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CRHA News Report no13 may-1940

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Canadian Rail no13 may-1940

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T)…-:t ~ ….. .., –:;1;::::::-.. -.. …., … –
.1 i~)~) __ -__:.:.: ~:: ~~ .. _.:
Number 13
;-:–: -: . ,.-::;
…:. …:.. w–.:;
.~:~ …. ~–~.
;I:! -_J .. S~-~~>-~~;;
<:--.V l
~, …. -._-~., _;::::::…: c;-,
. -: , . :. .., ,. ; I
_ .. :~0 -…. ~:;..–.~.,-.~~~~ . .=..~
T7 7lj ?;.l,~, ~ ~ / 7
.:~;.iJ,..;I1l. .i ~~-:_i:.:…~
(;>-l.nT :~. ~~~-W:i~-::-9
·G·~Jlfll( .. li.; 1 1~:3..;
1 I;; ~ T~~-:.7: / ~~
IV.::.,,-.I. ; .::. _v.::..-:L-_-1
The Eullntin of t h A
Mont real , Canada No . 13 , 1940

R . r . Sheph er d
Chai rman, :la::, Comri i t t ee
twenty years after t he About J.828 or 29 a company was
first steamboat had apP8ared on formod, c811::;d th.e and Rid-t he

River, a young man, sau
barely nineteen , made a)9lication and Crano b8inp agents for this f
or a pos ition on one of t he i n Eontr2al and
stsamers belonging to t he fleet of This company built ths steamers
tow-boats , by the Ottawa and 0-::; t 8. ,3. and Sh 3 nncn 9.s as a
Ri.dp3U Company . This nuriber 0ther boa t s 3 :J.c1
of berges
W?,S in th8 yoar t he yout h and , 2<::noin9 th.-) d t r r t cuLt.tes of
W2 S Robert Shepherd ,. who was t !.10 .Anne f s channel at ;7ater,
Leter t o b ocon;e the to nnder of t he obt a In ed p e.rmi ssi onto bui Ld a pri –
onl y trul.y oa ss cnr-er steamer line at Vaudrauil ,lloar where
on t he Ottawa b8twG0n Mont -t h0 bridge s now
r eal and In the vory ear l y s t and .
de.ys of steamboati ns on Ot tawa Both Sarill on and Grenvi l le
the s t s for the uost pnrt , an d t h0 Rid0au Canals ononed
.78re ner eLy sn.e t l side -wheel t ow-
_ c… ::.l..L. . …. .. …. ._, 0 …… .- 1. ..).) , . U _

boa t s . T):esE? s.caLl, s t eaners t cwed one01 i n
,? t h., ba rg;:;s of this and
barges in which TIGr e carried the
other C01,lp3Uh;s to transport
passenGers and freight,. or towed
freight 3nd up th9 Ott-
t he l
arge r ar ts of Luraber , whi ch

? i t hout port398 at Carill on
wer e
brought down to Q,u.ebec , where
and t .h r-ouch t he Rideau to
t he lumber was transhipped to Eur-Young Rob3rt Shephard joined
ope by sailing vessel . sto8mor Coutain
stc3Bboat on the n .S .Robins , in 1838 snd it a of whi
ch have any r ecor d was po i nt t o ccquiro :lS E1 UclJ
t r.e Unt on , ,r.ri i CD was builtin ])319 ct: -:;h ::; 01)si:1.88 :lS »css i ulc . Art or
by of Hul l, aud thrr; 0 on this steam-
ccrmenc ed O081at Inz the roLl.owi II, he .. t t n t i e r i rm of
year Hull Grenville . Bro ckville ,
It nas 1826 or 27 that nnd being t ho
the next s t eamer appearod. This t n He oppoi nt –
ll8.S t hc; ;Ti11iam Kinp: , whi cn pl ied ;; d to t noi r :J.C,T s t oemer St .
-c 11t21e Lower Ot t a,:.B between Lachtne DSiTi :} , t; -, bui 1dL1g t Brockvi 11e .
Carillon . bost TIB S so on Tn,; St .Dcvi d :! :lS 😉 very s1:,lJ.

by t he St. Andrews in
:lress)r e side-·!l1.::,pl tOW-b03t end
28. Both steamers TIG re
tr:e 1i v i n
wer e cramped ,
by in Mont real and
hot and unccmrort aul e . Caotain
St . A:2dre,·is .

T9S sent to Brookvill e
The Eullntin of thA
Montreal, Canada No. 13, May, 1940
R. ~J. S11ep]18rd
Chair:.nan·, COIlli:~i t tee
.!-,.l1.:os t twenty years after the
first sceanboot had appeared on
the Ottawa River, a young man,
barely nineteen, made a)91ication
for a position Oil one of the
steamers belonging to the fleet of
tow-boats, o~ned by tho Ottawa and
Ri.opsu ~oIw:1rdinp: Co:npo.ny. This
W?,S in th8 yosr 18~, the you th
W2S Robert ~ard Shepherd,. who was
12ter to b8come the fOllnder of the
o~11y truly ?Qssc;nter steamer line
on the Ottawa riV0r b0tween Mont­
real and Ottawa. In the vory Garly
de.ys of ste81uboe.tinr-on th:) Otto:wa
the:; stc2.:r..ers for the ~jost ],)nrt,
.T8re ::J..e:rely skell side -wheel tow­
boa-cs. T)esc:. s~·(:all stea:.lers tcwed
barges in which TIGre carried the
passenGers and freight,. or towed
the large lafts of lUI7lber, which
were brought d01~!:1 to Que be c, where
the lumber was transhipped to Eur­
ope by soiling vessel.
– T}o.e firs·v stesr~lboat on the OttCilW?
of ~hich ~e have any record was
tl-:e nn~~on, -,r.r
ich was built in 1,319
by Pl1ile::.:on 7!ri.9:h t, of Hull, an.d.
com:ne:1C ed OD01a t ing the follov~i 1:1-P
year betwee~ Hull ~nd Grenville.
it was ~ot until 1826 or 27 that
the nax-~ stelliner ap98arc;d. This
lies thc~;Till iam Kinp:, v!hic
.1 plied
t21e lo;,-er Otta,:.a between L,-;lchina
a~d Carillon. This boat was soon
fcllo~ed by the St. Andrews in
1828. Both these steamers were
owned by m~rchants in Montreal and
St. A:2dre:-fs.
About 1828 or 29 a com:9any Nas
form~ d, c811:-:;d th.e Otta:!8. and Rid­
eau For~ardin~ Co~~sny,~acPherson
and Cran~ b8inp a~cnts for this
lill~ in Eontr2al and XinRsto~.
This co~pany built ths steamers
o -c t(}1,l:) 9 nc1 Sb 3 ~1nO:l 9. s OLe:; ~ ~ a s a
n.Ul:lb0!r of other bo 3 ts an.d bGrg8s
a.nd, :<::no,rino: th.) diffic:ulti;.:;s of
t~c St~ .i: .. llnl:; f s chal#lflel at lo .. ~.r f7tater,
obtained -germission to ouild a pri­
vate lo~k at Vaudrouil,lloar where
th0 ~r8sent rail~ay bridges now
st ::.~nd •
Both th~ Sarillon an.d Grenville
8~d th8 Rid~au Canals ~ere opened
for trnffio in t~? year 1833,thus
cnab1i:ne th:J b5rg;;s of this and
othc;r corllp)ni~~s to trallsport
freight 3nd passe~gcrs up ths Ott­
Q~a ~ithout port3pe at Carillon
!:1!lG through the RideElu to ~-<:ingston.
Youn~ Rob3rt ~0rd Shepherd joined
t~~ stosm8r Ott9~~,und?r Csutain
R.S.Robins, in lA~8 ~nd ~0do it a
poj_::lt to ocqutr-e :J.S Duch
c,r th::; 01)s1:1.:88 }S ;)o3sitla. Aftnr
s~r1TLLP: thrR( YC.1:::S 0.:1 this stealll­
-1, be en,ClQ -ttl;. t,c firm of
Mcssrs.B.&.3.Jon8s,of Brockville,
H~o~~r nnd ?end~rson being tho
~!?8:1tS ~n ::0::tr.?0.1. :~1e r::?s eppoint­
;;c1 to r;o:-:n·;;,~nd th,lir ~lC-,T stC?r:ler St.
Dsvi:}, +;-, 11 build ing ;3t Broc
Tn:; St .D:::vid ~:!J.S .1 very 8:1.-,11 :high
)re831)re side-N1e1 toy,r-b03t e.nd
t!:e 1 i v c:18.rt:~:-cs were crampe d ,
l:ot a.old un~omfort2,ble. C8-otGtn
Sheph~rd T9S sent U] to D~ockville
i::1 1841, to super i rrt end the -8 -it }; ClO ).rlS t o
0:– boa t 8,iid :rrrte:-1 she c s ovnors had
r e ady brou ch t h–r Gown 0 L8811-ik ci 5 c to e t rr t r: lL1Q of
-; -,e -::r -0t -; 11 no 1 –hp Ia i s a rr:> -L … .-, -, – -tv: , T t .
—_ . ..llh .. – . -r·. c.. . . Sv ,I! r,s O :,· ·n•• .- _C 1Ine i n a y
G.l.:. d ed tovi ng b:::.rges be tween .li. 0 11t curnb:; 1some b-::r-T,
.-·hi ,·and aI …. llllon_ cr rs -c: t o t o;. • Ih i s . -V J .i V .;:) v…. OTl,. ••…..J …. v 1 .. ._ ….o…. , ._ l.J,. ·__ .. :•,_ r·s C -T-nY t l.
L : t:-:2 f ell of 1.841 t r e vater be- r ,pul-r l ine. r
8 :::::1e so 10 t 1 3 0 + S f. –0 u s e –he 010 de CS hfVl,-,co o e- -_ _ ..l…. _ .:> ,_ ..J. U … … …. _ , iJ 1 lJ.. . • . ….. . . J.i.J. WI …
lo ck hac nc t t hen t hs –:n d 1-::di2 s cnb i n de ck h-,v –

;c:.uJ.:;tcr. at r.h i s nla:::e . CaC)-i.l:p t ·.7c;lIrc; br ths . ?::C01Q QS it
t pi:r.. try to r no 0 y ,nTIS G i n th0
, :.:::cc:. c. ser e cran.::pl i.:1 t:l p r a 0i ds of t h Ls s t ….. (
r;.s r .

