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Canadian Rail 059 1955

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Canadian Rail 059 1955

IGFS IC!~ )CR T NOe 59 MONTREAL, CANADA S ~P ~l I~~M BE =i 19 55
r-··……..–·-···—··-….·- – — -·,�
A0 tivit i es for th e 1955-56 s e~son
I :Noti l1 8 o f lI eotinG I wi ll re SU~8 ~i th the Soptember meet i ng
L ._._. ._ .._,. ..l Which will be ha10 in room 9209 Trans­
por tet
ion 3uil di ng. 159 Craig street ~ est 9
on ne dn t~sda ,Y 9 Septembe r 14t~1 9 19 55
at 8:00 H,~ . As 11S1181
oord i aI invitat i on is extcn ded to all memb ers to be pr es e n t,
and guoat s wi 11 be voLcoIII0 •
Plans ar e proceeding apace for th e
l~s so c iD.t ion Ncw s Fal l ~0 1 iae8 E~cur sion9 which has ba em
,-__ ..J
set for SundaY9 Oct ober ?nd
19 55 ~ Th e
trip is pl anned to be vi ~ the CSll Ld i an
Nati onal Railw2y s to Rawdon9 Gu o•• ~her e fac ili tie s wi ll
be ava ilable to hol d a pi c n i c amid the gloriou s !£ urenti ln
a11tmall f0 1i C1.g e•
T11 e :i0c i ct y ha s r GlJ11csted t 11G Ct: n t, 0.i:: 11 N.::ti0na 1 Iia i 1­
v:r.:Ts to pr ovide a Hoe ul type (2-6- 0) steam locomotive to
JH:l1dJs tho tra in _.-this Lst featu re espec ially for th e
bene fi t of thG rai l phot ogrnp
hcTs Who inveriably comprise
a l 2 rco por t i on of the pDsseagers .
Th e mombors rre < [;1:eo to suppor t this trip. The T:ri p
mittoe i s p~r t iculGr ly Rn=i ou8 to ID8ke thi s a Ce t ­
toge t her of th o mcmb ors and th e i r fDmili os, un like. PB t
t;T i yH3 7,;:.1 ch };.-v(; U S u:: l 1:i b6en su pp 0rt0d b ST i 11 t e reos t Gd
poop Le ou t rLdc of t ns soc i et y , r.his fa ct notwit h s t an ding,
non -neube r s ~i ll be ve ry vel c ome as usual , and a particular
uvit Rtion is e~tend6 d to our friends fr om ou t of tOW11
9 to
l1H.~]-U th is 0 ~1t i Yl0 even 11101 6 en j oyc b I.e thrn thos e, W111ch
~o hi.VO hal d in the past.
T~ e price of 03.50 per person i n clu d~s th e tri p in
11C 8Pao .i21 tr[,in 7 as ::GJ.l ~o S D dal i ci 0U i:; b or 1 1111C 11 ~ ::11i ch
1[:i 11 be prop -:;.rod by 11r. /ntJ101lY Cl cGG anc hin :f ~l i:Ji J..7 .
ic~G t s uro on 8£ 1 0 nOW
and o&n be obtai ned by ~ ~i t inc
to Mr. Ti1 Jioln Ho ;:)ta mJaIcl. rrip C);miitt6o, C Rh !~ Ii () ~~
9 St
:J.ti on Bol? 1~o)lt I6al , or b:l t e Le phonl ng him at
?: Iil–0 0 d 40 05 ? 8VGnin G[3 •
1T2 EA:i:: ;TES TI,Y GOTjl rI T YOiTP SUP~ )OR T !
-_._———— – – — – –,
}n ~3 YELH 11 <:.s b ecn a b <:.rl one f rom th e
I~ou~ Bu 118t i n-:–­po int of vi r~ of our cditoriel sch edule.
Bul Le t i.n 19
9 all CPR
Offi r.i r:l ~ c:.r s 9 ori g­
in2 11y planned ~or relea se in the
S)IinC9 is only now rc ahhinc the compl e t ed stsge, Dnd shou ld be
in th(;) ma i 1. c110r t 1Y, f t 1f3 C. st one 0theI bu1 l otin i s p L 11ned ::ar
fall, and it is hoped thLt ~6 ~ill ha ve r 62ained our
hedule by the 6ud of the yoar .
_ .. _–_ .. .. _—-_._–.. —
1—–.. —…. –.——–
I t·· , M …… ~ I
]:01(,80-,-1.cOO,,1n-.) i
Aotivitie8 for the 1955-56 sepson
L ___ ._._. _____ … ,. ___ ._ .. ____ …!
will resuwa ~ith the September meeting.
which will be hel~ in room 9209 Trans­
rtetion 5uilding. 159 Craie street ~e8t9
on nec1n(-~8da,y, September 14t~19 1955
at 8:00 HL As usuaJ., 8. invitation is e:~tnnded to all i110mbers to be present9
and Guests ~ill be v:elcomo.
J.ans are proceeding apace for the
l~ssociD.tion News Fa J. J. Ti 0 1 i CL e G E:: 0 ur s ion 9 wh:L c h hE. S be era
set for 8nnday. October ?nc1
19f,5~ The i… __
trip is planned to be vic the CC::l1£..dian
National Railw2Ys to Rawdon, nue •• ~here facilities will
be available to hold a picnic amid the glorious 1aurentitn
au tUI!ln ;0 J.iage.
11 e :q 0 c i G t Y ha s r G que s ted the C tC n ~., 0. i:: 11 N D t i 0 n8 1 R 11 i 1-
V:1:,:/8 to provid.e a MOGul type (2-6-0) steam locomotive to
h<.::nd]s tho train -.-this L,st ieatuIe eS1)(cia11,7 for the
benefit of the rail photogrnpheTs who inv2riably comprise
a 12rCG portion of the passengers.
The memborr> rre c [,1:eo to support this trip. The Tr i p
nonmittoe is pc.~rticuI2.11y A.n==iOUI3 to m[l;<:8 this a eet­
toc:::;ether of t:t1.o n;(Jmberf3 and thoir fc.luilios, unlike.
t;:r i I S w;~d c 11 }-~.. V?: U S U~: J. 1 y b 6 ens ll p par t 8 d b:7 i n t 6 rei s t 6 d
poople ontEioe of tlH: f:lociet;lo rh:l.s f8Ct notV:ithstandin€9
non-moubers ~ilJ. be very ~elcom8 as usual, and a particul&r
invitAtion is e~tend6d to our friends from out of town9
to m[~1.tG this outinG 01(;n molS enjo,72bJ.e thrn thOSe wi11ch
we hi.VO hold in the past.
