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Canadian Rail 053 1955

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Canadian Rail 053 1955


~V8 RE?ORT NO ~ 53 FE BRUARY 195.5
Th e r e~ u lar monthl y meetinf of the
-!~O-;:;:(; E :~ :m;TI;;r; l As s0c :i2t,ion 1,d.11 be h e Ld in room 920 ,
Transportation Buildinp , 159 Craif
! _?~–~ -_._—.~—_._=—,.~—
Str3et ~ JE~ ~3t , on i,Jednesd.a y, Februar y­
r) r 1 ]9 t: t: -l-(} . 00 TYIfl 7> -.,,.. l . t, c,·; .. c: ~ • ~ ;1 1 ,… . ~. ~ sd­
7,1, . )) aG 0.. i: 1. ~c lot:-u ar iJUo-..d 8 0 0 vV.L .L.. )e I.Jratl0a c[,e 0­
h .-., . ,.. v <· r, • Y) :::> r . 11 1 .. , 1) t …, V , p ~ — . d -t-n,r-r
I, l~ i Gc..l 1J.,,1C , lv Vi], , L JA i oy ]CE.., ,1 E.. ~)l r-rr ,erir.e pr-ovae c . n e enr. ,
U.J.A. Lav21lee, VJ10 will del iver a talk illustrated by
coLou rad s taken on his i-ocent. tr ip to Europe 0 The subj­­
o ct of tile illustrated tal k vil1 be rr ,~:;witze rlanJ. and its
Hn. i l and ,iater JrarlspYrtation Systems
. l-1r . spent
s uifLci ent time in ,:3.AJi ;:-,zer land to make an eztens:cve cover-age
o ~: tht? mor espe c~acular s ~e 71i c and reel.Lway .( :ng~nc;e~inr ~t tra c ­
,lnYi ~3 ~ and the pi.ct.ur-es wi.Ll. t.ake us over 08rIEna, Al buLa,
UlHIcJ:i..p ano Furka p8.S31.;S , the valleys of the HI-line and
the Rhone, to the 5U ~YJit of the famed Jungf rau Railway, and
r t.h ~ -! ~. » ri ..• r i·
J-· .
..)( .[1 1:1( ~
F .I Ie 1….. r t:l I 1 ,.J Y , r;,!, Y . 1
JO ,L G ..-d … t Cr OJ. L. ,) , l,,.CU.h)~J r..cL ~)adn , ~ , .uc e.rrie , L.J.L lC l
urid BDse. . .lernbc.r-s are invit ed to att.en.l and guests wi ll be
ViC 1. (OLJC-:: I as u.sua l.
,–··.·—.-·-..-·..··-·—– — -·-·-·- ·-1
As is the custom, t he annuaI elect ­
i {< C C () rc rp T ) 1>1 T-j T;J I. t I
I . 1 ..J 1…!~ –,-..A J. ..LU1~ 1 Llv.) ; ions ,Jere:; held at t he ~T an l :o,ry annuaL
,,.__.__ . .J meetinv , and result ed i n certain
ha c: .,,~: . t r Exe 1 l . . .j t.h .0)
c ,,~.rl f.. C ….. In J •. l~. .:.JJ .. eUu l. ve 0 . v
Associ at. Lon, IJcw of f Lcer-s eld ct~d for the 1955 season are:
Ilo r.o r-ar-y Pr-es i dent. –1)y . Tic tor I~or in ~
11 ViC8 Pr e sident A.. iJuperron, Chairman, Hontrea1
Transportation Commission.
Char-L os E. Fisher , Pre s ide nt, Rai Iway

&Locomo tive Historisal Society.
n 1
Donald ~ o rdon , Pr e s i de nt, Canadian
National Railways.
II ;/ Ldwa r-d G. Hooper , Pres Ld ent , Nal,-in11? l
~ai l1!ay lli<,torical .30ciety
11 I
VI . A. r~athe r , Pr-es nt. J C.qn;. Pacific :{a i.~ · T Corr.nanv.
It Lepa1 Couns el, _.. Leonar d A, Se ton.
Lxc cutivr-Pr-e s Loo nt; ._ .-~) aE (Y!.l·n S. Hor t hen
n Vi ce Pr-e s Ldent. _.-()ner SoiL LavaTl.e e
11 lre.Clsurc;r .._-Ant hony C1eeg.
r:, Secretary –, .John :3a unders
Di.r-e ct.or -H. Jl . Binns
H .._ _ ~l . DOll P l c1S Br-own
II _._ Kenrie t.h F.G. Ch i ver s
II -,_ fa1t el F. DoI2n•
Chnirrnun of s vo.ndinr: committees :
….,. ., 1 -r-r ; A I
HOL,.J.llg .:Jto c c –I o rs Go r 1~ vernp ,
ii;d:i. L -,-Orner A .Lava I et.oiLa:3 . l.e­

–,;a1te1 F. Dor an•­
r-::~:~:–:-)F—:F- -1-[ .. T(, I
I !j V LL v D l L .JtJ -d, T I
>_ ..•. ,-_. __ ._————-_. __ .,,——
The re~ular monthly meetinf of the
LI c: co (I -j .,~ ,.–j ,.., ,r- 11 1 –, 1,.,1 d . 0 m U ) 0
•. ,J~,.C_.c~.lj._,_O!l 1.J.. ()e _lC~_ In r OJ 7-,
Transportation Bui1dinf, 159 Craif
Str3et ~Jest, on Jedneso.ay, February
9r:,h, 1955 at 8:00 Hi. ILegular bU.sines3 will be tra_n3actedo
Phe entert2inment w~ll be provided by the Vice President, Mr.
U.J.A. 1avcllee, V~lO will deliver a talk illu3trated by
culoUY2d !3U_des taken onhi5 lE:)cent trip to Europe. The SLlbj­
(~ct of the illustrated talk Tv5.11 be rI
()witzerland and its
H;1.j_J.. and ,iater Frar1S)JlYrtati
)[l ,System.s II. ]-1r-. I~avallee spent
:3lJificie::1t time in ::hvi;~,zerlancl to :-nake an eztens:eve covelafe
of th,:; more spectacular sce~l:ic and rciilv,ray f:~ngirH:;erinr attrac­
tinrls, and the pictures will toke us over the Bernina, Albula,
UbrTCl.:i..p anci Furka p-3.S3C;~3, throu,?h the valleys of the l1r.line and
the Rho~e; to the SU~YJit of the famed Jungfrau Railway, and
r.,(J tbe l.Jl[eT c:i.ties of Ii]ontreux) Latl::,annr;, Lucerne,
CJnd B8S!:;l., lTembcr:3 are invited to atten,l and guests will be
VJe l. (01:](-:) 5 a s U~)!li:.Ll.,
;-_ … _-_. __ ._ .. __ ….. _————-I
i fl c~ Sf) r-;-j rPT J hT rj-;:pc) i
l._ … _~_~:_: __ :=_:_:~~ .. __ ~::-__._,_,,J
As~ioci2tiono lJew officer3
IIof,orary Presider1t ._-
1 Vic3 President
17 11
Lepal Coun3e1
Lx~cuttvp President —
II Vice Pre3id.ent
1 :raCl.surc;r
r: , oe cretclIY
As i~:; the custom, the annual elc;ct­
ions -,Jere held at the Jam:o.ry Annual
meeting, and resulted in certain
ctanges in the Executive of the
eldct~d for the 1955 season are:
Dr. Victor Morin.
A. 0uperron, Chairman, rbntreal
Transportation Commj_ssion.
Charles E. Fisher, Pi-ssicie nt, Hailway
& Locomotive Historisal Society.
Donald ~ordon, President, Canadian
IJational Hclilvvays • .L;dward
G. Hooper, President, Nal-,-;(Il1:;>l
~aiJ_1!ay HL;toricCll 30ciety
VI 0 A. r~ather, Pre,sidcnt 1 C.qn~(l ~_.qn
Facifi c :{ai.~ – ,r C
Leonard A. Seton.
~)aEbrHn ,S. Uorthen
:3.}…. L2.va1 Vee
Anthony Clegg.
~r ohn :3aunders 0
r~. r~l. Binns
:1. Brown
Eenneth F.G. Chivers
Halter F. Ihran.
C}:l(:tirrnt;;1 of S (,,J.nd inE: comrni t tees:
Holling Stock Forster A. Kemp.
li;J.:i. tOlia1 Orner 3. A. 1rwallee
,;alter F. Doran.
~PLCl i I. } !L.iL.~ASE
lK) ]fTHT:~A L tr, :3:JLJT I L~ FiN C0UNT I ES
· fT T T ro curr
.: .j A.I_..2_….~_ ..L~…: .~.::…:_ . .___:. .J~~:~:.._,
rs I dC .

He· ;,;3 armoun cc« pl ans for t.h e irJllinent, 0 f�
Ijct.or i a BrLdr;e at I/jollt rr-=;al int o a four iti on to t.l.e two CNH main lines, ra ther than a t T,JO -~ane�
structure as at pr e s ent. vJiucni nv of the h i r-hvray facilities

wi.Ll. be made at t.he expens e of the Mont r eal c: Souther Counties

HE; i 1way, whose ser vi ce across the brid.fte wi l l be abandoned.

J a nuary ~. –n a sur pr13e move yest er .ay, anRQ1an 82t1ona
l)Uinf t hE: co nver-ai cn , vi ce wl.Ll. be pr ovided
by a ehut.t.I.e ser vi ce on th e C>na lian Na tional mai n line s, and
when the hi s-hway is opf,;ned, the s er-vi.ce wi 11 be piven 1;y busses.
Canadian National exp~ c ts the conversion t o cost ~2 ,300 ,OO O ,
and it wi l l triple the capacityof thebridpe interms ofmotor
vGh icle s . Since t he Cpnadian National owns the bridge and
r-1] t < t lle:-tl 0 ·, .) -t 0 ,. .,tl t r -io1 (J ~ ~ll 1
~(J_ .e c J ~) ,0 , 11 l expec r cvcnues .) 11— , a s We; • ,., ,0J
it ~LS expected t ha t cornmer cLaL Lnt.e r ur-bar: aut.obus services

