
small o b tsc ts o f ;; I i1,;,-:.y uc t ur e, L5 ;e 1J. ee e::;li bit mo de Ls
e:nd & n0 Ii Gr .. t i 11C In0 do J. r e.i 1;c~ .y 6.:J1 :p) it . ~ , 1..1 r t h6r pJ.e n S ·i. i 1. J. be
~isc los6d ~ s th e d G t~il s ur e dcvc lopGd ~it h the !nt iou~ria n ~
Yumisr,wt ic ,Socict .y of Yont-r0aJ.
propr i e t oru of the Chatec::u co
Rfille zay Wh ich i [, 1} hi s t or Lc aI mus eum.
~~l RIP~~TO ~ l ~ On (;r.rpUP;)J;Y. ·}..-;i:c ust Ls t, the J~ss oc L t iol; r an
C::. o ommemmo ra t Lv e t r o Ll o y t:ri ry in r: ()nt~:6a J.. ·–::T c:n8~ o ~·) t :~ :, t ion CO E1.T:l­
iasion car No.1046. from th e St.Donis ca r hous e to Montrea l Nord,
th ence to s:cti ervillo, and r
etur n to St.Dsni s. ~h is Drr k s
t 110 I:i th ,j . :C c; ,OJ. froin SGr vic Eo 0 f t 11 (; f ami l i arcar s 0 ft h(, J032
clss s
~hoSG or~nGG [n d si lver p~ int s ch emes on CG f ~rKG d a dis­
t f.n t Lv e fe ctur e of t hs fOlT016 T Hon t rsL} P !.~r t: f·; Island .ai lv:a.v.
Four c
ars of thi s cla ss Tsmained ~hcn ~ i th dra~n fr om r e cu 12~
o in Juno lus t. The~ ~erG TIos. 1046, 1048, 1050 and 1051.
lio . 1042 ~a s ~ i thdr~~n SOfie ye e rs eCO . T~ 6Y are dsctin6d to
bs sC :L2 P ~Je d et ths Youv Ll I.e sh ops of th e ~ :TC .. f)cv 6ra J. D.fJ S OC­
iate memb ors ftom out-o f-t o~n point s su ch ~s Tor ont o
~~n~ ri or
a nd H -~tford , Conn . , ~e r e amonc those preson t .
~J 0 tic 0 0 f 1: e 6 tin G:
Th0 re~ul~r monthly mootinc of the
A [0 SOC i a t ion V,< ill b e h e 1. din roo m 9 ,2 0 9 l r [: n .3 .J 0 l t c~. t i 0 !J. :3 -l i 1 (~ i n G 9
1 5 9 ( r 8, i g S t; r 6 G t ,. i G st. Iii 0 n t r 6 C. 1 9 a t 8: 0 0 1: 9 0 n ! e d n 6 S d 2-:7 9
OctobGT 12th9 19:55. 111i~3 :iJ 1. bC) an ontort·:linment 6vGning,
and theTe ~ill ba LO business m6etin~. The meetinc topic ~ill
be Fne I8J,3 of Hun; L·:aJ AnaohlOl!,ismr~. and short tallrs
i 1
1. ~,:t S t r El t IJ c1 b:l s lid 0 8 G J 1. 0 1:: i !lj t 11<3 V &,1 i 0 U S l c i J. 0 P (; r :;. t ion s 011
th8 Ji:,le of 11. n. v;i11 h(; civ:::,n b;; ~L··. Dou:<~J.::s Bov:l1, H·c.
nthol1Y C);C. ;)i1d f~T. Omer T,[vallee. As u[Ju,~19 8.;,(3ooi to
mo~bers and cuests ~ill be ~elcomB.
!:..ssociat:ion lTev;s
-;-;-1 ·–t-~-e –;:;-;; .. y, -t-;-)·~J··-e–~-::;–0 ;-:-Z–l-·-1 0 -r ::-::;;; p, 0 b L, -r t R.
1.:., .. u_..L-I~)0f:..l ,L.lli . .. .,I.nJo V -09 … ~.. -v
Bro~n aocepted the
~ost o~ Chairman of
IlE) 1956 E::lli
)ition COl1Ir,itt66
to lJ18n
a rail. e~:hibit at the Chateau (:e R. :6zay, to lc:-st for oever9.1
weeks ne~t sumner. The purDose of the e~hibition ~ill be to
ebrate & nunber of cnniverAaries, viz.:
Centenary of the opening of the Gr(nd ~ru~k Hi i1~ay
bGt~66n Montrsal and Toronto.
~he 120th Anniv6rs~ry of the o,cninc of the Ch~m,ltin ~
S~int La~rence HElil Road.
Tbe S5th An~iverGary of thG intro~uction of the street
rail~ay to the city of Montreal.
rho 7f:Sth !0nniverG~.lT.7 of the inco:cporation of the ()i_.l1; c1i2,n
pz~.cific :Railv:ay.
The 70th
jnnivcrsur~ of the runninp of the first Gan~dian
tr::.;nscontinental tr8in. over-the CPR.
o the r s, 1 i en t (1 <, t e s y; i LI <-,]. sob Gee IT,~le m 0 rat 3 d • I tis p]. ann 6 d
to inc Jude manv e~hibits of photoG~aphs, m2,s9 documGnts
sma11 ob Gets oi ;: r, ih72,:/ lE~turG9 r:c~ ;e11 cS e::;-d.bit modE>ls
;.nd &n opsr,:.tinC rl10dcl rcih;clY e::J1:Lbit. :::curths!. pIons .. i11 be
~isolosed ~s the dGt~il
s ure developed ~ith t~e !ntiau~ri2n ~
Rumismutic Society of Mont~6al, prO)ri8torc of the ChntG2U (0
RFmezay ~hlch is a historicRl museum.
}RIf __ ~TO~.-l~ On nr,rpUP;;j!,Y,-AUE:Ust 1st, the Associ~.:tion Tan
L comm.6mmorative trolle,j t:::iy) in rontT6al~:nn8;Jot i
esion car No.1046. from the St.Denis carhouse to Montreal Nord,
thence to srtisrvi11e, and return to St.Dsnis. ~his nfrks
the l:i1:ho.:::.0,2]. from sGrvice of the famili8.r cars of t}](; }032
clsss, ~hOSG or8.nCG rnd silver p~int schemes once f~rmad 8 dis­
tintiv8 fec~tur6 of the forr.1c,:c ~1ontre[.1 P~~rl: 8·; Island .-ailv:a.v.
our cars of this class remained ~h6n ~ithdTa~n from recu12:::
seyviro in June last. The~ ~6rG Nos. 1046
1048, 1050 and 1051.
no. 1 0 42 v; as:- i t h d r ;::;. v: 11 s 0 lil 6 Y 6 [ T S 2, c: 0 • T ~:~ 6 y a r 5 d 6 c; tin edt 0
br sC12p-ped C.t thE; Youyi11e shops of tho jI iate
mGmbers ftom out-of-to~n points such ~s Toronto
and H-~tford9 Conn., ~ers ElMOnc thOSE> prSs6nt.
.TllI_I:….,}!i2~.? Q. On the fo l l o:i ng 0.2;f , T; ss oaiati on st ~ce d one of it s p09uler F~ll ~oliaG6 exc ursion s ,
th is
OE6 over linos of the C enl z, (~,i D.n IT :. t i on r~, J.. H:.i Jv, e;N s 9 f rcm
ntrGal to Rnv.don, (I,ue. !J1 ~IG t rr t n c onele ted of thr ce r.o oden
pa ssenGsr cars, dr 8~n by 10coDotiv6 #674, th e f 2 ffi OUS ~ogu l
_ j,,;) 01 G,,,v 1l<1t61. i<1J.....J CoT~, _� •_. .J (C..J ·,·6- 0 ) t vo.:. ev 11l C,· .
I: n1: crbe..-. _ t ho ••n.J.,h1J…. _ i ;1. …. . ~ Co< in the J.~ . .
