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Canadian Rail 040 1953

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Canadian Rail 040 1953

or .i3 .li;pmcr «-0 DECEMBE!l 1953
Notice of IlIeeting:
The .Jecember ;~Iontl:r meetlnf of the Associat­
ion ,·rill be held in tte Tram;port:.tion .1uildinp, 159 Craig Jt.reet
-iest, on lednesday, J)ece .. nbel~ 9t!1, 1953 at 8:00 aN. Rerul3.r bus­
lfless will be tran3acted, anti. tt!€ HominJ.tinr Cor,lmittee, appointed
ot t!1e October meetinr ivill recyive n.))l1inations from the floor
, ann
~:t!lnounce a slate O..i. candiur1.tes to be upon Et the Annual meet inc
i!1 January. Entertainment of the evenin{ will consist of a Ghowinp:
of Kodachrome sliJcs by the Fresident, Hr. Lavcl 1e8, l,;over i:1.f: a t.ci_p
made recently to WGster!1 Canada.
AS30ciation News
Our member Allan ioohey has returned from his six mont,hs I sojourn
in .Li:nrlal1d and on the Continent and it is reported that Allan has
brought back a v(]ry liberal supply of slides. Accordinf!ly, the
Frup,rarnme Committee has sUfgested that one or two Tooheyll nir-hts
will be held, on seraratc evenlnFS .from the rcru1ar neetin,f!s, when
t.he material has been prepared for stlOwipg. This will probahly
occur in January. rlore details /il1 be given at the mesting.
of the members and associates trill, perhapfl, have noticed
a reviGcw in Railroad ~b,gazine of a motion picture ,roauced by the
J. Arthur I.ank Organisation, called ul.he Titfield Thunderbolt.
This motion picture, in colour, has alleady been re~.ea5ed in the
Toronto area, and in the
opinion of some of the members who have had
a chance to see it, is a first~·rate railv.ray picture, done in the typ­
ically thorough and proper British manner. The re~ders are urged to
see this picture when the opportunity presents its~lf, as it stars
an original ll;-year old. steam locomotive operating under its own
power. This engine is the Lion, built in 18)8 for the Liverpool &
Manchester Haillt/ay, of the 0-4-2 type, with tender. There are, as
wf!ll, several
other, Iilore mod(~rn engines and rolling stock, and the
mC.flY panoramas of the tra:nc runnj,llg <:>.1 D!)f thro~lr-}-, t:1€ En;-:lish coun-
tryside leLve little to be c.esired .in t!1c photcge:-:-ri …. sense. The
Secretary of the Association has b~en advised by ~, ~lo~treal office
of the proaucers that the picture will he shown <:it ·,jhc Avenue Theatre,
probably during January or February. Furth.Jr uetails ,.,.ill be given
when they become available.
this actually happened on NOY~·Ib0r 7th, .,.hen C<.lni...(:i3.1 Pac­i
fic Train lio .13, the IfSoo-Lominiollll (St.. Pau] -::005e .1aw) st::-uck an
Empty building -lhich was bei.e moved on a trailer across the Com­
pL..nys mctin 1,1oo~e Jaw-Horth ?ortal line near Ibsen, Sask., 7 miles
northwest, of Yellow Grass: th~ mCvel~~ had faj led to seek the railway
cOl1panys permission to make t,his move, &nd the (ollis ion occurr€lG
v:hcn one of the trailE:lr wheel
s slid off the crossinr. planks. No one
was injurc;:d but the train, pulled by en,(ine 2444, ,as dalaye:i one hour.
Subsc!)_ftion5 cease with
Th,YH.: ,;,esirint t.o rEne.1 their subsc­
t::> 1a:l .,.1 .• ,0 to the Editorial Office,
15, bE-fore J)f..cemb…,r 31st, 1953.
this issue of the Ne/s Hepor:..
riptions for 19)/ .. are rt:4u3s~d
6959 De ItEpee iI,f-r • ..le, Iliontrl;.:C]
!0fl7REAL THp.!13PUllfATItJIl CO!.~-lI5SIu~ llOTLS
r.iontreal experienced its fifth strike of transportation employ­
ees in ten yeus, when the lJrllployeus, members of the Crnauian Broth­
erhood of HailHay Emp]oyees, /alkeu off the job to attend a contin­
HOllS meeting It on baturuay, Iiovc;noer 21st. The stopp3.fC ,a5 in effce…
Oll Saturday only. Some of the operators returned to work on SunJay
morninp: and by Mcnday morninr, the 23rJ, service had been re:::;t,ored to
Hormal. Othcr stril:es occurred in 1143 and 1944, and in 1950.
On November 8th, rail service on the St. Denis routes was replac(;J
by seventy five new autobussE.s. The portion of the former line
north of Ccemazie Boulevard continu~s in use by streetcars, desig­
nated route 2h rr.-lILLEN.
As a result of the replacer:lt:!nt, a number of cars have been re­
tired. from service for eventual scrapping. In addition to those lift­
ed in the Nover.lber tiews ,(eport, cars 1231, 1306, 1377, 1388 and 11,7)
have been retired. As a result of thH aCQuisition of additional
units of the 2700 autobus series, cars in the 2850 series were order­
ed to be renumbered im~ediately to lA50 series. Just prior to the
strike on Novembe! 21st, all 2850 5 at St. u.;nis Division .(ere renumb­
ered while cars stationed at 3t.Henri Division will be renumbered by
the end of the month. It is expected that new bus acquisitions will
shortly r(~quire the undcrr.oted rcnumberings to be made:
2600 -2605 2650 -2674 3500 -3517 to be renumbured

