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CRHA News Report no12 february-1940

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Canadian Rail no12 february-1940

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Number 12 February,1940.
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r-,- h ,:; of
,. 1
. :0 •.:.urea….., Canaca No. 12 , February, 1940
The Regular of the AssocLa t Lcn ar e r eminded that the Annual Dues
for the year 194) are now payable . of t he Parent Socie ty
Sh0121d ma:e

Depar tDlent
Montreal .
Regular and
their cheques payable to The Canadi ar; Railroad Historical
and send them to the Treasurer , Mr s . E. Bevington ,
of Immi?ration and Colonization , Canadian Pacif i c Railway ,
Out – of -town
of the Association are required t o pay
a subscription rate of Fifty Cents for the Bulletin . Such who
desire to r emain on Ollr mailing lis t should send their subscriptions
to the Treasurer e.t once. Libraries and other institutions who have
been complimentar y copies
7h8 cl os e of the eighth year of our
eXistence as t he Canadian Railroad
Historical Association finds us
successfully the ends and ob
jectives of our particular field
of activity; namely the and
preservation of historical railway
sites, t he col l ec t i on and presp,rva-t
ioD of all manner of objects, re-co
rds and mi scel l aneous material
to the of the
past . Nor , do we confine ourselves
exclusivel y to the Canadian field ,
as our name andtitle woul d indic-
ate. As a faot, we ar e , I may as-s
uredly say, equally i nt erest ed in
t he ear l y and development of the
r ai 1.ays of the Nor I d, and
especially those of the Huited
St at es and of Great Britain , with
both of Canada s r ailways
have always had ties of
rLa Lohjw ou L det ns p , Indeed, i t no t
serve our pood interes t if we were
to pay no to t he fields
of history outside of our own.
have found an affinity of in-t
erest also, in early hi st or y
of navigatioD . And while
t his is defini t el y ·somethLng apart