Y;clJ.–::T::. ov:n }j·(:J.3 s u m TTcin .. Cn e huncr cd ::,~, d t:Gll t2 psrttcipaute
enj o ye d the inc oDpa~ab l c fo li~g6 alo ne the route
en d the arriv­
2t Ra~d on ~GB m8 rkcd by an u TIc=pectcd. but ve ry oV6r~h6 J.m i ng
civic reception , rh ich LncLude d ITd;mbers of tho C1H::.mbo r of COillm­
1(;6, 100 8.1 civic: ncement gr ou Il8 an d the nevepa per, le d by
C11J.6f 0 f T>() ], i c 8 De.mer s • T.Tc.ny 0 f t il 0 pE ,:tic i pr;11. t G v.e Te O. ri v Cn
Ar ou
nd Ra~ don in cars p~ ov idcd by th e Ch8mber of Commeroe Q
Th ose ~h o romaine d at the stut i on to S66 Nc .674 tu rned on the
Il 1:J.mstr on G
! turntab l e , 1;:81 0 vttn e sses to an incident 1,:> 10h
~~ s r~thGr amusi ng as i t ~ as looked upon ~ f t er~ard 9 but di d not
860m so at t110 t Lmc , ;, ilo t hs engi n e vae bc:lnc; tu rne d by abou t
t~6nty ~il ling hands, i t ~a s decide d to stop the tu rntable at
mid po i n t so tlra t pi ctures might be trken, This :£.8 done, but
in tho Lnterim, the .,:, t el in the t r.n l: s~1 if ted and ovcrba J..need
th s
t~hlG , ~i t h t~c result that it ~ onl d not star t ag0 in~ des pi te
th e combine d aff oTts of abou t thirtyfivo pa oplo. Finall y, by
mOa!IS of VC! .v sk i Lfu LI mcn i pu Lc t Lon of thc loc omotive b;, th e
nemcn, ths tur-ntc.b lo -l S ovcr-bs.Lan ced ~.gain , cnd t ~.1 0 turning
comple ted. The tr i p vas O:2g, n i zc d en d promo t e d b ,:,7 th e rrr i ;:l
Committ6o c ons i at i ng of Mr . .T.HQ ,S :;annnrd and Mr . Ii.D. BT01i:l1,
whiLe H . T!C0U C of the Pr ss cn:.:or Dcp~ r tm(l1 t . ,C.u d ::I~T . fTober t of
thc O ~ cri t i ng DGp.::.:ctmcnt
r epr c acn teo th e d i an Nt i onz 1 R,yt3.
0 000 00000000 000 00
Th o f o llo~ inr reprcscnts the initial con t r i buti on to
this oubLioa tLon b,~ My c F. Ph aloo.h
v.hose effort s on
our bGh
alf arc often 88611
but se ldom ~p pr6ci2 t6 d . Mr .
Ph2Toah h08 (,arma ~kc d it To ~c uscd 1j~ cn S Cet to o
In.: n S sub SC1ibe l s :;• 7c 11 0pe t11at pot G11t i 2.1 subsc ri bcI s
~il l no t t~~ c thi s lit 6r~11 y •
.—– —–_.._-­
One day I ,m casual ly clan c i ng
I ,..tAS A FERnOEUI1TOl,OGIGT t hrough the ner;!paper 11ell I
como ac r os s a blurb ~h ich i n­
bS~ HFcrr o
f o rms me tha t the C~n~ di2n
Rai lro a d H~s tor ica l Associa t i on
is spor s ori nc a r a i l-f~n G~C­
ur s i on to Hubcr dca1

to cbse rve the , L ll f oLic g S l1 up that ,<:.... Y.
n ·;,;: I don t kn ov , h L…. t a rril-:vfan i s, bu t I gues s thc t it is a
evice use d for cooli nc the rail s . H O~GV6r . I ~m cu=ious 80 I
dec idu to inve st four do Llcr s arl O. GO i. l o11lj.
I arrivG at aPE s Ce ntral ~ta ti Oll at ei ght-t h i r t y 2.m.
the fo J lo:iu C SU11C
,:y . 1
h e c.z..y is sunny [,n e. my spirits arc h i g h,
;;i 1100 the trrI.n coc..a no t Lcavc until nine .m., I pr s s the ti me
c onv er s i n g v. i th other pa eacngers, I 161.:rn t:1C·t Lnsu f f Lo Le n t
ca sh ~8S r~iso d to cha rter 2 steam tr ai n. Somet hing is mentioned
ab ou t a
diosol . I rema r k that L di6sel i s more nodsrn ane that
YllI.!…….:t.tQ:!.!0.Q. On t h G f 0 11 0 ,–inc; d;] J ir; (111 (~ L: ,IT 9 0 ceo ;).. 1 2. Xl -1 9 1; 11 C
, ssocic;tion st~,.ged onG of it s P09u1F.:.r P:…ll T.CJlii..~[;6 Gx.cccrl:liclls,
this one over lines of the C~n8dinn n~tional R~ilw8y8, froill
M 0 n t r G a]. toR ;11. don 9 (I. U e • T ~1 G t r~ L1 con s i ,,-t 0 c1 0 f t b r ~~ c r: 0 0 c1 G n
passenGsr cars, dra~n by 10coDotivG #674, the f2mous ~ogul
(2-6-0) type ~hlch i3 p~rt of ths exh~Lit material in the CN~a
Y;Gll-:S::T..oy;n }1u36um T!~L~i:n.. Cne hl;1:ac.:rcd [~~,(1 1;-;6nt2 peTticip8nt8
enjoyed the ircoDpa~ablc foli~ge along the rout6~ and the arriv­
al 2t Ra~don ~as ill8rked by an une=pectcd, but very oV6r~helming
civic rE:csption, I.hi0h ilH~lnded 1116mbers of the ClH:~mbcr of Comm-
e 1 (; 6, 1. 0 cal c i V i r:: :. d In n C 6 m e 1.1 t C; r 0 u ~) 8 ::in d t h G nO::3 pap e r 9 1 c d by
Chi G f 0 f () J i e 8 D 61i1 e r s • LT [ n y 0 f t 116 pe It i c i pc: n t [J ; 13 Ted l iV(, n
around Ra~don in oars provided by the Ch8mber of Commerc8Q
Those ~ho romainod at the st~tion to S66 Nc.674 turned on the
tUTutable, 1;:618 citnesl36s to an incident 1:>ic11
~~8 rather amusing as it ~as looked upon ~ft6r~ard9 but did not
8eom so at tho tl.filOo ;,i10 t;.]6 engine v:as b€:lng turned by c.Jout
tV:SIlty .. hands, it Y:~lS decided to stop the turnt<.,ble !. ... t
mid point so that iJictLuss might be t in tho int exim 9 the –;,. tel in the t[…n1: s~lif ted and ovcrbL J.: need
th6 t~blG, ~ith t~e result that it ~ould not start ag0in~ despite
h6 combined efforts of about thirty fivG poople. FinLlly. by
of vCIy B!dlfulJ. m[~ni,uuL::tion of the; locomotiv6 b~ the
ene-inomen, tho tUTDc<..blc, ns ove1b::·.lC.nced <.gains u1d t;16 turning
completed. The trip ,:8S Ol~[;, nized cud Promoted b.t the T,i:o
Committ6G consiE,tinp; of Mr. ·.Ro t3tannnrd tend Mr. P.D. BJ01j,11 ,
,,l1ilG T1. T!c(luc 02 ths PC sscn:_sr Dcp:-rtffiE:,nt9 ,::.nd ::I~T. :noboyt of
the O~Cl, tint.; I)Gpc:.:ctment
TopIescntG( ths OC.11[dio.11 JT tionE 1 RY-H.
Tlls follo~inr Tcprcsents the initial contribution to
this nubJ.icc-:.tion b,~r TJIrc F. PharoC!.h
:hOS6 efforts 011
OUT behalf arc often 868119 but seldom ~pprsci2tsd. Mr.
Ph2IOah hOB eD.rma~kcd it To ~G used 1j~en 6 eot too
I!1.:n,y SUbSCIiboIs;. /e hope t:lat potonti21 subscribers
~ill 110t tc~c this literally.
——–~-.—.. —–
b ~T (!:Ii err 0 11
——-_ .. _._—_._–
One day I .m c28u211y clancing
hrough the n6~Epapcr ~hcn I­
come across a blurb ~hich in­
forms me that the C~n~d~2n
Railroad H~3torical Association
is sporsoring 2 rai1-f~n c=o-
1..1·sion to IIubcrdean, to 00S61TS the ,L.,ll folicgsO up the.t ,S.y.
U;y;: I dontt In::.o:: ,h~:t a rri17fun is, but I guess th,-t it is a
devico used for cooling the rails. HO~Gver9 I ~m cn=iou8 80 I
dGcid6 to invest four doIJu:s ,:mo. e;o <.long.
I a
rrive at C~nts Central ~tation at eight-thirty 2.m.
the foJ.lo·;inc: Sun(i;:;~7. 111.(. dD.y is sunny m;,? spirits arG hie;h.
f~ineG the tI?in doc,s not lcav(-:, unti1 nine cl.m., I p[~ ss the time
conv61sing ,-:it11 ot1l6r p1:).sscnZi:Srs. I 16Lrn t~1C·t insu+.ficiGnt
cash ~88 r~ised to c1121t01 2 steam train~ Something is mGntioned
about a di0361. I r6mark that L diessl is more nodsrn an~ th2t
ar e ver y lucky that one could be sp~rG d for our train . This
me ot s ~ i th s evera~ scornful look s nnd my popular i ty decrease s
imme di
atel y.
Ar ound
eight fifty-f i ve
I become a trifle wor r ied for, so
ar , I hevent S8sn sO much as 2 donkey assiGned to pull the tr ai n .
My thought s Ln t sr r-upt e d, t hough, [8 t he tra i n lurches for…-p.rd
i th ou t any apparent means of locom otion. To make m2tters ~ors6 ,
smok e is pouri ng from the roof of the front c ~r and volumpt uou s
(sicl bangs can be heard. I imme dia t ely s ta~ t for the door , ~r o­
claini ng that th o car s ar e ro l l ing 2~ay and that a revolut i on is
eing carr i e d out in th e fr ont car. Agai n the cold looks from
ello ~ pc s sengers. I am informed that our ID£uns of locomotion is
an oil-el ectric t:doodl obug
si mlIu r-to the onc v.h Lc h mr de r, r ecor d
run t o Vanc ouver .