vIi11 be ab I.e to t.he brici{e for the fLrst time. Herotofore,

such services have usee; the Jac(1uos Cartier and Honore f.Iercier

ns . Lv en t~uc:…} . ly , ;:l l ift s pan be built at. t he east end

of the bridp8, at a cost of an addi t ional ~4 ,OOO ,OOO by the

Lnt L t1;oJrenCe S8a
,ra:;T aut.hor i t.y, Ih is LLft wi l l crO:3,S a 10ck

tr: the ;)cavvo., canal bypa ss i nr-the Lr-ch Lne n,a pi J s, and when the

r ····: (.1 -r,J • c; r y ) ( +-1 , ….-.. , ( 0:) (1 .! c }.,o-…. t ,n tr f -) .11 b.J­
.,X J.. .• E;. / J.u JpU1 !-,)r ..l1e 1,,1 .:>0<...« e oi sn i ps . ),10 0.. l ao 11C VI~ e
E; ~ ;:T IOu al on: t ho canaI embankment , and OV C;T an aLter-na t.Lv e
bri6po c:…t tho uDstrcAffi end of the la ck. Due to the natur? of
.1.1. .
the Lock.i nr-oper-at..i.on, of course, :Lt IJill not; be possible to
have both b::,-i dves open a t once , and there will be no tr af fic
r,~. (; ,UP when v cssel.s are 113in[ the Seaway canal lock. LncLuded
i n ,,) j-; O()OjOOO co s t. f or the lift bri ds-o , i s a cLover-cLcaf
hiC;.rv,wy aq ) l,J fiCh setup at t he east end of t he bridge .
i.s f
ar D.f3 the Iio nt.r-eaL i,;. »out.horn Count.Les liai Iway i3 con­
cerneu, it is expected that the cessati on of servi ce over the
idge wi Ll. be but the LnLt La1. move in a series of steps­
j.p H;J. to abanuori the ra ilway entirely. ~ Jitho u t i t s JIontrC ll
onnection, the suburban syst em wouLd los e .it s e co nor.ri c ju.stLf ­
.i ca tLon , lhe servi ce bot .ween lkc.::>C Junction) [,IrT i ev il1e and
:Jt3, All[(:le wj.ll probably be provi.ded by diesel-electric tC:?Lns
Cl s is t hE.:: Dli;sent Cranbv service ) but t.he C j~ l{ has made 11 J a rrroun ­
ln e~t as ~et . The busJ service over t he bridre will serve che
C ~-T . -l , t ,~, ., Ti r-v 1., l 1 C> ~ Y , .C JJr 1 t ,., ]., r c: b cs h-. . c­
,vu oua,t1lc.r cd,(l nackayviiLe a.,E.a.o . 0 o.a ,_ ddv .~en grven r cr
the act ual abRndonm8nt of rai l service between 11cGill Street
Iilontreal and Saint Lambert, must occur before any wor-k
can be done to the br idge. Sinco the CUR s announced int ent ion
is +: 0 have::;he chanr-c made by t.he end of t he year , and t he .!or l-:
is expected to take betwoen six and seven months, it is o b v ~ous
that the latest possi ble dat e could not be much lat er than the
han~e of ti me at April 24th. Conversely, it could be much
s oo
ncr. 0ur rGader s vJill be kept Lnlor mcd of furt.h e. j et· ~ 1 s.
. __ ,_.~l~~r;:. JAY _,.-.I~ __ .. J:~.~! I ~ .. __ ._
January 28 –In a surpri3e move yesterday, Canadian N2tional
11 1I:a :7S anno i~Hl ccu. plans for th e iCll1inent conver::-oion 0 f
h. ctoria Bridfot:; E,t r/lolltreal into a fou:-lane hipJ11day bridge,
in 8c..Jition to tIle two CNH main lines, rather than a tvro-~ane
structure as at present. VTiClenini! ofche hirh1tJay facilities
will be made at the eXlwnse of the Montreal cs E30uther Counties
Hailway, 1,:,;h05e service across the brid[te will be abandoned.
Dllrin[p thE: convc.:~rsion, COLlli1uter service will be provided
by a shuttle service on the C~nalian National main lines. and
,!filen the hirhway is opened, the service will be riven 1;ybusses.
Canadian National exp~cts the conversion to cost ~2,300,OOO,
and it will triple the capacity of the bridfe in terms of motor
vGhicles. Since the Cpnadian National owns the bridge and
collects tolls, they expect revenues to triple, as well. Also
it is c~xpected that commercial interurb.].n autobus services
vIl 11 be cble 00 LIse the briclfe for the first time. Heretofore,
such services have usee the; Jac(1uc!s Cartier and Honore f.Iercier
speDs. ~ventu&lly, a lift span will be built at the east end
of the bridpe, at a cost of an additional ~4,OOO,OOO by the
~)a int L:~ irenc e Sea v,ra:;r authori ty . rhi,) 1.1ft wi 11 eros ,5 a 10 ck
jL t~1e JeawJ..T canal bypassin[ the L?chine HapiJs, and ,Ihon the
bri(::t~(~ is open fur -r.Le pi.ssafe of f,bips. ElotoY traffic v1ill be
ce;:Ticu a1011; the Cc.~llD.l emba.nkment, and ov~;r an alternative
bri~pc &t tho uDstrU?hl end of the lock. Due to the natur? of
tbe locldnr operat iun, of course, it will not be possible to
b,::ve both b:::iclVes ope nat once, and there wi 11 be no traffi e
r. :;_c; ,,·up IThen v,.~E;sels are usin§ the Seaway cana 1 lock. Included.
in trle .,;>L+-;OOO)DOO co;.)t for the J.ift bridve, is a Hclover-leafn
hiC:rvmy arpl(Jt:tch setup at the east end of the bridge.
far D.E; the llolltrea.l :.;, )ouLhern Counti(~s Hailvvay i3 con­
rneu, it is expected that the cessation of s~rvice over the
briJge IlJill b(o but the initia 1 move in a series of steps
j.€,neJ. to abandon the railway entirely. ~Iithout its 110[;t1(11
connection, the suburban system would lose its econouic just if­
cat:i.on, lhe; service bei~ween [·kcSC Junction) n·lfTieville and
~)t2, AllL(C!le wj_ll probably b( prov:l.cled by diesGl-electric tc:?lns
as -i.s the Di(;Sent CrDnbv service) but the CHlt has m3de n·:; an:l0Jm­
ce,n~~t as ~et. The busJservice over the bridfe will serve ehe
.3t, 0 Lambert Clild llackDyville area[3. JJo date? has been given ~or
the actual ab~ndonm8nt of rail service between 11cGill Street
in IJlontreal and Saint Lambert j ltlhich must occur before any vJO::,k
can be done to the bridge. Since the CNRs announced intention
is to have~he chanrc made 1JY the end of the year, and the Iforl-::
is expected to take betwoen six and seven months, it is obv~ous
that the latest po~sible date could not be much later than the
(;han~e of time at April 24th. Conversely, it could be much
soonGI. .Jur readers vIil.l be kept inforrned of furtre: :1.81,· ~ l S.
r——-..——,—– ——–
r k_: ~)(jC LI.lIu N IlrC.
,,.., 11R non I ~J ,.., – n —C 0
Ne ws ::-U~ D ort IJo. 53 -I d,::; ) J ~ ll .c., .L l Ui 1 ,:..> JJH J 1 J., O j
Febru Clr y 1955. i
_…._—~_.._ ._-,-_.._—_.~—_ -….._—-~
1~d i1~orial A,idr·ess ~ On J~ n u ary 25th , Canadian Nat ­
9{i -~ De 1 1~D~ l ~ 1 fi~ronue
.,., J … ..-1: – ….. … …….. … ,
ional Hai lways annou nced that

r lon!~ reCl l 15; Cana da. a ne~ fa s t t r ans continental
oassenger t r a i n ser v ice wil l
ditor: Ower SoA. Laval lee
be in ~~ ~odu ced i n t he summer
Asst .
.c;d i t or: lL D. Brown
timetables . Pre s ent ru nning
Committee: Hober t H. Brown ti me will be con s i d erably
Ant.horry Clegg reduced, thoufh it is un~ er sto od
Kennc t h Chivcr-s that the actual schedul e will
.brnest Modler
be determ i ned by the quest ion
of conv enient ar-ri vu l a nd dep­ artur e t i~e s at the principal
cities. One indica tion gi ven
ty the railway Ilill be that pas s enr-er-s on th e refular train wil l
b2 enabled to en joy the prandeur of t he Fr aser Canyon by
y~ight . The new ser v icc, it is understood, wi ll supplement

_ 1..
»r esen
(~,:> E ll
t (n+ i~ , t
1Jri t.ed
0 c.r1.

ffe .t.,

.Jlrl , ,

• on.y c;Cv I-vl
JL,,,, ,,•.l1en
f10 s ec t .i ons will be canso Lida ted i nto one t r-a in livest of CapreoJ..
0 0 0000000000000
. -~ – ——- ———U –e,, ., no , C t.he C .) •
I n t, C: sarre u,.lt e as J c: 1.01cfOl ng
, · ·· I T.) r·l~1 1) T) vrn -T 0 )fT !
I ,J1L.1. ~j 1::;! L 1 Dlil,Ll ,O l) j! j CanadLan kJtiunal announ ccmcnt , Cana di an
,r.,1.C1 ! ; -,-: T-IJ F C .1 T~l
IL J…i J .J h.~ i 1. J..J J .. J. .. 1 ~ .r.. – 1. _ l.j Pacifjc rolea s ed t.he scheclule of trw
n ,,,-1, ssavrcJ.. Lr. s,. –H, I
.J j .~ u …. . L Jl L 1….1 l../ I new transcontinentaltrai n ser vi ce.
-..___. .._.._.. ., ___~ . __~_~<__,_.,........i .Jixteen hour s 1di l l be cu t fr-om the~~
pr es ent we s t bound schedul e, which wi ll
1101 V2nC0 :lVcJ to be reacbed reom ltIontrea1 in 71 hour-s and J.O
mi nut cs . L,::U,t bound t Lne w.l. Tl. be cut by 12 hours and 30 ,
to give a r-unni ng time of 10, ho urs and. 20 m :~nlJtes . ::;crv~cc , ~)et­
ween Toront o arid t he coa s t vri Ll, be cut by 1) hours and 3) lTIJ nut cs
to a to
tal oLa paed t Lmc of 67 hour-s and 55 minutes, whi1.8 1.:,:!2
eastGound tri p will be ef fected i n 66 hour s and 45 minut e s ,
1 ) 1 1) 1 ~C ~YIC I i: 11 i 11L tc~Sfa s t. er t.ha n at pr-e ae rrt …… .J I L .l,:::> d.. .L A ../ j, ~ ••__ _A. v . –……. ,-, ) …. C:J . V 1. C..::> c:.: ) 0

lhe most recent r-eL ea ses i~e fe r to the tr ain as !:T11e Cc~ ::l ..: ~jJ1. r::. 1T
rat.her than the rioya L Ca nadian Yl as prev i.ous Ly announced. ]:,(:
r -eason for the change has not been of f i cia l ly disclosed, howe ver ,
Schedule ha s been (i ven as follows:
No ,l (11 Toronto-Sudbury )
~9~_:£_Lb~Sud…Tct O!:,l,t 01
.~­—…._-,~ _ ……-…–_ —-_…—_..~.__.._ …­
EST 1:00 PM L Mont real (!j_nds or ) A 9:50 PM
I: n It
1:06 S vJc;stmciunt S 9:42
n fl II

1:13 S filcmt lea l Hest o
11 11 11
3:l 0 A Ott awa (Union) L 7 :!t0
11 T 11 11
11 IV il

3: 20 A 7: 30
10:55 A Sudbury L 12:10
((r I IT 1H
~::~ :(:~:tl::~~~:~—I
FebruClry 1955.
Editorial Aidress:
6qs~ Dc 1 I~D~~ Avenue
/ ….. ,; ./ •• .1… J. -………. ,
Montreal 15, Canada.
Lditor: Omer SoA. Lavallee j
Asst • .c;c1itoY: IL, D. Brown
Committee: Hobert H. Brown I
l~ntl:.ony Clegg j
Kenneth Chivers
.i:<.;rnest Modler I
_ •••• __ • __ • __ ._._. _____ 1
:—_._ ———.————·–1
L. ____ . __ . __ , __ . __ . _____________ –
On J~nuary 25th, Canadian Nat­
onal Hailways announced that
ne~ fast transcontinental
passenger train service will
be introduct-;d in the summer
timetables. Present running
time will be considerably
reduced, thoufh it is un~erstood
that the actual schedule will
be determined by the question
of convenient arriv2l and dep­
arture ti~es at the principal
cities. One indication given
c.y the railway lvill be that p2ssenrers on the rerular train vill
b2 enabled to enjoy the frandeur of the Fraser Canyon by
day~ight. The new service, it is understood, will supplement
th~ present Continental Li~ited, and the only effect it will
b0vc; on the present tr.lin is thD.t the rlontreal and Toronto
sec t; iOllS will be conso lida ted into one tra in Jest of Capreol.
i IT,), .. , D T) nl TT 0 i~T i
I .Jh.l..~ib~L 1, lCJli-l.Ll.JO U;, ,
I 1
IV1J C 1 )i ·j.r I).C~L·T~l-( I
~ J:;~ .I1·l~ i ~ 1..1. _to .• n …. ,r.l _ 1. _ u
Un the sace d3te as the forofoin~
Cancldian r~,Jti()nal announe,2mcnt, Canadian
Pacific released the schedule of the
-. ___ . __ ._ .. _~~ , ______ ._ .• __ ….. , .• _…-.. __ • _____ ,_~~…J.
new tr~nscontinental train service.
Sixtecm hours vJill be cut from the
present VJe~)t bound schedule, vvhich will
a 110,,;) V2ncrJtlVC,r to be reacbed ream ItIontreal in 71 ~lOur~3 end 10
·ypt·(c·s ]j 1,
.L .l-11~.I oJ …. , • ., ..J~ ….. J-. . ,- VV .. 1.1…… • _Lt…. …. …… U JJ…L.. vl:: ….. 🙂 ,
tc give a rurll1ine; time of 70 [nl..lYS and 20 minutes. ::;crvicc · … ,et­

veJll Toronto and tLe coast vii_11 be cut, by 15 hour,s and 35 mj,;S
to a total elC:lpsed time of 67 hours and 55 minutes, whi 1.8 trio
eastGound trip will be effected in 66 hours and 45 minutes.
13 hours and 5 minutes faster than at presento
rlhe raost
recent relea0es~~efer to the train as The C;:::::l.;c;.ia.n
ra ther than the l711.0ycll Canadian Y1 as previow:;ly announced. J:J:
rE?QSOn fCjl thE: change has not been officially dj.s closed, ho, …. e·FEH·.
Schedule has been fiven as follcrvls:
to 1 (1 T01~nto-Sucib )
:.!. __ .!…:.;. __ ..:..~_. ___ ::…::.:….: ___ .• ,…::._.::.:_…::!..Y..
EST l~OO PM L Montreal
1 d )
.. J.n sor A 9:50 PM
S vlc;stmcilHlt S 9: LI-2
S I,lontreal Hest S 9:35
A OttavJa
(U· )
I nlon L 7:1..1-0
A 7:30
A Sudbury L 12:10
EST 4:15 PM L Toronto (Union) A 6:15 PM
10 :30 A Su.dbury
L 12:15 pM
~ …–:_~._……..-­
ES1 11 :35 h ,1 L Sudbury
A .11 :30 AM
I c
1:20 ..) Port Arthur S 10: 00 PM
1 -: 1:;
J ,
A Fort VJil1iam
L 9:45
CST 1 ;~: 50 L
Ii 8 :30
9 : 25 PI/.[ A Ii!innipeg L 11 : 50 Ar.I�
9:40 L A 11:35
MST 3:25 Al-I B Regina S 3:50
4:15 A Moose Jaw L 3:00
11 IV II
. 15�
1 2: L+0 PH A Ca Lgar-y L 6:25 PH� 4
:30L A .c. +
11II I
12:55 L A 6:10
3:10 A Banff L 4:00
11 11T II
lJ.3 :15
A 3:55

Lake Louise 0 3:10
11 11
5:10 A Field 2:20 PST
4:15 L A 1:15

9 :10 AliI It Vancouver L 8: 30
–_..__ .._-­
I q~1
—— – -.———1
Last year) was a bad ye ar for
1J 1TJJ 1J
tl-ilL .id 1-II

i -l _
It he steaD locomotive on the
• V1.H )
· C r.p
I Pa cific Duringv

.1ulI Tl,n
Car.adi an Hailway.
LJ J954 . I the year, sevent y locomotives were s
crapped, the most in any
L ~ s~~~~_ L~vall: eJ
year si nce 1940 when 78 enri nes w
ere reooved from the list. The av
erdge numbo r of (~nf i ne s scrapped ea ch year bet ween 1949
and 1933 was 32. The list of enrir183, which i ~) reproduced her e­under, inc
ludes the first enri ne of the G4 class to be scrapped,
No.2?l) . Two classes disappeared as a resul t of the years
t ot.aL, do .JCJl l enu.Lng the J3 class i n addi t ion to be i nr-t.he last Marul (
2-b-0) on the system. No.44 was dismantled also, and was
t ho last original Quebec Central engine to remain in service, no
cl Dss desirnation having b~ en assirncd to tllese enfi n8s af tQ ~
t he W,CR came under t he control of t he CPR , Jorthy of not oa r , su
is tIle di sappearanc e of No.6950, one of the three WI cla3G
0-10-0 swi t.chers, wh i ch are uni que in Canada. The advent of the eL switcher has res ulted in t.h e d ec: i. m~l t..i.rm of t,he 0-6-0
:3 oi c
lass U) .
Shop Loco 3L-4 (6216) bo c
lass 4L~
D4 class –
D6 class ­D9 class
g 573 DI O c
lass -613 628 636
DI 0 class -. 678 680 691 700 701 751 754
7 .,

j ~
CIO cl as s -803
903 960
1 o o : ~
class ­
class ­2522
J 3 cl a
C, 0 !:; S

EST 4:15 PM L Toronto (Union) A 6:15 PM
10: 3D
A .::3u.dbury L 12:15
~–.. ~ ……. -..-.. —-.. ———
ES1 11:35
L Sudbury A.11:30 AM
II c
I.J Port Arthur S 10:00 PM
• .J
A Fort Vlil1iam L 9:45
CST l;~: 50
A 8:30

