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Canadian Rail 013 1950

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Canadian Rail 013 1950



t o/,,:
Announ ceme n t of Mee t i n g .
The Novembe r mee t i ng of the Associ&tion will be held on Ve dne sda y,
ovembe r 8t h , 1950 at the Associated Screen News, 1330 She rbrooke
7e s t , ne
ar Moun tai n St reet . The en t e r tai nme n t is beingarranged by
Mr . J. Norman Lowe, our Pub l i c i t y Chairman, wh o has ar ranged an int­
er est i ng pr ogramme of moving pictures, slides, etc. It is ho ped that
there wi l l be a go od turnout for what promises to be an interesting
e v en i n g s en ter ta i nmen t . A short busine s s mee ting a t 8 fl! will pre cace
the mov i n g p ic tures .
a.S.A. Lavalle e, Secretary.
Items of I nterest
The assignmen t of two diesel loc omo t i v e s to tho Shawinigan Falls Ter­
minnl Ra ilwa y in Septembe r , brought the us e of elec t r i c engin es to
an cn d, after fifty years of juice operation. The SFTR was rec on t Ly
taken over jo i n tly by the Cana d i an National Railways and the Can adian
P0ci f i c Ra ilway. One 1000-HP die s el SWitc h ing locomotive from 6ach
ailway has bo an assigned. Th ese engi ne s are:
CPR 417010
B-B t ype. 1000 HP America n Loco Co.(#702 39) 194 3
CNR #8010
n it
Mon t real Loco Co.(#76490) 1949
A roster of the elec t r ic loc omotiv e s and a history of the She winigan
Falls Te rminal Ry., appenreQ in ou r July -AUGust is su e.
h8 SUdbury – Copper Cliff St reet Railway ce ased operat ion of it s
,lec tri c r
ail line s on Sat u rday, Se ptember 30th, 19 50. All rolling
st OCk,
including 11 elec t r i c passenger cars (n o s.29-39 in c l.), a
ocomotive-plow, and a rotary plow, were sold t o Greonspoon Bros. ,
bury scrap dealers . Through the eff or ts of Mr . Cl egg and Mr . Laval­
le e of tho CRilA, the wh ist l e of SCCSR Car #30 TIes dona ted to the
Assoc ia t i on by Gre cnspoon Brothers.
The Algoma Ce ntra l Be Hud son B[~y Ry., a r-o awai t Ln g delivery of five
die s el roa d s~ itcha rs from G c n~r al Motor s Dies e l Ltd., tond on, Onto
British Columbias famed Pacific Great E
,s tern Ry , ha s pLacod an
or der for a number of road diesel engi nes ~ i t h the Mont roal Loco ~or lcs .
THe s
uccess attaining the completion of the Saint Lawr ellce &
In du str y Vi l laGe Ra ilway in 1850 prompted man y en terprising suggest ­
ion s for r
ailTIay construction durin G the Fi f t ies . Not the lea st of
these ~a s the formation of a Ccmp ~ny in 1854 to build a line of rai l ­
ay fram Quebec to th e River Ste.Anne, for eventual nor th~~rd ex t Gn s ­
n. The projec t U8S al lowed to la p s e, ho~cvG r , an d w~ s not r evived
nt i l 1868, ~ h en a United Stnte s-rnil~ay contractor namGd Hulbert
r~iv 6 d on the scene wi th a e et-rich-quick scheme to bui l d wooden
r nilway s i n v~ ri ous parts of the Province. Politician s of tho time
r6 not slow to rG ~ :liz6 th e potential ities of Hulbe rts idea, wi th
h~ result that on Apr i l 5, 1069, th e Le gislature of the Provinco
passed an Ac t . for pu b l i c aid to a number of woo den ra ilway s, for
complGt i on by Ju ly 1s t, 1872.
Announcement of Meeting.
The November meeting of the Associatioti will be held on Wednesday,
November 8th, 1950 at the Associated Screen News, 1330 Sherbrooke
7est, near Mountain Street. The entertainment is being arranged by
Mr. J. Norman Lowe, our Publicity Chairman, who has arrc.nged an int­
eresting programme of moving pictures, slides, etc. It is hoped that
there will be a good turnout for what promises to be an interesting
evenings entertainment. A short business meeting at 8 PM will procec.,
the moving pictures.