I say that a m~ch inG l i ke th~ t ~oula mak e any­
e; run to Vancouver let al one a rec ord. At this, several peopLe
go up to the fr ont cnr.
I settle back in my seat, my mind fi lled sith visions of
ne puah the f l dood lebuc: ~ l bcck from IIubc rdsau :,lGn I Le arn
t, rather than GO t hrough the moun tain ~e sh~J IGo around it
and in this 17:,,1, ::6 ahaTl gat .. g Li mpae [,t C :: ~ YL dinl pe.r;i fic s
h ump ya rd . p, pn s s cl ose to t 116 ,y2,rd an d evcr y one ..r mi r-ea it .
Al l I see is a fr eiBht tr ain on top of a big pi le of 6~rth . Ever y
so o
ften a c cr b ec orae s de t ached a nd rol ls do wn the hill , c r Lng
into enot her car before it can be s topped, I i.o ndex ,,:11 the com­
any doesnt level of f the hil l and S2 7 6 al l that trou ble–but
I h~v e lear ned not to express my opi nions.
noon he
m~k G a st op. I m admir ing th e scenery ~he n s ome on e
shou t s
~550 0 ~Il. I fiGur e there is an s.u ot i on or [, g [~m e of chcn ce
p roj-reee, 80 I f o110·.-: the cr ov.d• .:·11 I ae e, hO-.;aver , is an old
steam eng i nc, I r.o nder .het al l the fu ss is abo u t so I e;o up to
the engin e in order to get a better look. I m(di~ tely , I m the
cent r e
of attent i on. T/ u d voi ces procIaLm thet my p r ox LmLt y to
thi s mach i ne is unds s Lr ed, T, tar vh sn I sec phot ogr 2phs of this
par t i cu lar angi na, I notice that I ~m in all of thefl. This plsasBs
me g
reat ly to realize that I am so popular .
then our trgin le t s out a blat ~ hich scare s me so that
I di ve into a thr ee-foot dit ch filled hi t h ater . I f inall ~
r each th e tr~ in ha ving averL.gcd four cus s ~ord s par step. !f t er
th is blat hvs sC
2reo. me seven t een morc times
depart and I
see men rUllninc cftcr thc tI~ in ~av inc t~6ir ar ms. Tn be sociabl e,
I. ov « back, ,. tel it is dt scover ed t na t four ~x ssenge rs are
ml SSl l1g.
mEone tells me th&t re fr eshment s a ~s be ing so l~ i n the
r~ cg a e;e oompa r t .mcn t, so l e;o ror d, ·hi le f i n i sh i:~}C;~ ool,:e , I
noti ce that some of the e~cursionis t s ar e d i sa pPG2 r in~ t hr ough C
0.0 01 mark ed 7tO·:erator. SO ~ igu:i ng there rru st be a t r rLn t c 16­
phon e in t h ere, I [,0 in. I regret th is dec is ion LmrnedLr tGIJ. Th e
noi se i s dea
fen i ng. I cann ot ~e t out because of the people behind
me; I SBe a laree pil e of motoI and surmi se that this is the
SOUIoe 0 ~ the noise . i!::6 11 I f Lna l~l ge t out m;! ea r s aIS r in ging
lik e a die sel ~ i t h motor trou bl e. I stay clear of the door 2fter
that . (con
tinu ed on page 85 )
v,e are vGry lucky -that one could bG for our trc:~in. This
mGots sith sevGra~ scornful looks nnd my popularity decreases
i mm G 0. h, tel y •
Around eight fifty-five
I become a trifle worried for, so
far, I hzv
enrt S8Gn sO much as 2 donkey assiened to pull thG trnin.
My thoughts e.rG intsrruptbo, thouch, [8 j;116 train lurches for,.·C.rd
~ithout any apparent means of locomotion. To m2ke m2tters ~orse,
smoke is pouring from thG roof of the front c~r and volumptuous
(sicl bangs can be heard. I immGdiately sta~t for the door, ~ro­
claiming that the cars are rolling ~~ay and that a revolution is
ing carriGo. out in the front car. Again the cold looks from
fello~ ppssengers. I nm informed that our m£flns of locomotion is
an oil-electric !:doodlobugf simi12r to the one :hic11 m[0.e [. r6cord
run to Vancouver. I say that n m~chin6 likG th~t ~oula mnke any­
hing run to VancouvGr let alone a record. At this, several peopls
go up to the front cnr.
I settle back in my seat, my mind filled sith visions of
one pushinG the fidoodlebucf? bc::ck from IIubcrdsau :i.1GTI I }fj[:rn
that, rather than go through the mountain ~e shsJIco around it
and in t
his V:Ct,Y9 .-:e s112:11 get ,-. Glimpse Llt C<~ncdir:n. PeJJificrs
hump yard. p, p::ss close to the .J2.Td ~nd 6ver,yone i.cmires it.
All I see is a fr8i~ht train on top of a big pile of e~rth. Every
so often a Cdr
becoDes detached and rolls do~n the hill, cr~shing
i n t 0 a not 11e l car b G for e i t can b est 0 IJ ;J e d • I . 0 n d e r ;-: 11 t h G C 0 ill –
pany doesnt levGl off the hill and 8276 nIl that trouble –but
h~V6 learned not to express my opinions.
~oon ~e m~ke a stop. I m admiring the scenery shen someone
shouts 5500! I fiGure there is e.n [.uction or a C2-m8 of chence
in procress9 so I fol10-.-; the cro-::d •. :11 I see, hO-.;ev6r, is an old
steam engine. I -ondeI ·.h2t all the fuss is about so I GO up to
the engine in order to get a better look. I m(di~t61y, I ill the
centre of attention. T/ud voices the t my pro~:.imity to
this me.chine is undesired. T. tel v:hen I seG photographs of t11is
particular encine, I notice that I ~m in all of then. This pleasss
mE greatly to realize that I am so popular.
Just then our train lets out a blat ~hich scares me so that
I di
ve into 2 three-foot ditch filled sith ater. I finally
each the tr&in having aver~ged four cuss sords per step. !fter
this blat hns sC2red me seventeen morc times, se depart and I
ee men rUllninc cfter the tr~in ~avinG t~eir arms. Tn be sociable,
I -c,ve
bac](. T, ter it is d.iscovered th2t fOUT ~xssengeI3 arG
Someone tells ms th&t refreshments ~~~ beine sol~ in the
b8Cgage compartm3nt. so I GO for,;::l.rd. hi1s finishin:-s r, COke, I
notice that some of the excursionists are disapPG&rin~ thrOUGh ~
door TIl2rl{ed O-:erator. ,so ~ igu:~ing there rlUst be a trE_in ts 18-
phone in there
I t~O in. I regret this decision immedi[ tG1J. The
noise is deafening. I cannot ~et out because of the poople behind
me; I s
ee a laree pi1e of motor surmise th2.t this is the
urce 0 ~ the noise. i.!::,en I fina ly get out m;! ears are ringing
like a diesel sith motor trouble. I stay cIsar of the door 2fter
tha t.
(continued on page 85)
;: .–.·~!>.f l ,:-:;i
/ ~.,~~2~~:~1-;~? SERVICE ENDS IN
1 ~-::;:—-:-_-. -.–.-r i i-I ll III~. H/ I ~ . I
…..E::: :=:–1r =~.:~­~ ~ TI-II :;. iff 1,1 II~ /~1) /~jh!<1
–::::::: –1 – 11 ~., !I··t I; i! d 11 1~ . l r-,I I .L.:_.-fl ; .-: lr-…: Wn HTIPE G
._ -I, ,.1,1 -/, 11// 1·#/ I // II -/ {, I I .L._.__LL_ ._. .
:, l lf;. l jJ.~·.I ~. : 1 /!, lJL:.Lr::::±!::-·-:::·!·ill·llrIIJ,: o ,iiI!!:

I liI ~. !I .L……~.-,….-:–, [1 ·~ i l : ; l l j:: 11 J ~ : II;:�
by Anthony C1ee e a nd
I. A-~: ~-,-:-I I , I, ,.: 11111: Ii! II. f l , ~I ..:) .I!
. 1.1 ·!I 11,,,1! lil l :: ll Ild1d! II IIIiil.! ,; I , If!,!!I, .:JUl. …. . . j.
S .A.
11 t:!.:i.. ; ..1111~ 11 ,. __OmsI ~av all GG
…1·1 · .,.; ·1 , . I I —=··-=~ I
I,I,I I .~I~ 7C ._-==~j _,,_ -=-::=,._…
..,~ i ..Y–,…..;I!1r/ ///!,I/·h1Jill.···!/·,..–·IJ1. iI 1/(;;//11:–:::===-,:::: .
-, -II ,IT—-· ,1 1/. . cJ – – 1 ! //;,=—_
J.. . t-:-:: ~ ~ ; ?i:/i -,,.:;–: lI;-C3!:-;;7~ ._ .
