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Canadian Rail 031 1953

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Canadian Rail 031 1953

. /
The Associations Annual 1>1eeting w111 De held in rOOI:!
153 Qupens Hotel, on Wednesday, January 14th, 1953 at 8:00 PM. Reports from
the retiring 1952 officers will be read, and election of officers for the
1953 term /111 follow. All of the members nre cordinlly invited to attend
and exercise the voting privilege. Due to the tlC1e taken in reports,
the election, and plans for the coming year, no entertairment has been
scheduled for the January meeting.
announced in the December Nows Report, the BUts­
cription rate for 1953 has ~ecn set at $1.50 by the Association. All subscricers
are invited to ronew their subscription by forwarding chequB
money order to
the ::editorial COr.l1!littee at 6959 De lEpoe Avenue. Montreal I). CheQues and
noney orders should bo made payable to the Association.
Robert R. :Brown
This line was charterod on April 5th, 1869, to build from Sorel. via
St. Guillaume, St.Germain. Drucnondvi11e and LAvenir to a coruloction with the
Grand Trunk Railway nt Richmond. ~e. and a branch from Drw:lmondv:tlle to
:Bul strode on the GTR Trois Riviores :BrllJlch. Hun-ert wooden rails were to be uSf)d.
On Septenber 21st, 1871, the ~ine was oponed from Sorel to Drucmond­
ville and shortly aftnr. fror.l DrUl:lI:lOndville to LrAv·onir. The pe.rt betwoen
LAvenir and Richmond was graded but novel completed. Tho rOIl.d was bought
by the South Ea.storn Raih,ay in 1871 and the next year was rebuilt with iron
rails. A southern connection frol!l Drummondville to Acton Valo ms built in
1876, and extended to Sutton Junction (now En1augra) in 1879. In 1883. the
road was acquired by the Ca.ll!dian P/l.Cific Railway.
In tho spring of 1
891, tho bridgo over the Yanaska River was dest­
royed by tho ico and train sorvice betwoon Sorol and St.Gui11a~~c was dis­
continued. Two years later. service was ended between Drumrnondville and
LAvenir. Only about ono nilo of the originnl lino, in the town of Druouond­
villo, remeins in usa. In 1899, tho a.PJldoned soction froD Sorel to tho Yao­
ask.l Rivcr was Gold to tho Q.outh Shoro Railway (Q.
.M.& S.) and the rcmo.i:1der
d i sI!lB.n tled.
1. n
E.J. HEMMIlID-II 4-4-0 14,:;24
42 1872 Rhodo Island #272.
South Eastcrn Ry. #2 Richoliou.
2. ST. FRANCIS n …….. 0 i4o<24 57 1852 Hinkloy *384.
Ex Grand Ry. #8,1 bought 1871.
Bocano South Bastern Ry. ~, scrapped 1895.
This is the concluding articlo, for tho tiDQ being, in tho serios concorning
stoar.! raih/ays in the Ea
storn Tm111shipa. To cntor to tho olectric rR.ilwA,Y
intorGst, Hr. Drown has written ~, eorioe of hictorlo9 of Stroot Rld.lw,qys o£
the HaritiDe Provincos. nnd thc first nrticlo, concerning tho Nctlfoundland
Light & Power Co. at St.John
s, N.F. appoars with this isSUl) of the No
Report. It will bo followod by stories about tho SystODS in Sydnoy, NcwGlasgml,
Moncton, etc. in succeeding issues.
~ladirm tiationru.·Railwnya have received HAil u.nit, 1500 h.p. diesel
-electric :;oconotives, 8706 to 8716 (even nos. only) fron Canadian Loconotive
. Conpa.1Y at Kingston.
It is report6d that the CanadilUl Pacific RailwlIy fill shortly test one
of the 3ue.:i CO:1plln~rl s R.!X} diesel.~nechnnica1 rail cars. It is reported that
the test; pe~iod .d:;l si:z weeks. Details of the itinerary have not
been !=4:lic:.y dic,clcsed, but it is believed that one of the services in which
t:ri …… ). Tl:lg ~.~ 11 ba !:.rul.b ,,,ill be that between Montreal and. Ottawa.