T~e price of ~3.50 psr person incJ.ud~s the trip in
the spe0.iel t1[in, 28 :.eJ.l c:s D deliciouf:l bo:~ 11.nch~ ::11j.Gh
~ilJ. be prepared by Mr. Jnthony CleGG and his f2mily.
T.ic~Gts ure on s2J.e now
and can be obtained by ~ritine
to Mr. -TilJic.1ln 110 StamlaIcl. J:1ri,[) C)im1itt66, CRh, B():;~
229 8t3.tion liB? ~~ontI6a19 or by telephoni.:i..C hif!1 e.t
~:Lrood 4000
r-OI~OU~ BU-;:~ti~–
TilI[; YELH hc~.s becn a b<:.(1 011e from the
point of vir~ of our cditoriel schedule.
Bull.etin 19
011. CPR OffiriLl f!ars, orig­
in211y planned ~o1 release in the
j-. ___________ … ___ . ______ l
s)rinc. is only now rcahhinc the completed stsge, and should be
in t
he m2il shortly. At lS2st one other bulletin is pl~nlled for
the fall, and it is hoped thtt ~e ~ill have 162ained our
SC118dulc by the Gnd of the ;YTGar.
it~ the subs ti t u t ion of &utohu s ses
MTC Equ ipmGn t Roti r od f OT str oet cars on a number of route s
0~ June 26th, S 6 v ~n ty elec tric ca rs
er8 TGt ired from se rvic e, to go in to
storage, for event ual sc rapping. Tho re tirement list makes
ious inroad s in to the 901, 1;:;00 and 13 ::: 5 c Ls-s se s, and obli terc.t,­
68 t:18 1032 cl ass o ompl e t cLy . :J_th tho re tirement of the le st four
uni t s of the we Ll lcn ovrn Mon tTs c,l Pa rk 2~ Island Ra i Iwa y subur ban
ca r
s. The list of ca rs re t ire d fo l 1 o~s :
901 993 12 J.3 1241..:: 1290 1319 1446
05 997 1214 1246 1291 1323 14 t31
907 1046 1215 126 6 1292 1362 1457
941 1040 1216 J.273 12 9~~ 1:380 1479
9L1..: 5 1050 1218 1276 1300 1~:9 1 1490
947 1051 1219 1277 1302 14:02 1503
955 12
01 1225 1278 1304 1405 1509
963 1202
12 so 1284 1310 JA09 1517
969 1204 12 ~59 1287 1312 1440 15 ~~ 2
973 1206 1241 1289 131 6 1I~42 J.52 ~o
It is underntood, unof f i c iall y, that one of th e rema ini nG cars
of thG901
clps s hLS beeD ea rmar ked for preservation, if a suit­
able s
pace can be found f O T this purpose.
ue t~ t he planned conve~ sion of r&il lines usin g St .Ca therin a
strG c t ~ to mo tor bus rou t es, nc =t Ju ne, it is ev ident th&t th e
resen t sea son may be t~ e lest in ~~i ch the f~mou s ob s orvati on cars
ll be us ed in regular publ i c servi ce. Ca r s 1 snd 2 hr ve seen
seasons of serv i 66 ca rryinG Mont realers and vi sitors around tho
c i ty, ~h ilE ca rs 3 and 4, h~ VG supplomented the oriein al t~o units
sinc e 1923 0
Th e Rou t e 7 MO
UNT R OYA ~ route, s=tendi nc along Mount Royal avenue
Ib 6 ~vil1a and Ma sson Stree ts, from Dark AV6nUG to Pic IZ Blvd.,
in Rosemoun t? is
to be conv erted to 2utobus operat ion on nunday,
September 4th. This will compl ete the MTC 1955 subst i tution plan s.
~un daJ 9 Aucust 21st. tOk e Erie
1 r;l ec t:ci c
n ai l ~-: 8 y ::i1 0 tes
& Northern R a il~ ay elec tr ic in t er u rba n
combi nJt i on car 797 was not ed en route
—- — – —– –
from th e GRR -~E&N (Cana disn P&cif ic
E l e ctric ~in e s) in Bou th~6 s te rn Onts.r io, to Pr esc o t t, Onts.r io. At
the la
tter poi n t, the G2.r r s to be taken to 0cc ErBburg, lTeY. by
Ccn&di an P ~cif i c f err y. ~h6 re it ~ ill be tu rned OVGr to th e N6 ~
York Cent ra l R~ fo~ s ·~i:~mGnt to tllG Byracuss Chapt er of the Nat –
r on., j FU:d Jv: D y IIi 8 tor i cal ;)0 C if. t Y• .1:h c Jat t er er 0U P 1H: s obt E: i 11e d­
t~G car fr om the Cona disn Paci f i c Rai lway, for preser vat ion.­
Canadian N2t
ional Rai l~2Js i s T6poT ted to be consider i ng d on~ t ing
a numb er of ~~ontre a l & Sou t hern Counti Gs R:,i lY.-ay cars to v<:r io-cl3
oupe fo T pre servat i on, One cal, to be selec ted eve ntually,
11 P c; .::JS 6 n 0f f G I 6d to t11i ,3 2.Ssoc i a t ion for preser 7a ti on in the ~~ 0 11­
t r eal area, if a suitable space C2,n be fou nd in vh i ch L ) jco S G i t,
I ~ TO E qU_l_ :_ql_ll_G_n_t_I_-<_G_t_i_r_h_ 0_.
~it~ the substitution of &utohusses
for stroet cars on a number of routes
0~ June 26th, sev~nty electric cars
~erG retired from service, to go into
storage, for eventual scrapping. The retirement list makes
serious inroads into the 901,1:;00 and 1325 c1£8se8, Dnd obliterc.t,-
68 t:16 1032 class completely? the retirement of the lest four
units of the ~Gl1 kno~n Montreal Park & Island Rail~ay suburban
cars~ The list of cars retired follo~s:
901 993 1213 1244 1290 1319 1446
905 997 1214 1246 1291 1323 1451
901 1046 1215 1266 1292 1362 1457
941 1048 1216 1273 129!~ 1380 1479
L1, 5 1050 1218 1276 1300 1391 14:90
947 1051 1219 1277 1302 14:02 1503
955 1201 1225 1278 1304 1405 1509
963 1202 1 2 ~i 0 1284 1310 JA09 1517
969 1204 1239 1287 1312 1440 1!5~;2
973 1206 1241 1289 1316 1t~42 1524
It is undernt 000., Llnoffic ially, tha t one of th 6 remaininG CEtr s
of the 901 c]~Sg hLS besn earmarked for preservation, if a suit­
able space can be feund for this purpooe.