O.S.A. Lavallee, Secretary.
Items of Interest
The assignment of two diesel locomotiVes to the Shawinigan Falls Ter­
minnl Railway in September, brought the use of electric engines to
Gnd, after fifty years of juice operation. The SFTR was rcioontly
taken OVGr jointly by the Canadian National Railways and the Canadian
Pacific Railway. One 1000-HP diesel switching 10comotivG from each
railway has boen assigned. These engines are:
CPR #7010
CNR #8010
B-B type. 1000 HP
American Loco Co. U,t70239) 1943
Montreal Loco Co.(#76498) 1949
A roster of the electric locomotives and a history of tho Shewinigan
Falls Terminal Ry., appeared in our July -Aucust issue.
h0 Sudbury -Copper Cliff Street Railway ceased operntion of its
ctric rail lines on Saturday, September 30th, 1950. All roIling
tock, including 11 electric passenger cars (nos.29-39 incl.), a
locomotive-plow, and a rotary plow, were sold to Greanspoon Bros.,
Sudbury scrap dealers. Through thG efforts of Mr.ClacG [,no. Mr.T..2..va1-
le0 of the CRHA, tho y:histle of SCCSR Car 1F30 vms donated to the
Association by Greonspoon Brothers.
The Algoma CentrEd & Hudson B[~y Ry., ara aYiG.iting delivery of five
diesel roed s~itchers from Gcn~ral Motors Diesel Ltd., London, Onto
British Columbias famed Pc:cific Great E order for a number of road diosel engines ~ith the Montreal Loco ~0rks.
THe success attaining the completion of the Saint Lawrsnce & Industry VillnC6 Railway in 1850 prompted many enterprising suggest­
ions for railTIay construction during the Fifties. Not the leust of
these ~ns ~he formation of a Ccmp~ny in 1854 to build a lino of rail­
~ay from Quebec to the River Ste.Anne, for eventual north~&rd GxtGns­
ian. The project was allowed to lapsG, ho~cvGr, and w~s not reVived
til 1868, when a United States-rnil~ay contr~ctor namsd Hulbert
nrrivcd on the scens with a get-rich-quick scheme to build wooden
rnilways in v~rious parts of the Province. Politicians of tho time
were not slow to rG~;lizG the potentinlitiGs of Hulberts idc[t, 7ith
the result that on April 5, 1069, the Legislature of the Provinco
passed an Act.for public aid to ~ number of wooden railways, for
complGtion by July 1st. 1872.
I .. ~
On the same da te , Apr i l 5, 1069, the Quebec & Go sfor d Rci] ~ay
w~ s incor)ornted to bu i l d betwBcn those two loca lities, under the
t erms of t he Ac t respe cting a Id to wo o don r ai 1v. :~ y s. I t v:r.s c cnel dcr ed t to commencc buLLd lng from the LnLand ter minu s at Iz.c a 1116,
26 mi Le s from QUll1b Gc , an d c ar r y construction ou t war d, This ~ f D.S b egun
in SGptember 1869, and the grading and much tracklay inc; ~a s complG t ed
i thin a year . The line wa s f ~irly st ra icht a s the ~oo dcn-r8 i l c on­
st r uct
ion did nat al low of much curvDture and to keep the CGs t s as
low as pos si
ble, several mi les of track were Inid on a lo~ tr6stle~ork,
c i~ 11y tho sec t ion ju s t outside of Quebe c. A notable erGiue crinc
f ea