s i ce or

1 .-
<:1 . ….u _ !. t
l v
y ,, l1P

… or


ac,,-U ….. …. . .,
,.r pu i l , as tr.p 80 peny owni ns t he O::t–··, -n ::.n o :.>:rill on nne
Loc k –Ul.l1d no t pprs.i t any bu t t h eir csll –d t h
Albion ,
own and barges to PflS S on d by t -:t·-, OttT:: : :1d RidrlU
t nrou ah ;;1 + c… a ha r d wo r k 0 –rl t:J o ny ,–hir>h h ,-. -i l s o br cnu . .A. .., l .. • __ .J _ _ .. 0 C ..} .j , _.1. ……l ….l.c–…1 • .• • • •__ v .. .. 1.. · ..0. .1.
scu n t ..r..» -…t;. and Lav_ buov,J s J.. r oun… d .t it t ,.. i +v 11… . . ..• J…
a. … c c …….:. dc t Lon …..
t ha t hr: trill. ma.rv ed 01It a ,<2;00d C:8 J:::..-1! .-. S t o pl y b t:l n Gr,--:: nv i LL> By-

-. • -,he….. ……d .-::;: , F . ….
rrie I , h a d as .nuch V>!L: t P.} 2 3 the tocn. Prsscnc r s COllv,y-;c by
oop c s i ti on ccnipany had i n t he ir sta;: b;.-t·.rn .Jorrt ronL :;:;c1 T.Jt::ch i:lc
Loc x , t:–is being;:. little over t hT88 b ·,t.-:[l Crillon nd ; :: :..:nv il.J.e .
feet . By d r ooo i ng an an chor at T, e Gcvrnlnn:1t Lccx at ST.C .Anno -,
::82d of t
1: (;
rao i ds with a long de b-,l.l evu; –: 3 oc cnc d ; OT

… I.,., r acCl.. h e c . arid_ :;1.–(:>· r oo c . at th:-:. i n ___. :t ,. …., r: l R-_ 4? t.h o Qt…) . .1_-… (e t • 0__0J1 pe l .. t., .. 18/ Cl:· , .t•.lU ir> .. – .-4. …… -.J
to 8 bu oy , each r e sulted
bar;;e .[8.3 on ab1.::;d t o huul itself up ir;, t!:;e ::3 i 1P1 si, n of a l ar p8 portion
by att8chinf. t 1-H:? i -:-::s ovm of traf f io from t J8 Ot;tawa an d
w, Eid2au to the3t .Lawr enc e route.
of at of ste am0r Oldfield
Vc,udreuil nst1l l3.ll.y ,u t ,:l!l t o st -j—is ti.:,-:w,decided to gi :e u9
of nrivate l ock their int0rests en
end C r 8wor d0d us e the direc t St oLa-rence
for :; i 3 ,f l.·or t s en h i s route f e r t h eir forlTlsrding bu si.ness .

0 –: :jom,ot ed tha + r-ol C ,– . . ,. :-h ·….h .,., 1 t t · ad

. •• : , .:.. lJ. <...L et,)1,,81 _1 ,.),.81J.,e.. o nen o!:.d • • v .
to t2:r: l UI:. pressur ;J st(?8In·::r of of bU7iIlg out the
co.Jl;d th:3 Th is he COll -steemor Oldf i e1r.. t 1:!8 ((,odvrill of
sid1od t h ::-p::-:,.-,t ,-::;st pro,;:ut i o.i. hz:.: cO:lDnn:l. T-Te,toi7ether i th ::r.I .
8v,:; f..,C , fron tllr; smsll steO::l·:r Cel e –
r . . h t d -C> t 01 r . c-. A … _ .. t
uQ I.T:O , ; 0 on c. ·. •• L .: CO j:l 2. 8.. _.:.r • .f:_ otJ • TIle.:r -,t
to t l-:c-t rL:J. l ow qU8tte , 8 ner ch::mt of Cari :Lloi1,

Oldfield , nrher e , -::lth01?zh b 01Rt t Oll.t t ne of H .&-S .
only 10,1 i11 l ,?nf th , thl. l ivinP. I e .Ie-s :. :1 t9 G:·tsvra River-Gnd fermed

Here mo re c)O::(JSl1;, coll.-d t he St;e er:J.ers
fortf.l c-l e , Lo. inp iif e ;:-:10:1 : 1 ivc : b l -: .Co;:::pa ny . Oldf i.=>. l c.1 C)i18t.:-:.d as

Forwr1d – on La c hine-Cari l l on
l os t thi: of I011te , at Gr81:.v i 113 i th

…. . …

· 1·T·

– ; ..,
__ ….

, . J..
….. v

1 — ;
0(1 hi
. ..l-
ch S

;:: t 4 11

l (,
101, 1( i

. :..1 l_J _..