Due th the planned conve~sion of r&i1 lines using St.Catherine
StrGct~ to motor bus routes, nc~t June~ it is evident th&t the
prosent season may be t~e lost in ~~ich the f~mous obssrvation cars
ill be used in regular public Bervice. Cars 1 snd 2 hrve seen
50 seasons of servi6e carryinG Montrealers and visitors around the
city, ~hilE cars 3 and 4, h~vo GupplGment6d the oriGinal t~o units
since 19230
The Route? MOUNT ROYA~ route. s~t6ndinG alon~ Mount Roy&l avenue
Ibe~villA and Masson Streets, from Dark Avenue to Pie IZ Blvd.,
in Rosemount, is to be converted to autobus operation on Dunday,
September 4th. This ~ill complete the MTC 1955 substitution plans.
On ;)Llnc1D.~r9 Luc,ust 2lst?L21{e T~rie
& Northern Railway electric interurban
cembin~tion car 797 was noted en route
from the GRR-LE&N (CanadiEn Pacific
Electric ~ines) in south~6stern Ontario
to Prescott, Ontario. At
J.attsr peint9 til.e car i,3 to be taken to OGcEKsbLuC, ITcY. by
C~n~di8n P~cific ferry, ~h6re it ~ill be turn6d OVGr to the N6~
York Central R~ fo~ s~i,mGnt to the RY1acuss Chapter of the Nat­
ion~j IU:dh:a~7 Historical ~oGhty. .1::hc J.att6Y eronp hc:s obtE:ined
t~e cqr from the Conadisn Pacific Railway, for preservation.
anadian National Rail~8ys is reported to be considering don~ting
2. number of ~.~ont:>eal & ~iouthern Counties R:,il1i:ay c&1s to v[riou3
c;roupe fo:> presE.;:cv8.tion. One oar
to be sel(~ct6d eventually,
11 pi ::;::J s e 11 0 f f (0 r 6 d to t 11 i:3 2. S soc i a t ion for p l 6 S e r -,r a t ion in the H 0 n­
treal are 75
Our cont ~mpoTary , th e Ont ario El0ctric Ra i l~Dy ITistorical Society,
hich operates Caundas onl y o~t e oor trLction museum n ear Pock­
~ood . Cn tJ r io~ h es ~ pp l i6d to tho CNn for M&RC car {I 07, a ~G Il ­
known ~oodGD G16ct~ic combinGt i on car, ~h ich hr 8 served us so
1;;611 011 S G v c r« 1 6::cur s ions • T,in[: 1 1. Y• t 11 e ;)6:: 811 0re El f, ctric
i l~ay of Kcn~Gbunkp o r t 9 Mai ne . h~v6 ask ed for three of the
car s
to add to its already c=tenciv6 coll e ction of elect ric
ra i l~ay roll in~ st ock. The car s s ouG~ t by this or ga nizat ion
i 11C J.udt. 0n (j er,c h 0 f the 3 ~~ 0, 600 and 620 se ri es 0 f c 2. I S• It rnay
be sizn ificant that the 0
anadian Nati o
nal Rai l~ay s has reta in ed
one of the 620 serie s motors in Mon treal , tho uGh th6 other three,
nd the correspondi nG trailer. No.220. have been sh ip ped to
Rt •r. ::1 t h t: ::inE; S 9 0nt r. l io, for use -0n tht, IIi (0. gar 2 ra .Cat 11a i11es &9
Tcr on t o in t e rurban line.
0rk on the no iatys stre c tca r, Mont real St~ 6 e t Ra ilvay #274,
has been p
roce cdi nG so ~ ell and so vicour ou Bl y that it is anti ­
ipated that th e complete r e st or ~tio~ ~i l l bo compl eted by the
end of the year . The ~ ork i s in the capabl e hands of th e (~p6 r­
i nt ende nt of Rol l i ng ~tock 9 Mr . For ster Kemp. ~i th the 6~t6ri or
pa i nt sc h eme comp Le t ed, tne c e.r has rt tr ac ted considerable Local
tention in the ne i ghbour hood of the Sai nt Paul ca rhous e, on
sBvGr~ l oc c~ s ion s ~hcn it ~2 s noc essar y to move it out of the
car h ruse under i t s
o~n pO~6r for picture-taking purpos es•
._- – _._——–­
CNR..l. C [HB G 1T7 D CP RN :~~1?GE C&GT 00 000 0
l·—–·–····——–·–·—··—·– TI
, I~
A bil l to Gr ~nt r i chts to bu il d
:r e n1: ( 1 1) ,TTj17~ ,I C C
l-~ J1.w .J . ~~. i~.J . ,- B2. 4 2-m i l(~ lE.ih;c,y in ·L2.hrc,d or , t o
sr. pT con nect the ir on deposits of C~n2 d­
&~___. .__.. . .. ., ~ ,T ian Javelin , vith th e mcin li ne of
I.&: P ~) n,1TSc; YN GH t Ed :1A&J(WHOTJl1 th e ~uebe c Nor t h Shore & ~abrad o­
R:1.ih: y, h a s been gi ven se c 011 (;
Tea d inc in the Ne wfound l and Provin cial ~6[ i sla tur6 . The line
to be built ent i rely in TIe~f0un d lRnd t6~ritory , ~nd ~i l l be
kn ovn as the La k e Tr:.buDh fk i J r: a ~7 COmp[lny .
one Budd-buil t RD O cars ordore d by O~ncd i~n P~ c ific Rail~ay
r ecent ly, t ~o cars. an RDC3 and ~n TIDel 2re t o be pl~ csa in
sGrvi ce b G t~ e6n Mon trapl Rnd ~uBb6c 9 on the eRs t bou nd eveni ng
10 (:;-1 run , and tho v.o stbound mor ni ng t r a i n, re placing Jub i lee
t ype
t6~m locomoti vG a nd conven t i onal train. The othGr TIDes
ort cred aro am RDC-4 and RDC2 for ser vi ce bG t~e e n Sai nt John,NB
[:.11(J ;;dmunos ton, JlTB, f.nd an RDCl for sc r v i ce on tho Esquim ~: lt & o R~i l ·C.V on Vcnc ou ,re r Ls Lr.nd, It i s ox pe c t ed thr f t he se
~ ill be received in time for the timetable ch anges in
Sept cmbs r ,
Canadi rn Pa cifi c R~il~ay h2s announcGd a t~ o-hou r schedu le cut
an it s HCl1t c8.J.-Sr:int John, ~J B sorvic e, effect i ve ~)eDt cmb e r 25.