2005 -%010
1700 -1717
Engines scrapped durine 1953 up to the end of OctohGr are
as follows:
1.18, 440, 443, 459, 463, 469, 5)6, 564, 569, 748, 801,
e77, 895, 2640, 3432, 6210, 0212, 6~20, 6234, 6237, 6243, 6250,
6253, 6257, 6274, 6282, 62d9, 6926.
It is reported that engine 3011, last2-6-0 type on t,he syst.em has
been moved from Smiths Falls to Anr:us Shops for storQ,(c. It hac; not
been in use at ::>miths Falls for a numucr of rflonths and it. is prr:s­
umed that it will eventually be scrapped. It vas built by t,}-,G C.I.l:..
in 188d, classified J3a.
October H3th (Sup day) as the last CnY of
street car servi-:€ on that portion of the
Ottawa Transportation Comll1ic;~i(]n s RIl route
between Sussex l John LCDp o.nd I-.he Loop in
rlockliffe Park. This line, one of the most sceni.c on th3 Ottawa
system, las replaced by an auto bus servj C~ opt:.:ratinl in ruc;h hOlrc
only. Hmlever, it. is understood that this lin€ will nO
l be with-
drawn due to lack of patronage. Removal of tlacks east of the
Sussex &. John Loop was started. immediately :::I.fter the cessation of
service. Counteracting this news to cone defrce is the fact that
the new loop on George and Cumberland streets has been completed.
The new Canadian National Hwys. belt line anu yard at Walkley Road, in
southern Ot taVfl, las inaug1lrated OLl 110vember 13th, when a group,
including CNR off~_~ials and m~lnbers of the Federal District Commission
inspected the new facilities. It is expected that the :ctrd will
be in full operation next year, and ,·:ill replace the present Bank
street yard, in the centre of the city.
Lffective with the timetable change on
the 27th of .eptember last, Canadian
I~ational HailHays transferred 306 miles
of C.ILH. te-:-oritory from thE:: Eastern
I.ime zone to the Atlantic tim.e zone. lhe change affects those
sections of the Ji.tlantic Re(ion between Riviere du Loup, tue. and
(·ampvellton, N.B., and between :r.1atapedia, Que. and Caspa, Que.
Change of railway tide policy will affect the tmms and villaFes alon~
these lines, who are expected to follow suit. Coincidentally, this
change came about in the 70th year following the establishment of
Standard -rime in Canada in 1883, by Sir Sanford Fleminy.
Through sleeping car service bet Central Vermont Raih,ay was di3cont.inued effective September 27th.
Former Canadian National (Uest Indies) Ste,amships vessels If LADY NELSGI;
and LADY RODNEY have been sold to -the Iihedivial ~1ail Line of Egypt.
The LADY I~ELSON has been renamed uCUMHURYAT iUSR J ,hile the LADY
RODNEY has bten rechristened MECCA.
The Ferrocarriles Nacionalcs de J4cxico nlaced a new train in service
on Aue;ust 27th bet If Aztec Eagle, the train uses new liyht weight th,iss-built cars.
Neanwhile, international service between Canada and the United States
has been cut drastically by elimination of six Canadian National and
Central Vermont trains. lrains 43, 44, Ih3 and 144 oct.wee!1 lontreal
and St.Alhans, Vt. were discontinued October 1st, while trains 79 and
80 formerly op~ratine bctveen l~ontreal and Fort Covin[:ton, N.Y., now
operate betweEm i-ior!treal and Huntingdon, Gue. only. The cancellation
of n05.43, 44, 143 and ll~4 means the completed discontinuance of pas­
senger service on the St.Armand Subdivision between 8~.Joh~s, Que.
and ~wanton, Vt~ The line, served untl1 recently liy diesel-clec:tric