Canad.1n.:1 NB.tionnl P.a.1h-eys will shortly install staircases fran the Uontreal
Centrr: i-;·;a~i.on t~ lngmlcheti6ro Street to A.llow freer access to the streets
for ,::oT!lr~:ter6 arriving on suburban trains. The new exits will be provided
fro::} plu,;;folT:IS 9-10. 11-12, 13-14. 15-16.
It is understood that certain British railway equipoent builders have expressed
,., desire to offer tenders for the Canadian National Rai1orays new equipnent
The Montreal Trnnsportation Co~ission inaugurated two new autobus routes in
Montreal on Decenber 14th. The n61 routes are F.LEURY. in the Ahuntsic
section of the City, ~~d RARCIuY AVENUE, in the Cote des Neiges District.
An inproved suburban service was inaugurated on the Canadian Pacific Raih,ay
b6t~.,een M-:mtrenl, lakeshore suburban points, on Monday, D3cenber 15th,
95?-.s T-.,,) !l9W trc..~!ls) one in the oorning, the other in the evening, ,.,rere
p] aced :IT. SOrv~.Cf:l ai; the S&1;I6 time as the Conpany opened a new stl ion at
PDtJ BEAO.s:~ 1 … 1 ni:as west uf .Dorval. {Editor I s notel How Long will it Ie
er} sonG
c!.: :Beach ~ranch i)
~e nine 36 gauge road diesel ~itchere for the Newfoundland Railway have
1een cocrp1eted and tested ty General Motors Diesel Lio~ted at London, and they
are being shipped to Newfoundla..1d. They bear rond nu.T)bers (Clm) 900 -908.
first official tinetable of the Quecec North Shore & Labrador Railway
haq been issued by the contractors, Cartler-McNamare,..Mannix-Morrlson-K::o.ndsen.
Designated Construction Tinetaele !lA, it took effect at 12:01 AM Sunday.
ovenber 30th, 1952 and is governed by Atlantic Standard Tine. As the line
has not been entirely cOr.1pletod. no schedu.les are shown, however. Stntions
shuotn are as follows
1 0.0
2 3 KEl-iAT 15 5.4
3 18.2
T5LLIER 16 23.3
4 35.5
17 45.4
5 45.8 NIPISSO 18 63.5 SHAJlO
6 57.9 TIKA 19 83.4
7 80.0 PREMIO 20 105.8 ESKER
8 102.3 lfACO a 12G.6 FAlJEll
9 122.5 ImRESNE LAKE 22 147.5 !IENIHEK
10 139.1 ERIC
23 158.0
11 156.1 SllAlIORSl1 24. 172.0 GILLING
12 166.6 EMBAR 2:;. 180,> KJIOB LAKE
1) 178.7 PITAGA MOISIE DIV. Splled Linit: Throl tunnels
14 181,5 OllEWAY
El!ilwher!il -)Q
It is reported that a.r:long the aSBeh to come into the hands of the Canad.iAll
Nfl. t ionel Raihl8.Ys hen it tAke B over the Uational Harours Board rfilwll¥
at Vencouver on Jnnuar,y 1st, will e threo 10comoti8s.
Union Pacific RP..ilro~~. has ordered an n.(~.di tional 15 gaa-turline locor.lotive s
from GenerAl :sJlectrtc. ~1s order supplements n previous order for ten units.
The Iestern Quebec
Forestry Association will reCUe st )oth major Canadian
railways to make line extensions in northern Queoec. The Cnnadian N~tional
system ,·,ill be asked to extend the :Barraute Iranch to Chi~ouga.!tI.ou, , … hile
n propoonl will be put to the CPR to extend the Timiskaming SU~dlvi~ton
from Angliers, northward.
CNB. and CPR inau.c;urated, during D:lcember, the handling of loaded truck
trailers on flat caro between Hontrea.l and Toronto. This service e.s detailed
in our Dececber News Report.
Third Class Verdi -Italian state Raill-lays t T, trains ,,,111 be provid.ed
with thoir own transmitting stations, f.r the purpOse of providing music
and entertainment, announcements of interest, cor:unents concerning .. he region
through which the train is passing, etc. hy moans of loudspeakers in each
oornpartr.l(3nt, and individual units hidden in the headrests of scats. In tho
cnso of the compartment loud~eal:ers. the brc.adclst C?..n be swl tched off
with the ~tual cons~nt, of all occupants.