Pr eson t trains 41 an d 42 -;;i 11 be affe cted, compIe t i ng the
Ma :.t:C() 2.1-Nc..; Bj-un sv. Lck run , t hr our-h nor thern ~1ain6 , in thir t e en
11e1.:i8 Ln e:: ch di r -c c t i on, It i s pr opoae d f ur thcr , t ha t Lo oel
t r ains r unning onl y b Gt~ 6 6n MontrGal and M6e antic, ~U6 . vi I I
plac o prCAGnt tr tin s 39 and 40.
Our cont~mporary, the Ontario EI~ctric RBilwoy ITistorical Society,
~hich operates Canndns only o~teoor trLction museum nsar Pock­
CntJrio~ h~s ~ppli6d to the CNR for M&RC C2r {I07, a ~ell­
known ~oodGn G16ct~ic combination car
~hich hr8 served us AO
:611 on 8GvfJ.:<1.1 EL~.(Jursions. cin.s.112, the 0eo.shore El6ctric
n8il~ay of Kon~Gbunkport9 Maine. h~v6 ~sked for three of the
cars to add to its already c=tensiv6 collection of electric
rail~ay rollin~ stock. The cars souG~t by this organization
includE. one G[,cll of the 3~~O, 600 and 620 seri6s of It IDe.y
be sic
nificant that the ~anadian NRtional Rail~ays has retained
one of the 620 series motors in Montraal, thouZh ths oth6r three,
the correspondinc trailer. No.220
have been shipped to
gt.r,uthD::ines, for use on thIS Hie,gara, fa.Catha ines &
Tcronto interurban lineo
0rk on the ~o· ietys strectcar, Montreal St~6et Railvay #274,­
has been proceeding so ~611 and so vicourously that it is anti­
cipated thnt the complete r6stor~tio~ ~ill be completed by the
end of the year. ThE. ~ork is in the capable hands of the 8uper­
i n ton den t 0 fRo 11 i n g ~ toe k. Mr. P a I s t e r IT. 6 m p • .; i t h t h 6 e ~: t 6 ri 0 r
.:dllt scheme comp16ted, tllS cur has :ttractsd considerable local
attention in the neighbourhood of the Saint Paul carhouse, on
sever.:} occ,·sions ·chen it i:<:S neccssar,, to move it out of the
arhru3e under its o~n pO~6r for picture-taking purposes •
. _-_._—–
CNR _l. C f:HEG 77D C PRN:l. ~1?G:8:: C & G T
& iCB~
s;t iN
&~_. __ … _, _____ .. ____ . __ .. ________ i ,J
A bill to gr&nt richts to build
e ,12-mi16 n:.ih:.::.y in 1,2,br2,doT., to -­
connect the iron deposits of C~nad­
inn Javelin, ~ith the illain line of
the ~uebec North Shore 8 Labrado­
J.ih:y, hos been given secone
readinc in the Newfoundland Provincial ~6[i31ature. The line
is to be built entirely in Nevfoundl.::.nd tc~ritory. Dnd ~ill be
Arnone Budd-built RDe cars ordored by C~ncdi~n P~rific Reil~ny
recently, t~o c2rs, an RDC3 and ~n RDCl 218 to be pl~c~d in
s8Tvice bet~e6n MontrG~l ~nd ~ueb6c9 on the eastbound evening
10(:;-1 run, nnd tllG 1 .. Gst;)ound. morning tl,il1, repJ.c:ccinG Jubilee
type st6~m locomotive and conventional train. The other TIDCs
ortcred ere em RDC-4 and RDC2 for service bet~e6n Saint John9NB
e.11() ;;dmunoston, NB, f.nd an RDCl fOT service On the Esc:uim~;lt &
Nan!2imo RL~il-C.7 on Veneou·,rer IsLnd. It is 6Tpected th,,-t these
ca~8 ~lll be received in time for the timetable chanGes in
C2nadi2n Pacific R~i]tay hes announced a t~o-hour schedule cut
i:n its ~1 c n t yo a 01.1 – 8 c i n t J 0 h n 9 NBs 6 I vic e, e f f G G t i v e ~)6D t em bel 2 5 •
lrC:sont trains 41 c.n(1. 42 -,·:i11 be affected.. completing the
MJ_:.t:::·()2J.-Nc.: BrUl1sY;ick run, throuch northern ]r.aino, in thirteen
hc,r.Ts iI: 8.::oh direction. It is propos6d further, th2t 10ct.1
rains running only bGt~6en Montreal and M6Gantic~ ~U6. viII
replacD present trtins 39 and 40.
1 6
Canacian Na t Lon a I Ra L lwaya has re c e i ved one ::Trai nmClster
t ype
2400-h o r s G~o~ er di Gsel -electr ic roed s ~it ch Gr fr om Cannf i En toco­
motive Comp&ny
Clt King ston. The unit is classifiee CR 24 8., and
bear s
the number 3000.
Ef fec t i ve June 1st, CanadiLn Nat ionl.l ~£ i l~ays i ntroduced ~ =cGu l ­
ar da il y p~ sS6 nffG r tr~in s c rv i ~e on its n 6~ li ne fr om Torra ce to
Ki t i ma t. This ser vice is provided by a s0lf-propel led rail car.
Du r ing J
uly, th e Ont ario Nort h12nd R2 il~a y announced th6t plans
v.e r e bein g mado to Lnt r odu ce 8, n er. pa cs enger trein b e t v.een Toron­
to and Timmi
~hich ~i l l M~~6 the trip o ve rni ~ht . To be called
the PORG:TPI NE F1:,YER, the tr::in vLI L consist of n ov Lo v–o Iu ng
lightweigh t car s,
~hich ~i ll e li minate s~ ~y end noi se.