_~ -J ~.-= :~~::::::=–=~ ~_;~~~_ _ ..__~ __,._ _.. _ _
On th e after n oon of Mon(ay
ptember 19th
cer emonies ~er8 held in Winnipeg mnrking the
end of rail transit servi c e in that city. Wi t h th e cl osing of the
Porta ge-N,rth Mnin trol16y route in the oa pit aI of n{: n i t oba , tho
only elec t r ic ~ ailw a y passenger serv i ce no ~ pr ovi de d ~es t of ontario
in da i s the B i tish Co lumbi~, E Lc ctr a c Ra t Lwc y ts N .. ·1;;;rr ~, stm in­
ster-M~ rpole-Steveston s e r-v i ce, chi c h is not destine d to last much
l onge r.
T~ e ceremonie s held in ~i ~nipeG inclu ded the operat ion of two
regu l a r passenger cara and a s ~eepe r on the offi c ial last da y,
hough regular service had cea s e d car ly on the morning of the day
rev i ouss ;)nr:day. S,·)t ember 18 th. Te firs t str e etcar in t h e final
pr oce sa ion v: as dl i v(;n by M: s, ]I :•.nc e s n; 1 y9 0ne 0f t h I es v: omen
d r i ver s le ft v.Lt h th o 17inni pe g transit s y s t en , T ~1e b and of the
R al e;:,na di an H r seAl t ilIel y 1de t 11 isea1, vh i ch v: r s f 0 I 1 ov:e d
by on e
of the t r cn el t commi ss i on r a Ll snow sve c per s bear Ln g a
anner r ea ding – We re maki ng a clean s~eep –this is onr l~ st
run–busses take over . T e 1 st C1:,r in th e procession, No.79 8
driven by P.J . Jones, Super i ntenden t of T~ ansport at io n of the
Gi: c at er 7tlln ipeg Pra n s Lt Commi s sion, carried many ci vi c notables
and reporters, including mayors of mun i c ipalities making up Grea t~
or 7i nnipeg. A brief ceremony occurred at D(lTtage and M·: in, the
pr i n c ipal d ow nt o~n cor ner, where a se ct i on of rail was lifted out
to symbo l ise the end of r&il service.
It is unde r s t oo d that municipal officia ls are consi d er i ng
eeping one of the cars for historical purposes, a~ d tha t th e
hicle may be plac ed on exhibition in one of the parks. It is
to bo hoped that if thi s is the cas e, the car wil l be kept under
cover. rather than ex posed to the wea ther in the ope n.
T e conclusion of r,i l service marks the end of neer Ly seven t y
three years of st reot rai b ays in the c tt y of 7inn ipeg. Oll Or t obcr
21st ,
1882, horse car service WD.S es tabl ished al ong:Min stree t
from crt G-r r y to tho C:.t,y H ll . T.lo c t t y had ap opu Ia t Lo n of
but 15,000, bu t it as cosmopo Ltten enouc:;h to h2.V6 a street ra i lway.1
shortly it grew to a system ha ving twolve ca r s and sixty hor s e s,
an d at this st age, its ov.n er , A.n. }a stin , dec ide d to apply for a
char t er
a Ll owi ng him to introduce electr ic powe r. T ,c city fa thers
ere a li t t l e afraid of having live electric ~ir e s hanging ov er
the ci t y str e e ts, but at last thoy reluctan t ly al lo~ed }us t i n to
tryout the system on a r emote par t of the street railway, on
River Lvenue, then ou t s i de the cit y limits.
(cant d page 85)
by Anthony Cleee end
Omer S-A. ~avallce
On the afternoon of Mon(ay
Scptember 19th~ 1955
ceremonies ~ere held in Winnipeg mnrking the
Bnd of rail transit service in that city. With the closing of the
() I tag e -N r,r t h M [t in t I 0 lIe y r 0 ute in t 11 e cap i t p, 1 0 f ~1: :n i t <) b 10, tho
electric railway passenger service no~ provided ~est of Ontario
in C::nada is the B itish Columbic. E1cctric R2ih:c.ys N,Vi rrl..stmin­
ster-M~rpole-Steveston serVice, Chich is not destined to last much
T~e ceremonies held in ~i~nipeG included the operation of two
regular passenger cars and a s~eep6r on the official last day,
though regular service h2d ceased carlyon the morning of the day
;3nnday. S )tember 18th. T-e first stTeetcar in t:1e final
pro c e s s ion v a s d I i v 6 n by M:: s. Ii : nee s n; 1 y? 011 e 0 f t h I e 6 v, om en
drivers left ,ith the Tinnipeg tr2nsit systsn. T~1e b~~,nd of the
R –ale ;:, n a d ian H r seA I t i 11 6 T Y 1 d e t 11. i sea I 9 v: hie h v:~ s foIl 0 v; e d
by o
ne 0 f t 11 e t 1.-: n sit C:lTlTIl iss i on ,.. I ail snow s,; e G per s be a I in g a
nner reading -Were making a clean s~eep –this is onr l~st
run –busses take over. Te J. st C2.r in the procession, No .798,
driven by F .. J. Jones. i~uperintendent of TIansportation of the
GTcater itl1.nipeg TTansit Commission. carried many civic notables
and reporters
including mayors of municipalities making up Great­
er ryinnipeg. A brief ceremony occurred at Dortage and M;in, the
principal downto~n corner, ~her8 a section of rail wns lifted out
to symbolize the end of r&i1 service.
It is understood that municipal officials are considering
keeping Ol1e of the cars for historical purposGs, a~d that the
vehicle may be plnced on exhibition in one of the pdTks. It is
to be hoped that if this is the case. the car will be kept under
cover. rather than exposed to the weather in the open.
T-.G conclusion of r.:i1 service m[rks the 5nd of n62..rl,y s6venty
three years of street rai l,.ays in the city of 7innipeg. Oll Or tober
t, 18B2, horse co.r service WD.S established along M in ~~treet
from ort Grry to the C:.ty Hll. T.J6 cit,Y hed 2. popuktion of
but 15,000, but it as cosmopoliten enouc;h to a street railway.
shortly it grew to a system having twelve cars and si~ty horses,
and a t t his s tag e, it SO,: n e r, A. 7. i a s tin, dec ide d t 0 a p ply for a
charter allo1;:ing him to introduce electric power. T,c city fathers
were a little afraid of having live electric wires hanging over
the city streets. but at last they reluctantly allo~ed lustin to
tryout the s~1stem on a remote part of the street railway, on
River Lvenue
then outside the city limits.
(contd page 85)
The ninth
in a ser i es on the
by A. Cl egg.
ront o,
ocember 20, 1911.
rl.T ..:,;: Canadi an Nort her ns n81.., consolidated rost er of locomotives has
I ; <~e n ed, For the past tvJO years Nr . S. J. Hungerford, our
r-Lnte nderrt of Rol ling Stock, has been worki .ng on a revised system
of cl as:Jj
.ficati on and number-ing ..-hi s plan has met ith approval and
it Hi ll be mad
e) ef fe ctive next month.
Up t o n OI, each se ction of the systom has had i t s own equlpmcrrt
series , but vlith the greater interchange of motive pover , as cont em­
ed, some standardi zat ion will havo to be adopted.
As I knowyou are interested in our moti ve pover and st ock
I shall send you attached a copy of the classi ficat i on summary, whi ch
may prove of val.uo to you and assist in ide ntifying our loeorr,oti-.,.~ ..
I-~u c h of inf ormation abo ut the older enginos is r8.t bcr vE,zue, but one of these days somebody wi ll have the oppor-turritv and
incentive to
compi.Le a complet e and de tailed account of al l our equip­
ment .
At tho moment tho continual prossure of expandi ng busi ness and
new l i nos i s our cne rgi.os fully occupied.
Even as I vrlto this
indications are comi ng in that tho past, year
ill have boon t he busLesb i n tho history of tho company –shor t
tha.t hi story might be. The last Annual Report (i ssued Oct obor
l L:. t o cover t he fi sca.l year ende d J UDe 30) showed that , compared to
the prOl1.0US year , tho number of passengers was up 9.9%, and freight
tons up 22.7%. In all categor ies, except coal, frei ght tonnages
weco up subs~antia.lly y uh i Le net cat-rri ngs pOI milo of road opcrrrt ed
Lncr cascd almost 8% to ~~ l!+?5 .
Equi.pncrrb acquisitions kept pace vJi th thi s growth as tho fol lowi ng
t abl e shows
_.;.fliL-.1Q.th__..JllJlG_~ . __
1911 19I O
1:02-~ ….. ._…. , .-…… ,-­
Lee-nlot iJoS 0 fJ • C J.e •• •e. 398 372 346 ~
Sl eopi ng and Dini c ~ cars• • • • • • • 50 L+3 39
00 ••C~ach e s • ~ •eo, 0 •00 • 226 203 16/+
Baggage, }~il cars 90 79
and Express •••• t v:
Busine ss cars •• G. ~~ • ~~ • • 11 11 7
Frei ght) ref r igerat or and stock :::;a18 • 14,778 11735 94,65
Conduct or s vans • ~ ~~ Q .0 0 231 184 118 0Q 0
Snow equi pwent and mi scellanoou3 481 416 355 0 • 0
There is a substantial rumour going around that 1,.10 0.10 s hor-:~ly to
tako over a f
e hundred moze nriLcs of rni.Lvay in tho :GEist? as wnll as
pushi ng a
tcel. over tiro RocLi.cs to t118 Paci f.c, More c-ooui, thet }.,t,01,
The i s t.ho moti ve power ::1UlYlJ1f:1.l7 .