9:25 PiJI A ~Jinni:peg L 11:50 Ar.1
9: Lj.O
A 11:35
MST 3:25 A11 B Regina S 3:50
A Moose LTaw L 3:00
A 2: 1+5
12:40 PH A Calgary L 6:25 PH

A 6:10
11. Banff L h:OO
3: 15

A 3:55

Lake Louise

A Field L 2:20
PST 4:15
A 1:15

9:10 AM A Vancouver L 8:30
–_ .. __ ..
I q St{
–~:~~~~IAfJ Pl;IF~C HAI~~L:,;—I
Last year) was a bad year for
the steau locomotive on the
Cana,lian Pa cific Railway. During
the year, seventy locomotives
were scrapped, the most in any
year since 1940 when 78 enfines
were reuoved from tho list.
I 0 . ::) . A. La vall eel
The avcl(:.1gC) nUl7lbor of tOnfinE::s scrapped each yc;ar between 1949
and 1933 was 32. The list of enrir18,s, which h, reproduced here­
under, includes the first enfine of the G4 class t~ be scrapped,
No.2?1). Two classes disappeared as a result of the years t
0 t~tl, do. 3011 the J3 class in add it :Lon to beinr th.e last
~orul (2-b-0) on the system. No.hh was dismantled also) and was t
he) last original Quebec Central engine to remain in service, no
cl8ss desirnation having b0en assirncd to tllese enpin0s af~pr
the wcn came under t he control of tht; CPR, ~Jorthy of not3 ;;lLSU
is tile disappearance of No.6950, one of tho three Wl cla3s
0-10-0 switchers, which are unique in Canada. The adv8nt of the
diesel switcher has resulted in the decim~ti0n of the 0-6-03 01
class U).
Shop Loco SL-h (6216) DI0 class
678 CI0 class
II.) 0 class 4L. 680 828
D4 class
0 691 903
455 701 1 OO:~
i 53
751 1031
D6 class –
)50 751} 1090
D9 class
573 761 G1 class

DI0 class –
7 .,
G2 class –
628 793 G~ class

–7] 3
I –

class -3420
82 cl ass -5809 3L}21
UJ cl.ass -6213
3/+2 3 I

4-3 5
h r~ 7
3503 350
1:3 35
N2 class -3758
H3 cl ass -5783 6222 6228 6230 6231 6232 6239
6249 6251 6254
.6226 was converted and renumbered
. 1)f: 4 ;; ) •
ill c
class -6260 6266 6267 6270 6
2.78 6286 6302 6303 -6909 69
-69 50
I Total : 70 enr-ines .
to Shop Locomotive SL-5
The following account of a

–;,-~; r.~~;~;~ yE ;RA-II ~—-l
train journey bet ween Quebec

City and Montreal , vi a the
r-, I 1 I
Grand Tr unk Ro.i.Lway , i s t aken
-11. • .1. iarr-Le s !
~~ _……….._ _.•_ ..__•.__ ._ . ._._._ _ ..__…..J�I

from a book entit led Looki ng B
by Hi chard Hemsley.
Llr , Hemsley, who was born i n England , came to Cnriada i n 1867 and
became one of i~ontreal s most r espect ed citi zens and a l eadi ng
j eweLl. cr. Says 111. Hemsley of the trip fr om Quebec in July lC567:

Onthe journey to Mont real, onr train lef t the tr ack three t imes ,
which I learned was not unusual. Getting on a§ai n seemen ver y simp
le. Apiece of cordwood was laid on the track
and by a lit tle shunti ng, we quickly slipped on apain. A
ll locomotives are woodbur ners. The rails were made of
soft iron, and would spr ead as much uS eight inches, caused by t he
pound i ng of the wheels. Steel l3.i18 ,Jc n-: l , ,:,.~-~ :.
i nvention.
Just b
efore crossing St .Francis Ri ver Bridge, the conductor went t
hrough the trai n warninf passengers nc ~ to put t heir
heads out of t he w i n~ows as a man had his head t sken off
by so doi ng the clay bef ore . Il

Permission has been granted by the Board
of Transpor t Commissioners to the CaniS.d···
L~HH.~BA.~Jl) (jN I~ENT J
i an Nationa l ltailways to abandon that
por tion of its line bet ween mileage 0 and 41.3 of
the Algonquin Jubdivisi on, Allandale Divisi on, lyipa bet ween
Falding, junction with the Bala Subdivision, and Scotia Jet., whe
re connection is made wi t h the Huntsvil l e Subdi vision. T
hus, another seceLon of the former Ot t awa} Arnprior & Parry S~ l lld
Rai l way (Canada Atlant i c rlailway –l at er Gr and Trunk ) passes
into obl ivion, a small segment in Alf onquin Park havj ~r ~een
left derel ict after a washout several years ago.
-3420 S2 class
-5809 U3 class

}21 UJ class

6213 6266
3/+23 6221
6228 6278
6230 6286
3445 6231 6302 3487 6232 6303 3503 6239
V3 class

3508 6244 6910 3515 6249
WI class

N2 class -3758 6251
FU class -5783 6254 Total: 70 enf,ines.
No.6226 was converted and renumbered to Shop Locomotive SL-5
during 1954.
1~~;R~i:~~~~~~RA -m—-l
I -h.G. HarTles !
•. _ •• __ ••. ___ •• _. __ ._. ____ …. _ .. __ • __ • ___ …..J
The following account of a
train journey between Quebec
City and Montreal, via the
Grand Trunk Railway, is taken
from a book entitled Looking
Backl! by Richard Hemsley.
I-Ir. Hemsley, who was born in England, came to Cilnada in 1867 and
became one of ~ontreals most respected citizens and a leading
j ewe ller. Says lIr. Hemsley of the trip from Quebe c in July 1(567:
Un the journey to Montreal, our train left the track three
times, which I learned was not unusual. Getting on again
seemea very si.mple. A piece oi cord wood was laid on the
track and by a little shunting, we quickly slipped on apain.
All locomotives are woodburners. The rails were made of
soft iron, and would spread as much uS eight inches, caused by
the poundinf of the wheels. Steel l3.ils were l.r. ~-=:~.
Just before crossing St.Francis River Bridee, the conductor
went through the train warninf passengers nc~ to put their
heads out of the win~ows as a man had his head tRken off
by so doing the day before .11
:._-_. __ . __ .. _——,
Permission has been granted by the Board
-_. __ .. _–. .
of Transport Commissioners to the Cano.d .. ,
ian National Hailvvays to abandon that
portion of its line between mileage 0 and
41.3 of the Algonquin Jubdivision, Allandale Division, lyi~a
between Falding, junction with the Bala Subdivision, and Scotia crct
., where connection is made with the Huntsville Subdivisiono
Thus, another sec-trion of the former Ottawa) Arnprior & Parry S~wl1d
Railway (Canada Atlantic rlailway –later Grand Trunk) passes
ln~o oblivion, a small segment in Alfonquin Park havi~f ~e8n
left derelict after a washout several years ago.
,r ~
J JAr I II/)~! II
),:r,/-:/ / ~,–..j-1:=V· ~ .. i +
.~; I ~ ,_ •.. I • .–.. ./. I


~ .,
., …. ==.—

/ / j/ , !::le· I r.t II ;~ . ,,- -,.:::=.~ …,-,-=::.
-.,.;,-) ;; ._d.~LI I =–=-. liM,.-{ C:…t .-=- -1