) .L oJ
r ,_ . v .1
;}./ ,:,r,s l,i.,:,d,: b,…..t·;:CE t he:) t·:<,o cd bv a n d Cre.llA .
P1l1j. C. s to t,y··i :lg b u si:lGSS I n lO,c±,s the Ott::.od St:,ar.;r s Co .
t r 0 lock -rC,s to 02 use d by th,:: was orjrod .J st,:;EL:,,;::: r to c,? buil t , .
oO1ts.)f be t h to Oldf i ,by ,S
DurL-_ C?: tnt; i n t-:;r of 1841- 42 ;:Ierritt, shi;?bllildsI of
i::1 ~!i2..Y, 1841, to sl9~rL:.te::.1d the O;.dfi,~::.. -.S fit+,JO it}; CIOj.IlS to
f: ~~ i .sr. ir:f: 0: t1: ~ b 0 <3 t 8.iic1. :,;r1l e:l S (1e c l~l~T .~~::-:~ s (~lg ·~r s, I~ S t~-I c O·~Trlr.:l,.l s ~10 d
1~Tc.S rec.,:,v b:couPh.t hpr down +-0 13011-(kci:;0 +() 0.+-~rT f 11 1 0.1 ·OSS~11r.r-
J .. …….. _ .. … … l. v . .. … ..1 _ 1…. …..1_ c)
i:.!.e, shooting ell the rapids saf81y,(~r stoT,:-:rs b,t·t~()l. L}crlinc ~nd By­
G.l:.Q cO::::C.~eD.C e d to,ri:r..g b8.r,ges be tweeJ:l ~~om, .fi. ti~ 01lt h0.vLW cnnb::1 some o-::r-
T~. r·
hi …. 0 8Y·;~ . a 11 llon (J to toT T1…
1· S
,rr·s –,r.> CT.,.t OT
…. J …. I……-_._ …….. , ………… __ I ._ . ….. , .• ~l . VJJ.V.::J v….. J.. ( .•
L~ t::8 fell of 1.841 tr:e ,r{8ter
e so 107 tl-~jt; thp clannel at
~~~~es ::;s .:lot sst,,? to nse, the
be -r,pu 1 .. r Y S sc:np,~r 1 ine. T~: -; s t,3 i:.lor
3te.~rs fi+t~d ~ith ,…, g0~tlcmGn= 01bin
blo,., dc.c(s hvi:lg t7mty-four ber­
ths ~nd ~ 1~di2s -crbin o~ deck h~v-,:j,:;. s t GCVp.Tn.::-:e !It 10 ck 11 ae net th en
J(:l~;r.: ;c:.Dlt;tcc ct t;lis nla:::e. Ca()-i.E9 t,j( brths. ?:-(~old h~s it
-~ r
tpin Sh~9he~d deai~ed to try to t~~t ~o ~Y0nsG ~~s sorred in th0
,:.::J: c. se.fe i.:1. t:18 ra:id,s fl1.~ni 211~r.i! of trli.s stC1!,~.c;r. T:>;
(li.tsirla of thp )~ivate loc: 81; V~u-O·Uifl.·~1.G -:-:8 to)ly,,S fOl.l(:rly,
:TPuil, as tr,p 80psny o-;:!l1i,np tll,?, o,-;t-,·, 11 L:Cr.tl1? ; C::r:rillon nne
Loc~ Tul}ld notppr:Sit :J.ny bllt their -l::Ot:I st~ . .::;r c011~d thn lUbion,
O;:c. ste&:.:lPl~S and barges to PClSS o-nd by t~,· OttT:: ~1d RidrlU ~or-
tfn:o1.1p;n. A.ttr:-r a hard day IS wor_{ Of :~rd Ll@: ::::o::~,ny, l,-hich b.rd . lso b0Cl1
scu~3.i:W illld layinQ b~J.Oys, he fonnd .ti tt,:-:d .. ith J:SS-;:1w~r [;CCO;;~,Lod:tion
tr:at hr: nr3.l1 ffiarred out a ,0:0od C:A.L.-iYS to ply b;:t-7 n Gr,-:nvill :nc By­
!1<31, hed as:llUoh wc::te1 a.:3 the tc:.TI.. :-r-ss(:ngrrs b::i:1;O COlJ.v:y;c by
O~ypos-: 1;::0;:1 com:pJ:-.~y had in their sta.-; c,;.-t·,Yn ~lontr::!l :::::.c1 T.Jr::ch inc
loc~<:, t~,is bEing & little ovpr tbTee ~nd. bt.-;[l Crillon ~nd (;:::.:nviJ..l::;.
et. By ~ro;J.Jjng an anctor at T,e Gcvrnlnn:1t loc<: at 3-r.c .An::!.c
t:~~re hee.d of t1:r::; rapids with a long de Bllevu; -:8 oconec1 :or tr~:ffic
rODe at+ached and th~ rope at thA in 1843,~nd in 18~? thG St.L~~rnnoe
lo~er 0Ld fGste~ed to 8 buoy, each C~n81s ~ere opened,~hich resulted
barge 1.IJelS enabled to huul its,:;J.f up i1;. tne ~ivolsi,l1 of a larp6 portion
by att8chinf tlr:: rov~~o i-::s own of tria traffic fro:n tl)e Ot-tawa and
windlass. Ftid2au to theSt .Lawre:r..ce route.
Th, find ;np! of tl-is oh.3mwl at m1>, 01.
TIPlS of t,e steamer Olc.field
T<7:udreuil nst1H3.11.y,ut ,~n ~nd to st ;-->i3 ti2.:18 ,decided to gj, :e up
he Iil022.0pOJ.y of th3 pri vat, 1081<: their int,~rests en t1:<.e Ott:,8 a~:.d
end C ~t~in Shep~0rd ~as 18word0d use the ~Gre direct St.La~rence
for :;is ,f.rort,s C!l his er,l;Jloy·:>r.s route for their forlF!srding business.
behalf, by bsi2C )romoted that fEll Ca9tai~ Shepherd then took advantage
to tl:E: l::::i.~rcr, lcJv.: pressur3 st08.In.::r of t:iP C~8n(;e of buying ont the
ceJl;Q the.; Oldfj,~ld. This ho 0011-ste8TIlor Oldfie1Cl. cud t1:!8 r(,odT!ill of
sidrod th::-ar:t::st pro::lotiol h2 Ve co;roo.ny. T-1e,to:7ether ith ::r.I.
ev,:, tc:c:, frOLl t)1(; STIlsll steo:::l,.)r St.J.r;i~)b,lTJtEry, :~r.Y.rl.Par}<.:r.r,of C2.1e­
DOV2.0, hot and u;::.~or,lfortcblc; c:tt ,-,11 cOtli2. S)Y~.L.f!s,and _:r.A.E.=l(~1tm2.r-
ti::l(~S to tl-:c-trL:1 low pr~JS3ur;:; qU8tte,8 nerc!1::mt of CarLLlol1,
st;~r:(r Old.field, :J)h~re, … lth01?zh bOlRLt Ollt t}18 intf~r,~sts of H.&. S .
.only 10,1 ~eet iT: L?ngth, th:. livj.:::lP. Je.l·s :.:1 t1-,9 G;tsv!8. River cnd formed
Q:.l1~ct,-rs ,,18re more spocio~js :~nd :;0:-~-8 C:O::lyGl1Y 08110 tJie Otta:~8 St;e21:J.ers
fortncle, Lori:::lp iif,) ;10T live: …. bl:.Co~:pany. l1~9 Oldfi;.lc.1 C)(>18t::=::d as
~h~l1 t~~ Ot~~W nd Ride~u ~orwrrd-form~rlv on t~e Lachine-CsrilloD.
ine: Co:~y:ny lost thn jy~ono901y of rOlte, ~ol1npotiru:r at Cr8Evi 113 i th
+h!l rl~:~ loc,r ., O:!(lo rp.r–4-1-,e :,loo,r1 :rh-ich :S ::::till OjPrr,t-lJ _ …. ……… ~ _) .L r oJ __ …. ., • i. _ .1….., -…. v u r_ . __ , . .J… 1 _J LJ __ • __ u
;.r.3ilt :,:r,S l,i.Cs,; br:t,,CTl thc; t·,o CO:.l-ed bv ,~:J.c2h?rson and Cra~lA.
p-;nL:s ~3 to t~l( tJi:l12: bust:lGSS In 1°,48 the Ott02 St:,ar.;rs Co.
r:;}d tr0 lock –.0.8 to 02 used by the; was orjrod .J st,:;g~~:..;::r to c,? bull t, .
bon,ts ·.)f beth CGn.OT:-~S. to rc~)1~20e th~ Oldfi r;ld ,by 8 ~:r.
Duri~-_C?: tn.? int-:;r of 1841-42 t~l() iIerritt, shi;?bllildsl of T_TGC1,·;1.2,C.}.
Th8 rJ.C::J ste::Y,1,:=:r ,!1icn iV::l S t J>: f-::11 of 1853 in or der to visit
v .
T.l r.lo ,ld
(: t T.·
, ………

. .J
3 S

. …
t in



l7nr:0] lr
_ _ ……….. –

…. . f – 0
h i
; …….. ,.J
.l., . 0…/
end 26 f oot be cE, 1nd s pJcj.ficd 0rld klj. S B2nry Sllep
t o no t morG thsn 3 f e et 3 inch . him i n co of
OI T;T e.t er . n she bu i 1 t , h.0 7Jf; vcr, s t II 1-, ::-: dv 31. son .
S1-:8 : S found. to dr ow 4 r ce t 4 inch . C:jt,:Ll C.jD-
1 lT1:01_
ah: … –. s oLr.nd .. …. i d bc et t n _ 0.l.., ···C0_1,,, 1S n ,·, … :J0 …. . …1 S Or t ….. .; J. ., __ … .J. … t i ..V. . J.;…, I.J __
07 nY ot ner :,72.Y,sh .:; ,788 unsu i tr.:b le cv nr ii:tty y:: 1lS -::nd :·os exceed –
fo r the Ot t c:T8. t r ode on 01 in..rLy ror tun-t c t h or e !l0V01
s teamer there – 108s of l i f e on any uf t ho
r o
re by t he Hon i Johri Hum- under hi s
il. t on ,o:t iCi ngs ton, 8 11 r ge st.ecmboct C:::9
,i:1 R ,;r • ShephnId, en hiS 18 –
ornor on t he St .V)·,7;1,-ncc;, snd the tur n rrora Sl;,71 t ock 01 ,-;1 the
Oldfi el d ,;:S forcGd to co.nt tnuo for rn;lg i:rship of the; Ij.IlG on the
.-;.not h er season in tne pas s ongor d-3.tll of Sir Gcor,cc() Simp30n i n
t r hG tcde. 18 6 0 b c camonre s derrt.
Tho Lsdy built t1 ?dc on the both
t ho folJ.o;iiu:c.; ye),1 by A.Cclnttn,shi.p – f r r:i:?-ht a d p
bui Ld , .. …. 1 h .
ouii er ( 1; .vcnt rao , 1. 030 cusi.n e s s p-rc.::,ptibly -,nd mor o were
is sti ll in existence today . to tbe fleet . Tn 18 60 the
th e of Sir George ?rinco of buil t
Si D? SOn ,
Sir haVing became a 0t t o replfc e t he
),:rtnc::r in tl;e firm durt ng t ho ye sI L1dy Simpson,.::md h-id a 102:l£T lnd
18 49 .
succcs stul caroer , running for
😮 La• dv –..:.Dson d.rev l e s s tncn _ ). ….1, . • .1._ 0 · .. j …. <>: » Si….. .. … . seos ons … __ t-;:,, _J_.a….
of the C2rillon r oute . s t 2Qmer
onr..cnd of R.1V ,Sheph.c.;rd,·:::s ]fe s L?:;J.(::d for
c gr .0.t SUCCeSS in eV21Y Imy . Her of Y:in:Z Ed!?rdvlI,
beam engines Here by :lr. vrho out hor e at the time, JUd
B1ush,of t he on this on hi s
ontro81. The Ol df ield used tr i D U T) tho OttC8 in 1860 . The