ture ~as a bridge over 1500 feet lone, inc l uding ~pprouch6 s , ovs r
tho Ja c~uc s-CartiBr Riv4&, and an inspection trip was made in the
summer of 1070 to vi e~ the construction of this structure. As EnGine
the Jacques Co.rti6r had e v ered by tf,[c dbeen dLd Rh ode L s Lari
ryorks in JUlie of that year, i t ~ as uscd on this trip, coupled to SGVer0
aI f la t cars,
eral weeks before th e contract &apsed, the Que bcc & Gosford
was o,ened wi th due ce remon y of church and stato, on the 26t h of Nov­
smbcr, 1870. and af ter an excellent repa s t at th e St.Louis Inn, tho
;V ~~6z10 1ders and the ir guost s made ,. round trip on the Ll no , Th,c St2.·
Lion in Que bec was located in the St.Malo section of the city. On thL
24th cf December following, the na me of the compvny was chansed to the
;ll,u e b bc and Laks St . John Ry.Co. . The line V:[tS auccesafu Lly cpera te d
inG DGcombGr 1070, [.11d for 1. pa r t of the sen son of 1871. In 1 87 2~
a cons tan t ser vice W2. S of fered from H ·.y to Ncvembe r, and t Iie i c
f ar exceedcd the expe o t at Lon s of [~n y of tho corapanys Ln c or pcrn tor s,
Re p
cirs after ench successive soason did Duch to di scredi t th e
wood6n-r~ i l type of construction, and it secms ev idsnt that h~ d iron
il been us e d from tho bCGinn inG, the line micht hnvo c onti nu6 ~ in
suc ce ssful oporation cons tcn t ly from that tifls f or~ 3r d. In 1873 , the
fi nancial out la y for re pairs 2n d tho resultant dG l~y in thc lines
op en i nG did m
uch to discrodi t it in the ayes of the p~ tron s of the
. ~ iliF t o a
standstill nnd t ho l oc omotiv os , ~h i ch had beon increa se d to threo
by th ~t time, and SOfie of the equipment, wero stored at Qucbec. This
c qu
i pmon t 1a;/ unus ed until ID81 , wh on it I,,.S t aken out of rc t t r cnon t
to bo used in th o bui Ld tnj; of the Quebec & Lr.kc St.John :2 ;:~ iJ.;; i :y t ov-­
urds tho Upp
or SaGucna? In Juno of lCeO, the Q&LStJRy. rc~chc d
Ch1.:mborct on Lake St.John, 176 mi les from Quebec. EiChtco:1 ycars
ster e thus roquired to build this f i r s t mai n link of the line :110 3 0
i21strumont[:lity in the ooLon t za t Lc n of t he nort h coun t r y s tr.n ds prolj.­
ntly in tho recent hist0ry of tho Prcvince of Quebec.
rinGits per iod of fict ive opor~ t icn , tho Q&G inc l u dod about
fivG do zen sm~l l cars in its ro st er, and three locomotivos:
IIJacqu os C c~rt icr Rh ode i a, fi;1?2 1070 14x 2
± c yLs , 5 ~1 eer ie
J~ 2 r. G
b 0
•• ~
7L!:r n II I 11
It 4.I ,,-to
iF 3 IIGos folc1 II 1i~ 275 tIII
Tho Go sford wa s letter r enemed tile f1J.B.Renaud and -;; CcS I e,:: B S :: in
1005-06 to the Pont iac P~c if ic Junc t ion By. for con struction uso. It
V: 2.S later rebu rncd tc tho Q&LSt JRy. The Jacque s C c~rt i er and the
Qu ebec were als o later renamed -tho former becominG the Fr ~nk W.
Ros s
v, tho latter, the llCcl.M. ). Baby. rho three engLn os cven tuaTly
became 11os.28, 29 and 30 of the C::….:1Ldinn Hor thGr n Rt.,i 1vfcty Ce. , ;,~n d
~or6 sc r~~pGd in 19 12.