1 /. :-:>. II ..L_..L L f….·- l I l_ ,.~ ..l
• .I ~i -l i ;;–~ ~ ,..–_ ._–. 1 , I
, cbf .._…. ~, ,..,l-e Ii; -,j::::;;V;J ~, L::J 7i:q;ir~
1854 STYLE
:;~::i~:;: _. ~:-=t;; , . , __ ~r-~::. ;/_-..-_. ,:~.:-..::-=:;–:.
by Orner S .A . Lavallee
The f3ce of Uttawa has changed in a hundred year s . The
small set t.Lemerrt whi ch grew up around the mouth of the
canal buil t by John By, and orifinally named after him, b
ore no r esemblance t o the city which we now know as t he Cap
ital of Canada. They call ed it Bytown, and the name remained
i n currency unt i l , i n anticipation of be coming t he capital of
the Province of Canada; the name was changed to agree with the
name of the river which tumbles over the Chaudiere Fal l s and
rounds Nepean Point , past t he t ownsite, on its way t o the Saint
Lawren ce and the sea.
The name
VIas changed on New Year T s uay , 1[355; while this
might have been tIle dominant subject of conversation amonp the inha
bit ant s at the end of 1854, they hael something of more imm­
ediate importance and signi f icance to discuss –the r ailway
was coming to Ot tawa.
Bytown in 1854 depended upon watertranspor tation, to unit e
it with the centres of population in the Province. This is s
ornewhat of an anornaLy i n that By t.own was decidedly an inl and
settlement, but it was a product of the canal fever whi ch seized
the ~uthori tie s i n the second quarter of t he ninet eenth century
and /hich did not abate until) in 1840, the public debt for
canals (i n excess of ~200 ,000 ,OOO ) amount ed to more than ~ lOO f or e
very man , woman and child i n Uprer-and Lower Canada . Byt.own vias
on t. 10 of routes of communication, or per-ha ps on one long
one I dependLr.g upon the poi nt of view. First, the Ottc:rlt.._: River , a d
irect transportation channel to the Jaint Lawrence, fl owed
p .i st the set.t.Lement., and though the river was barred by a serLes of l
Flpi ds uear CD.rillon, half-way to }1ontreal, two shor t canaLs
had been con::.;truct ed to overcome the obstructi on. Second, Bytovm was
[~ t the head of t he Hideau Canal system, whi ch connected i t
v. -.Lth Kinr:ston, on the Sai.nt. Lawr-ence, The canal, constr ue ~ ,j ( r:r
mi l itary considerations was rc;aly the r aison d Yetre for the
settlement, and it is possible, had the canal Got been cor..:::;t c U:;::-CL
that the sit e of 0t tawa might be considerably di2~ 8nt from i ts
present posi t ion, if it indeed would have exist ed at al l.
This was the transportation picture in 1850 when a [1 J 1lp oI
responsible citizens got togetlwr wi.t.h t he common i nt ent of p.;,~:)m ·­
otine: a railway from Ott awa to the nearest poi nt on the
Lawrence Iti.ver _.. Pr es cott . Accor-dinr-Ly , the Legi slature of t,h ~
Pr ovince of Canada passed an Act on Aur-ust 10th, 1850, incorpGl- at i ng
the By town t~ Prescott Hai lway Company for this purpos e;
funds were to be raised by t he i ssue of stock and by means of
mortrafe bonds carrying the usual exorbi tant rates of int erest
(by our modern poi nt of view) . These securi t ies were to be sold
to the municipalities along the line of the projected railway ,
185h STYLE
by Orner S.A. Lavallee
The f~ce of Uttawa has chanred in a hundred years. The
small sGttlement which grew up around the mouth of the
canal built by John By, and orifinally named after him,
bore no resemblance to the city which we now know as the
Capital of Canada. They called it By town , and the name remained
in currency until, in anticipatj.on of becoming the capital of
the Province of Canada, the name vljas changed to agree with the
name of the river which tumbles over the Chaudiere Falls and
rou.nds Nepean POint, past the townsite, on its way to the Saint
Lawrence anu the sea.
The nEune was changed on Neliy Year! s JJay, 1855; while this
might have been tIle dominant subject of conversation amonf the
inhabitants at the end of 1854, they had something of more imm­
ediate importance and si[nificance to discuss -.-the railway was
coming to Ottawa.
8ytown in 1854 depended upon water transportation, to unite
it \rith the centres of population in the Province. This is
somevvh-:lt of an anomaly in that Bytovm was decidedly an inland
settlement, but it was a product of the canal fever which seized
the uuthorities in the second quarter of the nineteenth century
an~ {hich did not abate until
in 1840, the public debt for
canals (in excess of ~200)000,000) amounted to more than ~lOO for
every man, woman and child in Uprer and Lower Canada. By town ~·!as
on t JO of U1H routes of communication, or pe~,:,haps on one long
one) (,spending upon thl:; point of view. First, the Otta.wd. River,
a direct transportation channel to the Jaint Lawrence, flowed
PlSt. tllt; setLLement, and though the river was barred by a ser::es
of lFl.pids llear Carillon, half -way to ]lontreal, two short cana is
had been con~tructed to overcome the obstruction. Second, By-town was
<.:.t the head of the Hideau Canal system, which connected it
v. -L th Kifl2:ston, on the Saint LavJrence. The canal, cons true ~ ::i r( r
military cons iderations was r(;a ly the 1 raison d I etre 11 for the
settlement, and it is possible, had the canal Got been COr..:;tCl.-l :;~C-G
that the site of 0ttawa might be considerably di2~8nt from its
present position, if it indeed would have existed at all.
This was the transportation picture in 1850 when a fl,)ltJ ()f
responsible citizens got together with the common intent of pr~m­
o t inE~ a railway from Ottawa to the nearest point on the So.i11 I
Lawrence lU.ver -«. Prescott. Accordinfly, the Legislature of Gh!
Province of Canada passed an Act on AUfust 10th, 1850, inCOrpGl­
ating the By town t~ Prescott Hailway Company for this purpose;
funds were to be raised by the issue of stock and by means of
mortrage bonds carrying the usual exorbitant rates of interest (
by our modern pOint of view). These securities were to be sold
to the municipalities along the line of the projected railway,
and to ot her interested parties.
traffic reasons behi nd the selection of Prescot t as a t
ermi nal contempl ated the transportation of lumber, then and now
an Lmpor-t ant, indust r y. Ilood was cut in the virgin stands
of ti mber in the upper Utt awa vall ey, assemblsd into rafts and f
loated down the Ottawa for eventual trans nort to Eur opean arli U
nited States mar ket s. By providing a connection to Pr escott, it was fe
lt that the loads would or igi na te in Ottawa, and upon ar r
ival at Prescot t , they could be conveyed down river to Mon­tr
eal by ship; for foreign reshipment . Loads for United States de
stinat ions –whi ch constituated an important mar ket –coul d be taken
across the ri ver to Ogdensbur g, New Yor k, and sent from t
here, by way of the Northern Hailroad of New York, which al ready connec
ted this t own wi t h Lake Champl ai n and other lines in
New England. Al l in al l , the traff ic prospects for the projec­
ted line were very Food, if the origi nal pr oject was adhered
to . This was not to be, however .
or some reason which remains unexpl ained to the onlooker
more than a century later , the directors al l owed themselves to be pe
rsuaded by one of the st ockhol ders, a certain T¥omas McKay , that the Bytown
terminus should not be above the Chaudiere Fal
ls, as planned, but rat her at a point close to the mout h of
the Rideau Ri ver , where that st ream tumbles over a j edge in a pi ctu
resque cascade, int o the Ot tawa Ri ver. (The Rideau , or
I,curtain11, Fal ls). Vlhile live have the pelspect i ve of time from
which to review the si t uati on, it should have been apparent that
the tr af f i c prospects would be much greater if the timber c
ould be loaded directly into the cars from the log raft s, and
that it was expecting rather i lot to thi nk that the timber b.rok
ers woul.d [ 0 to the addit ional expense of t.ranspor-t i ng the
u~~ ~r by land over the several mi l es separat ing the Chaudiere
2 1~s from the terminal in New Edinboro , in Sussex Street .
l (-; sl ower , it was sti l l cheaper to ship the timber from the Fal l s to
Montr eal and the US Market s, by boat in the L ~ :: 1
River . McKay cO; int erest can be explai ned by the fact that DC:
owned a mill just across the st reet from the site of the SU~ ~GX
St reet st ation, and while this may have suited his person,l
needs admirabl y , t her e i s cert ainly no justtficR~~ Dn for the U
irect ors of the railway to take the course they did. It was fi na
ncial sui cide and if many of themlost ever y cent they had i nvest ed
i~ the undert aking, they had onl y the~s e lve s to bla ille ~
However, we are getting ahead of our stor y.
The sole
of st ock proceeded quite well , £33,500 being ~uh ­
scribed by the munici palit ies to be served ~li le some £ 2 0~OGO
was received from sales to pri vate cit izens. The total a.not.nt
realized was only about £43,000, however, owing to some di f jj.c­ul t y encount e
red in making collections. The first sod was tL,r neri in September of lS5
1, and in the two years foll owing, five C ~­
gines and over a hundred cars were or~ered , costing £45, 000 ­£25,000
of this expense was met by the payment of st ock in l ~cu
of cash, but the balance was in currency. In may of lS53, th ~
B&P ordered 54 .000 tons of ir on rails fr om the Ebbw Vale Iren
Company, in Waies, at flO/lOs. a ton –payment was ~ad € in
and to other interested parties.
The traffic reasons behind the selection of Prescott as
a terminal contemplated the transportation of lumber, then and
now an importa~lt industry. Jood was cut in the virgin stands
of timber in the upper Uttawa valley, assembled into rafts and
floated down the Ottawa for eventual transnort to European arld
United States markets. By providing a connection to Prescott,
it was felt that the loads would originate in Ottawa, and upon
arrival at Prescott, they could be conveyed down river to Mon­
treal by ship, for foreign reshipment. Loads for United States
destinations –which constituated an important market –could
be taken across the river to Ogdensburg, New York, and sent from
there, by way of the Northern Railroad of New York, which already
connected this town with Lake Champlain and other lines in
New England. All in all, the traffic prospects for the projec­
ted line were very good, if the original project was adhered
to. This was not to be, however.
For some reason which remains unexplained to the onlooker
more than a century later, the directors allowed themselves to be
persuaded by one of the stockholders, a certain T~omas McKay,
that the By town terminus should not be above the Chaudiere
Falls, as planned, but rather at a point close to the mouth of
the Rideau River, where that stream tumbles over a j edge in a
picturesque cascade, into the Ottawa River. (The Rideau, or
I curtain 1I, Falls). VIhile lve have the pers pe cti ve of time from
which to review the situation, it should have been apparent
that the traffic prospects would be much greater if the timber
could be loaded directly into the cars from the log rafts, and
that it was expecting rather l lot to think that the timber
b;:ob:,~!:-,s would [0 to the additional expense of tr?-nsporting the
lu~b~r by land over the several miles separating the Chaudiere
Fal~s from the terminal in New Edinboro!, in Sussex Street.
While slower, it was still cheaper to ship the timber from
t he Falls to Montreal and the US Markets, by boat in the L ~: ,)1.;:
Rj.ver. McKays interest can be explained by the fact that n~
owned a mill just across the street trom the site of the SUS~RX
Street station, and while this may have suited his person!l
needs admirably, there is certainly no justificR~~Dn for the
Uirectors of the railway to take the course they did. It was
financial suicide and if many of them lost every cent they had
investeJ in the undertaking, they had only themselves to tlame~
However, we are getting ahead of our story.
sale of stock proceeded quite well, £33,500 being ~~h­
scribed by the municipalities to be served while some £20:, CUO
was received from sales to private citizens. The total alfloLnt
realized was only about £ld, 000, however, owing: to some din J.;­
ulty encountered in making collections. The first sod was tL,rneri
in September of 1851, and in the two years following, five C~­
~ines and over a hundred cars were or~ered, costing £45,OUO­
~25,000 of this expense was met by the payment of stock in l~cu
of cash, but the balance was in currency. In may of 1853, th~
B&P ordered 54.000 tons of iron rails from the Ebbw Vale Iren
Company) in livaies, at £lO/lOs. a ton –payment was .fladE. in
ster l i ng bonds of the Compa ny at pc3r , be 6~~ Ln r.e r-e s t,
The first cost of the entire l i ne and e qu i pnient. was ~2 50, 000 .
tlien the By t.own & Prescot t wa s in the fi nal ~3ta f e3 of con­
struction, in th ~ fall of 18 5 ~, t he ffiter tra n3rortation route
v i a tbe 0t,tav,ra Hi1 8r to Itont r-caI ~ i.~S ri ven s t rengt h by the open­
i ng
of t he l.iontr caL /::£ Byt.ov.n Hcd-hay I ~) first se ction, between
Caril lon c: G:::ellvi lle, par alleling the canal . Ihi s served as port.age r-oute for the ~~te[ll . Jer traffic and expedited matters
considerably over the old, painstaking, canal trip. lh i le the
lIont r eal CG Byt own pio j e ct.ed as par t of 2. system linking t.h o
~Iont leal area with the Gr eat Lak es by 18Y of Bytown, i t wa s des ­
ed nevur to ex ceed it s original length het ween Carillon and
Crenvi.Ll.c , and, after st r ufgling on f or: nearly si xty years
(as de tailed in our Bulletin No. lS) it di eu the ignominious
ath of a portage r oaa .
l)ur i
nc 1 :~5h , the Byt.own t: Prescott ran shor-t of it s vJelsh
iron rails. Thi s 0ccurred wh en const.r-u ct.i on ha d reach Dill i nrs,
• 1
.; S
. P,
, e
B 1

Just L.. V,! ·snor-t. yt.own , Not uaunt ou , .looprt
the ing(::lli ous promoter, caused woc den rails to be laid for the
La s t. few mi Les, as a temporar y mea s ure, so that the ra ilway
couJd be opened to ga i n morc public conf i den ce. Like many another
e cr-Ly r~n deav011 r , the little JE;i l w.1.Y wa s the victim of .1. certain
;ount of public d isdnLn; it vias Lmperat i I: t o t he
l~;:, t rail way reach Pyt.own as soon ;1S pos s i.ble, so that it
igh t, bUfin to earn some money. Someone with a spirit of show­
anshi p, ~robably Bell himsel f } for that ma t t er , hit upon the
idea of
runninr the first train ovur the line on Chris t mas Uay
of 13511-0 I t woul.d be a cl t~l i fhtfll and us ef ul Christmas rift for
t h e fTU
t own, arid wouLd serve to ear n some add itional suppor t
wtcn it w~s badly neeJed.
Ac co r-di nr-Ly , t he li,Pht c st enr-Lne , a sma l l 12-t on O-~.-O
enyine named !!~)x. :::ord !l . ( ~ f~, CT one . of th? t owns e~l r out e) , vra s
~S ,-.!..:
] Pl;
1 t.h
V 1 ..
c 1
t r-a i n
whi ch le f t
,:lr p ot ,
l …. … l t…:.
, , r ci-
.) I,.;
t .o
nit, 1

….:.;J . IJ
duri ncr
c ~.J A …o-, J
t ; j::: of Chr i :3tmas li.ry, l)(;comber 25th, lC354. ~wh cm -1:.ey
r eachcd Bil l in[s, t.ho train pr-o coedud ginrerly on t o the t em1J·,t/;t:r:y
wooden track ; consis t ed of 3xlt
maple scant.Li nrs reinfor ced
wi.t.h ~3 tr i ps O ~~ hoop iron. Just before 5 0 i clock on t het Cbr ist ­
1Ic:3 a ftf rruon , t[18 banks of t he 10VJOr Ri deau echoed t.h o f Lrs t
not0s ever hea r d of a locomoti ve whi stle, and the wood smc:ke
frorn the HUxfordil rri ngl ed in the t r ee br-anche s, The ICl LLway had
corne t o By t own ~ The cit.izens we r-e jubilant as t.hc li ttle
tr ain d
rew to a st op; even the directors and fuests who arrived.
on the t.rai n di d.i Tt [lind too much when they had t o be f erri ed
a croS5 t.he ] ~id eau li.:i.v er t o Cumbe rland ~tr3 8 t, so they couIt
·or c cljeci on foot to t.h e l W 1tJ st at.Lon wher-e t he usua I festivites
~i8 rc i llcculcec.l in; Ln cLudi ng a banquot , The de cision t o make t.h i s
f Lrst, r-un on (.hri::Jt!~12S Day had caurht; t he hid8au 2r i oge ) (11 y :.1l
t he course 01. pr-epar-at.Lon , and qui t e i ncompl et e j when t he Ox: . 1
o r-ew u p wi.t.h Ot.t awa T s first r a i Lway t rain .
It was a great clay for Byt own, and for the Uttawa vaTl ey,
sterling bonds of the Conpany at par, bearing 6~~ i:1terest.
The first cost of the entire line and equipliwnt was £250,000.
:hcn the Byt01;.Jn & Pr(~scott Iras in the final stafE:3 of con­
struction, in th~ fall of 1854, the mter tranarortation route
v :~a tbe u t:, tav,ra Hi Tel to Ifontrcod.l w~s pi ven strength by the open­
ing of the Lont:rc2,1 1:£ Bytov:n Haj_l 1;-7:3.Y f:;) first section, between
Carillon u G:el1ville, p212.11eling the ca.nal. ].his served D.S a
portCcge route for the ~)teCll.Jer traffi c and expedi tod matters
considera~)ly over the aIel, painstaking, canal trip. Uhile the
llontreal C~ By town projected as part of 2. system linking the
noBtleal area with the Great Lclkes by vmy of By town , it was des­
ned neVGr to exceed its original length between C2rillon and
Grenville, and, after struggling 011 f00 nearly sixty years
(as detailed in our Bulletin No.le) it died the ignominious
death of a portage r080.
lJurinc 1:554, the BytolIn (~ Prescott ran E;hort of its vJelsh
iron rails. This occurred when con~-3truction had reach Billinrs,
just a fGW inil.:~s short of By town. Nothing daunted, Hobert Bell,
the ingelll.ous promoter, caused I[ooden rails to be laid for the
la st fe.J iailes, as a temporary measure, so that the railway
could be openeJ to gain marc public confidence. Like many another
ecrly r2ncleavour, the little rEiilw.1.Y ,, n.;;iount of publi c; it vias imper:1 t i l. to the pro
tl~pt tho railway reach By town as ~30on ,,~s possible, s,:) that it
bogin to earn some money. Someone with a spirit of show­
Dlanship, ~robab1y Bell himself, for that matter, hit upon the
idea of runninp the first train ov~r the line on Christmas Uay
of lS5!.. It Hould be D d(:~lifhtfu.l n.nd useful Christmas rift for
the fTo,::ng town, a:1d would serve to earn some additional support
wtcn it w~s badly neeJed.
i.ccordin[ly, the li,Phtcst en[ine, a srn2,11 12-ton ()-~,-O
en,?,ine named HUxford!! (aft(;1 one of the towns en route), itTEJ.S
sE:~~()ctod to pu
_l UF. initicll train, wbich left ?res·:ott during
t,;J::C: ll1orninf~ of Chri::3trnas lJ:clY, Uf:cember 25th, 11:354. ~wh;n -1:.8y
rea,:hl.:d Rillin[s, Uw train procct:;ded ginrerly on to the tem./-tt:AIY
v,iQoden track; wh:ch consisted of 3x4il il10ple scantlinrs reinforced
wil1 ~3t,rip.:) 0< hoop iron. Just before 50! clock on that Cbrist­
,!las aftf:~rn,)on, t[1e banks of the lovwr Rideau echoed the fin3t
nOt~S ever heard of a locomotivr~ whistle, and the wood smoke
flCCl thE; HUxford II ningled in the tree branches., The riel ilway had
to By town ! rihe citizens vJere jubilant as th(~ little
train drew to a stop; even the directors and fuests who arrivec.
on the c:id:1! t Llind too much when they had to be ferried
a CrO ss trw j(ideau li.iver to Cumberland ~tr3e t J so that they coul·-j
orccl:ed on foot to th(~ lW1Jv st,:1.tion i~1ere the lsual f(;stivitc~s
~J(;r() illC.u1Ced in; ill clucHnf:: a banqw::~t. The decision to mdke U-,ts
LLrst rLtn on t.hrist.:;12S Day haJ CGlJ.rt1t the hid8:=lU 2rioge )t,l y ::.n
t.he cuurse of P:::p::.l.ration, and qui t:,e incor:1plE-)te} whon the lYUx+.~ . i1
drew up Wit.rl Ut ten-va t s first railway train 0
It wa~) -;, great clay for BytQlvIl, and for the Ottawa val_ley,
One v/eek the arrival of the train, the ra i lway name was
outJ2ted by the assumption of the new civ i c name -0ttawa.

n·_ . -s-C ,, t ~ 1, …, rS 1 e • t (·1 t o h» ,t ~ . fldid !).I c­
. >1, 1. C •E. l e , c.;.nu a0 a
~, <-1 -t , T··~ , J 1 <~ , 5 t.h e L· ,l t 1~ -, .-c: c-e 1 .,1 1 ~ yo. •
… .:~ 0 G. 1. J) 1.1 b Y oi . 0) , J 1<:; . t,[ ]. ,:> .:1. ,U C p eL),..> C a O.L _ .L c lc.d[.l ng
t h e
company name to the ut t awa &, Prescott Hai Lway Comparry;
, For a few years, the r-a i Lvay exi-st ed on the proceed.s of
the mea[re tra:fic whi r l1 was offered. Ve rylittle lumbar traf fic
viF:.S handled a s D. r esul t of t.h c bad jucif:cment :—.T–;-~—-, -_.