t o t o,! r er ts on t he 1-:. 1-:(; of T:ro ye:Jr the; steomer Vic –
Mount ai ns .
tori8 ry8S built for this company
t h is t ime the Shepher d Lrrt er by A.Cr:nt j.n ?t Bull, to rcpLacer

bought ou t the steamer Phoenix, old Phoenix the
tr on oDoret i ng on the upp>r r ou t e , U ,:)(YI r oute GrGllville cn d
1 (,·,,, ;:1d T1:(C ncss : 7 Ph,l S s t ocmor 7S 169 f ,-,·.,t<..... v ,..... _ _ .... ....J. .o.. . ... - _ . J... J I ... .. _ ...... ... v . _._ • ;, . .. -.1. • •• o.l....... st vemor-s of the OttOI8 St c:; :cHSil1 Lcnz t h :m d ,:s consrdo.rc d r;. v erJ
comncnc od ccr r the RovnI spve dy boot . Tl.c ste cmcr A1,:x:-nd r-::,
I.L::i l bo t wcc n Lt:chi.ns :ll.c Bvtovm tn 162 f ,t L1 Longth , ;7[, 3 bu i l t in
t h 0 of 1850 . Sir Simp -1866 Cnntins
son ,Govcrno r Jf tho Eud::lcn Bay Co . , US (c1:8 } t o.i-bo-rt . 811 -3 19.t 2T
ac:me the first pres i dent of the sold to P icton ,
Ott.:::,,!::. StcC![;,e:rs Co , ::nd the r ebu i Lt st C:,ntin s ,
of t
he par t npr s tock p1.8ce in th0 to 174 in
old Huds on House a t l 883, snd slightly slterod
I n 1
853 c. ::-: 2, to;, boc t order od to Th:Ls stO[;J:ilir r -:.n
t o be built yards to rc -for th0 Bey of
DL:ce t he 01dfi31d. Tl-jis bact , the POTts ,nd CiJuebGc ,ith P0,SS-
..o. , ,.. t=:0 t:h ! ,::> ,., fY1( oj ro-; t r.d C,o 11-1,, O
S , <.S 1, I ,,,,,, ln u. ,uJ.J. _.. f.. , J. u _...a _ .l. • . r-n c .. •v 1I • . +0 bp ,., of
……. ….J ….. V LJ …. . J..!…. …. __ _ . V .,. , ;.: t: …… J . J J…., .. … . . . … . …
s :Jl e ndicl bOZit f Ol the toFinr tr8de . Lir>s through L1 1914 .
She cor.rr;l.c.nd:;o by C!; s,:; ph ol d Alex , 18 she W1S o<7111,,,d ,
Bl c
:;,oin .7ho l:::5 been on 01 dficld , .: (18 .roJck·-:;d i.n 191;: off Sc,:,rb cro
.. R …,,- d h h r BllS Tor o·t o 11 ,., 1, ..·..,VV
0 ,::: :)t,:::1 :..1. 1 oes::, 1I :3 r J ,::;1) .c r a . (; -.l. 1 L ,u.., _ , __ . . L
in gcl A.
The ne~ ste~Der,r~ich ~8S Cd~:.0d
Ct tc::.:.2 C;hj_o? f :9 S 150 f2-:1t j_ n lGngth
and 25 foot beon,1nd W3S spJcifiGd
to drc.w not mor3 th8n 3 feet 3 inch.
t J~ .; f –:: 11 0 l 185:3 in 0 roe :?:. to vis i t
his ol~ ho~~ i~ Norfolk,Sn~l~nd,
~nd his broth0~ B2nry ?illi~m Shep
h=>rd succ(-;~dcd him in cO~13nd of
o:;:~ .;!c.t2I. ~!~.i:;n she ,!Os buil t ,ho:J~jv,:;r, tll? st-o.::l:ll L:::.dy Sj.·~rpson.
S1->.8 :8 found. to drf.Jw 4 f(et 4 inch. C,,·:)t:i_:.l ;;illj_~:m 3hcpLrd ..r~s Cop-
·.·~l:l)·::lthough ::;, Sl) bcst tn t:,i.~l of 3tC:,:13),S on the Ott,::,],: for
87:ny otJ:f?r Y72Y,she; ,788 uns1i tr.:.ble ov~r fLtty Y?::lS Jnd :-os r~I: exceed,
for the Ott[C.TC tr-::dG on r:CCOU.:1t 0:1. in.~ny fo1tuw:tc C~1:~, .fur t;.h .-;18 nev!,;l
~~r druft. T~is stGsmer ~~S there-~~s ~ 1088 of life on 8~y uf the
fo:.e cr.:c·r;:::;li,;;d by t110 :-{on .John HGr.l-ste:rs unde;r his r::or.l~:~.~~1d.
iltc,n,oi. iCingston,c. 18rg8 stc;o.mboJt C:~pt2Ll R:1,T.Shephnrc, ~-,n :-is re-
o-.-ncr on the St .L::r:;r,, snd the turn frOY;l S~;.al ~ncl. tOGl{ ov,;r the
Oldfield .. –<:::s forcr:d to conti~1no for Ii1:!lgilrship of th() llnG ,~nd on the
r:nother seoson in th:; :?Qss
ng:-]l o· …. 3tll of Sir G80r.o;-rQ Simp30n in- 1860 hr; bccG.:no DresidGnt.
Tbo ste2lCr L-::,dy Si::::pson ,:[8.S built Th,,,: tr?dc 0:::1 the OttE,,73, both
the follo,Jing ye),r by A.Cclnttn,shi.p-frni,q:ht no pr~sse~lg-3T,incre8.Sed
builder ::-t :.:ontr.3C!1,1..hoso bustness T-~-·rc:,ptibly ,nd moro st,;~ers were
is still in existence today. She ~~s 2ddGd to tbe floet. In 1860 the
cqllr:d ~ft~r the ~ife of Sir GGorgc ste~i8r ?rinco of wQl~s ~8S built
Si:!.:l:,:Json,Sir Geer,::; hClving becc.;me ,1 ,,·t C:l-:.tins Ylrds to rep1r:ce the
Q:rtnc-;r in t:;e firm durtng tho yes!: L1dy Simpsen,::md hJd3 l02:ll.? 1nd
849. successful c~r::;er, rurmi:ng for
Tho; L::dy SLlpson dre,.1 less th:m tH::mty-nj_n:~ S~!0scns on t-,;,· :Iontrx-l
t~1oe fc~t of wst()r,ond,und8r the ~nd C2rillon route. T~is st~Qmer
c orrL~~nd of C~;:,t Q in R. ~1 .She phCHd , :<:8 H23 rJ.?~(: d for E.R.R .Ed1:i·rd , Princ e
c. gr0t SUCC3SS in every i-T8.y. Her of ~:~10S,c.ft.;r1?i:;rds Kinp: Ed!:!rd1i1I,
beam Gngines were sup:~lli,~d by Yir. TTho ~;;:::s out hsre nt the time ,~lnd
Gsorge Brush,of the E~gle ~ryl~dry, w~o tr~v011Gd on this bo~t on his
The Oldfield .]8 t:~!:n used tri.p up tb.o Ottr:rs in 1860. The
to to,! r:::fts on the l~l.-:c of T.rD S~::li; YGJ.r th:; ste0.m(;r Qu~:en Vic-
110unt2i~ls. toriFl 78S buil t for this company
.A t th is t iLl8 th,:? Shepherd in t(-;T -by A. Cr:nt tn ?t Bull, to rcp19 ce
0stS bought out the st00mer Phoenix, t~~ old st~s~0r Phoenix O~ the
t}C11 o~9~;reting 0:1 the upp~r route, U·!)T) …. r
ron.tA b,·~t~7(~8~1 G·rGI1Tille Gnd
l-f~ :cohr-rso 110 Cr:nc: T~_ e .<1 Thl Q :+1 ;·S 169 fr.,t .... v....... J. . _ -..... .i..J. .-.... • .L. o,J I.·, CoO. .1_ ....... .. V ._._J.&,~. •• -
~lg8r st ::;~nors of the OttC:!8 S tC:;:.:or Sin l;;n;2:th :nd ::S COIlS idero d C. veIY
C~i-:i.:.)~ay co::nr.1CrlcGd ccrryin~~ the Royr:.l sp~·edybor:t. T1.::: stCJ1Jl;:;r Al,:,x:ndr·:::,
Mcil b~twc2n L~chtne ~nd Byto~n in 162 f~nt in length, wes built in
th0 sprin~ of 1850. Sir Geor~~ Simp-1866 i~ Cnntins ycrds,~nd 7~S
son ,Governor ·.)f the Euason Be.y Co., US(<18 } to·.:-bo·~t. She; ·-.lS lst2T
bac:~e thc first president of tho sold to th~ Hnpburlls,of Picton,
Ott2-,~!2. St·::;mG.8rs Co. ::nd thG ~:l8,-:;tin!?s Or:t0rl0 ,cr:d rebuilt -=:.t C:,ntins,
of the partn0rs tock p18ce in tb8 b? l~ngthoncd to 174 f~8t in
old Hudson B?y House at L~ch~ne. 1883,snd h0r n~~2 slightly ~ltercd
In 1853 ~ n2~ to~ bo~t ~~s ord~rcd to Alnx~ndria. This stecm0r r~n
to be built ~t C~ntins yords to ro-for ~~ny y~1rs b0t~OGn th0 Bey of
DL~8e the 01dfio1d. T1-)is boct, the Qui:;.t·· ports ·-·.l1d Queb0c .ith pr-:ss-
;_t::.cs,-·.s 12,0 f·2t in hngth -,~;ith ;:W-:rs -nd frG1.f-ht !.lnd oec:::o tho
25 :fcot b;:;:-::;:-;1 G~;,d nrovcd to be i; PlOi:,crty of the C~j,TdD St?smship
s;:.;l,?ndiCt bOClt fOI-th2 to-Finr Lt::,;s th.rouO;h tl-((; ·~.–.rg,.~;r i:1 1914.
She ·,,-:;s cOr.lf.l.r:nd,-;d by C;pt<:lin J~)sJph ~~( old Alc:x,1S she .1-:.::: c11cd,
Blo:1d in :.ho !:2 j bS8n on t~l n 01 dfielo • -,:r> S :rec~:,:, d i.n 1.915 offSc-:orbcro
C2Dt~in Robert ~3rd Sh2D~crd 10-Blufrs,n~~r ~oro:1to,in c ~~?vy
tirG~ fro~ ~ctiv~ st2~mbo~ting in gC1A.
I::l t he n t3.I.;18 01- :.:h8
Ot t 3:: 0 c:;: 3 r 8 Compa ny ;.;n S chan« ed
by 0: Per ti ament to the Ott8..f.j
River In the SQ
l:: y :;sr Ca r i Ll on un d Gr enli:l c
Re. il·sy os pur chesed r r on, t he La t e Si r
John snd
usod to ::,c-::..vey D8,)S:ng :Jr s rr cn t he
to the
[;,3 t t l? r_(1
:; s cn£2;:;r st camer-s did not {sO
t l1Tough :;:: 0 8;:-.12-:1 Carillon and Gren-v
ill e In 1865 t he
D{:.sillCr we s bu ilt at Hon tre;.:J.
by fo r trade,
being 126 j .n l ength . This
steancr -ss burnt to thc . E,t ·:::r s
in quarters a t
CCrlO wh ::11 in :,Ie:rch 1890 . The s t enra –
cr ;;:;S bui l t in 1871::13 09, toi,-
bOGt and 2S but 1.12 f8c;t in l ength .

lat0r in tbe freight
servic e bc t?cen and Ott07G.
Ouann Vict or i a was operated as &
d3y bact unt i l a night