Supplementing tho list of c~rs in storage ~ the Montrenl Transportetlon
CO)1U;1ission, listed in our Dccer.lbor issue, it is rel10rted that cars 1270
and 1219 have been rcplaced in service, and cnrs 1285 and 1378 ho:~e been
withdrllfn into storage at Youville.
STEGET RAIL11AYS OF :mAST:illill c.l.nADA – I Robert R. Erot … n
The most easterly street rftilway on tho oldest street in North Aneries.
nDout sums up tho more noteworthy fentures of the trnlll·my in St. JOhnlSt U.F.
189f.:, the Governmont of ne,·rfou1d1I3.nd entered into a contract ith !1.G.F.eid
8 Company which just completed the building of the overllmd railway frem
PlnccntiD. Jct. to Port-aw::-:9asques, whereby it ,as n.groed thc.t [ nev conpany,
to be knolm es the Roid-!Tmfoundland Comprony, 1Ould operate tho ,{rioua­
.rnys OIVued by tho government, and certain other public utilities, including
fl.n clectric stroot rail~V::o,y in St. Johns.
ilork on the St. John
l s
Street Railt … ay started late in tho follOVing:
year And on l; 1st, 1900 regular serrico starton on i-Tater Street. Tho 11no
extended from the intersection with Topsail and Waterford Bridge roads, in the
west ond, to Hill 0 Chips, in the cast end, n distance of 1.75 miles. ~lC
Cf.r barn tas just off ~ll.ter Stroet, at tho corner of Job B Bridge Road,
and opPQsitc the raill-ra.y station (the prosent station). M; ttw.t time, the
ilwp.y station and shops Icro in the enat end whore the NO·/fou.ndland Hotel
is now. The line on ilatcr Street Yes doublo trnck, Yith vcry light groOVo
ls, and the liewfoundland gauge of )16 ras used.
A y
ear lnter, on May 7th, 1901, throe other lines vere completed nr.d
opened for traffic. Tho :Belt Line started at the cast end, climbed up
Hill olChips, Ordnance Street and Military Road to the summit at Rawlina
Cross, then de:5conded the hill by CCw.eens Road and joined the main line at
the foot of Adelaide StrGct noar the POst Office. Th0 Lel1archant line atarted
from Rawlins Cross and ran ~/0st~mrd along Harvey Road and LeMarchant Road
to the head of Barter! s Hill. The Hamilton line ran lestIard from Adolaide
Stroet on New Gower Street vnd. Hamilton AvenuQ to the corner of Leslie street.
tho :Selt Lino, at the head of Ordnance Street, thore ,ms a spur into
the shops of the Newfoundl:=ond Raihlay and for a year or two tho cnrs were
repaired in the re ihray shops.
sults did not come up to expectations and after a year, service was
discontinued on the LeHarchant Road. and Ha.nilton Avenue lines. The Water
Street and the lIel t Lines … re:ro combined and cars starting from fator Street
,.,est ran east, then around the :Bolt to Adelaide Street and then returned
by the same route. After iforld iiar I, the Roids gradually wi thdrm, from
their various enterprises in Newfoundland and in 1923. the St.John
s Stroet
Railway was sold to the N8Ifoundland Light & Power COr.lpany. Plans lOre
to rehabilitR-te the property and in 1925 tho line ims completely rebuilt
Tith heavier rails and new cars Itere bought. Instead of the double track on
Water Street, there was a single track with turnouts but oddly enough the
track ilaS off contre and the second trolley ,.,..iro was left aloft for over
twenty years. There wore t..,.o JIlinor relocations; Hilla Chips was dangerous­
ly steep, so the new line left later Stroet and turnod up fl lane just west
of the ~1ar Mc-morial and then ran cast on D.lckworth Street and instead of turn­
ing up Ordnance Street, it went on the opposite side of a little park and
passed in front of the Newfoundland Hotel i,thich had been erocted on the aite
of the old Fort iHlliam station, as it was known.
w.ring World If conditiOlls; minor collisions were frequent during the complete black-out,
maintenance had to be neglected and the traffic was greatly in exces~ of the
normal capacity of the oouipment. In the extremely damp climate, the st8el
in the car bodies had gr~ually rusted aI-/ay and. it was said that only the
many coats of paint kept the cars from falling apart.