..-1 L
~ ~)1[
-t .he utt
.J .l ….. 1
l t E
;lf1i h I
5<. r A~,;,

…:.1. U

.l .1. c

VI .l —

;-1/.<. AJ .A
we h 3 V~ reca~ l:?d cllrei.Hly; ,:Uven though the :;, .~(>~~, /7

Glcw d Lru.nk lca i.Lway JEl S Pres-. . I(

(ott ill 1855 and opened between Mont.r-ea.L and -/ …….(

ront o i n 1856, this f a iled to be come a lJ �
rJI: orr:~ ;-S;,~l c;, lrH~} :~O ]~~r,dU e ~o t.ho ~i~f8 rer:c e I ;:):! ~{G loU cest at

.L.LI : ?:d]:!t, ~ J.Il ,; cr.t1. .~ s bu .Ll~ to t he .so-called! .,>,) t /r ,
Pr-ov i n cLa l. Gauge of 56
.in a ccordance , .~ riI~no L :l;?K

vit.h the inf amous Broad Gc:J.uge Act of 11:5.51. l :~

The B&:.P h oweve r-hnd be en .i.u cor-por-at .ed before :… :~:

the act was eriact.ed and it was built , as a _,_

con,s-:Jqul;nce, to t.ho now-cst.andar-d rauge of -~l t

4?:5~ 11 . Ul timately , this was rerned Led , b l..l t ,~ Ii: o sgoode

no ~ .~,~~lt. il af:0r th: .. ::ors~ befe .~.l t he ~ ~t c:.~~ ~ : : 1 .

l/ : ~~ ~ co:~ ~.:~ .Ide ;-,hc:11 ,~e: ,lat :;~ . ~ lJc ;-S~ l t e r i~She tl dans

cJ L, ; J cr r8Q ma t nt.errau ce .oJ. o!:.r am ,IS ct r-e suLt. )

of the 0i.1a11, t.hc food const r uc-:

t~:{ () n (~f t1:e Li.n e e na?led i~; -t o ~~ rry on ,i;l , / / t)JKempt ville

f a sh1on . ~rave l13rs 1n 18~ ) and Ib5d / ~

vr o t.e thatit Via s plec::sant, smooth and safe. .. /
I ­
I;~,~v:Lr.abl y, lob e low ret ur ns, comb i ried wi.t. h oxf or d <
r.hs l::CCllOl!Jic (ieprcssion of 1(357, rosu Lt. ed ..
.in a o oiault in Lrrter -es t paymcnt.s , and the I ~~
pCj rf.::::pnJ. cled j.. t or, tIlE; Ebbw Vale Ir on Co. Spencerville ;.. I
c p ., …1 ~ h r-oad C)] behal.f of Lt.seLf arlu j
:-: ~: ~ . !. ~ ~ .,; t.~ .~ .::~~ 1 -~IJ ~-_~ …-.~~ ~:- ) ,:,~ ~l ~ ~. ~. ,(/ _
o t l ….r. l.1 ,..d. .LtOL~ . l::: d8 Cour-t, 0.1. Chanc er-y -…. J~
1.1) 1)(;
.: .:. ,, ;
, )~ . ., .,
.1 R5(}
V, ].
t h
e T)i7~(I
… j


…irec . t Cl.: .~I]( l

0 ane

] ._nm T _ l,.

(• . ,.~. r ~ , { ;:; b ..r ·t· P ,1 1.-, p ::. .1; ;:: ; >J -.J–.L -C;; ……~,~ 1

v). … ~ j .r,–. ,n O J. 0 1..1.l;J. ln J:,rv.._., till.:> .L8cel v,r- . ),~
. ,. ). . .-.6. . ; / , …I fi . .
co h ] , (D-nue(l 1n (··tfc.-, c untlJ l ( )h C
l::> r [s …–.._–…..-..—..-.——…–­
-/ .• _ .r) ~ .J ..L . ..-• .. v ….lJ ) …_ U • .ll .: J. ._ ……
.. .., 1- … ,t· , ,,., h C] rr .0 <: W . 0 do 1:- r 11 r , -1 d bv. oJ J ·::. f . t
c.l. l .IJ C C..1…. 1, . c ..~nGe ,..> Lr e Dla v. lnd . .r, a lC-,-O J a re __e. cC
~ed bj the Covermnent , t ho holu~ rs of the f i rst mortgage
i l ~: i ·. i. ~;:i.tlg the !~L bw Vale Iron Co. , forced the sole of the railway
t.l!, net;:, on Vlipl;C.:. out tb~ entire shc-lre ca pit al , the second and thir d
lilCJ1 t
,2 g e ohlieations , Clnd an cxt c;n ~:.i ive J.l110unt of flo ati ~lg i ndeb.,·
l:ctllC S() 0 lhe n C~ 1 ovmers set t o vJC)rk to r e habi l i tiJ.te t he line ,
2 😉 the Irwpector of the Board of Ha i l1c3.Y Com;::ti.:3s ioners had or,18 1 ,::l
tI1G line closed until .certain ext~ ns ive r epairs were made .
Flnally, in Uecemb8r 1867, after service had been su s pended for
JiU years, the nel OHlwr2 obt ained a charter to operate the lL i~
UR ~~h e JC1int Lawrence u:, Ot tmvCl HCl.ihJay, from the nev! Dor:1in ion uf
C2.11D.da Luvi slatur c. Things bE::gan to look up wlh:D the Company
u[~ht to remedy t he ori[inal error i n t c;rminal l ocation i n ()::, t ~:.;.wa
by buil di ng a brc:m ch to the ChaJ.r1iere Falls. This extension wc~3
,~n ed in 1871, and it f,-ra Jually su.i:flant,,:,d th8 ola 2)3 3 0 :;-Sr.:~ et
stution ns the UttawCl. termi nal .
One v/eek ,.,fter the Elrfival of the train, the Yc:tilway name was
outu2ted by the assumption of the new civic name -Uttawa.
~;teps were taken iIllirl,;,lic..Ltely to rwvtJ this rcnwdied, and as a
~ .> 11 1.. t- 1 T -. ~ y 0 [ 1 <: ..; 5 t1l c> ] , J 11 ,t, 1r ., 1 c C e c·
1 ,
~ 1 1, A
… .:,uv. J, l! ,·lcc 1.. u/ J c; ,..J(;? ,::;>, .::. ,-c pc. ,~- .J. a O.L_,L c lc .. rlflng
the cO:!lpnny n::Ht1E? to the nUttawa &, PrE;scott Hai lway Com;;anyl1.
, For a few year;3, tlie raildclY exi.sted on the pro ceeds of
the mea[re tra:fic whirll was offered. Very little lumber traffic
viF:,S handled as D. result of the b3.d judgement ,—-.——–_.
in 10c3.tinC the uttaJ(l terminal .site, which i l~>l~;:~, (JTIfAJA
we b3Ve recallc?d already. ~.ven thottgh the ,::, l~/~, /!
Gland Lrunk ltailv,ay Jas built throut:h Pres-(~,/. /!
(ott ill 1855 anl opened between Mont,real and I
ioronto in 1856, this failed to become a l)
promis:i,nt CDLllH-;ction due to th(; difference I ~l:! ~~Gloucest er
in gnuce. The O1xl, I:JaS built to the so-called I 1
~I ,, ]c[r~not l ck
IIProvincial Gauge
of in accordance; . c,
vrith the infamuus Broad Gduge Act of 1851. ~JJ ~ –r
Trle etcp hovJever hnd been incorI)orat(-3d b(~fore ~.- >
the actv-ras l:!nacted and it was built, a~3 a ~
co ns,,,qucnce, to thE; now-standard rauge of ·~,)t
hS;I1. UltimE.i.tcly, thisvws rer:1edieci, but,!· osgoode
not until aft0r the worst befell the Ottawa Z,1
8. P:.:escott, as He ;::;hi:ill see latc;r. lJcspito r -f;Sheridal1S
Cl doferred mainten2Hce plogram ns a n~sult )
of th8 5~all cdrninps, the food construc-..
t :Lon of the l:ne enabled it to carryon in / tKempt ville
fau fashion. rr:J.vel18rs in 11555 and 1155(3 _/// l
~Tote that it was ple~sant, smooth and safe. / ~
L-;c;vitably, the low returns, combined with (:~:ford r
t,b,, l;CCnol!Jic :ieplr?ssion of 1(357, resulted .:
L:. a u(.:fault in intercst paynl:;nts, and the ~—-l
TJ;:·jr(:::~iJtL:. cled:tor~ tl1(; Ebbw Vale Iron Co. SDencervilla; I
se _ .. :.;.( thu road Oil behalf of it s(?lf and 1-. ,/j
ntr.~,,-:.r· cr<)ciitoYs f. ~tC.he COtlrt of Cb.;:1n.ct.:ry ,x r-
-~ ~;< /~.
aplx;c,li-c,u a Hr,cl.Oivcr in 1858, ane: with the I l?RESSOTT ,,-0 .<:~I!
p y, ,y.,-t. c, :1 0 -r b 1 l:.( l ni-prv: 1 t 1,., l S Pc· cel vr-, ~ ,I) J
– __ … , , ~ j ) __ . .L Q J. _. J. J . . __ ,11. . L • v , ~ y
sUri (~ol1tinued in effect until. 1865. Charros !,————-~–.::.–~. ,
(li:,d C()Ul1t..1ch::w[es were made. Finall?, aided by a relief act
p~2~ed bj the Goverronent, tho holu~rs of the first mortgage
j_uc i,·.t,d_ng the !~tbw Valc: Iron Co., forced, the sDle of the railway
~::t!J ullcti()l, u.n.1 purch:wJed it themselves. In one stroke, this
n. c l-, :ion VIiPl;C;, out the eDt ire share cClpi tal, the se cond and third
lilCJltE,age ohlirations, a.nd an extcm~)iTe 3.ll1ount of floating indeb .. ··
l.clHCSS 0 ill(~ I1GVJ ovmers set to \fork to rehabilitnte the line,
2;) the Im3pector of the Board of Rai11ay Com;-Ji.:3sioners had orclA~~i::l
tiiO line closed until,certain ext~nsive repairs were made.
Flnally, in Uecemb8r 1867, after service had been SUSPended for
tJJU years, the new OHlwr2 obtained a charter to operate the lLit-:
iJ.S ~~he Jetint Lawrence U:, Otta,va Railway, from the new DOr.1inion uf
C:::llD.da Luvislaturc. Things b,,:gan to look up Wilc:Il the Company
sou[ht to remedy the original error in tc;rrninal location in ()tt~:.l.wa
by building a brculch to the ChaJ.rliere Falls. This extension wc~s
opned in 1871, and it ETaJually s–i1lant,=,d th~ ola 2)33<>:-Si-,:~et
~tution ~s the Uttawa terminal.
addit i.orra I favourabLe fact.or VV8 ;3 the adoption of
standard gau p:e in 1871 by t:1(-: Gr and r~ ruClk icai Lway , when t he
:lO Cld G.s.ufe hct Has repca Led. The; ~~urp or Lc;r f) of t he wi.d.e wi dt.h
had to rive in to trw rW::T Olv;r ga1.1.;£:(; -t o affor-d more convenient
connect.Lon with nort.hcr-n United ,::3tat(s rc1ilroac1:3, whi ch vvere
cos t l y J+I 8 ~ 1l After near l y t v.enty year-s of existence, the Pres­
cot t li nu wa s able to effect ~irect int er ch an~ e of cars wi t h the
( ) Y1C Ir-unk at. Pr es cot.t 0r1(] ,) C 10 LO r l CYI~ eons i ( rOd as an fqfO l y
,Tl elL 1 ~ c… ..j~:; U IV , CA. : . 0<0.. ,,) 1. _ .. f~.J . ,~ -..... . u U. -; G. c.. ...) ct · · ·: t-. ~
Du ckl Lnr; but instea d wc.t8 found to hElVE? be en on the ri.rht. track
..-, Lite raLl y and fiEUlative1y –0.11 r110Jlf , at l ea st as far as
i t s
[,d Uf.C was concerned .
U-l TA~rA & prt.c;SCOr T llilI L1J!AY -105) :5-1867 LOCOT1J TIVE3
~–_· ·-_·_–·—-…—-…~—·——–I ,–­I –,———-,–­
I I!