s·::rvic c c: s .i ncugur at ed j usLng t his
ct caner on t he HOD8r route C,nd t he
st ccmerV Sri nc ess,…142 f,i-Ln Lon. 1. c tn ,l.J …. ..1 . _ ….. –…. t . v -I-11_.1.
bu ilt by P .Girard C8rillon i n
1872 n t he Lower route . The ri r sf
s t esmer t ovi ng sn iron hull bui I t
for the compeny t he Peerless in
1S 73 , 011C. ··_::; s ope r at ed in the: dav
SC: ; Tvic o bet7Qe n ot tc::·-::: md GrenvilL3.
The not onl y the larg-
s t evor to pl y tl103
but –8 ,S cO :1sidered OQ·:; of the finest
river stssffi2r s in t hat
t ime , Her j oiner ,.or k orid fi t t i ngs
;:ere of t h;; best Sh·:;
210 i n 7i·th 28 foot
-as Liccnseo to oar r y 1;1.00
pc sscnger s . E·…. r hull of
i r on , out from i n
sect i ons i as …«s t he csse li t h many
of iron of the
)u t togethPT
Gbout the Cl ub
new ste:nds . This s :-.:;.s unfort-
una t oLy burn t -i t tn 1885
,:r:.d .7;..3 r c01.1 2. 2:.t i n to t h 0 Empr eS3 in
: 836, t he huL; shortened to 185
r eet i n ll .
.: q S dis –
i n

DUl; tnto tr:e frei ,7ht servi ce and t
l1e V-;.ct or t a !Jas so l.d t o
10l0l1tD j.l::.t3r8sts :Jnc W8.S brOl.lfht
t he Saul t Rapids of the

GrenVill e and Car –
illon,in the wat er ot
sprin9,piloted by a rafting 9ilot. Th
is was an unusual f eat and she
:;TCl S the onl y large steomer ever re-
corded to have descended these
r3yids .
In 1339 the steel s t t:9::;ler ::;over –
was built at by W.C.
Whi t e ,and placed on
r 8al-Carillon reute to the
ve t cr an of 7al es . Ste 1N8S
170 fRet j.n length , h av tnc aCCOn:!2;lO-
datio:::l f or 700 -passengers,and prov-ed
to be a v-:;rT pO:! La r Goat,being mos t co
mfortable and ve r y f ast .She

furnished t he
t:Tpe of pacdLe ,[h eels ,p:rcbably one
of first st08n ers, on
the St.Lawrence or Ottawa Rivprs ,
to be so fitted. This vesspl
to an 8:::ld ,bei ns des troyed
by on night of l7th 190
6,while being 28de r ea dy f or her
8,}8S0 :1 S wo.rk , T-ler hull and engines
sank: b eLow the t ce , but l ater
raised,sold,and rebuilt into t he
steam3r r an f or m
any year s between t r ea L and

Edward Park .
Th8 vas r 2DJ.8oed on the
rna11 l i ne by

t he s teoI

s t camer
Duchess of ha d es -pec
iqlly built ,in 1895 f or the
picni c and moonl ight excur si on
trado. This st0?Mor had engin -es o
ut of old Princ8 of Wal es
and 181;Q r:: !oode:1 .nnd was
found to be too slow f or t he 10Y,
r r oute .
L1 1907 thp E:lpress,a much fast-er
bost ,TSS brOUGht f rOB t he
uppe r r out> arid pLacod on the Mon t >
r 0al-Ca r il l on run and r eplaced
on t hp u:J; r by t he Ducl18SS of yeu::<:.
Tho luttor boat,in t he onl v cne s
till aflost of sl l th8
old Ot t awa Riv8r N8.givatio:l Co s
s emer s bor etc and t h·; of
Beloeil . She a
or of t iznes and oLso b or e the
names of E)or 21 and :::lcrLJ.. Tn 19:<,3
I::l thr~ ~rear 1864 the nEiI.:l0 ot- :~h8
C t tE:.l~.~2 3 .;~C E.~.? TS Cornpan.y :.i[} S chanr:: ed
by _~_ct o~ Parlie::lent to the Ott8..-j
B i vel. XiiVif2 t io rl Cor,r;:·sny. In the
s c.::: y,,; s r t ;~ e C 2 rill 0 n un d G r ell v i ~ lo
Be. i1sy . 8 S ~)Ur ch e. sed from the 16. t e
Sir John Abbott snd ot~~rs,and ~ns
us~d to ::,c,:::..vey D8..)s-·na:Jrs fro~l the
l~:er bast at C~rillo~ to the UDDer
bast 8t Grenville ,and vice V8:t:S~,~
[;,3 ttl? ~.Q3scnQ;::r st;c~nlGrS did not tlHOUgh tf:O s!:l!,;;:1 Cari lIon and Gren­
ville Csnsl. In 1865 the s~a1l
stJ8..·~:2r D~;;mc.:r NO.3 built at I10ntr8;:~
by ~.Csntin, for t~e ruc.r1~t trade,
being 126 f~Gt in length. This
stG8.:ner sos burnt to th,: .E.t·::rs
edgo,~hi12 in ~inter quarters at
Ceno wh::lf tn :!Ie:rch 1890. The stellr;-
81 ::8ude ;[;S built in 1871 ·JS .3. to.,­
boat and ~2S but 112 feet in length.
S~a -~s later US0Q in tte freight
service bet?88n ~ontr~al and Ott07G.
T~e Quann Victoria was opcr8ted as &
d3y boct until 1873,~hen a night
s.;Y.viCG C:S in.Jugurnted,using this
8tC:21T;,.~·;r on the UODer route -?nd the
t~n:)r rlnce s–142 fr::>-i-lrl lO~n-Jh
o … I. .. d . .!..G: S ,… ~t. v ..L. !.l.~ II …… ,
built by F.Girard ~t Carillon in
18 72 ,n the Im~rer rou te. The :eLL st
ste3:n,:;r toying 3.11 iron hull oui1 t
for the company ~~s tho Peerless in
1873, JIlr. :;S oPGrr~ted tn th(:; do.y
sc:;rviciJ oet78en Ott2..l·-:: ~md GrenvilL~.
The Foar18ss ~as not only the lorg­
,~;st st(:2I::er evor to ply the Ott~F[~~,
but .El,S cO::lsiderod OQ·:; of the finest
river stSQm2rS in C~n2da at that
time. Her joj,n~r ..oIk ;:nd fittings
;:ere of th:; br.;st ·or~an:::mship. Sh:;
~GS 210 f~3t in lQ~pth 7ith 28 foot
bewn, (~nd OS lic,JllSed to c:::rry 1;1.00
pcss2ngers. Hr hull -:~GS of
iroll, brou~ht out from Engl~nd in
s[;ct~ons,;ls GS the csse 7ith t1ony
of th2 iron ste~Dcrs of the d~y,on~
~2S Jut togethpr ~t Ott~~Q,just
8.bou t here the OttQlJC: Club
no]:! stcnds. This ste.!J..I:lr:r ;::S unfort­
unD t31y burn. t lt ;.lonteb:-;llo i.n 1885
~:r:.d ·:.~.S rc;ouj.:.t into tho Empress in
:886, the hul: be~LI:&: shortened to 185
lcet in lal1f.~tll.
Wh0n tte n~?ht s0rvice ~~s dis­
cont~~~~d, SQ~a ~i~a in ~hc 12to
sevcn~iGs,the StC~m8r Princess ~~s
Dul; j.nto t;r:e frei.7ht service and
tl1e ~1.llP e:J. V;. c tori 2. was 5U ld to
TOIOlltD hl.t(:;rests :J]:ld W53 brOllfht
~o~n the Lcn~ Sault Rapids of the
o.t ta!.:a , be t17ifeen Grell vi lIe end Car­
illon,in the hi~h water ot the
sprin9,piloted by a rafting 9ilot.
This was an unusual feat and she
~Tas the only large s te6;..le rever re­
corded to have descenced these
rta~ijs .
In 18.39 the steel st:9:;ler ~~over-
0i~n was built at Uontr~~l by W.C.
~hite,and ~a3 placed on t~e ~ont­
real-Carillon route to ~pplace the
vetora?1 ~:>rL1cc~ of ·7ales. Ste was
170 fRet j,n length, havi.:;J,P. acconI:JO­
datio:l for 700 9assenge:rs,and prov­
ed to be a v~rT po::!,lal~ Goat, being
most comfortable and very fast.She
~as furnished ~i~h the ~08thering
t:lpe of pac3dle ….,rheels ,pTobably one
of t~e first st0aners, either on
the St.Lawrence or Ottawa Rivprs,
to be so fitted. This vessel ce~e
to an untimely 8?1d,beillf destroyed
by fir~ on t~8 night of ~arch 17th
1906,while being 3ade ready for her
8·;830-:1 S N01k. TIer hull ~md en.gines
sank b~:~loN the iC0, but 1!!0re later
raised,sold,and rebuilt into the
stGSID3r IBp~ri81,~hich raD for
many years bet.iVeen Mail tree 1 and
Yin~ Edward Park.
The Sov3rcj.gl1 iTas r2pla cod on the
mail line by the st·;·)l str::2.2iler
Duchess of Yor~,which had b~0n es­
peciqlly built ,in 1895 for the
~icnic and moonlight excursion
~radG. This ste~~er had th~ engin­
es out of ~he old Princ8 of Wslos
and 181;Q~ !oeden ~;add18llh~·ls ,[;Ind
was found to be too slow for the
10,)T:>r 10 ut r; •
In 1907 thp E3press,a Duch fast­
er boat,Tss brou~ht do~n from tho
upp0r rout ~.Illd pJ.acnd on the Mont­
r0al-Carillon run and ~as replaced
on tIlt- u~,)::;()I by the Ducl18SS of ytn:x.
The lutt8r boat,in 19~8,was the
on1v one still aflost of sll th8
old Ottawa River Nagivatio~ Cos
st3!3.merS an.d no;;,,; boie th·; le..:.::,::; of
B,310eil. She C~)[.Y~p-od o::.:::er~::hip D.
Dumonr of times and nlso bore tho
names of 80r21 and ?a1cri~.In 19~3
t his s t aemcr, undrr th- U3.Y112 of