that of the railways, i t serVffi our
interests , and itself
to all rail way nistor i ans ; for, as
ar e also invited to subscr i be .
of the
the steamboats and the railways
were l i nked in serving trans -po
rt lines in their beginnings , so sh
all t hey remain Li nked in hi stor-
ical records . Our
lecture platform has during t he
past year been graced by sever-
al speakers whose topics of dis-c
ourse have ?roved interesting and
i.Jstructive. I n this respect I may
pay tribute t o Ald. J .
Ur . R.C .Johnston, of the C.N.R. , .
Mr. F.A. Pouliot, of the C.P .R .,
and Ald .John Verry, and our fel l ow m8
8ber , R.V.V.Nicholls . It is our i
ntent ion and ou r s ere desire
t o develop t his feature of our
Association . The high standard we
have to attain to in
past has cnntLnuod to be mai rrtained,
and our speakers and t heir themes af
discussi on are always and ever
interesting. Moreover, our plat –
form i s our pot ent factor of
9ublicity . Our Association stands
to be judged and vaLuad accor d L1.g
t o the representative standing of
our platform sp eaker s . Ano
th8r stimulating feature of
our Association is our fine weather
tal rs abroad in t he lend , and even
t nto t he TJni t ed States . The free
and easy svst e.n of mutual ac commo-
Canada No. 12, February, 1940
Regular ~.Ienbers of the Associaticm are reminded that the Annual
Dues for the year 194) are now payable. ~vlembers of the Parent Society
Sh0121d :!la~~e their cheques payable to The Cane-diar: Rat lroad Historical
Association and send them to the Treasurer, Mrs. ~. E. Bevington,
Departnlent of I:mrn.ip-ration and Colonization, Canadian Pacific Railway,
Regular and Out-of-tovm Z,.1embers (if the Association are required to pay
a subscription rate of Ftfty Cents for the Bulletin. Such r1e·;~.bers who
desire to remain on 01J.T mailing list should send their subscriptions
to the Treasurer at once. Libraries and other institutions who have
been receivin~ complimentary copies are also invited to subscribe.
7h8 close of the eighth year of our
eXistence as tne Canadian Railroad
Eistortcal .A_ssociation finds us
successfully pursuin~ the ends and
objectives of our particular field
of activity; namely the ~ar~ing and
preservation of historical railway
sites, the collection and presp.rva­
tion of all manner of objects, re­
cords and miscellaneous material
appertaining to the rail~ays of the
past. Nor, do we confine ourselves
exclusively to the Canadian field,
as our narlie and ti tle V10111d indic­
ate. As a fact, we are, I may as­
suredly say, equally interested in
the early ~istory and development
of the rai 1 ays of the Nor ld, and
especially those of the Hnited
States and of Great Britain, with
both of which Canadas railways
have always had inti~ate ties of
relationship. Indeed, it wOl.l1d not
serve our pood interest if we were
to pay no ~ttention to the fields
of history outside of our own.
~e have found an affinity of in­
terest also, in the early history
of stea~-boat navigation. And while
this is definitely sonething a~Jart
fro~ that of the railways, it serVffi
our interests, and cOYV.nends itself
to all railway historians; for, as
the stearnboats and the railways
were linked in serving the trans­
port lines in their beginnings, so
shall th8y remain lin1<:ed in histor­
ical records.
Our lecture platform has during
the past year been graced by sever­
al speakers whose topics of dis­
course have ~roved intp.resting and
instructive.-In this respect I may
pay tribute to Ald. J. Alex.E&~ison~
lir. R.C.Johnston, of the C.N.R.,
Mr. F.A. Pouliot, of the C.P.R.,
and Ald.John Verry, and our fellow
mOBber, R.V.V.Nicholls. It is our
intent ion arld Ollr sincere desire
to develop this feature of our
Assooiati~n. The high standard we
have soUg~t to attain to in t~e
past has· cunt inu8 d to bemaintamed,
and mIr sDeakers and their themes
af discus~i8n are always and ever
interesting. Moreover, our plat­
form is our ~10St Dotent factor of
,)ublici ty. Our Association stands
to be jlldgp.d and valu3d accord L1.g
to the representative standing of
our Dlatforlll speaJc8rs.
An;thc;r stimulating feature of
our Association is our fine weath,?r
tOlrs abroad in the land, and even
i]j, to the Hni ted States. The free
a:!.0. ;,,,,asy syste:.:l of mutual accom..rno-
ca t ion between t he member s lilr·. iHchol l s has coriduct e d our
Dar t have illade these tours si6e of thpso di s cussi ons sol el y soci
all y as well as historicsll y 119 t o t hp. present . I t now r emains
Lnt er-e st . ::hile I have left to for us to ao cr ove of t he sa:S18 and
t he to report time so brin? inib being a Toronto
and plac e of t hese I must Branch of our
make – no t e of t he highly suc cessful substanc e of t entative e
xcur s ion to t he plant of the Johns-proposals for an auto -Kerrv
ill e Co . , Ltd., Asbestos Mi ne s , nomous body linv·-,d to orr own 1:1
? Q. i n t he month of July. It was name and objec ti ve , but whoI Ly in-
t he riost successful of our many to ,vork-for its own in-excur s
ions since our foundation . terest in Toronto even as we do
never recei vo our latest copy f or ours tn Mont rRal . In this way
of our Bul l et in a f eeling …se s….. Livi nz UQ to our order
of ap pr ec iat i on of t he wor k as an Associat i on a
of its edi t or, and our energetic Gnd avoid con-
f eLl.ow memb cr , Mr . R.V.V. Ni cholls. f l iction of local interest su ch I t i s
to be observed that he has as we have wi tnessed in t he life
aimed hi gh i n i t s production and of cer t ain organizations elsewhere: h
as achieved eminent success. This whor e an atteillnt made to es-
is not perfunctory flattery on our tablish branches under a cent r al
part . are sincere in saying t hat control of t he yarent body . Under
our Bul l et in is well worthy of t he t he ) Topos8d order ther e could be
fil es of the Library of Congress ::0 possi ble gr ound f or jealousy, .
and t t e rarliamentary Library, in and evory incentive for mut ual co –
both of whi ch its are now oparation . Could this be ex-t o
be f ound . That Mr . Nicholls has tended , as hODe i t shall event-
obtained mGch valuable assistance uaLl.y be, lfe wouLd have our name
r r om Mr . Robert R . Brown must also known nationally and locally
be noted. The in pressiv8 lists of throughout the Dominion of Canada, Canad
ian railway locomotives appear-and pe effe ct a wider and
ing :n OTJr Bul let in are th8 r ruits national interest in the to
of Brown s indefatigable re-which have set our hands, and
search. do , howev3r, regrGt t he which shoul d be the wor k of Canada
or.n ss tori of t he Editors name from at l arge.
t he front page . advise that this The ?ast year been marked by
omissi on be filled, both for the our abandonment of t he hi stor i c
information of the reader, as wel l Chateau de Ramezay, wherei n we
as in justice to the Editor. wer e founded, as our