Plans were mado to replace the railw~ with a modern trolley bUB GO~e~
but in tho meantime, the city very foolishly allow~d the ostablishmQnt of a
rival in the form of an agressive but very inferior bus service so on Sept­
ember 15th, 194{3, the Newfoundland Light & POl., Company-qui t the transport,…-
atien field and abandoned tho street railway. Like many other similar
fommunities, St. John1s had good reason to nourn the passing of the little
red Birneys.
In 1900, the Company purchased eight single truck double­
end closed ce,rs from A.C. Lariviero of lI.ontroal. They ~.,erc numbered 1 to 8.
They wore ~lmos~ idontical1y the samo as the single truck cars then being
built for the Montrofl.l Street R.1.ilway. Most of them were brokon up in 1926
but ono or two survived until 1927 or 1928.
No.9 was n r4cG-uir&-Cummings Slreeper bour,ht in 1900; it was scrapped in 1948.
In 1925, eight Llirneys, rrumbcred 10 to 17 wero bought from the Ottm·;a Car
and Manufacturing Co. ThOUfJ1 built for a narrow-gnugo 1ino, the bodies ~-rere
full sizq there was no :eva,.1ng n.nd the motion …. ras very easy rut that was clue
to the relatively heavy rails. ihough standard Birnoys, they differed in ono
res»,ct –tho two doors at opposito ends wore both on tho SalnQ side of
the C unloading them, one of then slipped out of the slings nnd landod on tho
bottom of St.Johns harbour Cut, fortunatoly, t ill effects.
(:ro~t_L1.Qn1h_-_Cn.ble_c~r§ on Bell Islam, He nOTICE TO SUl3SCRIBERS:
Rocently, the Editoria,l Commit teo took inventory of back copies of the Ne s
Report .,hich remain on filo, t .. ith & viow to offor them for sale ~.t a nooinal
~~ so that subscribera mRy ~omplote thoir files. Tho average nunber of
copies on hand is Ftbout a dozen, so thnt those intorostei ,,auld do .. ell to
ordor immodiA.tely. Copies AVI.ilablo arc:
1949 -lad oach.
Octe~cr -J! pages, news.
1950 -lad och.
D:lcember -3 pages, noo(s.
January -~ pages, hmis. February -5% pages, nows, history Bnd rostor of
~na & Joneuiorc Ny. March -~ pages, nows, historJ and rostor of Robcrvnl
& Saguenay Ry. May -3 pages, nows, contenary St.Laurent & Village dIntustrio
RAilway. June -J pagos, nows. September,-4 pages, nows, notos O&LC Ry.
and ~ centenary. October -5 peges, ilivclopment of Dicsll-olec. nil
car (with dif.gram of eN 15820). }Tovombor -History of ~cbec & Gosford F.y.
2 pagos. December, 5 !lages, Newfoundlp.l1d Ry. locomotive roster.
1951 -10d each.
January -2 pages, roster of F..e:NA Ry. March -5 pages, :Budd RDC-l on CUR.
May -~-pages, news. Juno-July -5 pagos, nows, otc.
Copies nrc also available of August, 1951, and following issues in 1952:
A9.:.-n, ~ray, June, July-Aug., Sept.-Oct. I Uovomber nnd r:ccombor for .1Si
e&chG (ont0nts ~ro too lengthy to be described) but range in size from
) pugos to 13 p~eos.
Mc.ross your request to tho Editor, 6959 De llEpee Avenuo, Montreal 15.
-Orner S.A. Lavallee.
Continuing our oxaminntion of tho so-called ItKoofer Report
, the Re)ort of
the In.spector of R2ilways, Samuol Keofor, to the :Bonrd of nailwny COnr.:lission­
ers, for the years 1859 n.nd 1860, we come upon {.])))endix no. 15 11 shewing tho
nvcrnge speed, Rnd the averago nUI!lber of Cars in the Trainsll.
the Appendix, it is found that the fastest trains of 1060 run upon tho
Muntreal & Champlain Railway, ·rhoso return shows that oxpress tre.ins en that
road the Grant! Trunk
s aver.ges, in those cfltegories, wore 25 and )0 respectively
whilo the Grnat tiestern
(evidently compiled with much Qrecision 8..ld detail~
24.71 and 27.50. ftvorf.gos nre sho-m for various types of trains,
as express tr.:tins
accomodation trf.ins, mixod trn1ns n.nd freight trains.