:?:,;lcr i :l,··8s r unni nv o t ;,J Ol1

has be
nn uS1d in tt0 2xcu r s ion
t r -a dc cu t of 1.. June , 1938 ,
sold t o interests at Trois

lnt o P nu1 n –
.. • •-_. …… …… .-… . ….,…… . ,; ..J -::…-. 1: – ::
!0 0 G D;; l .se .
3:.. ;J.l scr ew st!:::–:}n:3r Vi ctoria
tiSS bU ilt in 18S9 st for
Ott:::F:3 Lori Cor.pany to
r un Ot t eTfl and Thnrso.Ar tar 1
910 07l10rshi p e couple
of snd she ended in
Pf,rbO 1r ,.7hn. n ho r hu l l ;;2.S
soue8z2d by i CG in the of
1927 -28 . This TI2S the only
driven ever built f or the
ol d t he ot
11(3rS bc ·

TL,:; C:lill o::t crid GrGnvill.3 Rcil;:y
.73 s u.ti quo, hav i.rig t he: old broc d
of 5 fnet 6 i nches ,e:ud tuo old
..,,:00-011.J:.J:ling l ocomotives t he Ot
.:l cl t > :: Gr2nvillG.The former had J 8 –
us: C. en t bC Gr-and Trunk Re:ilotly
t Ui l t s t
i n 1857 . Grend Tr unk hed fifty
8nginos built 8t t his plecs thd
old 29 of the
tY9G. locomotive G
:: tJ::vi1.1e bu il» r:t
time in the lrtc snd
type inside cyl -L:cic
rs . 2.1:-: i s usod by the

IhvJr l:jev ir-s -:::t i on Co.,unt i l
t h ;t C(;2S 8d to op::,rsto t ho
to sf t?r 1910
t ha rol ling stock of
sold for during t h0
of the Fir st Grc8t
In 1882 RobsYt Shcphord ,Jun-
t or ,son of the toundor ,became gCllc:r-:.1
I;}:::n g:: r-of tho O.R.N.Compeny .h -rv –
st nr t ed hi s st ovmbo-it ccrcer on l
cnving scho ol 0urs8r of the
st ocraor ;nd Le t or on. t he
of He continuod os

for two VI-::r s r.rt er the 11:10
sol d out in 1907 t o the
of f) ccup inv i.n
ch t he Lr te tor Owens and t }oc:
lrte C.Y.Armst r on8 were t he chief
pr oraoter s .
ior,?resi dont t he .di 3d
I t his count rv :.,o}t st COHO,?Q . ,
i n tr·-; of 1895 . :iis br otncr ·
·il1i ;im,7110 suc ceedcd h rm in com-

of tho s t ,3:,;:wr L cdy Simpson
rn J.E353, ,,::l s o corczi. a dod t hc st enmor :2r in
ce of l os f rom. 1860 until the
out in 18S9,?hen he
t ool; cozu.icnd of Lc t ter st earner .
:-!;:; r r:tir:: d r r om 2.C t iva s tL;,g
in th8 Sovarei gc de –

by di 2C Qt the
of in 1910 . C;n
t2 i rl ? ::-t:;r of Lachine
CO;)!l,,<:nded t h3 old Pr Lnc ess
r cr r; numbv r of , nd SUC-ceed0d
on by
H8 1cro of
CTpt eli n AJ.Gz1nder Bov; o ;ems for
y,:srs t h e popuLcr comricnder of t he s
t earrer s ?hocniY , Victor in ,
E!.:lQn:s s 0 11 t DG upper
r out c ;i1d Gr nvilln .

h:>d stor ted cs purs : nr on

Lody SiBDson
..:)rr; .d ., l co — . C t.-. ::; 0 or

.. .cO . :,; 0.1 r. , » •
::::1d H.V. Sho}h: r d, Jolld lil:: de ::Jis
hOl·JC in 0t t S7ft •
EVQngclist Gouthier
i n corainnd of ttl G fr,?ight st oamer

,rh e:n t hct st :::Q13r 8 S sunk
i n co11is i Hi t.h the stc
ti on Co . Ln
ite Hudson . collision took
p10ce the Di dd13 of
J?1Q thr; persons on t he weIG
cn –
ain0Gr ?nd pcssGnpcr . Thi s
the first in tho history of t hn

River Co . thAt a
ny l ives hqd bC1n l ost in
of tt 3ir stcnrner s .

tho sold in
1907 t he n ::;p omcrs corrt t auod t he
t hrou2h until t ha f al l
of 1910 . After th0t t he mail stenm- :1-rely excursi on bocts ol
t,: :,;l1 ond
upp r-r boet :::::lci:lp: no ccnnect i on

t h ?
i n t h2 of

as br:ina too old for furtn2r sor vice. A
of Yor k sold crid
be Lo c: n d -.=)s aLs o oper-
this st:;2Tt1C.r, uYld~r th
n3.~12 of
r:,;lcri:l,–;8S rUYll1i;ls.:-ot;Jon. ESL1ilto:r~
Ont.,s~d ~ontrcDl,but 1~tt0rly bes
be~n uS1d SG1~ly in tt0 2xcursion
tr,3.dc cu t of ::or:tr:e:l. I.~ Juno, 1938, sh
…; 1C 3 sold. to in t,:~ro st 39. t Trois
Rivi~r8s and convGrt2d into a pulp­
;OOC~ b,;.rge.
TLc 3: __ ~;.J.l screY st€:::-l1n:;r Victoria
~8S built in 18S9 st Toro~to for t~e
Ot t 2.F3 ~h ~er ~_T2Vi{Z gt 10i1 Cor::.p 2:ly to
run u,:Jt,[t:;c;:;1 Otte·
r.1 and Thurso .Aft~_~r
1915 h~r 07:10rship changed a couple
of ti~?s snd she anded h~r d~ys in!~,;l Pf,rbOl.T, ,~!h~n h.-;r hul:!.. -:2S s
oucez2d by th~ iOG in the ~int3r of
lS2?-28. This TI~S the only screw
driven stG~Der ever built for the
old O.R.~.Co~~any,All the ot~8rs be­
ing side-~h2el bo~ts.
Th2 C?ri110~ ~nd Grenvil12 Rsil~~y
.73S u~liquc,h:)VtYlg the old broed
R~UPS of 5 fnct 6 inches,and tuo old
-, ,:>]6 -O~l_:r.Ilina. locomoti vas th8 Ot tc;,;
i.~:1~} t~–: -; G·r,~nvillG .The forIIler h£ld J8-
~n used en th0 Grand Trunk R~ilway
s2d ~~s built st BirkGnhcqd,En?l~nd
in 185? T~G Grend Tru~k hed fifty
8n~in.Qs built ~t this plcce ~nd thd
old Ottenv,:; H~S nUlJ.bcr 29 of the
Birk2nh~~d ty)G. Tl~ locomotive
G:t;~:vi lle ~;1S bui1i~ ~ t HC.~,lil ton, Ot~t . ,
so~~ time in the lctc fifti~s, snd
7!Q ! l;c….,T,:-~l tY-!)8 it:l1 inside cy1-
~;~nr-Q -~~l:s~-r;·l~l·;ny· :~s-l~s~d oy tJ~G
_ _ _ . .. ~ , ……. …. _, • • _. ..;,.A.J … ,
Ott: :-~ n t VJ r l;j C v if-S ~ t ion Co., un til
th~t Crn,tp~llY c08sed to oD6rsto tho
thr01~h li~~ to Ott~Wq ~~t~r 1910
~~d t~a rolling stock of thn r~il~ay
~~s fi~~lly sold for scr~p durin~
th0 y0~rs of the First Gre8t ~ar.
1:1 1882 Robert !srd ShcphoId,Jun­
ior, son of thl; found-r, bocc:ruE gCllcr­
:;1 El:~l1g~r of tho O.R.N .Conp?ny,hr;v­
in~ st~rtsd his ste~mbo~t c~reer on le
aving schoel ns ~urS8r of the
-··r-T~llr ~1d–lotl 0:1 t1 . ….: :_~ ••• ; _ ~~ .. :.. .! .. _ ….. .1 1.1 –
~ri~co of ~n10s. He conti~uQd QS
m~na~or for t~o vp~rs sfter tho li~c
~~s ~old out in i90? to the Centr~l
?c~.~,l;·.c;y of C,:nd~, f} cO:lp-::ny ;,n
.;,!1-~i c::: tnG l_tc 8-n8 tor O,[O!lS and trc:
l~te ~.Y.Armstronf were tho chief
pro:r.1ot ers .
C-~t-i~ Robert ~~rd ShoDh~rd,sc~­
iorresident o~ the O.R.~.Co., _di3d
It his 8ou:::ltry :–32}t st Co:r:10 ,:2.Q.,
i!l tt-; Sllf~,:l-;r of 1895. :-Hs brotl1(3r
-i lli:iTIl, ~ho succ8:2d0d him in com­
l~}rld of tho st,;:l:12r L::-.dy Simpson
j,n 1[353 ,.~:lso cOr::l.::ldcd the: stoc.mcr
:2rince 0: ~ los from 1860 until the
30v~r8if!n C:-O:.J.8 out in 18.99, ;7hen he
tool-: CO~J;.:~::d of th~ ste~il8r.
I–!e rr:tired frOYll s.ctiv0 ster.mbo::1tLJ,g
in 1906,~hen the Sovareig~ ~~s do­
stroy~d by fire.He di2t nt the p~e
of ~i~hty-fiV8 in 1910. C;n t
q in ?::;t3r :-:~cG018n of Lachine
CO;!l,,~nded th8 01 d s to ~:-:er ~ri ncoss
fer 1 nurab,or of Y( ,nd ,::;-.S suc­
ceed0d on th~t bo~t by Capt~in ~.F.
H2icro of ~ldso~, P.Q.
CTpt!JL1 AlezSlnd8r BOio !as for
Y7srs tl1c po~ml-::r COYlF,snder of the
stc3::J.ers :?hocmiY, (~uocn Victoria,
resrless ~lld ~JDreSS en t~e UDeer
ronte b~~t:?r:(~il O~;tJ~r:l ;11d G-r-:nvil10.
C))t~;in BO:i:~ hed st:::rtedss purs­
rr~on thn St~~m8r Lody Simpson ~nd
I~rried ~ ~iGter of C~pt~ins R.W.
:~nd H .V. 8hc}h:rd,:::1d liF:de his
hOI:lc in 0 t t S.7ft •
C~ptnin EVQngclist Gouthier ~as
in cor.r,_}ud of the fr,?ight stOGIner
~vI-:::ude ~rhc:n th:,t st-:<:qgr 8S sunk
in collision with the stG~D~r
Ott~?~n ef t~~ Ott~~1 Tr~nsport3-
tior:. Co. i:::1 Septe~,lb~3r,1906,09poS­
ite Hudson. T~is collision took
pl~ce i~ the nidd13 of th~ ~ight
;:1d thT£:; D0rsons on the ~!I:~ude !fOre
dro~nnd,th~ ste7~rd8ss,~hi~f en­
ain~er ?nd ~ pcssen~or. This 7~S
the first ti~e in tho history of
th~ Ott~w~ River NQvi~0tion Co.
thAt any lives hqd bCl~ lost in
<:nyof tt3ir sto8I!l>3rs.
Aft~r tho Comp~ny ss sold in
190? the ;:;..;1 0·.:i1::;rs cO~lti:~u(Jd the
throu~h line only until tha fall
of 1910. After th~t the mail stenm­