r ec ommend t hat our affiliation an d their t enroorer-v location in
with t he Ant iquarian and Numismatic home of our
Society be maintained, as wel l as C.L. Terroux, 48 Rut laad Road, our
relationship wi t h t he St. Le.aber t . This change vre e
Railway and Loc omotive brought ab on t by fact t hat ;.;Ir .
istori ca l and with all T.C.H. S.;.i th , our Secretary, who
kindr ed bodies with we have t o of fice one ago, resi-f ormed an acqu
aintance . In this des in I n consequence
mBnnAr we can obtain notoriety of hi s off i ce h8 cal l Ad upon t
hrouF-:hout the cont inent whe r e such to r-=:f8r t c our documcnt ary mater –
organizations ar e to be found. i el in ans78r ing correspondents. The nroDo
sal to organize a branch Ho f ound i t imnossible to visit
of our-As;ociat i cn Toronto the the de –
aroused a new and added in mands of hi s of fice
our out l.coc and uct i vi t res . The t o accomnoda
t » hirn, as as NIr.
matter has al r eady passed t he prim-Terronx , -;rho aLso has cxtcnsi v e
ary staaes of discussion , has 9nd occasion to

now to the point wher e t angiblc r er er .
our , 1
….., –.
results are about to f O into effect.
fer r <>d tne S 9.l:18 t o the 19. sI
cat on t:ffected between th·a memod:ts lill·. iHcholls has cO.;.1Jucted our
ta~ n2 pert have illade these tours si6e of thpsc discussions solely
sac ally 2S well as historically up to thp. present. It now remains
interestina. !hile I have left to for us to 2DDrove of the sa:r:1e and
the Secret~ry to report th~ t~~e so brin? in~b being a Toronto
and place of these eve~ts, I must Brench of our Asso~iation.
make note of t~e highly successful Tb~ substance of ~is tentative
excursion to the plant of the Johns-proposals ~ould mek~ for an auto­
Iv~anvill.= Co., Ltd., Asbestos Mines, nomous body linv.d to Ol.r ovm L1
?Q.. in the month of July. It was naEle and obJective, but ,yholly in-
the ~10st successful of our many dc·,)endent to Nark for its o.n in-
excursions since our fonndation. terest in Toronto even as we do
~e never reoeivo our latest copy for ours in MontrRal. In this way
of Ollr Bulletin withollt a feeling ,ve s8.11·b(. living up to onr order
of gr~at appreciation of the work as an Association rather than a
of its editor, and our energetic soci~ty, end thpreby avoid con-
fellow me;:nber, Mr. R.V.V. Nicholls. fliction of local int.:::rcst such
It is to be observed that he has as we have witnessed in the life
air.;,ed high in its production and of certain organizations elseivhere:
has achieved eminent success. This where an attemnt :7as l!l.ade to es-
is not perfunctory flattery on our tablish branch;s under a central
part. 7e are sincere in saying that cO:J.trol of the T)are11t body. Under
our Bulletin is well worthy of the the )ropos8d or~er there could be
files of the Library of Congress 1:0 possible ground for jealousy, .
~nd tte rarliamentary Library, in and evory incentive for mutual co-
both of which i.ts meI1.b;~rs are now oD2ration. Could Olan be ex-
to be found. That Mr. Nicholls has t~nded, as ~8 hope it ;hall event-
obtained mllch valuable assistance ually be, Ill8 would have our name
Nr. Robert R. Brown must also k~.101m nationally 8nd locally
be no te d. The iopress jove li st s of throughou t the Dominion of Canada,
Canadian railway locomotives appea~ and p~ ~ould effect a wider and
ing :n OIJr Bulletin are thr-; fr1Ji ts national interest in the ~ork to
of :~r. Browns indefatigable re-which :1e have set our hands, and
search. ?e do, howev3r, regret the which should be the ~ork of Canada
0:.:iss10n of the Editors name from at large.
tte front nage. qe advise that this The ~ast vear has been marked by
omiSSion be filled, both for the our abandonment of the historic
information of th::; reader, as well Chateau de Ramezo.y, wherein we
as in justice to the Editor. were foundr-;d, as our ~eadquarters,
~;e recommend tlat our affiliation9 .. :ld their temnorary location in
with the Antiquarian and Numismatic t~e home of o~r Vica-President,
SOCiety be maintained, as well as Mr. C.L. Terroux, 48 Rutland Road,
our .9.ood relationship with the St. L2.·1bert. This chan{!e was
.Ar:~erical1 Railway and Locomotive brought abollt by t~~ fact that liIr.
Historical Soci~ty, and with all T.C.I-LS.).ith, our Secretary, 7
kindred bodies with .vhich we have C8.:10 to office one ye3.r ago, resi-
forIiled an acquaintance. In this dE~s in St .La.TI.bert. In consequence
mann2r we can obtain notoriety of his office h8 ~as callAd upon
throughou t the continent where such to r-::fGr tc; our docu,nentary mater-
organizations are to be found. iel in ans7ering correspondonts.
The pronosel to organize a branch Ho found it imOossible to visit
of our-As;ociaticn i~ Tcronto has the Ghate~u as· often as the de-
aroused a new and added intsrest in llands of his office r~quirod, ~nd
our outlooT( and ma t ter he s already passed the prim -Terroux, :rho 8.1so ha.s 0xtGns i vo
ary staa8s of discussion, a~d has corres~ondencG, snd occasion to
now CO~;12 to the point vihere ta:lgible Tf:!fer to our ~;12,t~ri·ql, .G trens­
Tesul ts arp about to f.o into 3ffect. ferr<>d th.-:: sa~:le to the 19 ~;tGr s
r esi uer-ce for t he the