The ninth
in a series on the
by A. Clegg.
December 20, 1911.
rl.;.· .. :3 Canadian Northerns new consolidated roster of locomotives has
no·w ·1;·::38n completed. For the past two yec~rs Hr. S. J. Hungerford, our
Sup8J:intendent of Rolling Stock, has been working on a revised system
of clas:Jification and numbering –his plan bas met i th approval and
it ~ill be made effective next month.
Up to nOi·l, each section of tbe system has had its own equipmont
series, but with the greater interchange of motive po,..rer, as contem­
platod, sl)me stancls.rdiz,atiol1 will have to be adopted.
As I know you are interested in our motive poTer and rollJng stock
I shall send you attached a copy of the classification SLIIJ1.mary, 1I!hich
may prove of vaL.~8 to you and assist in identifying our loeorr,oti-·p·.
1-~uch of tile information QbiJut the older engines is r8.thcr vE·.zue, but
possibl;T one of these days somebody wilJ. have the opportunity and
incentive to corapile a complete and dotailed account of all our equip­
ento At the moment the continual p:cossure of expanding business and
DEn! linos is lceeping our enerGies fully occupiod.
on as I writo this, indications are coming in that tho past :rear
Hill havo been tho busiest in tho history of tho company short
though tho.t history might boo The last Annual Report (issued October
ILl. to covor tbe fiscal yO;:lr onded Juno 30) sho1lwd that, comparod to
the previous yoar, the number of passengers was up 9.9%, and freight
tons up 22.7;S. In all categories, oxcept coal, freight tonnages
HO:::O up subs·~antio.llyy 1IJhilo not oarnings pOI milo of road opcro.ted
incroased almost 8% to ~~lJ+75.
Equipment, acquisitions kopt pace vIi th this growth as tho following
table shows ~ ..
LoCJrlotJi.tos 0 fJ ,. C /I) • e ~ • ~ $ e •
SleepiDG and Dini~g cars • • • • e • •
Coaches • ~ • eo. • • • • • • • • •
Baggage, Hail and E:-:pre os
Business cars • • : 0 • •
Freight refrigerator and
cars Q • • •
CI • 0 CJ • •
stock: Gars •
Conductors vans •• 0 ~ ~ 0 0 • 0 0 &
Snmli equipment and miscellanooLl3 0 •
There is a substantial rumour going around that He to
take over a fe hL~.;1dred mo:ce IIl:11es of raihm.y in the Bast? as Wf~ll as
pusbing stool over tj;ro RocLLCS to tl1e Pacif::ce More ::.:bout that }1:,oY,
The folloHing is tho motive power SUlir::D.QlJ!e
L, …._fL£..JL.;LA N NQ..Jt T_H E P. N
!.L!..L~JiJ!. y
ipog~ Manitoba.
-L.lL] .:.,…Q.LASSIJ;CJ;CLTIONA1D REJim1BpRING LIST (eff ect ive Jano1912 )
Whoel Dt.ara, of
Class arrangemont Name driving wheel s Number-s u,sfJignod.•

——– -,—

J.:.l. 4-j~,-0 StLmdard 63
or less 1
B j~-4-0 St andard Ovor 63
.J 2..-6-·0 Mogul 52
or loss 100
D 2 ~6-0 lVIogul 0101 52 but 58 or loss
E 2-6-0 J:v1ogu1 Over 58 199
4.-6- 0 Ton IIt,o
olor 52
or loss 1000
G 4-6··0 Ton Hheclor Over 52
but 58 or loss
H /1–6-0 Ten l{hculor 0101 58 but 63 or loss 1999
I 4r6-0 Ton vJhoclcr Ovor 63
4.-6,·2 Paci fic 70 or lossOJ
700 to 999
K 4-6-2-Pacific Ovor 70
L 2-8-0 Consol i dat i on 52 or loss
J:v1 2-8-·0 t.Lon Ovor 52 but 5W

or lass
N 2-·8-0 Consolidation 0101 58
0~6-0 Svli.tehor
300 to 699
0-8- 0 Switchor
200 to 299
2-16··2 Vnllct 52 or l oss
R. 2-16-2 MiJ.llot Ovor 52
11 3000 to 3999

0-4-0 SltJitcher
300 to 699
CJH (1-88:J )(i no1 0it) 1
._, ~. /…,, ~
J 2-4-0 Fornoy
(no Dumbers a ssignod. )
N 0 R T H EJi .. N E. A I LJi..A. Y
ltJinnipog~ Mani tobe..
f 0_
Class arrangement Name driving wheels NtcmborB l),sfjignod .•
_. —_ …….. ..–_—–.-..
.11. 4-L~-0 Standard 63 or loss
B L,-4-0 Standard Ovor 631
1 to
2-6 .. ,0
Mogul 52!!
or less 100 .J
D 2~6-0 lVIogul Over 52 but 58
or less
E 2-6-0 Mogul 010 I 58 199
F 4.-6-0
Ton Ht.001or 5211 or loss
G 4-6-0 Ton Hhoclor Over 52 but 58 or loss
H 11–6-0 Ton t{hculor Ovor 58 but 63 or loss 1999
I 4.-6-0 Ton 1,lho01cr Over 63
4.-6-2 Pncific 70 or loss

K 4-6-2-Pacific Ovor 70
L 2-8-0 Consolidation 52 or loss
M 2-8-0 CODilolidation Ovor
but 58 or loss ),–
N 2-·8-0 Consolidation 010 I 58
0-6-0 Svritchor 300
to 699
0-8-0 Switchor 200
to 299
2-}6··2 Y.allot 52 or loss
R 2-16-2 Milllot 010 I
3000 to 3999
0-4-0 Switchor
300 to 699
(incl. vlith
J 2-4-0 Fornoy (no
nUlj~bcrs Clgnod ) ~JOJ..· •
o I
O ~
r :nc lly ~e ~rr ive at our de s t i na tion. Pe are told tbat ~8
have an hour. Everyon e compleins th! t this if:: no t enough time so
after a fi f t een mi nu te disc ussi on, the time is lengthene d fi ftecn
minutc s a At this? everyone 88 c ms ~aDPY and they spend th e rest of
the time si tting around ~a i ti nc to le 2ve.
At Ie st ;6 start for home. I de no t Jl1~,J, 5 c. s i:lt;l e bLundcr on
th~ ~Dy hOllie . I credi t th is to th e fact th2t I fall aslccp soon
at :t :C d p:.i t i g, I .-: Dl~6 p DB iv1 ~1 1WOY1t r 2. J.lc1 , . ,~ lk ;.:l. ~,~2· ;1crn u vearr c
i-; ::~:, thought s of tho trip. 0 :6 th ine b ot hers me, t hough , f1 Fhc.t
i s a ra il-fan I sk a f e llo~ pr s sBuGG T.
11 At er r oequ t nc LogLs t h e S[! ys .
:l 0>, 1 I Is]J1Yl the, vho Le thing quite 016nr to me now, A
fcr roequinclogi st mu st bG the tr nde nan e fo r a dev i ce ~h ich cool s
the r at Ls ,
;:i11 i s
rINNI PEG -Contra
This in stallation, antedati ne si milar opera tio~G
at Va ncouver, Toront o and Mc ntr e 21, ~as insu~urat e d a t 7:30 t M,
cld l1Ui:.i. r .v ~:8t 11 9 189 1,; vhen L G~ in c; l.I!:l JOI T.- . I.-.7101 pushed a svI t ch
to pr ov ide pO~6r fo~ the fir8t elec t rio pLssencsr car. Rides ~ ere
pr ovided fr e e all the :tiTst da y, L p opu Ic tlon nov; svo Tle d to 25000
pr ovided the impe t u s t o extend the electric operation to Elm pa rk
on Do~ inio n Da y, 1391, ~h en a mons ter picni c ~ as he l d. T~O mot or
car s
2nd three trailors handled ?50 passencers a trip9 by c ro~ din g
pas s en.j s re al l abou t tho CDTS? Lno Lu di ng the st eps and the ro of .