rs r,-;n ::1-relv -:~s o(,t,,,,·c~:1 7-:r-,:1tr:1 ~ld 0.·rll 0 1!_ld •• :….. ~ # … _ J. . .a. V _. …. # • __ ….J ( • J…_-
bct~ncn Ott~~q Q:ld ~ontobello,the
upp-r oo-:;t ::::,l(i:::1,9: no con!laction
_:i th tl-:C lo:-~r. Th(:: :r::rincoss _:,:s
1~i0 u~ ~t C~rillon in the f~ll of
1913 a~ b~ina too old for furth2r
service. A f~w Y8crs 1~t2r th~
D_lt;~~8SS of Yor!c ·,?r.s sole. -~~1d r1n
be 101 =_7.0r.:.t r(; 11 ~nd -.-.~ s 81 so oper-

::?.t SG 3.S t t-J.R r err v t c St s ness tor t h e boats gredl.:al ::y
for a couple of The t he of
Vi ct or ia t!e 311t.omo b i1es nne: true x s the
) – P ,- TTO-. synci cate in ]
u -__ I V _ …J,. j J lJ -. ……. u _. hJ deatb kne 11 s eems t o have been

fOE.:er,af ter years of run-:
:::r_,::: oxcur s ions arid shooting t he
ti:)G up s t Ctt –
t he spr inp of
for SCTeD broken
After- the ccmi ng of

both sides of the
8n6 sold
in 1935.

the railways
river , busi-
scunded for the ,_·,;e e.:::ooet
t onl y on the but
ter s . TodaY ,8 passenger
on the Ot t awa would be a::l

Tte only boats one
bus i ne ss
on oms
spes on
t he OttaVla 11071 are t he small diesel
boats carrying pape..r, sene oil tankers 8.Lld c.
few tU gS and SCOWS .
RBSlr;iI3 OF rFE ;IH mJ:ES
._- – _._— – – –
P?-len t.-29S
c + .)lct· . , . , 11

..•(_. L ..c v — .. :. . . 8.0 e chances Ln cor-pc r-a ted, .,. en
–,?1:;-i-s–8-2l]()-Ur ll ed annueTr:F? p-t i np: (.as th; revised ,,7 3 S SUbl,it ted to
hclj i.n the s otel, I·:c·a.trr::G.l, t he mee ttn« an equ al nu.nbcr of
of Mr .Loye .
::r:01:j j,8l 8 16 :,,:w::.ber s and 7 guests
T1tc of new 11,·adqu
e.rte1 s in the QU29n I s Hotel
.::8 8 7he Loctur -e of the
V:, ,;Y 0 :r S The ( uebpc Brid,Qes
–_.4,;:,, ., …….., … …- — 1I r.
:PT ;S::-:T.<:C J .DlC£i1Clho!.1. vot e s wa s 6e s t f
or and a£si ns t ; t he ,
::;hair ilan (Il1r .Ni c hol l s) cast t he de -c
idi,1P vote for .

of ADr i l 9th:
–x-r -:>.crufar monthLv W e+inO illr
. … 1.1 ) .., .1. … J – … !:, , -. •
Loye ccna i r-man : 15 meuber s :Jresent .
ccnstitution as dr awn up by the 8 0m? business the
Ccris t t tu t Lone L Comrn t t t ee va s CJ.-lr···n ho;ril O be en »r cvi ou s tv
. – – .._ , _. u . … ….L:.- • .. V _ …. …l.
-md road by t!1G CC::JL::itt:e s t ns t a gr oup of me.ibcr s I t
was t j 8 ap;roval still felt di s sat i s f ied wi th the
e .Nichol l s (Che.inwn), Love, ccnsti tution and bv- Lews ,received a
S Qd 3:,:1t h ; Ierroux di s aent e d . 1·?q1J.8 st IiII .Ier-r oux thet t n e
a t;:-;,crol,t:th di scussion, it was LEJtt8I 6g8:Ln De reopened . .:H choJJs
obvi cus t:-.a t it ;as not s atisfa ct-pr-o t os to d j t he doc umerit had b:;en Le r
0::7 t.c several cr the menbers , t m!it !!-8.11y a dop t .vd and could not be s ot

Terroux i n aside,sav8 by a process es tablished

::ertj.cu18r , and the time being lim-by it .Ho was overruled by the Pr csr-
i t
,-::. ,i. , .aee t i ug was adjou rned . Ci;nt much di scus s i on c it wes

r : Q ; –;-:::.- -… r-1q1 . (j ..1. . ….. .; /0
……__ :::: .)._Lc.Lnea tlnnu.-, .J.. .u l
t he heedquarter s of the Society ;
.L Dye I cha t rman ; 17 member s and 1
?U9st )resent . There we r e exhibited
the new annual maaber sh i p cards,and t he
February issue of the Bulletin .
r p90r t e d upon the kind-n
ess wi t t. ,,,r
-;i ch he was receivee. a t
t he
special of the Toron to
24th. The mee t i ng
itsel f into a Com-

of t he t o t he
and By -laws of the

t0e By -laws of the
Each article was
and any desir –
hovpd by t hat i d08
of 8 fcjpral cons t i t ution and by –
be only 8 const i –
t nt i
on and bv-Laws f or th;; Lee01 cha
bp up . Vctes : 11 for,
1 apa inst .
:lj;·,,t 0 + Avri l 9 ;)4 h
,:.. ; … __.1., …. ._

sp ;la1 ffi r ctUlp: ; fil }:· . Loye ,
t r-man; 14 members, 12 gues t s n
res errt . T1v :; mee t i ng N8 S a ddress –
ed by Mr . B . S . SprY i
assistant t o
th0 Chief of the Dc –
) i;:.r t m>nt, Cana di an :28,C i f i c
1;ont rc>a1 OYl llD .–,11 c , CJ..•..L _ • J …… , .L oJ• ….., ……. t.:.
Grc:at RaiLway , R8
i Lway ,
or_ a
e.tsc. 3.S tl-J.R Ierr~r tc .St .T.Tr~·I_Cl17 S
~s18n~ for a couDle of seaSG~s. The
=:::-::r~ss 2~1cl Victoria ,7e:e t2:-e£l
,~,;;,~ ,,-r ~:~ ,:1–i->:>,-r<> synl cate in ] C~~)C
>….J-~ I..J.; c … J,. -/..,)v–.-….4 ..J. __ ~t-.J
,-:i.:~ .;~, I:J fo Eler ) aft er years of rU:J.-·
i::.L,;:: ;;zcurs ions and shoot in,:::: the
:J ~ • :l . .• d ~ 1 ..!… oJ ..
.:..,r~C,Lle ~8.)lc.s,~c!as t1 up ct; UJU-
s~a i~ the sprinr of 19~2 8.u6 sold
for screD and broken UD in 1935.
~I~~P~ ~~P cc~~no OI~ ~~e r6~1~avs
……. u ……. vJ. …. –…. t-:-. i_ J,.. …
on both sides of its river, busi-
Dess .i:or tiJ e boats eradually
dTIindled,~nd ~ith the co~i~~ of
t! e 311 tOTG.O b il e S nnc t :CllC :- ceatlJ [mell see:::12 to been
sOl.l:1d,~d for the ,-,,;ea:::ooet busiil:;-;sS
ot only on the Otta~,m but on oms
w8t,3rs. Today, a passenger steamer
on the Ottawa Nould be an unusual
sight. Tte only boats one spes on
the OttavTa :1071 are the small diesel
boam canyin?:
p:::pe,:c, sone oil tallkE:s a.ld a.
few tUgS and scows.
:cent Societv
e-C1r>-c Gb11r( 91ct
:.:…~:,-~–~,!-.-,-,:.~,-:– –:–=;-:–:-~~~, 801G ch8n.Q8 s il1corpora ted. ~rhen
?~lS 8Q]OUrnea annual rnaet1nf ~as the rGvised text W9S sub~itted to
h~;j ;r. -i-~1 r:uc.;:.ns ,:ro~ol T~cytrr-~l ·I-h t 1 -b
•• C -.~-. U. I
<. . .....,.. ,J. ,,(.l, 10 .•• 8 me e 1n·g: 8.n equs nu:.!l 8r or
u~der t~8 chairLWnshi? of Mr.Loye. votes was 6est for and a£sinst; the
::her2 !.8l::; 16 :::2p,::.bers and! gUests ,~hairi18.n (Mr.Nicholls) c8stthe de->nt. Thc~stablishm.ent of ns.:, ci6i,1.9 vote for.
edquertcrs in the Queens Hotel
8S cc:-~~ir:-,:nd. 7he 1·-ctur8 of tho ~j.r~£–.9}:….Ji.Dril 9th:
,·,,l-;r:0 :,:;0 Imh r.ue·b:::>c BI-;dnoG~1I I 1 h ,,-
. ,.—-,–.~.:> L.C; – .L >: .::>, A r?f::u aT mon ~ .ly ;.nrG+.inp:; Lfir.
f :::; S ::-: t ~~ c by :I:-.J BUG s J .~llc~-!13h on . Loye , cr..&. i rman; 15 ~De·:.:ib 81 S )YG S en t .
Tha 8cnst1tution as drawn up by the ~ft0r 80m? ~~~lim1nary business the
(l-Y~+lt,:;oYl-l -rl-i-t ,,,/,,,, -1
1,4 (, • -, . 1
vJJ.,~ v_ ~U–J..::J Jvll-J.1J. 10 :., O~ l..c >J.,~L, v.lD1T.·:on,D8VJ.n,Q: o~en -vr::-;vious y
0~d rr:r:.u I..,T th) 0C~Il··f·t .. :-:.:·:, Chn..;· .. n .. , …. ·~-, d …. 1 t· ; b
)].1 -,c. oJ, ,!.J.J J. •••. :. IJ -:0 •• Ci..J.-C,._· ….. 1.!.;:rrl::: u.13 u a grouD 01 rJ.e~·i ,::rs
It was subsitted ~ith tje approval still felt disiati~fied ~ith the
of i~essrs .Nicholls (Chairll~Bn), LOY8, cO!lsti tution and by-la:,Ts ,received a
~ nd S~:~i tl-l; Ml. Te:rroux di ssr:m te d . r?que st fro~:. lilr. TGrrol.~x that th e
.,~~,·ti~~: e t;:,~o1oll;;h discussion , it :!es LlsttJI-6gB tn De reopened. i:r .:HchoJJs
oovi-..l)s t:–.Bt it ·;as not satisfect-p::.~ot,;stJd,the dO:Jt.lllJ.8:Qt had b,=;en le­
o-r7 tc s8verel (;f the melD.bers, towit:?-811y adOl)t,-d and could not be set
:,.;essrs.Cole)=:cClure,and Terro1..1.:X ia 8side,save by a process established
)8.rtj.cu18I, and the time being lim-bv it.H0 ras overruled bv thG Prcsi-
t::>,:, t:-:.:; ileeting Has adjourn8d. c~~nt .Aft(~r much discussicm, it W8S
~~etin~ of March l~th:
–:-;;-r: c-: ;l ~.::; P c ann U q 1 m t:> e -!. l ,~,..,. ,,