: OXFOfW : Hinkl ey (51 5) 18 54 ! 0-4·-0 1 1 1 ~x;~O Il I 46
~ ~ jPT VILLE I Ii (516) If I II I 11 i 11
s crapped before 1860
I tv� tl
• LAIJld JN CE 1 ( 526) I I+-Lf–O I l J+x22
, 541
11 I 11 1 Ii1 II
OTI.,J.vJA I (525)

( 5i~ 1)
n ~ 11 1 14×20 I 66 11
!l Jf L
11 f-
r-enamed ICOLONiL Bya in 1855

._ _1_851 !4-4-0 [1/X20H1 66 _1~tL&O# 5.
PW motive power and ro11inr stock completed the re juvenat ion.
1.~ ·2 of the mos t us of Ca nr.d i an n <, i ~h~S --t he: Lucy Lal t.on
~ arno~lE: the enr inc~ s pur chs sed ,rw 1;v ~n H~7 3, ~~om , T,:unton.-,Th is I
.J .

·~ (·o t
) …… ….-.. O. …
s e r-vcu
: v l 1. …
t.h« Ca
. el
d Lan
i.. <:-1 .
P l C
_ l.u _ . ..<-
,r –
( r

I ….. V

.l,· !
V·t. La t c r or,
… c-
1) 11 F� l ,T

..-~ ~J
t.l.« ILrs t to enter llor t.h Bay ), where it has bcen the subject of
;~. n.y an old-t i ue r-a i Lr-oaders rcm.LnLaccnces.
(, 11.: 3t.L.& 0, 1ly. hr-d a curi.ous poss essLor. in .i t s Nov Ll ,
tl:t; iU:llC1ud iere; Il , Ihi.s lao !j. t i.nv Lf–4-0 t a nk locomotive held
1- , ,-v : 1 :1 j.,. –1 ..; . 1 -} < ~ k-J n] ~ l ) C, tr , ~ r C Y.f1.-, ,r
, , …_ buiLt lJi ..Jllr · d..l \_l r.n u,,2 uJ <)..<.1ul: 1tl ,Y, L t ..n ,ulf a: o , v llC.r
C ,;:J,~ I E:; ;~~d to i ts ownc-r s , the Nor-t.n London Ha -i,l way i n t.ha t yclr
….-., , l , . 1 h . , -e di t d ,l~ ,) …. .; .;1 l.r. t.hat Lt 1 1….
… ,_, ;_.E3l)pe 1,-JOUJ. C •..iv o CYe .. t en po -0 , D.L _J. ,y nat J.. ,OU C

c , enGU:l LL y fillet Lt s :ay from servi ce on a bu s y subur ban r-al Lway
,:. 1 iJ11~ mc tr-o po L :.s of the worLd, to a b a ckwoods Caria.i i an, :.. n
cour se ofits thir ty-year lif e. Oriri na11y, North ~ o n don
;l ~ : ; – I ,.tY 7/ 30; i t wa s r-enumb er-ed l01 i n 1 (374 and. i n 1876 i t vWS q
:J d, pre s umabLy for scrap and co i n cidont.aLly u lOuVh , to the L ·. oJ
v < ; .::; Iron Co. ,evi d ently t h .. n ew Om c.TS t hought or.hcrwi se, fix(:.
it up and; i t on board. an ocean v esseL bound for Canada,
LC &~ SC the iron company 3t i l l h ~ld i t s con trollinf i~tcre ~ t i~
til.? Ja int Lawrence &, Ott.awa, It l:va~3 Lnhc.ri.t.ed by t.hc Ca r) 3 (h!1~1
F2Ci fi c wh~ n that Company lensud the 6t .L.& O. as par t of it s
t:st «r-n cxpansion program i n 188
+, and was not scrapped ujti 1. 1 ~90 Q
An c.dcitional favouY8ble fRctor WEJ.,S the adoption of
standard gaup:e in 1(371 hy t:w Granu r~runk Jfailway, v,Then the
3roc:J.J G.Jul!e i,ct Has n?pf;al~~J. The ,c3ufPorLc~rs of the wide width
hac to rive in to thc~ fW::TOvl};Y gau[::(; -to afford more convenient
connl-.:;ction with northern United :::3tat(s rclilroads, which were
costly I}! 8~1! After nearly tv:enty ycar.s of 8x:i…3tence, the Pres­
cott line was able to effect Jirect int2rchan~~ of c~rs with the
(~land lrunk at Prescott, a1d 1:o;as no longer sorisiuered as an Ugly
DucklingY! but instead we.s found to hElVe been on. the rirht track
… – 1 itr-;rally and. figUlat i ve 1y –.::.tIl r-llo!lf, at least as far as
its CauVc vas conc(~rned.
II 11
.:… .. –.. -~———. ———
tl /-
PW motive power and rollinr stock completed the rejuvenation.
1.:2 of the l!10St 1.8,.1oUS of C&nC,dL.:w l,nii]H~S –the I1Lucy L31ton
:, />~ amo~lg: tnt:; cnrincc;s :purchc:,sed ,nevJ ~~l H~?3. f~om. T(:,-unton-.. This
j~~Gnotlv8 later servc0 on thG Canadlan Paclflc rlallway ( It was
tl.;,! fir~)t to enter Horth Bay), Whi..TG it has b, en the SUf)ject of
lii2_ny :_·w olcl-th,1C r~i1roaderY s rlf:1inisC2

r,llf~ St.L.& 0, f tr;~; IU:l1C1udier(j11, This waQ !::.. tiD
L/–4-0 ta.nk locomotive 1,r]llich hCld
L~ (~;~_ built Ll L:nrland in 1862 by ::31aufhtt;r, G::luling D:, Co. ;/h()r
<; . .:.·I8;~d. to its oI]n(r~), the Norti:l London Hai Iv!ay in that Y-J3X,
ic,- ;x;ople vJOuld hlVC cred~ t(-;d the; possi bi lity that it woulC~
C:i:ltuCl.lly finel its ,-8Y from service on .l busy suburban railvJay
::1 ml/tl~opolis of the JorlJ, to a o1ckwoods CanaJiall line, :cn
~i~ 21)UrSe 0: its thirty-yc;ar life. O,irinally, NOYth LJnJon
L:J ~ }:,I,.ty It 30 i it was rcnuIT,b<2rud lOI in 1874 and. in 1376 it was
:0( d; prf.:.stu-;-lubly for scrap and coinCidentally ulOuVh, to tr12 t,, ,!
TV, ;..::; Iron Co. vidently tll<...-nCJJ O,IInETS thought otlv.,;r·vvise, fix
:it t:p and p,Jt it on. board fll1 ocean vcssGl hound for CanDda,
~LC&US~ the iron company 3till h~ld its controllinp ictercst i~
t!l:: Jaint Lawrence &, Ott,3wac It va~) i::1h
rited by th;,; CcHadiA11
F2Cific wh~n that Company leased the 6t.L.& O. as part of its
(; c~ st (;1n cxpans ion program in 183
+, and lm3 not scrapped ujt i 1. 1~90 0
~. the la t e l8?()s, Ottawa had obtai.ned connection by way
of a fell! more ra i Lwa ys –the Q,II. O. &, O. east.ward on the north
c shore of the Utt.awa –t lre Br ockvi.Ll e C::, Ott awa or Canada Cen ­
ral by way of Car~_ ct ()n Place 0 Both of th.-,se lines are now
incorporated i n t he Pacific s yst em along with the
old Jytown ~ Frescott . Uther li nes came alonr later .
Ihe Pres cot t to Ot.t avra ra ilway whose st or y we have told
.i s still ill us e as the Prescot t SubJ ivision and the Sussex
treet Subd i v ision, Smi ths Falls Livi3ion, of the C.P.R.
Th e
line f rom Prescott into Sussex Street i s 55.8 mi l es l ong ,
bei nz the original l ine of r-a i Lway opened in 1854. It
has uegenerated into one of the l esser raiLway routes i n i m­
port ance serv ing the capital < IJevertheles :3, last Chr i stmas Day
celebrated it s cent enary, and though di sksed now in this
ave of mo
tor t.r-av eI and at.omi c propulsion, the spur along the
Ri deau to bU3sex Street is steeped in the remembrance of that
Ehri3 t mas of 1854 when the t .inv uxfo r-d 11 and i t s nrildi t i V(,;
t .rai.n br-ough t. to an i nf a nt Ot t~.v-ra t hat freatest of a l l civi l ­
i z i
ng f orces -­the r a i l wa y .
1=~n!T L ;/](L l ~E. & OTTAlA IW LI;AY 1867-1884 _~~C~;lO~_~E:_J
Ilst 1 Oxfor d !Hinl:h:y (51 5) 18
l o-4-0 I IJ.. ~x?o l! 14 6 11
t.: . u·)+_ ·,·· ( I) ~· ….. t ~~,. , d I rrri t:
D X uvawa ocrescov . ,JC.LU-ppe ……0 f) •
I.?n d 1 n Po r-t.La nd (J ;27 )l d75 I 0-4–0T! 13xlb
i 14·;::> 1
! I HW4: re cpn 11323 . II !
! 2 !n,st .La wr enc(;il hinkley(526) 1851+ 1+-LI–O! 14×22
, sv: (Y. D ~ ;>.}, • (p1 .fI3)n I I
I e.·. v t:f, ., . 1.. J C)L..f-0 re .zL ll. ,f. i__ (,­
… t 3 I l1
Jt ta wa! iLinklcy(525) 15 5/+ Ih-h-O j14X22l! I 54!!

r. . i,e x t) &P. Scrapped 18750 . Ir ,
, .. 1 J I j ~Dort la lldL Portl and 1 _1_0 11 )r. )( 2 4 11 i 601,
! … … l….._ J. .)-1_ .• . –. …–Ii l+ + —I
! Il c:J bLI-: re C ~)H 1132).1
i: c +-
4 I 7CoL By l? i};i nkl ey (5!+1) 185LI-n 114x 20
I 66
I • .:…. ~ IU
!ex 08cP. Scra.pped 1875. II l
.: ~ ::l ~. –IPortl and l 4-4-0 ,16×22!/ II
I T-I . ~J CT
f) 1n~ } 1 (1 )-4 (P
L )} )
I i.e t)U -,- . L iLL _ O C)t:.. . .LUO , re r n. It _ )t:. . ~)
;- 1 5 Pr-es cott II fi-i nkl {V 18)-7 ! L _ I _.() ! 1 1. -,)0
! n
:. . I I ,,_ t.J -J… _ {~– .J _ +-4- ; I-+J . …. !
;ex O&P,. Scrapped 1875 . ! ! ,
,-d 5 6b
~: …. ~ [Port.Land 1 lt—4-0 i16:x:22 !
!Eebu:i.1t CTH 1~ (32< 1 8[5LI-: re CPR /}J24 . j Tho ~:; ~neyno1clslT Ki::lfston(5J ;18(~614-+-0 ,1 5×22!T C,? 1: ~�
7 I!CalV1Jl Danc; Lady Lisg cu~ n! Taunton(52q;18?1 1 II :17×24
!l f1..�
) 1i L~ 1)ait on II I If ( 5 ~)l (jlJ 4 !1! It lii.­fl
r. .. J IKingst on 1879! 11 115×24!l IT fJ.
iLL Yl IS1aught fjr, Gruning &1 Co . I
I_. 1862 j ~I–.}+ .~OT 117×2/+
I, ( .JX _
1 d
on l1./ ., It ..!.
t h I
,/), .
::J / ,Li
1___ ._ -.;~ . _
iJ.-1884: rei! e pE. noso330, 329, 321, 3 22,)326, 320 r-espect Lve ly,
By the late l8?()Y s, OttBfia had o0tainecj connection by way
of a few more rai :~v.Jays –the Q ,rI. O. &, O. eastJard on the nort h
shorr3 of the Ut tavlCl –tile Brockville (;:, Ot ta1:,Ta or Canada Cen­
tral by way of Car~_et()[l Place. Both of th(:se lines are noV!
incorporated in the Can.:lcijan Pacific ::,ystem along with the
old ]ytOWll C:, Prescotto Uther lines Cdme alone later.
The Prescott to Ottavra railATay who~)e story we have told
i::3 still ill use as the Prescott~ Sub.livision and the Sussex
Street Subdivision, Smiths Falls Livi3ion, of the C.P.R.
The line from Prescott into Sussex Street is 55.8 miles long,
this being the original line of railway opened in 1854. It
has uegenerated into one of the lesser railway routes in im­
portance serving the capital ~ Ik:vertheless, last Chri:3trnas Day
it celebrated its centenary, and though disksed now in this
ave of motor trael and atolT:ic propulsion, the spur along the
Rideau to ~u5sex Street is steeped in the remembrance of that
Ehris tmas of 1854 w)len the t Lny nuxforci 11 and its prhli t i ve
tcain brouf;ht to an infant Ottav,ra that fT8atest of all civil­
izing forces –the railway.
I-SA;W L;,/l l;~-:–~–~(ford1f ! ![inl:ll:Y (515) 185h! 0-4-0 Ill~X2~~~n-:~~-,_–,
I bx Ottawa & Prescott. ~crapped 1375 .
. ?nd 1 tl I~cYtland (327) 1(~7 5 I 0-4-0T !IIJX13i1 i Lt,?H
! r 18~}~: re cpn 1[3
• J ~, I 54) 2
!YlJt.Lawrenc~;11 n:U1kley(52b) 18)1+ jrLf–O, 14×2,(11
I . v (Y D 9, • (Pr i32r1 I I
Ie. vt£.. 1. :.>t),+. re h II If, ,,( 1
._;:;t 3 nUttaltJa
! iI:inl:::ley(525) 185/+ i,4-h-0 j14X22!Y I 54,11
i,ex U&P. Scrapped
750 r I
:::~d 3 !~PortlandL Portland 1 +-4-0 11SX24Y! i 60
IlgS4: re epn #325.1 I
.~.f;t 4 flCoLByj( i l;inkley (5/+1) 185Lf-:I 14×20
lex O~P. Scrapped 1875. I
–I Portland l 4-4-0 116×22
IRebuilt GTR 1882. lS84: re CPR #323
~;,i, 5 TTPrescott If Hinl:ley 1857 ! [+–4-,0 ! 14~(?0i! : Ii
:ex OILP,. Scrapped 1875. 1 i
iPortland 14–4-0 !16×22! i 66
! E()buLtt CTH lR(32
re CPR 4324
:::l~ J 5
jTho~:;~Heyno1clsfT Ki:-lfston(53;11866 j 4-4-015×22 ~on II
7 vCalvln Dane. II (541 IV II : n Yf i:r..
–, 11 Lady Lisgu~li Taunton(529;18?l J II :17×24!! II I1.
) llLucy Ua:l ton II i YY ( 590) 115]:3 l !t !:I 11 iJ~
i-._J iKingston 1819 ! 11 i15x24 IT II
L-L IlChaudiere II I Slaughter, Gruni:1g &1 Co. I
I 1862 1 Lf–~4·-0T l?x24
64 II
I ! l~x North I,Jndon ity.~ //101. !
1___ . _ :.a…. .. ___ —–__
~-1884: rei CPR nos.:3:30, 329, 321, 522, 326, 320 respectiveL7~
._- -_ ._-_._- – –­
r efr et , cl l .~E~ t o space t ons , —I
1.- J rrr I
t.h at. t ne cone .u part 0 .:
lr . ,.eup s