, On the samo dnt?, April 5, 1069
the Quebec & Gosford R~il~ay
Incor~orat6d to bUlld betwBcn those two localitios, under the
terms of the Act rssp6cting [,io to ,ooden railY,~.Ys. It wr.s considGred
€x96~iGnt to co:m111CnCG buildinG from the inlr:nd terminus ,<:,t L,:c a lIl€,
26 Tules from Que;bec, and cP.rry construction outvJD.rd. This ,fD.S befun
in SGptember 1869, and the grading and much tracklayinc ~as comp16~ed
~ithin a year. The line was f[:irly straiGht as the ~oodcn-rail con­
truction did nat allow of much curv8tura and to keep tha CGsts as
ow as possible, several miles of trnck ~ere Inid on a lo~ trestlework,
ospeci~lly the section just outside of Quebec. A notable arBinecrinc
eature ~as a bridge over 1500 foet lonG, including approuches? ovsr
the Jacques
-Cartier Riv4w, and an inspection trip was made in the
ummer of 1070 to vie~ the construction of this structuro. As Enc
Ho.1, the Jacques Carti6r had be.en delivered by t:t;rc Rhode Island
ryorks in June of that year, it ~ns used on this trip, coupled to scver6
nl fL:~t cars,
everal weekS befors the contract lApsed, the Quebec & Gosford
o~ened with due oeremony of church and state, on the 26th of Nov­
r? 1870
and after an excellent repast at the StoT,ouis rnE. tho
fv;:;~e!lOlders r!.nd their gUGsts .:.~ round trip on the lino. Tll,G stE.·
G10n in Quebec was located in the St.Mato section of the city. On th~
24th cf December follOWing, the name of the comp~ny was chan~ed to the
l,uebtc and St.John Ry.Co.. The line V:CLS SUCCGssful1::l OPG1,~,t6d
flurinc; DecembGr 1870, [1.nd for 1. part of the SG~~sen of 1871. In 1872~
[t constant service 1,18.S offered from LI·.y t(i JJovombor, -.l1ci tLe tr,.ffic
e.r 6xceedod the expoctations of ~~r:.y of tho comp,1nyr:; inc(1r[cri1tors.
Clxirs after succcssiYE) see,SOE did Duch to discredit tho
wood6n-r~il type of construction, and it 86cms evidsnt that had iron
rui1 been used from tho bCGinninG, the 1in8 micht hnve continuee in
successful operation constcnt1y from that time for~2rd. In 1873, the
financial outlay for repairs Rnd the resultant dGl~y in the lines
nine did much to discredit it in the eyes of the p~trons of the
r,<~ilw;-:.y, and very little. trEdfic ,,:as cnrried. In 1874 opsr<.tiorlf3 e;:,me
to a stnndstill n
nd the locomotivos, ~hich had beon increased to three
th~t time, and some of the equipment, were stored at Quobec. This
equipment 1a;/ unused until 1881, v;hGn it I.ns tnken out of rctirCIl6nt
tc be us
ed in thE; buildinG Gf the (~UG bee 8:, St .John :8r·.i l;;,:y tow­
ds the Upper SOBuenay. In Juno of lCOO, the Q&LstJRy. rc~ohcd
Ch~:mbord on St.John, 176 miles from Quebec. Eichteen
rfero thus required to build this first nain link of the li:10 ..hose
21strumont[clity in the co1oni:3ntio:n of the nCrth c0untr~1 st:.nds prolj.­
nent1y in the recent history of tho Prcvince of Quebcc.
DurinG its
period of active opcr~tion, the Q&G includod about
fivG dozen sm~ll cars in its roster, and throe locomotivos:
# Jacques Cp.rticr Rhodo Id. );.112 1070 14×2
1 cyls. 5flll dri.
,-., 274 II I 11
.jf2 Quebec It if
3 G 0 s for c1 It 1/: 2 7 5 II fI II
1 1 t :; t T B R – ~ 1 .~ 11 …. ,> 1 C ·7· c r; 1· n
The Gosford ,las c. or rent-.moG. flO tJ •• b._c ~ c~ .. 1. ,c.o ~.. .-
J005-06 to the Pontiac P~cific Junction Ry. for construction uso. It
;as later returned to tho Q&LStJRy. The Jacques Cartier and th~
1 t
~ t forrr OCO~111r. the ··1, 1~1
Que bee il G r e [,Is 0 [. err e nf~ m G C1 -no ,1,. J . -b 1· . . -. -.,. , •
st1 tho Iptter the Col.M.·:r.Baby. rho throe el1Gines Gvent,.lf,lly
v ,. • , , nos.28, 29 and 30 of the CC,:}[:~diD.n UorthGrn Ri.1ilwcty Cc., r:nCt
were scr~~PGd in 1912.

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