railcar C.V.148,,as at one time the route of the Washingtonian, the
t-1ontrealer and the Arpbassador.
Canadian iJational Itailways has applied to the Boa.rd of Transport for permission to abandon 5.24 r[,i.] es of track bt.0 Trenton, l..Jova Scotia and Pictou Landing, dUG to lack cf tl-affic.
It is said that new stations nrc b~ing planned in Ca:!.rf:ry by both of
the major railways. CPR is considcrinL: construction of a new station
in the vicinity of Fifth Street Ucst, closin~ the old station so that
an addition can be built to tile Companys Palliser Hotel. CNR has
.1.1so considered extending its terminal line to a ne{ station which
would be built on the southeast corner of 17th Avenue and 1st St. Hest.
The President of the: lhite Pass & Yukon ?ai lway has announced that the
pos~ibility of standard-gauginp and 8xtpndi.n? the line beyond wbite
Ho(se, Y.T. is being studied.
Canadian t1ational Railways has offered to purchase the London &. Port
3tanley Railway if the city-owned system can get rid of its passenger
business. Issue,. is to be deciued by a rattJp;.yers vote on December
7th, aftur which business could fO to Eastern Canadian Greyhound Lines.
I 1-lanmond Brothers, Montreal
1$53 -56.
_ b R.R. Brown
Jhen James G. Ferrier was con­
teipl.e.ting the construction of
the Hontreal and L<:,.chine Railroad
in the sprj.l1f of 1846, it was
only natural that he turned to
his n~tive 0cotlRnd for rails
:-nd for some of the lEquired rolling stock. He was an i:l1porter
:.!ld distributor of hardware and mQ.chinery and one of his principal
ulppliers was the Dundee firr:1 oi l:inmond, Hutton and .3teele.
As a result of thiS, three locomotives were built in Dundee -­
-·~.O for the Lachine road ant:. ooe for the Champlain & 3t. Lawrence
. :.!il Road. I,jhen they were delivcre_d in the oprine: 01 1$4d, they
, ·~re accompanied by 1;1. L. Kinmond, a nephew of the chief partner of
:.11e JJunaee firm, and by Sandy Millar, formerly with the Dundee and
:rbroath Railway, who remained in Canada and became master mechanic
(If the Lachine line. In at..dition to beine an expert enrineer and
fI!3 chinist, Kinmond appears to have been u competent sales:nan and
:.L!slnessman and) Jurine hj sbrief stay in Canaela, he was instrumen­
+…al in procutin€, tNO serytceable second hanJ locomotives fror.1 the
.!lrJroath 3.nd Forfar Railway for use .on the .:3aint Lalrcnce and
ktlantic Rail Hoad. He seems to have been impressed with the
future prospects ai La1ada., and, fevenl years later when the Gr3.nd
l.1unk, the Great ~Jestern and other r£!.ilw;:·.y projects Here just begin­
ning ~o ge~ under way, h~ came back to Montreal in the early spring
of 1853, bringing llith him from Dundee, the tools, machi!1ery and the
skilled workmen needed for the establishment of a locomotive build­i
ng and engineering works.
The e;cact location of his factorY is not known but it las some­
where in tbe il1l.!nediate vicinity of the station of: th~ Montreal and
Lachine rhl,ilroad, ·Jhich WClS later knmm as statlon. He
hsd a contract to build eight locomotives for the Grand Trunk Railway
and, because of t.he early start, it is prohlble th:lt tbe contract
was negotiated before he left Scotland.
The eight locomotives are as f01lo1s:
Works No. 1 C.T.H. No.17 4-4-0 16×24



