~y Ofl tho Cll~ l act, .J r~ov … ~ r l~_ lQ 0.J. ·Lc· r , :.
.-) _ 1,……. ,
J. …. …. Lj, ~ J ~0 ~:> v vJ .-
I1I-l0yie 11, bef.un i n Janua ry, r.rust be !
1181d over until the IIar ch is sue. I
–.–…——-.–.—. ~_._——-.-t
r-·——··- —-
ues pit e the Clm I s plan, announced on pafte
10, to re@odel the Victoria Br i dge, there
L~. UT~S & N EVJ ~_!
is a cons i der a ble amount of agitation, par­
ticula rly amo nr- the commu.nities facing TJIon­
eal on the south shore of the river, to have a vehicular
tunnel constructed linking the Canadian metropolis with the
nr i n
cipal hi chv;ays on the e shore. This would be an
l de
al propo s~l f~r con 3i ti e r~tion by the Ca n~dian Nationa l Rai l ­
, wllosetrains wi l l suffer int erruptions as tho pr oposed
lif ~ span at the easter n end of the Victor ia Br idge is opened
to aLl.ow the p2.S sage of vessels. Not the least of the railways
prob Lcn.s i f such C1. tunnel we r e considered, is to bri n[ the
tra ck~ from Cen~ral ~tati o n down to a suit abl e l evel betwe en
t.uat. point and the t unnoI site, co ns i.d er-Lng that the distance
is les s than two miles. In this insta nce, a spiral would have
to be cons t.r-uct.ed in t he Pointe St . Charles area , t hough no
su ch di f f i cul t ies wil l be encountered on the St .Lamber t side
of the river ..
The firsttrain operat. ed over the Canadian Pa cific Ha:i.hIay I s
Cl~hton Subc.ivis ion on .Ianuar-y Hsth. This line, bunt d1lling
195/~ , links the CP ~ Mont r eal-Toront o seco n~ary line near
lit} v e Lo ck , f,ri th nepht aline depos i t e s at the nort h ern end.
Lo nrion &, Port Jt anley Hailv-Jay has sold four of it.s uruan
~(ltor and trail er cars –equipment obt a i ned ori~ inal ly f r om
~~~2ukee . Two of the car s, a motor and a trai ler were sold
,~ t he Illinois Llec~r i c Ra i l~ay Museum in Chi c2 go for J270 each .
1; :: :12 / 4l-·rnile CNI-. br anch line l i.nki nr- Ter race BC with the new
-. I _ ·r . ,., l~ d-.1. c>;–t K·· ~ ~ t. ~ t h ::;;, ;•..dt . t- ~. -.; -. e
L, .. ,,, ,,, .U.• U,.l ,eve_..opm….. nu d , .l v J.tllct l S 0 ave a m.l.xe r ::u_l1 8 ,.1. iJ ~. <..-.
:~ -I~_ …o;SJ.A Y 8 and Fridays . ScheduLed to commence on .Ia nua ry Iht h
·,, ,:,:,Jr, wi Ll, Leave Terrace at 8 ilr1 ar-r-Lvi nr-Ii timat at 11 n JT,
n:>I:,ti.r ni nc, leave Kitimat at 2 PH al~r iving le r r a ce at 5 PIL
lo : i~cni)J1 Br i dge Company has been awarded contract to bu ild the
08r3~ r uctu~e of t he new Pacific Great ~a st ern Rai lway bridg ~
C) ·,, ~2 i.:-hc Caoi Lano lU vel .in l.or t.h Vancouver . Jork wi 11 s tart
lring the 60nth of February.
III concluJtnr a contract with the lJilton hotel (Troup in the
~·i : _te (l ot ates to o per at.e the new (~ u(;e n l.Uizabet :l hotel in M~)Y1
real, when it i ~3 corap.Let.ed I Cana dian lJctt ional !{cd Lways appear
:-;. L .l0 he811 SUJ .iEct to much criti c ism f r om n ews paper-s and hot,ul.­
i J. -:Ju1.)s, who :· ~8J . pc rnaps not VIithout r-eason, tha t Canadian
r.a Lent. :::.noul J t .~e p: iven a chance ~~t m::in3vemE:nt of what, 1;-Ji l1
be the la rJ!e~3tJ r.oi.eI in the Br 1tioll C r.:·(j;()!10::jl -rh rih-c··) i :, i i
c ompleted ~e Jeral y~nrs hence .
–.-_.–~ – .~. — ——~—-.­
Je re~ret, eke to s-nace lirnitations, —I
that the concltluinr part of fJlr .r~eup I s I
!:-,tOYY on the CPH! s last steYnwhec lcr,
liI-loyie!!, ber-un in J,J.nuary, r.mst be !
1181d over until the fiarch issue. I
._—_ …. _—-_._-._-_. –_.—!
,Jespite the CNR! s plan, announced on pape
10, to re@odel the Victoria Bridge, there
is a considerable amount of agitation, par­
tj_cularl.y amonp the comm.u.nities facing TiIon­
treal on the south shore of the river, to have a vehicular
tunnel constructed linking the Canadian metropolis with the
principal hi[)lVays on the oppo:;ite shore. This would be an
ideal proposal for consiueration by the Canadian National Rail­
vdlose trai~1s will suffer interruptions as the proposed
lif~ span at the eastern end of the Victoria Bridge is opened
to al10/II the p2.ssap:e of vessels. Not the least of the railways
pro blotlls if such D. tunnel we[e cons idered, is to bring-the
track~ from Cen~ral ~tation down to a suitable level between
t~lfJ,G point and the tUlrwl site, conSidering that the distance
is less than two miles. In this instance, a spiral would have
to be constructed in the Pointe St.Charles area, though no
Sl.lCh difficulties will he encountered on the St..Lambert side
of the river ..
The first train operated over the Canadian Pacific Hailways
N E:j:hton Subc.i vision on J 2nunr;r 18th. Th is line, bu i1 t d1lli ng
195;~, links the CPR Montreal-Toronto secon~ary line near
Ifnvelack, with nephtaline deposites at the nOI·th~rn end.
1 .. cn:l.:.1rl !::::, Port 3tc:mley Haih-Jay has sold four of it.s illterurbRD
~0tor and trailer cars –equipment obtained ori~inally from
t~~~~2ukee. Two of the cars, ~ motor and a trailer were sold
~,8 the Illinois Llec~ric Rail~ay Museum in Chic2go for J270 each.
i: ::: !lSH 43-·rnile CNR branch line linkinp Terrace BC with the ne,!
:: J.:,liT:d:Ui.l development, at Ki tirnat is to have a mixed s,?Yvice
c;:~ T~_,;SJ.AY s and Fridays. Schedl_lled to cnEmtOnCe on J anuar-:l lh th
·i.·,;;jrl wlll leQve Terrace at 8 illl arrivinv I(itimat at 11 j~TJL
rc:,l,rnin&:, leave Kitimat at 2 PH aI~riving lerrace at 5 PILL
~IO:i~d1i)J1 Bridge Company has been awarded contract to build the
S~08r3~ructu~e of the new Pacific Great ~astern Railway bridg~
C), ~;: I.:Jw Ca Dilano l?i vel in l,;orth Vancouver. Jork wi 11 start
tilring the 60nth of February.
Irl concl.uJ ~Lng a contract with the hilton hotel fYroup in the
~tat8s to opcrc.te the new (~ucen lUiZ8bet:l hotel in Mon·-
1 :ru::Jl when it i~3 corapl(:;ted) Canadian tJationa.l !{ailvJaY3 appear
1 l -d rnh . . •
in,:-; ltD:: h88n SU-:;,iEct to much criticism from ne\Jf:ipapers and hot:w.l-
(l. JuiJs, v~O ;c~E::J. pcrha}Js not without rea~,on) that Canadian
~.!3.1ent :::hOlllJ be r:iven a chance ;:It rnrlndpemEnt of vVhat will
be the lo.r-J!e~3t llotel in t,he Brit,ibll (:r:(1;()!1,ro::jl t-h wh,cl i :, i
completed ~eJeral y~~rs hence.
~.—_.-.;–,,——… ~-~ —-
i n a seriBS aD tt ~
( Cl~?T.;;.lJ=!~ I~ NCr ;.r~..lT ~~rt J.J rilj.Il) 😉 ~r ,[i. CLe gg ~
~_ …….,! 1····,1/1
7oront o, Ontario,
_ of the Canad ian Nor ther n! It I can hardly keep up
it ! ~e are DOW ~D to another brunch of the transportation bMsin88s
the eIoct.r-i,c interurban system in the Niagara Pe ninsul a of Ontar i o.
Lest ye ar Ibcl:cmzie and Ham) made ar-rangement.s to acqui re the 131,
ect.r Lc liri8s of the jfio.g~lr f. , [;,t.Catharincs and Toronto Rai.Lway, oper-­
::ct,~ n :; sorie thIrty miles i n tho vi ci ni t y of Niago.ra FaLls and St. Cat h­
arine s . T~O S3 l ines in c ~ude ODe of t he oldest oper ating el e ctric,,J,:ys in tbo counbry —-tho St . Cat.har-ine s , Mcrriton and Thorol d
~~t rco t R::tilH.;.y , wo.s in 13137. The N. S. & T.Ho.ih ray
: F; .~n cor y;0r;::,ted on Aur.;uc,t 11, 1:Y;)9, to ope rutc t he Nl.agar u, Hamilton
ann r:-).c-.Lfic hQilv!ccY; iho Ni8.gQ:r ~~ Fr.~lJ.8, 1-0s ley Par k and CJ i fton Ir-am­
TJEt:.–Co9 and t.he Port} Dn111.DuE3i e;1St.. C ~ i .thD.r in8 S and Tboro.l.d ,Str e~;t }~.(J,il
Y (-:-1, lr,.1- -.. f + .;. r -l h ,h n: t.he ,.:; ,1 etC 1vl ?rT )
J VC .•u.,;>, D<..l.1!10o. 0 .... l ..l ....Cn rk,u. c.cL S 01 ·v v CL I.l <; 01 1.g.n c.,.L o ••,1..,L. •
It elso h ~s t he aut hor i t y to construct 0. l ine through Hamilton o.nd t o
. _) J ;() .l.Jto .~ t op;:: th!.;r 1tlith. ~J :~ ~ :(~i()us s , and DO do ubt t.his i.~~ t ,he ro,l
) C P -~ -r~ -0 , /-1 ~ .. i,i ? h . . …..f C,. .. J—:. …-· ·~_o ·!- t .l f ~ ~C l,…,·,-} i …..l-. 1-..
~ ,…)V n .L 1)1 ,JL ~e V ••• L <..L, .L·O.. t-•..,..r L .> 1.D vu1.·,.:;J 1n ..rl ·,~ J….O …d Ge. .• •~wd.:lr ,.Jan.
·rt 1.· ..·L H·,,, t· 1; ) .. +n ~ f -.., r-u , d·
l~ , i;> ,.:j
JlL~ ….u .; .J 1. .1 ,r1C ; .r J~ vJ,i•.., 8., u ., naoa … 1 um 1. :-l0 J.o L _ lJC ilJO .J.. cdj( an~ C011 ­
ct.ruc t I on :l.;J nOI! i n r~,rJ g ross tofCl:ds Por t CoIbo r-ne ,
In o.c:dit:i.on to 0. fIourlsbing po.S f:~OD0cr tro.ffic~. the N;;1i-£T E.y.op·­ CI. freight tr ansfer and :Jvlitehlng bus i ne ss ; & t h(=! (~l1 l ~8idj .cr~: ·
?J.3,&T,,}·ttion Co. rm:1 EJ tHo La.leo Or;to.rLJ st 8C.TIlsll.ip f:; an GODJ l1DCtJ.Oil
with t~ l() oLo ctric from P02:t Dal.housIo to the FalLs ,
I nc1ldir;g tho t hi r -c,y niles of lL~l ld D 3 up tho Ni c.gnra Lf ne s ,
ti18 C;·wC.di ClD Nort.he rn .S~(st ,:.m il0H has a t.ot.aL of 1