In 1892} l:,n stin lost his fr-llChise to th e nSI:l;/–formec1 -1inn i­
peC Elec t ric ~tre6t R~ il~ay , which commenced ope r ations in that
yoar ~i th 14 closed car s, three open cars, and si= tr ailers. routh
of the Assi n ibo i ne ni ver9 Austin continu eC n p8r~tion for the ti me
bb inG) : i th th Ie e d0ub J.G-t lU C I: oa I S • / J. 0 11::; )12. i n ;C! t re e t 9 thG le
ere f our car t~&ck s . t~o fo~ hor so tr ams 2nd t~ e others for the
el eotries. After a ser i ou s adverse, the Aust in compa ny so l d ou t
in 1894 to t he street Toodlv.aY oTen ;/ea1s La t er, the st reet r aI I->
::8 ~7 amd.l;!,ama tscl ::i th a pO::6T compa n y to become the linnir)tg l;;lec­
tri o
na i l;.~y Company. and t ~o ye ars later, in May lS05. began to
opoxate th e elect r ified suburban routes of the -innipe G? rielkirl:
f;Lalu; innipeg Rai h:a y. In 1924? th e c ompa ny name as change d to
Ti Ge; El ectric Compc:n,Y? s.n d th Ls desie,nat i on v:as r-eta i ned
until 1953 vhen the operati on taken over b;>; the Great8I -i lE1i-­
p e e; Trans i t Commi s sion .
he peak year for trol loy mi le aGo came in 1934, ~h 8n the s~s­
tem cont a ine d 121.15 miles of traCk, and ope r ated 318 ca rs-­
i~ tGe n of them dea d trailers. These ficu res th6n Gra du~ l ly de­
and at tho end of 1946, ther e ore -15 p£s senc;er cars and
24 v.ork un its on t ue compa n y rost er, Of the pc.esenger cars, 176
re in daily regular service. Ey this time, all of the bricht
olamge and 0 leam car s : G re eJ.e c trif iedand po-er 6 d b,Y four DC In 0t (I l
At th i s time, the .7Eeo eperat ed tvo car-hou s o s and a repair
, /
r:li~llJ ~e Rrrive at our destination. Pe are told that ~e
1:2V6 :-In hour. Everyone cOl11plEcinE: tlvt this iE: not enolcch time so
after a fifteen minute discussion, the time is lengthened fifteen
minut8s~ At this9 6v61,:101::6 seemsttaYlPY and they spend the rest of
the time sitting around ~aitinc to leave.
J.e st ;e start for home.
th~ ~oy home. I credit this to
I de no t m~J, 5 -. S i:1C16 b J.unc.sT on
. G L.. C t t Lli-t I f [I. 11 8. S 1 EO G P S 0 0 n
at :. l c1cpD.rtinGo I 1.-:21ce up DB :6 2.Trivc i~1 MonSloaJ. 2nd ::: lk pr:2y
-i::~.~:. thouGhts of tho trip. 0,6 thine bothers mS
tl1.oue;h. n FhDt
is a rail-fen I sk a f611o~ prssellGGr.
II A fcrroeqllillclogist he S[!ys.
0 >, & n Ire }) 1 Y ~ t h (; v: 11 0 16 t h in G qui t G c 1 (; D. I tom e n 0 ,-; 0 A
fcrroequinologist Bust bG the trade nane for a device ~hich cools
the lails.
; i 11 is
–.-~—-……. ,.,—.. –
This installation, antedatinG similar operatio~8
at Vancouver, Toronto and Mcntre~l, ~as insu~urated at 7=30 ~M9
,Tallui;,ry ::-:Sth, 1891,) v:h:H1 AG~inc: Mayor T.-7. [2,yIol pushed a sitch
to provide pO~8r fo~ the first electrio pLssencsr car. Rides ~ere
provided free all the :tiYst de,Y, A popule: tiOl1 nov; sclJed to 25000
provided the impetus to extend the electric operation to Elm park
on DOKinion Day, 1391, ~hen a monster picnic ~as held.
ars ~nd three trailers handled ?50 passenGers a trip,
passel::~6IEl all about tt:o CDTS, includinG the steps and
Tv:o mo t <) I
by crov;ding
the roof.
In 1892.) .l.ustin 10st his fr·,nchise to the neY.l;l–formec1 qinni­
Electric ~treet R~il~aY9 ~hich commenced operations in that
year ~ith 14 closed cars
three open cars, and si= trailers. routh
of the tssiniboine niver, Austin continueC nperLtion for the time
b~; j.:1. G, -: i t h t lu e e d 0 u b 1 G -t I U eke a I s • / J. 0 n :-).13 in? t I e e t 9 t h G I e
re iour car t::.[.iclcs
t::o fOl 1101S6 trams pnei t;,8 others for the
electrics. AftG~ a serious advers8
the Austin company sold out
in 1894 to thG sVceet 101.i11:a,70 Ten ;/ea1s lt~.te19 the stTeGt rail-
::8~) amc:ll;!,amat:scl ,;:ith a po::er company to become the TinniD(c.g Elec­
ric nail;.~y Company. and t~o years later, in May 1S05. began to
op3:r:ate the electrified suburban routes of the ·-innipec. ~jelki:rl:
f: LalH~ innipeg Rai1v:ay. In 1924, the compan,? name as chF.J.nged to
the Tinni eg Electric Compc::n,Y9 1:.nd ttis desicnation v:as IetC.ined
until 1953 -:11en the oPGra tion ,-:as ti:t}:en over b;YT the Greater 1–inni­
eg Transit Commission.
The peak year for trOlley mi1eaBo came in 1934, ~hen the s~s­
tem contained 121.15 miles of track, and operated 318 cars -­
si~t6en of them dead treilers. These ficures then Gradu~lly de­
lined. and at the end of 1946, there ere -15 p£ssenGGr cars and
24 .-:ork unit s on t~le comp2ny roster. Of the 9-ssenBer cars, 176
v;ere in dail.! regular SE;rvice. B~l this time, all of the bTicht
oramge and cream cars :;81e electrified and po ered b,Y four DC motor
At this time, the VECo oper2ted t~o carhouses and a repair
-.—- -­
and po int shop. The lat ter ~a s
equ ipped to perfor m all 1e, air 8 on
Nb:S n:::-port 1To.60
tho rel li ng stock
and even built
o(. ~. j 1)8T J. 9b5
1J. 111.1. m b e ~::, of ths wo oden trams vh i oh
erv ed ~in n ip6G so ~611 .
C: }… f: :I :J J ~ ditCT ~, hl.}) or1. C.,l)s T3:-..) o·v;n
Oper a tions in th e city of
Cc~mi tt8 B : Rob ert R. Bro~ n
·i n11i peG. whi Le ba sLcc Lly the s ame
E.f l1l1eth 011ivo2.8 : s i n o
ther ~e8 tc rn Can&dian citios ,
An t hon y CloZg d:ld
9 11 0 ;; ev 6 r ? ,ir 6 PG11t 0 D.0 ()I t Yi0
Ji:rne,st Hodler n
ovelties. R o ~t e nu~be r8 var ied
C~ G ndi !lC U p Oll ths dGst i n~: t i o r (f
E61tori al Address:
the car and fo llo~6d t he ra il~ ~y
!I B~
PnOoBOJt 22, ~1tat i on�
pr actice of od d numbers ve s tvar d Ivlon
trea l
Ca na o,a.
and even numbers ea st~ard . Llmos t
ll routcs con vorged on the corner
of Por tago and Mai n . Yhi ch made
mul t i p
le transferring unnecessary. B~s ic far es ~e re high f or that
time, but int en sive ri di ng Gave prss enCGr s 1 0~ 6 r ta riffs to a
poin t ~hc re an unlimi t ed monthly pa ss ~as sold for ~6 .CO . GpEr ator s
in thei r Sillar t gr e y uni f orms Gene rally upheld the hi Gh standar ~ s
of appsaranuG and eff ic iency and maintained schedules that ~oul d
~),r G done jlHJt i ce to more moder n cars and b i. t t er t r-a ckv.or-lc, This
ro~ ~h t r ack ~a s said to have be sn GauGe d by th e ~ int er fr 08 t s
9 in a cold plac e like -i nn i pcG9 ~it h comparativel y liGht
·.c,··;;al l, cd qu it o ,j proYLGXi1 in vi n t er maintenance. BI ,:clc
r-ai I : in elG sub-czoro temper a tu res, f, J ~;;O called for C). b.iGh (.cGr ec
of ,« i 1:: on the )C,r t� of t ~-16 mot or-men ,
was the intcntion of tho i r:n i pcG El6ctlic Compo.ll;79 I n the
Lmrne dL. t c pos tv-war pc r Lod, to l(·tc:in the ~)oJ:· t a [: G-NoItl: HB, i n route
[, U C::1 e 1Get:r. :1.(; r 8i 1.; a i L11defintt e I Y9 anc r um0U s: S Y: 6 r eab :: 0 ad 2 t
t :,
d c tim6 t b.<: tn .; car s .0u 16 b (0 purc11ased t 0 I ep La 0e th 6 for t .Y
year old vet erans. 8u ch
horsvcr . ~n s not de stined to be.