Pr o
fe ssor D.t . Mordel l, of McGill Univer sity ( ~ho recent l y &da­
essed the ssociation on the subject of turbines) hes announced
that re se arch h .8 no ~ reach ed the st£ ge ~he r 6 a protot ype test
al-bur ni ng turbine locomotive could be bu i l t for abou t 01 .000,000.
It is e8 tim~ tad that it ~ il l trke 2bout t ~o years to build this
in i t ial uni t, ~hich 9 Profe s sor Mordcl l estimates 9 vi I I s ~ve [ bou t
~:;40 9 000 D yS2r on pas senger t, and )30.0002. 7e ar on :Tsicht.
oont emp La t ed initic.: l Lo c omot Lv e v.ou Ld d ev e Lo p 2500 h or s epo:.. e r,
ThGnOr t h
e2rd oxtensions of th o Pacific Great E~ st6rn Ra i ~wGY in
British Cc l umbi: cont i nue. By the r.u t umn, conat r-uoti on vor k v.l Ll
be un de r~ ay fo~ more thEn 100 mi les north of Prince George. In
addi t i on to the more th&n 50 mi les of r: il~ay no~ under construc­
n, te ndors hrve been called for a further ?5-mi le st retch that
~il 1 car r y the PGE to a cros si nc of the P&r snip River . At the
samo time, location of a further 25- mi l e st re tch is in pr ogress
:hich ;::i J.} bring t h o rci J.v,ay to the cr os s i ng of th s HifJsi nch i nJ:a
-r,iv8r , 102 mi Lc a nort h of Princ e> George . Be f orc oonst ruction
C2.n be er t endod
b eyond this point. the rc·il::r,-,Y ndmi nist rc.;ti on
must dec ide ~hG the r t he ra ilway ~i l1 go thrOUGh ~in e p_s s over the
:!iock y Houn te.i ns, or i f it :i l 1 continue c Lo n g t he narsnip r Lv cr
alley to the ~Gac e River .
E-cently, t:16 Ch c:~mb er of Commerce of lT2I:u 2P, BS, opened 2, c:ollar
or i ve to ra i ae fund s for the preservct i on of th s old sternvrneeI
t eamer IU n t o9 v.hi ch pl ied t oe Ivx r c v: t.alcGs until 195L1, v.h en it
,:[. S v i t hdrawn fr om t he run v.hen CPR suspen de d the ser v t ce. The
Mil1to v:c:s r cqu tred by th e Nckus p ChambGr of or.lnlerCe, in t he
hope of
making it into a monuDsn t
but the y hFV6 Cl Pge~lcd to all
friends of the 88 Minto to contribute to eiva the steamer &
p6rm2nent re s ti ng plac e.
Fren ch National R2 i ls~Js hFva recentl y operate d a crG~-les s
tr 2in. To ou t~ar d [9pe&ran0eS9 i t r es embled m ~ny of the
ot h
er prs senge r trains th~ t briskly dash al one the elec tri fied
ines o~ t h e SNC~ , but in this part icular CFS6 9 comple te control
as effec ted by the use of r~ dio transmi ssion . ~ c: i l~ a y of fi c i a ls
o tr avt l led on a parallel tr ack in a di 6se1 r~ilcar , oper~t6d
remote on t roJ.led rc l c:ys ~h ich either fed curren t to the motors
of t
he robo t locomotivG BB-9003. or 2ppl i 6d p o~e r to opereta the
brakes. This t ype of double truck ele ctric engine ~2S used as
it i s
equippe d to ~ccelcra te automatica once po~ er is appl ied
Canac;ian N8-tional RaiJ,:n.ys has recrsived one :lTrainmClster
2400-hor8e90~er diesel-electric rOEd 8~itch6r from Cannfi2n toco-
motive Comp&ny at Kingston.
the number 3000.
The unit is classifie~ CR 24a, and
ar daily
Kitima.t. June 1st, Ca
nadiLn N&tion~l ~£il~ays introduced ~ ~GGul­
p~SsenffGr t~bin scrvi~e on its n6~ line from Torrace to
This se
rvice is ~rovided by a s~lf-propelled rail car.
ring July, the Ontario North~nd R[il~ay 2nnounced that plans

.-ere being r.1Dde to int roduce a ne~.: passenger tre in beb:sen Toron­
to and Timmins, ~hich ~ill M~~6 thG trip overniGht. To be called
he PORCTTPINE rLYER, the ::i11 consist of n6V; lor:-slunS
ghtweight cars, ~hich ~ill eliminate s~cy 8nd noiss.
Professor D.t. Mordell, of McGill University (~ho recently cda­
ressed the ssoci[tion on the subject of turbines) h[s announced
that research h .s no~ reached the stagG ~here a prototype test
burning turbine locomotive could be built for about $1.000,000.
It is e8tim~tad that it ~ill trke £bout t~o years to build this
initial unit, ~hich, Professor Mo~dell estimates, viII s~ve [bout
~;409000 [> ye2r on p8sscngel tJ:eins, 2nd )30.000 2_ iGar On :T6icht.
The contemp18ted initie.1 locomotive ;ould deveIcp 2500 horSep01.,er.
The nOr
theard extGnsions o! the P2cific Great EGstsrn Rci~wuy in
British Cclumbi: continue. By the r~utumn9 con3t:~uction l:ork i:ill
be under~uy fo~ more thEn 100 miles north of Prince George. In
addition to thG more thsn 50 miles of r2il~uy no~ under construc­
tien, t
enders h~ve bsen called for a further ?5-mile stretch thut
~ill curry the PGE to a crossinc of the psrsnip River. At the
S2.lnG time, location of [. further 25-mile stretch is in progress
-; h i c h
:; i 11 b r in g the l [, i 1 V.-a y tot h e c r 0 s sin G 0 f the His sin c 11 in l: a
~iv8r, 102 miles north of Prince George. Bnforc construction
be s::tendGd b0YO]d this pOint, the rCih·,:.,Y ndministrc..tion
must decide ~hether the railway will go throu~h ~ine p_ss over the
:!i 0 c k Y 11 0 un t 8. ins 9 0 r i fit –: i 1 J. con tin u c 2. Ion G t 11 6 Da r s nip l i vcr
valley to the ?62ce River.