66 60

66 60
26 tons
22 tons
2$ tons
Sept. 1$53

Fe). 1354



Works nwnbers are hypothetical from I to 8. Details conc3rninp-
nl]. 8 are not known becau:::,e, H~ile it Has quito new) it ran off the
t::-ack and was lost in the swamp approx:;_w:-tely lbere the present Tur-­
cot. (C.N.H..) roundhouse is situated. The ran ur..til the
gauge was changed from 5 I 6 to 4 I g~ n in 1874.
The next engine, named the OlTAIA, .,<15 built for the t·1ontrc::tl
amI By town Hail way , better knoffl, 0.5 the Carillon & Grenvi lIe f!ai lway.
and it ran in re~ular service until about 1896 hen it was badly
damlged in the destruction of the Garillon en~inehouse by fire.
The Uisr.1antled frame boiler lay on the actjc:.cent wharf for
many years. This engine was
Works No.9
~I. & B. 110. 2 at tawa 4-4-0 16×24 66 26 tons
Sopt. 1$54
Its completion waS noted in the ~lontrcal uGazette of September
2nd, 1$54:
There is now cOJ11pleted and stnndinr outside on the
TD.ils near the factory, close by the Lnchinc Hailroad
station, a superb locomotive envine and tenClcr inten­
ded to be sent up i~nediately to Carillon to run bet­
ween that place and Grenville over that section of the
r40ntreal & Byto1,i11 Railroad. This is the ninth en~ine
made by ~-1essrs. Kinmond during th€ last tlelvc months
bt:!sides otller d~scriptions .of engines and other work;
the other eirht havinr been purchased by the Gr:>.nd
Trunk. The present one is a beautiiul specimen of
that wonderful iron horse and is well worth) of the
notice and the atlr:lir3.tion of the public. This factory
employ .~s 170 or ISO persons –is thE:.! only locomotive
factory in Lower Canada and well deserves public
Public encouragement was not forthcoming, hO-mver, and 1855 was a
dull year. The money markets of the v.orld were dislocatE:;d by
the Crimean lar und the Canadian raihlays found it very Jifficult
to raise thEe money needed for construction. j~ot a sinFle engine
wJ.s built in i·1ontreal in that yE:;ar and, in an effort to ret SOloe
ord€rs, an advertisement a.ppeared in the Gazette at intl.Jrvals:
The Subscribers, in addition to the
manufacture of Locomotive Engines,
arc prepared to furnish
STEM! Ell GINES , BOIL~lS, etc.,
of the most efficient and approved
character for
as well as every description of 1·1ill
WriGht work. Kinmond
About the end of the year, the Grand Trunk Railway ordered
three more locomotives, which ran, like th0ir l-r.}1~cP5~or Kinmowl­
Quilt ene:ines, until tha chanre of gnuGe in 1874.
I These engines Nere:

, ,
Iorks Uo. 10 G.T.d, No. n 4-4-0 15×21 66
28 tons Ilay 1856







. Apparently Ianmond foresaw the disastrous commercial depress ion
of 1857 and, having no more ord~rs on hand, he sold his business,
plant and good will to Dan. C. Guon of Hamilt.on, Canada West. The
~xact date of the transaction is not known but is presumed to have
r~en late in the fallof 1856. Kinmond went alone: as superintendant
of the Gunn works and most of his workmen went, too.
lhl: next article in ~1r. Browns new series iill concern the
s built by Dan. C. Qunn, Kinmonds successor. Other
locomotive building companies will be covered at a later uate.
Uhere space permits, the articles will include lists of the
engines built by the various builders. )
ltlhile the refort carried in the November Report about the pur­
chase of an RDC Budd) car by Canadian National Railways remains
unconfirmed officially, it is now understood. that the car was actua­
lly ordered early in Nov~mber and that delivery is expected early
in Deceulber. The car is to be placed in opt:!ration between Freder-
i cton, N. I3. and Hewcastle. At press time, we were unable to
learn details of the colour scheme or the number assienad to the
new unit, but these details will be riven I/hen they become available.
iell, its subscription-and membc.rship-renewing
time again! fhis is the time of year when the only hJ.pPY individual
in the Association is the Treasurer. Regular members of the Assoc-
ation are rcm~nded, early, that the Treasurer will be ready to
rc::coive their ~3.00 remittances at the Annual meeting in January,
while the associates who subscribe to the News Report are cordially
invited to renew their subscriptions by sending cheque, money order
or postal note to yhc Editor before the end of 1953, for the regUlar
subscription fee, ~l.50. Cheques should be payable to the Association.
Vie hope the readers have found the content of the 1953 public­
ations of interest. lln attempt has been made to vary the newS and
features among the several interests represented by the Associations
members and associates. Stories or features arc invited from any
source, and while the non-profit nature of our Association makes it
imppssible to pay for material, proper credit will be given for
items accepted for publication.
Starting with tho January issue, tho News Reports will bear num·· b
ers, the; series commencing with the first iSGue of the News Report
in 1949. .Jetails will be given in the January issue.
6959 De lEpee Avenue, Montreal L5, Canada.
Orner S.A. Lavallee,

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