Groat Western ran fastor froight than mixed trRins~ T~l.o record for tho
slowest averago train speed, includi!ll; stops, .. a5 shOlm by the St.Lam-cnt &
Villago dIndutltrio Raihfn;!T, hoso mixon rockotod at 9.44 m.p.h.!
As to cOflsist. the avorA.go number of cars in trc.ins, from twelve out of
sixtoen re.ilways reporting, worked out as follows:
Passenger — -3.2 cars 141;:;;;od —7.5
Freight _ – -_11.6 II i100d and Maintenance – -9.7 cars ..
The longest trp.ins ,.;oro run by tho Gro(.t Wostorn, Those freight draga
averagod 23 cnre, ,hilc the shorteBt trains ,.,ere pulled on the We11a.1d,
whoso passenger train included but one coach, plus tho ongine.
Anpcndix 16, concerning employment, brought out the fact thRt in lc60, thore
wero 6,606 railw::-.y omployees in tho Cfl.11A.dC.s. Nearly, hnlf, J,118, ,.,erc cnploy­
cd by the Grand Trunk, uhUo 2,049 wore omployod by tha Grea.t l1estorn .. Tho
rillon & Gronvillo employed tho fewest, ll~ What would the l ….. bour orgnn­
i:z:l.tions h. …. ve enid about the Port hOPO, Linclsay & Beaverton, ,·tho list
lot mon as l
lCchanics. 2J o.s onr,inomon, 2i firemon, Md In as conductor~ ?
CO:1sidor tho C.lternRtios p_l1d draw your own conclusion ns to wh.t tho -;rColl­
ductor did ,-r!th the othor part of his timOi
Keefor Report inclUdes pRrticularly meticulous inforW ion concerning
accidonts on tho raihUl.ys during the years 1859 and 1860, and whilo IfIP.ny
of tho incidents reported were tho unfortu.nate ceuse of or injury to
1 considor£.blp number of peoplo, Bomo of tho incidents ero not ,.,ithout an
/1lllUsing ,speot. It struck the author that r;;..ilway employoes of ninot7
years fgo had pprtioulo.rly durlle hcnds. On July 4th, 1859, ono JIlO.
Farroll, Br~kesman on the Great Wostern Ry. is reported to have struck his
ho?d ,.,hile looking out the sido of a car. The result is listod simply ss
not seriously hurt. Another brnkesman on the some lino, one William Ihynnu,
ho~ was injured accoUJlt struck by bridge whilo stnnding on top of
a car similarly ,.,as not seriously injured
• Anothor trp.inman on the aame
lino, a. Hm.,ard, likc,iso ,.,as not seriously injurod wh~n ho JU1:lpod
off tho Engine while in motion, fell on the Track, t .. nd struck his he~.d against
the rnil and cattle gunrd
Another Cfl60 was thnt of Simmons, n IIPassong€lr
on tho CHlR ,.,ho died a.s 0. result of burns sufforod by sparks from the engine,
(rether engine§. -Prospera and Hecate) ,.,hile standing on the ;front platform
of :Baggage Cnr, where he ,.,as rid1ng to avoid pe.ying his ff).re. 1110 Hill
evor know ,.;hnt Fireman H. Zuin10 of tho mffi Wf.s doing .,hen he .;o.s slightly
injured by being by a bridge near Xomoka, ..,hile standing on ton of
Boilor of Engino 01111l6.
Appendix 110. 8 contnins n description of the swing bridgos in use on the
rcspe~tive railways, on January 1st, 1661. This report is givon in detail.
Loce.tton 1I00d or·
Spans Length
/ -,
Great 1estern WellD.nd CFtlV.:l Iron 1 401 106

Desjardins CarmI 1 66 126

Walland Chippo,.,a Creok ilood 2 501 11<4
:9uff. & L.Huron Wellnnd Ca!.Jll 1 64 104
tr 1/ Fooder 11 60 92
OobClUrg & PetOro Rico Lro.kc n 2 521 126
Grand Trunk Lach1ne C!lr>l Iron 2 49 122
n Kingston Hrrbour ~Iood 1 40 60
n Richol1eu River 1 64
Stan. ~& Ch.-I…ID.~ 1 40 I 50 I
EDITORIAL OFFICE: 6959 DOlEpoo -;:;e;-; Montreal.-Edltor: O.5.A:-LAVAIJoEm
Subscription r~to for 1953: $1.50.

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