.. -_.:….. :; .J~ l 1..;. …. _, ….. ,: .. -L …… J…… – l .L.l.~ .L 1.1
t~8 ~e8dquarters of t~e SOCiety;
~.:r . Loye ; aha i:rman; 1:, m8~nbers and 1
~u9st )resent. There were exhibited
th8 new annual !Jle~Llbershi p cards, and
the February issue of the Bulletin.
~r.Nic~o~ls rp~orted upon the kind­
ness witt ~~ich he was receive~ at
he special Keetin~ of the Toronto
Cha~ter ~~ t~e 24th. Tbe meeting
~ow-constit~tef itself into a C6m­
~ittee of the ~hole to dis3USS the
Cons~~tut1Gn 2nd By-laws of the
Assoc~ation,a~d tMe By-laws of the
Pare~t C~aDter. Each article was
disc~ss~C se~2r2t~ly a~d any desir-
~ovpd by Mr~!cClur8 that th~ id88
of a fojpral constitution and by­
lu~s be dro~p~d.and onlv a consti­
tnt ion 2nd by-18ws for th:: local
r bp drawn UD. Votes: 11 for,
1 ap-ainst.
;if,·t l n P. o+> Anr 11 ? h4h .
.:– : ._-:,_~_;_J._._l ___ ,_~:.~_=;
ii.. sp J lal mne tU1P:; Xil}.·. toye,
ch~l~.rnan; 14 members, 12 guests
;},0sent T1l::: rrE~etine ,;,ras address-
ed by Mr. H. S. SprYi assistant to
th~ Chief cf the I~vGstipation Do­
),;:rtm2nt, Censdian :28.c11ic R8ill.~·.ay,
hlontreal, on rolicL~ of a
Grc:a t Ra :1.1 I! 1.1 Y •

9 t jrla of J 8 n.UST Y 5th :
– f -;-·1.., (1 f L- ; f -: ,., 1 :: P C–;-1 1 , D + l -/1 lP to
. v J…..r…… .L … …. _ vl . .. .. .,1 V J .i…L….I. …
bc s ::nt -:;0 t h -: As socI at t on t n IIcn t –
mov ed acc8)ted by
end s i gnnd by t ha t hi r-
t oen
___ …….. …

l,;…. …
1 (01

;1 (1 )
,;.. 1.1.. ,,) …..

… . .!.J.
•… •
Arnold Browne wss Tr Qsur er
by ac c Lar.s t Lcn. I t !6S d:.;tc: r:n.i:l::d t o
hold ttird lriday and
a s ch e du Le ,,.fe s :::rawn up .

2 .:; in.! 8f J 8 ;:;m :.:rv8 6th :
Q,-:C1 + arv nrooos d +]., at a
.. …… , • ……, ….. -I… J VU : . ..I.LJ. _
ChG)te::r Bullet in be Ls sued in :l:rch .
?r2sident Dr oposed t he Dossibi-
l itv of an of r ai lroa d
matnriql t o be sponsor e d by t he
apter. Di scussion was 90stponed.
of 16t h :
-irowr:-;:-t ,TD ,-r L3fS r pd by
. . – ….. .. ……, ..f • , ,I …..,J
th,: O:; :;Cl,,,,·t:3ry . Ih oy move d
by and SGCOnd 2d
by .s. .FLe t chtr . Tho Pros Ld errt 1 ; –
the exhi bi tion ffi8n t i oned

1.8st ill 8t i ng but it was do-
t e rmi ne d the. t noth t nc shcul. d be done
about it until tho: out umn .
;3DC:c:i ::J.. : .ect t nz of Feb r uer v 24th :
_ .. ;. :.=, J-:: 1 -;-1n [:! h (-l ljt o -_ ,:;: -, e -::> danIJ.
… – -:. … _ V – t..7 … • _ … .I…. …-.
by R.V .V .Nichol l s , ent i t led
l,St re :::-, i ng app l. Lo d t o r a i Lroa ds v •
F .F ..:ro·c:r d extcn dcd the Ch,sptor s
tr.:n:s to :,:1 . Nichol l s .

t 0: ::::Jr ch 8th:

:JY side:1t ou t l t no d i.l pro j e ct
sn rr
c ,
d bv
.l.l _ .

….. /
,T,; cho
Ll ,

i t h
.. • –
to e c,H o-ind,?x coteL>
0«11; of p-ioto..:zr s ?hs 0:…
isn th0 pos sibl o

of tho as a Chapter
project . A motion by t h3 TreDsurer

the be c3power2d to
t:,p f unds of t he; Chcpt er
,;r? S :J dc p t od .
i n9.: of ::,!:-:r ch 29th:
—-::111:: y ,,, .-:; a:: finnnc ie,l
r 890
rt . The : nnounc e d
th,:; cl ec t t on of six new .C1.e::::b,:;r s .
Thp, ,Se cr e t
o::r y r ld ccnmun i cott on
rr om t h-: ont 0 e 1 rrJ tnmen s
Cl ub

collsbor3 –
t i on lif i th t );.; Ch:m t er in some
sphr r os . By -Lcws were
:;do;;>ted .
?>Gtinl7 of April 19th:
–r;:;;.–=–,—–:——, h
Lne t
s 0sson s 2ctivities be cl osed Wi t h
2d rae e t in!!, ;this pTO posql W8.S
Pr e sident
3l.J. ··,y:rst r:-d ·the possibility of a Ch8pt2r
S:.?OIJSOIPd excursion t o be held t he;
SUrnI:lG: months. ?:b::.J…:ldrer. :Vler:r ilees lIOS a sk-
GO to SllIVCY tre fOS3WilitiDS . Ifr.:Jo! .-.s.LIe t t .;
hovs, fublJ.cityDirectorortho Ibrcnto110del
nt the . v requec..: st sr:o;P. w..J
on tro 3.ctiviti2s of that orgnniz:t:im
The Proaident extended t ho Chapt ers be s t
,..J.., t Ft TX -,1 , 48th u p]1, –
Tr • • -; lnsOuo -. £ .L….v :.L 1,I..J ……- LJ , l………. .J
,7l>=J. !.JS 0.;. G..:lTIYv::hl;S .. :J.Jg}-u..qnca.-rs ,
C.A S oF., who was ottendirg his bst meotang .
~.=:;0tj:JJJ of Je::1us:v 5th:
-.TG};rl Griffi2J. rso thr; pnti tiliYl to
bs S·:rlt -:; 0 tl-l~ As so c io ti liYl i. n lIon t­
r~31. ?8~itio~ Doved acc8)tcd by
F.~.Ro~e~d and sian0d by tha thir­
tJe::-~ Crisrt: .. :r (or Fmlndi,l1rd ~·/fO::·.lbc;rs.
Arnold Browne wss 81act~d Tr~asur8r
by 0~c13,,::.tion. It .~!gS to
hold n~Gtings ~v~ry third lriday and
a 3c1-:0 aule .fcS ::: yawn up.
~1c?8tL~.! 8:t J8~lU~rv86th:
-T}~ Q,-:cY·tarv pYoYJos d that a
.l … -~- _ … ./ _,;;. _
Chrntc:r BullGtin be i8S1?d in :ic:rch.
T~~-?r2sident Droposed the possibi­
litv of an exhibi~ion of railroad
ri81 to be sponsored by the
Ch9ptar. DiscussioYl was ~ostponed.
;::1 c S ~; i~-.F2_f_ F; bJu ::£y: 1 c t h : ,
Twc~tv n~w Bv-Laws ~cre r1ad oy
th? -::;3c1 t:: ry . Th,y wr;y~ mov,~ d
Q~ce)t~d by F.q.Ho~8rd and SGCOnd2d
bI :.~ ._~~ .Fletchr. The Prc)sid(][lt r)­
nbrtsd on the exhibition ffienttoned
~t t~2 ~8st ill 8ting but it was do­
t(jrminc d the. t noth ln~ shcul d bo
Qbout it until th:: ;3D(;cieJ, : · of Feb:nElry 24th:
-~_ :.:::).3c::2.1 ru-etirrg h::;lcf to-Eeecf an
~d6r0~s by R.V.V.Nicholls, entitled
l,3T.18::,:.:J.J.ining nppli8d to r3ilroads.
F.F..:ro[;Td ;,~yt8nd,?d the Ch·~9tcrs
tt ::-:1 :<:s to ::r. Nicholls.
11:1;: ::irsident ou tl:i.ned i.! project
1 . r st d bv R ~T V l.j Ih 0 ll·~ -i th .
j…..J .~. …. . …. ~ • I .l _ oJ.l . _ • 1 .~
:::.f,:r.:~n,c2 to e c3ra-ind,;x cst0!l­
CD.U; oi p;oto. i~n loc~;otives ~nd tho possiblo
odo,tion of the 91s~ as a Chapter
project. A motion by thG Treasurer
th~t the Dir~ctors be e890~8r2d to
~isbur8e t~p funds of th8 Ch2~ter
:rr; S :J dopt:::d.
~:~r;et 111.9.: of :,l-:rch 29 th:
-~l~S:: Tr:,,·ssur~;r r.-::,3d :::: finnnci8.1
r8port. The S8cret~ry ~nnounced
th,:; c~lection of six ne;! :::J.8=:b:Jrs.
The Secret:ry rld ,:~ com::·mnic:.:!tion
fro.~a tb·:~ ~or ont 0 ~Io1 e 1 rr) iIlI!l8n s
Club su~gesting pOHsible collsbor3-
ti on 1li th t];J Ch :m t (:r in some
rcs. SGv~r~l ~GW By-Lc~s were
:} do:,;>t e d •
, ~ …. f ~ 1 10 th
0.2.Q..,I, In~_o_ r_ PI 1_, __ :o_~:.:
The President SUqg8st~d that the
sPJsons activities be closed with
2-dLmi~r w,:etin:!,; this propos:.::l W8.S
un~nimGuslv ~DDrov8d.Tho President 31
y;·-·d the possibility of a Chcypt8r
S:?CIJS018Q Gxcursion to b8 held durir..g the;
SU:TE1G: mo,,1ths. {:h.Aldrer: :Vlerrilees Vias :} sk-
, to t.!h .. il· , ~c , •• 1< ~r tt:·
GO SUIVCY e fOS3lD 101(7S. LVi[. ;! • .w.L:18 v
ho..s,RlblJ.City Director of t.I1Q Ibrcnto 110d91
Tr:iE18:nS Gub,!1t th3 President is requ8st,S.~,,:O:8
br:L:~fly on tm o.cti-1Ti ti2S of tho.t orgrmiz::-:t:im
The Pr.:;sidm t extmded tho Cl131)ter fS be s t
,7iEhiJS to FtG. HArTy :;:::los ~ 48t …. 11 3:jg)1lQnca..-rs ,
C.A S.F., [Hho ,~t:,s ottendi.>:g his bst meeting.
1 88J::;:WII

l 2 tL 12
s11 o
IaL·I .fl°1l-:

1 1B
UTJ Jr. ·.ID •L -…:;:qof
u/:.O ..I2 • ;:1 4. J..8 q0ct
UBt:.::J:TeqO 6 :S·
TI0l{a .fl .fl H
R. v • v ora c holls,9 eta ir::lan
,John Loye
Rob eY t F: 0 Brov/n
Jo1:::-. ~!. Griffin
i.ddress all CO:·.:.:~l:l.nicG t ior..s t~;
: .• IT. IT .licholls
2174 S~Grbrooke 3t. ~est,
IIOlltreal, ~ue.

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