E-centJ.y, t;18 ClH …. mber of Commerce of lT8.1:usp, BS, OPened f. 11(~011ar
drivel! to rais6 funds for the pr6ssrvc::.tion of thE, old sterm;h6el
e[liller Minto, ::hich plied t:le Arro-;; T.J81ces until 195Llz -:h611 it
::c:.s ~ithdrav;n from t:le run -:hei:1 CPR suspenC.6d the service, The
~Mi11tO V:C:S [CGquired by the }T21.cusp C:hambGr of omnlerC8, in the
hope of m2king it into a monuDsnt
but t110y h~V6 app8~lcd to all
friends of the 88 Minto to contribute to eive the stsClmer &
p6rmcnent resting p12ce.
The French National R2il~2Js hrve recently opereted c. cr6~-less
t r c. in. Too u t ,: c r d [,:) p e & r 2. n 0 e s, i t res em b Ie d m r,. n y 0 f the
ther p[ssengGr tr[ins th..t brisl;:J.,y 68.s11 [,lone the elGctrified
lines 0( the SHO, but in tilis particuJ.Clr cese, comp16te control
1,:<.s eff€.cted b~7 the use of rr·dio ere.nsmission. C[:ilv.ay officials
~ho travtl1ad on [ parellal track in a diesel r~ilc2r, oper~ted
remote ontrolled re]£ys ~hich either fed current to the motors
of the robot locomotive BB-9003, OJ: 2ppli6d po~er to operete the
bral{(,s. l.1his type of dOlJ.blc truc){ elect-ric 6nt:,ine V;08 used E~S
it is equipped to ~cce1crats 2utometic211y once po~er is applied
t o the m~ stcr controller (muc h the snme as the MTC 1850 clpss
tree t cars in Mont reul) . Tho BB-9003, used in this ex pe rimmn t,

i s one of the r ~m6 Gr oup of fine elec tri c locomo tives as the BB­
9004, ~h ich recen t ly se t ~ ~ orlds spesd recor d of 207 m. p .h••
~p Gcd s of up to 75 m.p .h . ~6r e obtai ned du r ing the crevles s run,
~h ich t ook p l ~ce on the main lins b c t~66n Pa ris and ~6M~ns .
Th e city of Ott:-n :i-hcs be en of f ered the old CUR cross-i tov.n
i ~ht of ~ Qy in Ot t~~a , by the ~ed 6 ral Gov ernmen t, for possible
developmen t rs cn rrtsr i cI expres i:H,C ,V, Th is i s oar t of th e
elopme nts p La nne d for o t t ave dur inG th e n ex t f ey: ye ars v.h Lc h
incl Ude removal o~ CNR fr eicht fc cilities from Un i on Rt ati on to
Hurdma n , eLi mi nn t t on of CPB Susse:: ::t:t r est yards, e Li. mi na t i on of
2.oross th e Int erpr o vincial Br idge to HUl l , and their
r epLa cement on the prop o sed Nc poan Br idge; improvement of th e
ion St8tion, whi ch v:il l p r oba bLy r-emcl n in use fo r an ot her
trcn t y
years, desp i te the pr opos~ l incorporatsd in the Greber
T) J. ;; 11 toren 0 ve itt0 th G C :~ t I omi ti ,s 0f the city, ne 8. I t 11 6 nG,-;
7:., 11<: 6 1 Ro a d r y y or d,
0000000000 0
The se c on d se o t ion , or t 2 il
onOE:;;:;I NG 11IIE RIVER pi ecs , ~ c s t h en br ought i nto po s i tion
:r t 6 a nd sunk in c sim i l 2I m~ n n e r , c om­
HOBERT n, BRO71I p l e t ely clo sine t h e ope ni n g c t t h e
f 0 0 t o fth e fi r s t L n d f orminc t. .-: 6 J. 1
o f
stil l ~ ~ t6 r a bou t 130 f Ge t l on g
fift y f our fe e t v i de , I n th i s Sp LCC, t vo s t r ong f r omcwor-k s
v.6 l (;; b u i 1 t , f oI l 0 Vi i n g the innG r r; c.1J 0 f t h G Ca i s s 0 11 • Th e 1s: 1~ g 0 I
on.e ;,:} S bu ilt [lg, i n s t th o -: 1 11s 0 : th e c r.t s sori , r.n d th e 8m2-11GI
on e
3 S bui l t four to si x f 0 et ou t from t h o inner si 0GB o f tho
CCiS80 11. Thcy v.ere st i ffened by cross bra ces 0 1 struts, to
reven t them from Givi ng ·,a .y : ~lGn exposod to pros eure, and they
t6nded from the level of the deck d o~n to the bottom, conform­
ing to any
irregularit i e s in the river bod.
Th e
t vo f rames vcr o cov er ed vi t h sh eet me t a I pi l i ng, dri ven
:8 00I ATI ON, -=-I;.:.N.::-C..:. _
r-~ s Repor t No. 59
J:–rEtI BER 195 5.
F.ditori~ l Addre s s:
P..O. Box 22,
Postal Stat i on liB ,
Mon t real , Canada.
Edit or: Om
G r S. 1. T.iC} val lee
.Edi t or : R.D. Br o~n
Committee: Rober t R. Br o~n
.:;.11thony Cl ecg
11nct h Chivers
Ernost Mod l er
down int o the river bed, and the
pace bG t~c 6 n t he t~ o formed the
puddl e chambe
r. ffte r the Eravol
find loose s
tones ,:e16 removed, as
much rs pos s
iblc, by dredg i ng ,
11 e ..pu d dLe tI v.2.sintroduced y con­
si sting of th ick c La y, r enccr ec
ot12ble to ~~ t0r by t cmpinG,
or bo
ating d o~n Tho coffcrdam
as th en rendy for pumpi nc.
T,AN. IT 0..2 -( l i bv: 0 r k v:2, s 1i t t 1 e
un dor s
too d at : i r s t by the Eng l i sh
e ng i n ee r s ,
bu t i t ~2S a f orm of
on s ~ruction 6~t6n siv Gly used in
CLnada for bri dgos, dams , ~ha r V6S
8n d foundations and p1nctic2l ly
every man 2.nd boy in the country
knB~ h o~ to build one. An added
to thG m;-stcr controller (much the S2l1e QS the MTC 1850 clpss
str6stCHTS in ~qontreal). The BB-9003, used in t.(lis GxperiTIlmnt,
is one of the r~m6 Group of fine electric locomotives es the BB-
9004, ~hich recently sst & ~orldt8 speed record of 207 m.p.h ••
~p8cds of up to 75 m.p.h. ~ere obtained during the cre~le8s run,
~hich took pl~ce on the main line bct~66n Paris and ~6Mans.