Bus se s , r.h i ch hrd been r i rot introdu ced in 1919
and tr o Lloyooecne s
11 made their ap pear-ance in inuipeG in ]9 ~58 pr ovsd le s s 8~cpen –
sive to ODera t s au ~ cons8 quentl ~ ousted ra i l opsrations from th0
pictu!.G altOGether. Ju st prior to the en d. t~8rG ~cre 85 8 trGe ~
~.J. r 3 l eft , [~ J.o ri[; r,~ i t }:l 134 t r-o Llo yb u ssc s a 11~: l SI .no t o r b1-1S B G S o ~L J,lO
delivery of another hundree 52-p~ ss6ng6r Can-Car Br i ll eios s l
b~S8GS ~o r6pl acc the tram ser v i c e O~ Portagc;-Nor t h U8in cCl~:pla ted
tL0 changeover from re ilc; to :~ub b er l c,c,t mon t h, Troll0.Y 0[,1
OP622tiol1 i n 111an:i.toba
s tal ctty, I s no more ,
Th e sou t he rn cxtsns i ~n of th e Pacif i c
Gr eat ~ast6rn na il~aY 9 Det~ce~ Nor th
QT2~S -li D I:::::3
Vanc ouv 6r an d ~qu m i:3h 9 BC, wh Lch ;:i ll
rcp1 ace the ste amer frei ght and passcn­
g5r transfer i n HO~G ~ ouhd . is sc ~cdulG d
to be compl e t ed in June o f 11 e :: t y e :.;l •
Canadian -o.cific !3teamsl.ips nev Emp:C8 S of Britain9 v.hi ch wr.s
l aunched
:~s t Juno 2 2 ~d by the )uson at Govan on tho Clydo 9 ~ ill
make her maitell VOW,G6 from ~iver pool on !pril 20th. The first
sa i ling from MontTcal, ea s t bound, i s scheduLe d for May I, 19 56.
-.-.,_P-~_.__ _._. ____ _
Nb:3 n:;;IJort :No.60
o ( .~. j 0 8 r ]. 9 b 5
E(~i~(.r: O,SoL. JHva1166
J:..e:l.lJ }1:ditOT:, hlOl1Jo·!lL.1)s rJ~lOv:;n
C~hlmitt8e: Robert R. Bro~n
Efl111eth Chivers
Ant 11 0 n:; C 1 e Z g
Erne,5~ Hod16r
Editorial Address:
PnOcBOJt 22~ ~~tation P9B~
and point ~hop. The latter ~as
equipped to perform all reIJairs on
the rolling stock
and eVGD built
u number of the ~ooden trams ~hich
s c r v Eo d ,-, i 11 nip s G so .: G 11 •
Opsrations in the city of
iinl1ipe{~9 whils b2Sic~11y the S2me
in other ~eBt6rn Can&dian citios,
9 11 o~: eve r ? )T Po f~ G n t 01J. e () r tri 0
velties. Ro~te nu~b6r8 variod
dCl)sndinc upon thE; de;3tj_n~_t.Lo:r ,~f
the car and follo~6d the rail~~y
practice of odd numbers ,-:estl:ard
and even numbers Bast~ard. Llmost
all routes converged on the corner
of Portage and Main. ~hich made
multiple transferring unnecGssary. Basic fares ~8r8 high for that
time, but intensive ridinG Gave prssencers 10~6r tariffs to a
point ~hcre an unlimited monthly pacs ~as sold for ~6.00. Gpcrators
in their smart grey uniforms gellarally upheld the high stalldar~s
of appearanuB and efficiency and maintained schedules that ~ould
lvTG done justice to more modern cars [~nd bf,tter tTack·.:ork, This
ro~gh track ~as said to have bSSTI Gaused by the ~inter frosts.
~hl(h9 in a cold place liks -innipcG9 ~ith comparatively liCht
81.(1;;.111, cru3.tcd qUito ~j pro-01G!i1 in ,:inter maintanancE… BIDclc
rai.L:; in t:16 sub-zero tem))GTatures9 i:lGO called for a 1JiGh cq_ogTGO
o~ [«il2. on the )E.rt of t::–16 motorEen.
ias the intention of the -il:nipce; E16ct:r.ic Compo.u;J9 :i.n the
immG:lL [6 post-V:8.r period. to rc·te in the ~)0:;:·taG6-NoIth route
«u D:l. e 1 Get ❗ :l. (; r a i 1 ,;-a i i 11 d e fin i tel y? an r: r ur:l 011 T. S v; ere a b ! 0 a d 2 t
~-a c tim 8 t h [: t n ~ ;; car s . 0 11 1 6 b (0 pur c (1 a fJ edt 0 r (3 pIa c e the for t .Y
year old veterans. 8uch? horsver. ~ns not destined to be.
Busses, ; hrd been firnt int.r.·oduccd in 1919
and trol1oyco8.chcs
v: 11 i c II TIl a d 6 the ira P I) G a I a n U 8 inn i n II i peg in 1 9 ~5 8 pro ve d ]. 6 S 3 (; ::: pen-·
siva to ODerate an~ cons8qu6ntl~ ousted rail operations from tho
pictu!6 altogether. Just prior to the end. t~8r6 ~cre 85 strG6~
C~..lT.3 left? [dCHlg ,:itJ:l 134 tToll.(_:ybusscs and 19J. lliotor busses. L1.10
delivery of 2nother hundrc( 52-p~sseng(3r Can-Car Brill dioGsl
b~3SC8 ~o replacc the tram sG!vice O~ Portag0-Ncrth M8i~ cc~p12ted
tLd changeover from n:ilc;to :~l,.bber L-.;:;t month. Troll6Y 0[,1
Op6r2tion in Mc.ln.:i.tobas cc_pit~.1.1 city~ ii? no morse
he southern cxtGnsi~n of the Pacific
Great ~astern nail~aY9 oet~ce~ North
NQT:::;S /~lm l:::;:jPS Vancouver 811(1 :1qunmish, Be. v:hioh ,-;i11
replace the steamer freight and paS30n­
g6T transfer in HO~G ~ouhd, is sc~cdul6d
to be completed in June of ne~t ye~r.
Canadian ~acific !:Heamshirls ne,; EmpTecs of Britail1~ .:hieh v:<..s
aunched lust June 22~d by the 1usen at Govan on the Clyde. ~ill
make heT maiten VO~,gB from ~iverpool on !pril 20th. The fIrst
sailing frolrll1ontT6al. G8.stbou1l0, is schsdulbd for Ma~r I, 1956.
0 :
Cc sting ab ou t ~l , 600 ,OO O mor e tha n the ~1 .OOO ,OOO or igi n ally
t i nc tso, ths recon s t ruc t i on of the rcrmer C2,11r.:,dicrJ Pacific
10 ~, i 1: a.y P1. a CG Vi GCI Hot 6 1 i:n M0 n t lGal i nt 0 a n ev: ci t Y h L~ J 1 C]n 11e:: ,
i s Jus t about complete d. The hotel ~ nB transfer red to the city
f er ~ l ~nd ce rtain con s idera t ions ) ~hc n t h e Place Vige r r2 il~ay
p t: s S.3 :1 g Gr s t. ti 0 11 V.~::l s cI 08 G d i D rl,=1.cV 195],•
T CJ. 1. 0 ; inc: ex tens iv 6 (1.(; 11l age f Tom h (.a v j I8in f) v;11 i c h c D.11 C e d 1.: [2 ,0h out a
along tl; e 12ih: ; ~T Line, the GaD20icn Pa oLf Lc TIailv:ay1s Li n e bot-·
V:G8 ~1 Kasl o and Dos ebGI ,1
B .. C. i s pr oscnt Ly clo s ed pending an
lication to abandon se rvics entirely. Thie i s the r em~ ininG
p ortion of t h e r ~ il~ay concerned in th e story of the nu r ro~-gauge
Ko sle & ~ l ocan . ~hi ch ~as carried in thi s r e port e ~r ly in the cumme r
~a tG in Se pteGb er. tho CNR discontinu odferryi ng passenger r ~i l~ny
CBI S aC~08 S the Detroit River , from nin ~ sor to Detroit . Th e
eO-year olel C2r terry Hu Ton
, ill con t tnu e to forr y f re i g ht orr s ,
but the tr ~nsfer of p~ssen ger s ~i ll in future be ac rom~ l i sh6d by
au t obu s th rough the intcr n rti onal vehicular tunnol under th e
DetToi t Hi vor.