_,360 mil es of t :i: nc ~~.
LC.Dt yocr vo opened t.ho 222 mi.Lo BL:ndo:1:} -herrinG section i.n ~: oi (,t i :tl
[J. : .J t.~,d ~~ , as w·oJ.l. as ;-:~ 25 }::,i ~.L8 o}:te:~s jJn .frcm T,os::lJur n to Rur G :.~11 o T :,
c1()Gcr·; in 31o,,.:,e1 clct:1i.1 tho C. N. IS t.rcmendcue pr O
;18SS dur5r:c; t::8
P1St f::;w c o.r s wou.l.d b, todious , •.-but. ono cvorrt of utmc.c t i npo rt.::Jcc
Li.8 bo..n set .:,lcd. )Jo are bending for the Pac i.fLcI Ihe exact, l:.t.: ~;
of r out e to be fc11
)itlCd wc ct of Ec1l1:.:::mtol1 has not be e~] nadc known -.b
;iGt ~ but i t s cern n f :lirly n tlw:t Ii?; G1:10.J.1 be Tuldng 1.1:;0 of J~ello,J
hcr.d Posa, hac by far the best gr c.di.e n k3 for t.runemourrtaLn rai.>­
U? rr
~1C P- l lY c·+,1->0 Gl
:·P-[-I , ~1 rC;R i n <,l <:·:o ~l- n : ,;-1nO;,c+oa·l r ) l1 r:-l u 11:
,. .a.. tJ v … ~ ~,i < . ...... . ~ .1 _ ...~--~ -..... .l.. J -(. ,~~ . I.•- ..... Llo ..... ~ tv. _, Jlt./ (J!i.t(,)j!.;/Y
tU,d tr ~lins C!.rc now oporo.ting :from TOlcnto n.s fo.r Ui Sud:Jury. .f2t
] ec,0T, t he ,L,1; co
}~ por ….ted in i:,o the Co.;o.d.b.D rJor t hc?:n OntLlrio Rrdl,J,w. Tho CDunt ry
l:J t hi s fJ:Jct,i on of C ,~n Cl c~a i G l) E:COT4.:1.n g .fun~ou [; f or t ho production of
ni clcc1, p:Lodl.cing 80;,lCtLlJ.n6 i n the orctc:e of oi Ght:
pOl ce nt of t he
!or l d i s em:)!l:r. A cl:otch :,:nap of our ca :::;tcrn 1il,OS is o.tto.ched.
1110 s t il.ff o.·t HCJo.dq un.rte l~ s is grovJing t o l.:oep pace w li:t~~ · · .tho ra:iJ
linos. Hr . D.B . Hanna is st ill Hi t h us as Thi rd Vi co – Prosi dGDt .1
I (
Tr..e ssv·(
in a ser5BS aD tt~
CA?Tl:..DI.l.H NCr:.~[Cr,lJ FLLIU:AY
~):r .il ~Clegg ~
Toronto, Ontario,
3.nuary 8, 1909.
EJ.-pansion of the Canadian NortherD! l! I can hardly keep up vlith
it! ~e are now ~nto another branch of the transportation bpsiness
the 818c~ric interurban system in tho Niagara Peninsula of Ontario.
Lest year H::l.Cl;:enzie and Mann arra.ngements to acquire the el­
ectric lim3s of the Ifio.g~ln1., [,t.Co.thalincs (lnd Toronto Raill-my, oper­
::ct,~n:~ SOr.8 thirty miles in tho vicinity of Niago.ra Fo.lls D.nd St.­
arin8s. T~OS3 lines inc~ude one of the oldest operating electric
raihn.ys in tb8 cOlmtr;j: —-the St. Catbo.rines, Mcrriton and Tnorold
:~trGot R:.1.ilw.-;.y? whicL wn.s electrifiod in 1387. The N. S. & T.Ho.ihr8.Y
1J!:.F.;.l.!1corr;or&.ted on Aut:;wt 11, 1()::l9, to operate the iHagara, Hamilton
ann p,).C::.:fic D.c.ilvJO.y; :i.h8 Nia.go.:r:, Fal18~ tosley Park o.nd Clifton Tram­
i,J.~. Co 9 and tho Port DalhDuE.;:Lo ~ St.. C~,.UlDTiJ1E.; sand Tborold ,stre~;t Hail
t1 (+1·1e· l~.·~ J.C1r 0+ 1+i·;c·h rl~(l nhsorhPC t·,,,, 01JOgln,1 ,ct C M & T )
..-I:, J VI. J •. ,-u,~.J ,J J.J~ .;..l.~…, ,..l J.. A! , .• ..L. ,~…. _C~,.A. _.~ ….. -._ ….,I…., L .J.v ….. c., … L ,J ~ 9 • .9 c-.. 0
It 21so h~s the authority to construct a line through Hamilton and to
T.)Jo.]to, top;::ttnr Hit:} ,=,:!ious bj::::~DG,lOS9 o.~ld DO doubt this i~} t,he ml
T iCIn P,–+~:p. 0,y·.dl~;r; ior·~·.h/;rr.C! }·n
·)1-….. Q·l-lOll t(J(.·) J~c lr-
··to;· Yh .
.. ~, .,.)v! .L .• 1 ,… V •• _Ju. _. U..J.I llh….>, vI.) G ., I, .• _,J .,0., .. _( l.._ 0 .~ CXIL. ,..Jan.
·,..,t 1,· , .. ~ I t:· 1; .- Y aO f .. , cn],., ·C·I d t 1rJ -11 i.; N
1.1,., ., .. cL. ..I J .le ,.n, ,Lc, 8,Gf .. nao … 1em 1.:.01.)_. 0 E)..J.. nn( an~ COll-
:::bucttOl1 5..;:3 noJ in 1~,rJgnJSs tOI,f(:u.c1s POl~t Col.borne.
111 D.c:dit:i..ol1 to 0. nou:~ishil1g paSf.el1c;or trn.ffic> tbe N:~,&T Ity. op·- c, freigbt transfer QUo. ::n,d.tehing blWinos.3; 8, trv:, l1·hfiid5.e.r·~;·
:N.,,:.i.&T,,tL:vi,Siltion Co. runs two La.
ee Onto.rLJ stuc.TIlshipf:; lrJ COl1Jl..1DctJ_on
wlth t~o electric c~rs from Port Dalhousio to the Falls.
Inclndir:g tho thirty niles of treel;: rr;dcin::; up tho Nic.gara line3,
t~l(:! C·:·w(.di,:lD NorthGiTl .Systr:.m ~lOH hns a toLo.1 of ip,360 miles of trnc~ Lc.;}t yc;cr F:) opo ~]cd the 222 milo Br~~ndoJl::} -herrino. Be ction i.n v;,,/t>t,)r,j
CLi.;l<:~(L, GS weJJ. as ~. 25 rli1.8 oxte:~si:nJ frcm r:os::.burn to Rw::[;,:.lL lc
c18~JcdJy:! in C~18n..:,cr 0ct::cil tbe CoN. T G tre,n.endous proc-;ress dur:);::.c; t::8
p.lst f(;w -cnrs ~Jol..,ld bo todious, •. -bet OrlO event of utmGDt inport:>.c,cc
h,1.S bCk:jJ set.::,lod. )Jo arc bCC1ding for thu Pacifid The ax2.c·c l:…·,~:
of route to be 1o11
)lod VG~:t of Ec1rr.::mtoD ho.s not b8e~l knOHl :-b
;iot, but jj: soems f:.}.irly corta:Lr:1 that ;r.! 8b0.11 be rruldng uc,e of Yello,],,,
l,oc::.d p[;,SS, -v/nlch has by far the best grctdients for tro.n2mountain 10. i.>
,.!?y traffic.
T~10 projc,ctod linD arolwd tho Grsat L[.ims is 8.1::::0 t~.~·~in,i;. ~~1:.;~,
,n,d trains arc 11OH operc.ting fron TOlcnto ~.~s fer as Sud:)ury. .flt
J (:,::;t, tho ,L,l:(;:3 B,:lY lbilw y is r,o longer an orphan, but h.-:s boon i!J­
corpor …. ted J_n w the Ca:lildLJ.n rJorthcrn ODt,-lrio Rrlilw,w. Tho CDuntry
:J this sJctioD of C::tnac~a iG bccol~j.DZ fuD:om; for trw production of
niclccl, Ploc:.l.cing SO:118Llin6 in the OlCler of eiGht:! por cent of tho
,,!orlc1 i;3 [;U:Jpl:r. Ii. cl:otch :ilap of our CClGtcrn lirJos is attached.
1110 s-GG.ff a:t Hoadqun.rters is grovJing to lceep paco /ji:t.~~·.the ran
linos. Hr. D.B. Hanna is still with us as Third Vice -ProsidGDt~

Date under
n G ~;. ~_11 B:1f:;t e IY) ..C8JJC~(]wa . (Qt:31)E f)
. ;:, ~J
… l)
–·—-·-~——–~–·–~-~~ ~ ..-~_O~~r:;:f :;~ l~ ( ,: , . ::
_C. Ne,Y.~. _
::. I.J ~() t-­
1905 Quebec -Chicout imi 227 .0 rri.Le EO
< ,- ! t>:
Chanilior d -Roberval 12,3
1 , I.l v


Li nton -LaTuque 39.6
……. f

I !~

Havkeebury-ToLi .et.te 67It
) • ~ ….. j-~ ~i


t (j. ~ /.
Hi nfrct -Huberdeau 45.3
~…… ., .
, I ,(:
Paradis -St .Jacques 6.7
l. / I -, • ~. ~;
~bntre al -Ga.r neau 90.5

<­,1 f~ •,.. r ,,->, O~Garneau ~ R.a Pierre 39.8 ~ .0 ~. .
QJ <: ~-t ~ )
,~ ,V .,-I.~
Aldred Jct o Shawin1n Falls 3 . L;­
-, ..~ . cf~ ,!~V, 1906 Toronto -Parry Sound 11:-9.2
fS (,. f
oJ t ~ … . J 1-;
1908 Parry Sound -Sudbury 117.7
-.Y / t Iii
,~ .J 0- c ~
. Sudbury Jct .-Sellwood ~866

Key Jct.-Key Harbour 6,2


Gar son Jct.-Garson Mime 3.7
(~.l 0­



~~ -,
~, ~
~, ~~
-. .~~ Q~
) I 😉 ,~
C;.,:, t-, i, –<:
….r~ . .f… ~ ..) • J
,),.. . ~ :­
J ~ 1~
>.. .~ , I ~ .

~j ,:-.I –
-~~ ~.~
I%~ c:~~
~ :: ~ ~
r~ . ~ I~ .}
:\ ~::: \{..-:: ~ j , <: ~ ~ i ,!::::;,,;~.~ f!1 ! ~~ , , / , r; .•,,,.:. ~ O ii i
i~ .~~.,. ~ 7 V
,;. , ! l / ,I .• ,
-:..,…:; , r.:-. 1/ ~~….
,…. .
(:,. ,; ~—,.-O ~ )! .< )( -0 Q.I
,~ . f i-.. c:

; ,/ ~: ,~ ~
, / f ~
:.~ .. !
\ / t~ …..
~(~ – ~
;:: /. . … ~


-.; <,
-) /
:~ /1 s,

L .~
-,<;.j .z
/ and Mr . A. J. Mi t chell i s head of t he Finance and
1/ Account i ng. l~ . Lash i s our General Counsel: 0i o
~6 Rue1, the solicitor; and Mr.1100re, the Secrek::7
of the Company. Al l these gentlemen have o ~; , :,
I wi th the Canadi an Nor ther n since 1901:-ancl c ;:: ,~::r- _ , i~
I,u, / accident, s eem destined to go a long way in ~ ::::
,~ I . t-, 11.:, t ,t l
f- . , /1 I,~ I , ,=,
, I .LOn. rne m.r oeD 0 r i.cers an . e lv ~. ,
t I who statodHiththe Lake IIia,ni tobaline justtiC:73
.&1 i sho

s age
u ~)
Lt .
<,,,i e] O….)

d.l.v drea
V• …, …… .. ., .-1 ( 0.. U …… . ,,
I.• soon be the nucleus of a Cl ass 1 Railro3.d, J, .,.,.~ tl;
(l..! I feel sure, is destined to st retch from Coast i
, I
ry Ct….. Coas·~ .
(..I Q; )
~ , (l

I ,

I l.
, ,~



Date under
C. Ne_ R •• _

1905 Quebec -Chicoutimi
Chambord -Roberval
Linton LaTuque
Hinfret -Huberdeau
Paradis -St.Jacques
ea1 -Garneau
Garneau -R.a Pierre
Aldred Jct, Shawin! n Falls
Toronto -Parry Sound
Po.rry Sound -Sudbury
Sudbury .. Tct.-Sellwood
Key Jct.-Key Harbour
Garson Jct.-Garson Ivllihe
,~ ~1
~ Ql
) 😉 , ~
v < ,:,). ~ i,
,r~ :… < .. >.,,)
~~ ,~ t ,,) ~ t~
, (:) ~~ ~~
~~ ,< /
:. , J P/
(~ ~. J t..:.::
,. l ~—–1~)(;(Xi -0;. ~
~~, (\ ….

/ ,/ ~ ~
. / t· ~
)1 / t~ …. ,
.( I, (j
~! // ~~ t::
~ ~
~ / ~
90.5 39.8
lL~9. 2
/ ?
00 ……
(;; / ~
f /:6 ;~~~O:;:;ti~~ . J. ~ :c~:!; i: ~~~d G~~e;~~ ~!~~~~~ :r~,
6 Rue1, the solicitor; and Mr.Hoore, the Secrekc7
of the Company. All these gentlemen hnv8 C;C;.-,
with tbe Ca.nadian Northern since 1901:-a.ndcc:;;;:T_,:;:
accident, seem destined to go a long way in .~ .. ::
organization. Tbe thirteen officers a,y1 eJTlp10~, ) =,
Who startod Hi th the Lake Ma,ni toba line jU3t tvJf:;,.n
short :,rears ago hardly dreamed th8.t they viCClJ.d :-;(1
soon be the nucleus of a Class 1 RailroJ.d. vJ,: [1.
I feel sure, is dostined to stretch from Coast ,/

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