The city of Ott~:i. 112S been offered thE; old. CUR cross-tol:n
ri~ht of ~ny in Ott2~a, by the ~Gderal Government, for possible
c1evolopmGnt c:s [~n crteric:l expressi.,), This is Jart of the
developments ph;nned for Ottm-:e. durinG thG nc:t fel;-yanrs v:hich
include removal o~ CNR freicht f~cilities from Union Rtation to
Euroman, elimin,_tion of CPB Susse~c ~tre6t yards, elimination of
CPR tr:.oks across the Interprovincial Bridge to Hull, and their
reph:cement on the proposed Nepean Bridge; improvement of the
Union Station, ~hioh ~ill probably rcmcin in use for another
trcnty years, despite the proposil incorporatsd in the Greber
=1,:n to remove it to thG e:~trGmities of the city, near the n6,7
70 lIcE. l no~;d rD.ih:Dy YDrd.
P;:crt 6
The second section, or t2il
piece, ~~s then brought into position
and sunk in ~ simil2r manner, com­
plGtely closing the opening ~t the
.———_ .. _———-
f 0 0 t 0 f the f il s t L n 0. for min C; t, ..-: 6 11
of still ~~tGr about 130 feet long
by fift,Y four fGet .:ide. In this SpLcu, t;;:o stron;3 f1[:1116v-;o11:8
r: 6 l G b u i 1 t , foIl 0 Vi i n g the inn G r Y:-[. 1 J 0 f the c a iss 0 n • The 1 [c r fZ; e r
:.<8 built nginst thG Y:ilIB 0: thG 0[.is80n, ~~nd the 8m2-11er
ne ~3S built four to six f0et out from the inner sides of the
ocis80n. The.! v:ere stiffened by cross braces or struts, to
prevent them from Gi vine ,-:o.,Y 1;:~J.en 6J:pO sod to pr6ssuYe, and they
Gxt6nded from the level of the deck do~n to the bottom, conform­
ing to any irregularities in the river bed.
Thr:; ti-:O f1amss cere cover6d I:ith shset metal piling, driven
__ ,A0 S 0 erA T I ON , –=Ic::.]T~, C:..::.-o __ _
NF~S Report No. 59
~m J:–rEtl BER 1955.
F.ditori~l Address:
P .. O. Box 22,
Postal Station B,
Montreal, Canada.
cl ito l : Om 6 r S. JI.. tJd val Ie e
Asst.Editor: R.D. Bro~n
Committoe: Robert R. Bro~n
!;.n thony Clogg
Kenneth Chivers
Ernost Modler
down into the river bed, 2nd the
space bet~c6n the t~o formed the
c3dle chgmbGr. ffter thE, rr:J.vel
[~nd 100s6 stones :ere removed, ns
much ~G possible, by dredging,
he 1 p u d dle:l ,-: a sin t rod u c e e. con­
sisting of thick cltL~l. ren(~6red
impelletr2ble to ~~ter by t[mping,
or beating do~n. The cofferdam
~as then rendy for pumping.
P~AN. NO.2 -0rib~ork ~2S little
understood at first by the English
engineers, but it ~2S a form of
construction e~tensiv6ly used in
C1.~n2.da for bridges, dams, v:harv6s
~nd foundations and practic~lly
every man and boy in the country
kn6~ ho~ to build ons. An added
a dvcn tcgc ~n s thet th e on ly tools needed ~er c sc~s , ~ugcrs en d
h .unmcrs, so, vhc n t r ou bLe d evc Lo ped v Lt h the f loating o or r er dams ,
Mr .
Hodg es tried cr ~b~o l~ ~ith complGte succe s s. These crib~o rk
cor rer vcre [bout 175 fe ot Long r :1c~ a bou t 90 fe ct ~ id6 ; th o
en c Lo se d ve Tl, or v.or k S:) I}C6
..ns 125 feet l ong by 52 r eo t in
~idth . Th e cribs ~er 6 built of l ogs , ~ ith dove tc i lcd cr08s t ie3
b etves n the s i do timbe r s, ever y t 611 fe et, an d th e wh o Le at r-ucture
bolt ed t O ~8ther ~ i th iron bol t s an d uooden tren ail s . The
per 6nd .:c! s fini s11ed y;i th 9. SJ0 P8d su lf nee, p1i 11k 6 d ave r , so
t h at th e iCG v.ou Ld s l ide u p, [CnO. b rock, A f Loor of l ogs I.· ,: S l (~ i el
d own, several foot ::bo VG the bed of th e river, and tho v.h o Le crib
fi l led ~ ith 12r gos stones.
On compl
otion of th e cr i b or k, e pu dd le ch~~be r sr s built in
the ~ol l in OYGc tl y the same m9.uner as in rylpn No.1, ~n d then it
s ready for pum~ inG .
In ao vcraI ca ses, it nec essar y to lea ve the cr L b v.o rk
ferda ms in tho r i v er 2nd in p12co, al l ~inter , some t imes p~ nked
over 2 S a pr otoct ion aG~ in st the iCB bu t in ot h er insta nces le ft
un protecte d -;i th e qur I su c ce s s a n d it 1:8. 8 found t.h c t, in most
cnacs, th6Y rosisted the prcssu re of th e ice 1:;ithout dif ficul ty.
A f6~ ~or 6 more or less damaGed by tho ice.
p r,!,1T NO
7, -T~1 G tv.o cen tr e p t or s wore IE
c cr than the others an d
also it -.;~.C nGC: (~3s2r ;1 to bLo olt th e mcin chr.nne L zs li t t le cs po s­
sible, so C~ c omb t nr t Lon sy s tem v.c s u scd -probabl y the best of r,l l.
Four rec ta nGular pon toons ~e rs bui Jt for the sides of the two
d2. ms r-n, x:(; r G t o:o d int o ph c 6 D.n cl s1.1nk in t h 6S c~ mG mr nne l i sin
T) J.rn ND• 1 . ,r11 Co u Ppe r G 11ds -:6 r c eomp0 sed 0 f d 6t 0. C h G d crib s , v:i t h
cn apr ons betwe en them to brGak tho current, wh ile tho lower
6 11 ds .(; lG In[. 0.C o f c.)n tinu 0 uscr ib::0 lk•
Af t
ct the ~ho l6 struc t u re ~DS solidly bol ted toge th61 ~ tho
pUddl e ch~mb6 r s ~ere built snd the ~oll ~as r ea dy for pumpi ng .