Inc Lu de d in the t i me tcb Le ch ange s v.h i c h t ock ef fect on :iel)tell1ber
25V1 , Y. L S the comple t e d i sapnea rcn e of ps ss engsr ser v i c e bs t ve cn
T r ij:1 t 8 n c.:n d . 11s on . On t a r io• Hix(,d t 1 / i 11 nov. 0;) S la tcs b (; tv:een
11 i8 J11 n i t;] ,DD.6 I-Tl1n till [:COTJ. ) Iler s Lt s p an of tJ13 -; T f:: (~ ~~i il Gr
Bo T l L lo and n s on i.ns t e a d , O:n the Co.l1 ,}dicn Pa c i f L c , s e r v Lc o
va s dis co n t i n u e d for pt: s s e, r s s r v i.o c e n ti. re Ly b e t ve e n VCn CJ UVE;r
::~~, :·. , <:t ~
d;! 6 ~~.[S c a rrLe d [I ·~:a~~ r e co nt.ty, T E-; :L~rl t E36Pv i c G i f: pr e sent Ly
ba i nE DTovidad on the isolate d se ction by (onusot ion ~ ith t h s
Br tt r sh r OJ. 11:n b i r, }l~16 ct!:l e n 8iJ..··a ~yo Otl1G r p ~·s 86 ngGI· services ni s-
c on t Lnu od i no Lu de d s ou ther-n .J b0r ta 1.ine s b6t:S 611 {air l i ne; an d
C·J.(,:1::o od r.nd C;outts. PoJl o;inC t he dicsel i zinc a nd s pceo U J
o f C PTl 11 0 ntr EO t:t1-; ;:0 i n t ,T 0h n SG !: V 1.C6 b2 trr i 11 1:; 4-12 n c~ -1 :-2 n 0: no,mE; d
tho Ltl[lntic T,i Bit Gd;l. se rv i c e on this lin e by tn iIlG 39 a n d ;1rO ~

: ~ lir..: ;l r ormor l y ope r a t od through to ;)C int ,John
110 :: tOlm i nat 6~,: t
MGCan tic ? rU8 . ~ ~un~ins out of Montrs 2l . CPR se rvice bGt~ s6n
P :rc d e r icton end Pr ede rict 0:1 J c,t . 11;3 bEOen cut in 11[1 f • em the
CNR. r educ tion s in servicG have be en ma de bet6sn Montreal and
ac B erni ? R8~don ~nd Nicolet. CNn ha s cut one hour f r om the
YTc; YL :o;:j 2: t i.roe b etveen 0 [1(1:)(0 a nd 8hic;out imi . hy p rov Ld tvo
P·J c~d j? r~ C car s , 6 :: .:.t::,c ti vc (.(Jtcr)G~ ,~:_ 11 /:: ., : ~_ .l.80 (, :~ (1 o f t116 cc)rl-s·Ylt i 0 11~-1
tr a in 2 S for merly. The f ~stG s t serv i GG on record bet7 0 0n Mon­
tre21 and O tt8~a h&s bo en os t~b !ish6 ~ by the 0 ~n in spe edinG un
tho sc hedule of th e nrU90 r-,CO;J.t.Ln en tc1 to 120 minutes betvesn
t Y10 SC PO i11t;S ~
I :c. t G:·f. s t if) Lncr ea a ing rs tl r e su Lt: of B. r-ecen t Lnt Lma t l on b~y
the lTorth.,est TCl r irotis8 Gonn cil t hat a 1 ,:-,i 11::ay Ls nee do d be t c e en
Gr i
msh::n : on the lJortheIn / J b(~ rta Pui 11:n.ys. nnd Pine Point ? in the
No rth r es t; lj1erri to:r ies . ;110 1 0 there a r-s c o:t(nS iV8 mi nc r a I d(; l~o c; i.t;I·.­
In cer ttLn Govorr mont CUSJ7tCI S. it i s cu cgezJ:6ri tl1Rt ~ o )~ j~ :-::c tion
may begi n : i n t a or t;USO ys art1
A joint con tract hDs been ~ ~ar d ed b: eRn far ~ 0nE tra n~ion 0: the
r:rst 66 mi les of the nE~ GNR line fr on Take st.J ohn to Ch i~0l _;a~&u .
zmon; cneinos sen t to CR LYlGus : ~11 0p s for acra pp Lng in rccen t
v. c ek s is No. 526, the 1<,s[; D6 cLa s s 4-S-0. from OT2·l1Ge vill G ~ ant .
Costing about ~1,600,OOO more than the ,1
000,000 originally
6f,tin::::tGd. +;he reconstruction of the f(rliler C2.11D.oiDIJ. Pacific
F ~, i -J-.: a. y PIa c e 7 i g c rHo t 6 1 i 11 M 0 n t l E; ali n t 0 a n e v: cit Y 11 r~ ] 1 <:1ll n e :: ,
is Just about completed. The hotel ~nB transfcrrsd to the city
f~r ~l ~nd certain consid6ratioTIs, ~h6n the Place Viger r2il~~y
p~sAa2g6r st, tion ~3S closed in MRy 1951.
r 0 J. J. 0 1;; in g ext ens i ve c1 c, mag (; f Tom h r.: a v y I 8 i 11 fl v; 11 i c h c D_ U EW d i: £2 ,S h 0 u t 8
along tt,e r2ih:~.l~l Jino~ the Gan8oic:n :r1:~cific TIr.ilv:D.y1s linG bot-·
V;88~1 Kaslo and TlosebGlJ9 BC. is proE:cntl,1 closod pending all
application to abandon servicq entirely. Thie is the rem~ininG
portion of the rdil~ny concGrnsd in the story of the nurro~-gaug6
Kosla & nlocan, ~hich ~os carried in this report early in the Gummer
Lats in SepteLber, the CNR discontinued ferrying passenger rLil~ay
calS £).c:~ocs the Detroit River, from Tinr1sor to Detroit. r21e
SO-year 01(1 C9r ferry HuTon ,ilJ. Gontinue to ferry freicht c:,r8.
but the tr~nsfer of pnssengers ~ill in future be acrOillplished by
autobus through the internrtional vehicular tunnel under the
DE;;troit I(ivor.
nc ludsd in the timetcble change s ,:;11ioh tool;:: effect on ;,6l}t6111ber
25t.~1, 1.-,&3 the complete dis,s.PTlt,o.:rence of p~ss6ng6r ,s6rviG6 bstrJ;Cll ~:-nd ,nsc11
Ont1lIio. HixGQ trr in nOy, O~}sl~.tes bGtv:e6n
Bsi}(;vilJ.e Ilnd D.G01.1 i11StsD.c1. OD. th6 Co.n[,dic.n :Oacific. 86rvico
-,–an discontinuGd for pc sssnGc.r s6rvicG entirs!.;,r bGt-.·sell VcnCJUVf~r
11 i 8 C .:) 11 C; i t;/ D r. 0, Hun t 1n C C on) , he r 6 ~.l ,S ILl 11 of t 11 -1 n s to;::: ~~ i v G r
b riC. :! e r.~ [ s C Cl 1> J: i 6 d (1 .~: a ~. r G C fj n. t: 1 ~,] It T Y E; :L ~ [1 t S 6 J~ V i C G i f: p r SSG 11. t 1 Y
bcinb 0Tovided on the isolatcG section by (onnection ~ith th8
BltitJ.sll r.OJ.11-:~o.bir, J1~16ct!ie TI8iJT-ayo Ot116r p~s86ngsr servicGs ilis-
coniilJ.1,H)d 1:1c1ud60. southern ,.lbbIta J.i11(s bGti:66n fairlinG and
C·J.c,:1::ooe Lnd C;outts. PolJ.o-;inC tl16 (}icselizincs and SPGcciing u-)
CPTl Hontrs8.1-;:2int John ss:!:vics bS tr,,ins -12. nOi namGd
tho HLtl[:ntic T,imitGo.;1
servic6 on this lin6 by tnins 39 c.tnd 11,0.
,-::1i(::1 fOlID0rly o))sratGd throll[:;h to :)C int .Joh11
no-,: tGIminatG~~:t
Mecantic. 0ue •• ~un~ing out of Montrs2l. CPR service bGt~6en
:rcaericton end Pred6ricto:1 Jet. h: s b6cn cut in JElf. On the
ONR. roductions in service have been mad6 bct~68n Montreal and
Lac Remi. R8~don end Nicolet. ONn has cut one hour from the
IU;!jL:_::JZ ti::QO bet,-:6cn ([l(l)(C ,lnd rrli.coutimi, by fHoviding tv,o
J~·Jc:.d x:T~C c.::.(r::;~ 6:~.:c:,ctivc r.(jtcl)G~ ,~~n-:: .. ::..-.s t(:, 2.( oJ. tb.6 CC)Yl-rS·Yltiol1c-J.
train 2S formerly. The f~St6St seTviGo an 160010. bst~68n Mon­
tr6~1 an~ Ott8~a has been 86tub!ishe~ by the 0~R in speedinG UD
tha schedule of tho 1l,Cul)er–Co~:J.t.il1el1t,:::lj to 120 minutes betv:een
those poinGs.
ILtG~6st iA incrs8sin2 rs n rssult· of a recent il1tim~tion by
the North.est Terrirotis8 Council that a rail~uy is needud bet~een
Grimsh,-!: on the lJorthe:cn /Jbc:rta nuiJ.:-n.ys9 .~nd Pine Point9 in the
North r-est; j
here therE> n]e e~ct,-nsiV8 mins!o.l d(;I~O~,;i.t;I~._
In cert::·in Governmont cus:rtcl~3, it L3 EIUCgs2-1:E,(l tl1Rt ~lc:1~:–,lCt,ion
m2.y begin :1 in t· 0 or t;1l (; c ys 0.1 S11
A joint contract hDs been ~~arded bJ eRn faT ~onEtrun~ion 0: the
f:rst 66 ncilcs of JchG ~lf.Y.· r;HP lins from 1::1.1;:c Ste,Tohn to Chi··)L;<:E1S-U.
Lmon3 eneinos s6nt to ODR Lncus ~~110pS for 8crappill:.: in rece11t
,;eol:s is No.526, the 1ost D6 cheSS 4-3-0, from or211cevil169 Onto

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