P~A N NO. 4-The t~ o £bu tms n ts ~6r c huee st one st r ucture s, 29 0
feot long by 92 fe et ~ id6 et the found &t i on, ~n d they n o~ SGeme d
h[VG b oen bu i Lt on dr
7 Lr.n d on p~n t l<7 so , but rc t ua l Ly t1:1 6;:
~Gr G bu i lt ~o ll out into theriver, an d the int ervening spe c e
subs e quently filled wi t h n rock embrnkmen t. 3~p G rim6~t s ~cre
mod 6 I: ith e. f Lo ating ct: i s s 0n , bu t it y;r~ s i m;.1 0 s s ib1G to )11. o are i t
br oe ds i de to the str ong cu rr e.nt, so i t :,:is cb cndon ed , ;:inc-l l y,
tho ~ork i ng spa co ~ as surroundet by tv a continuous 1i ne s of
crib~o rk , 6c:.oh 9 fc et wide and one ~it h in the ot ho1
Dn d tho
s pa ce b etv.c cn tho tv.o , four fc ot vi ds, formed th e pu ddLc chember,
0000000000 000
Amon3 the mrtcricl ~hich ~c h~vo on hr-nd sch edu led for pub l icct i on
dur i
nr the ~ int Gr nrc t~ o l ine r~i lwny fea tures, 8nd t~ o
o1u ct : i c r i Iv; c ;/ le ;·t u l 6 S:

Locomot i vGs of th o Canadi t:n Northern Rc il~2Y (pI] time)

~6 l f-propel l ed rni l cars on Cana dion R 2 il~ [.y s (i ll ti me)

Hi stor~r of tho Hont r cf,1 8: nQu t ~lc 1n Countie s Ra i lv:

ry of th e Montr6nl Pc,rIc & Islcnd H2.ilv:ay.

advantage ~as that the only tools needed ~ere SQ~S, ~ugers and
h:-:mmcrs, so, y:heYl troublG developed :.ith the floating coffordnTIls,
Mr. Hodgos tried cr~b~ork ~ith complGte success. These crib~ork
cofferd~.I!lS ::E.r6 [bout 175 feot lone r·:tlc~ about 90 f6Gt Y;id&; the
encloscd .c1]., or ,orlcill{,: Sl)aCe, ,:iC3 1~:.5 feet long b~1 52 :fset in
,-.. ieth. The cribs y;erG built of lOGS, y;ith dovetcilcd cr08sties
betv.6cn tLe sido timbers
evcr~ ton fcet, nnd the Y;hole stru.cture
strongly bolted to~ether ~ith iron holts and uooden trenails. The
up p a I end :: c! s fin i s 11 e d y; i t has lop 6 d su I f iC C e, p 1 i nk ado v a:r, so
h [: t ttl e ice v; 0 u 1 d s 1 i d G up, 2.Y! (1 b reek. A flo 0 l 0 flo G s YrO_ s ]. [ i d
several feot .:::bovo tha bed of the river, [!ud tho -::hole crib
filled ~ith 12rgos stoneso
On completion of the crib. ork, a puddle chc:.J11ber v;es built in
the ~oll in oractly the same manner as in rylpn No.1, and then it
~3S ready for pum~inB.
In sover2.1 casas, it 1::as n6CGSSary to leave the clib,ork
cofferdams in the river 2nd in p12co, all ~inter, sometimes p~nk6d
over ~s a protection nG~inst the ice but in othel inatances left
unprotected ,,:ith equ.l success c.nd it 1;8.8 found thet, in most
nsBs. they rosisted the pressurs of thG ice ~ithout difficulty.
A f6~ ~or6 more or less d~maGed by tho ice.
NO. :-,., -T:l1G tl:O centre ~iGrs wore 1erccr th8.n thE; others O,nd
nJso it .:::.0 nGc(~ssor;1 to blocl: the ch:::nne1 ~-s litt1e ~s pos­
sible, so [_ combin2tion system ,-:e.s USGCc -prob~bJ.y the best of <.11.
Four ractanGul~r pontoons ~ers built for the sides of the two
de. m G :–n,, 1:: e rot 0 -: c; din top 1::0 c e and sun kin the s i~ m 0 m:-n n G I i sin
nlfn No.1. The upper ends ~Gre composed of detached cribs, ~ith
~ood6n aprons bct~6Gn them to br6~k tho current, ~hilG tho lo~er
e l1 d s , G l C Ill[ O. C 0 f con tin U 0 usc rib :: 0 I k •
Aft c t t h s .; 11 0 Ie s t u c t u I 6 I; D s s 0 1 i C. 1 ~I b 0 1 t G d tog a tho r ~ tho
puddle chGmbsrs ~ere built and the ~oll ~as ready for pumpinB.
P~AN NO.4 -The t~o ~butments ~6rc hU[6 stone structures, 290
feot long by 92 feet ~id6 et tha found&tion, ~nd they no~ seemed
to hevG been buU.t on dr~7 1.:.nd OF p~lltl,7 so, bed ths; ~Gr6 built ~ell out into the river, and the intervening spece
subsequently fillcd ~ith a rock Gmb~nkme~t. ~~PGrim6~ts ~cr6
m:, d c v: i t h ~. flo:1 tin g c [ iss 0 n , b n tit ,-; r~ s i m ;; 0 s sib 1. G tom c) 0 l e i t
bro[,dside to thG strong current, so it ::ns c.bc.ndoned :~inC.lly,
tho ~orking spaco ~as surrounde~ by t~o continuous lines of
crib~ork9 6~ch 9 feet ~ide and on6 ~ithin tLc othor, ~nd the
s~Ltce bGt::tSon the t·:o, four fGot -.-ida, formGd the puddle ch[mber.
Amon3 the mrt6ri~1 ~hich ~c h~ve on h:–nd scheduled for publicction
durinr the ~inter arc t~o main line r~il~2Y features, ~nd t~o
e 1 u c t : i cr i 11: [~;I fer· t u I G S :
LocomotivGs of tho C~n2di~n NorthGrn Rai1.~ay (pI] time)
~. In )1 d ~ J cr 0 (dl~n P.,.lJ.>C,·Ys (11 tlme) ,)6.r-prope .. e .. .LO.l. c., J.J…,,, •. <. ••• _., •
HistoY.~ of the Hontr6f.1 8; r:;Qut~16rIl Counties Railv:n.y.
History of the Montreal Perle & Islrnd H2.ilv:ay.

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