going to Smi t h s care.
In the meanwhi Le our r egu mcn
thly and spe cial have
been held on several occasions i n
Mr . Terr ouxTs hone, as well as in
t he hons s 01 Messr s . Augnst Anger s ,
a. A. Tru 6eau an d Mr . Nicholls, and
t wi ce t he R.R. Y.M.C.A. Hall,
360 Sebastopol Street. To all who have so graciousl y
entertained us,
we eytend our prof ound thanks.
The of a permanent
headquarters , however , is one whi ch ca
nnot be dealt with rpadily. The
oue s ti ons of exnense of maintenance
as well as safety of location sre
as seriols_as they are Vitally im-
por tant …i Edi torial Note: If!i th
t he permission of t he President, a
section of bis Report appertaining t o
an amended constitution has been
C:eletedJ . We no
te over the past year the
addition of several new and valuablo
meraber s , both local B..1d out-of-town.

may observe, as we have done in
pr evious reports, that we have a l imi t ed menbcr
shi p ; not limi ted by
wri t t en rule, but by the disposition
of t hos e whose interest we appeal
t o. 30;;:e join ·,vith lJ.S; oth ers do not f e
el attracted to our orbit of
endeavor .
In military ci r cl es they say that
one vol unt eer is worth five con-
scripts . By t he same principle we m
ight say that we to have o
ur membe r shi p maintained and ro-
cruit ed on strictly voluntary lines
r atner than by urging and tmpr-ess-ing peopl e
into cur circle. At the

t is 2 the per sonne l of our
circle i s small in but ideal
in qual ity , and we aspire to enlist
onlv those who are qualified by tem-
perament to follow in the particul-
ar line of and actiVity
that pursue . A large but un-
e:;.J.ot ional me!nbership vroul d not help
our endeavors, and would soon fall
apar t in natural consequence.
Rai lway historians, and those in-

in rei Iway lore are a cLass
to t hemselves, and gener al l y spe ck-
not a nwnerous one. It was to
the interest and prom-
ote t he pur suits of this class that
our was f ormed. I n-
deed , our ci r cl c is whnt it wes in-
tanded to be at i t s outset, a ci r cl e
of of railway his-
tory, so can readily understand
the of natural select-
ion whi ch must aLwa ys f.oV·3 r n our
size ond
(j . — . ,., d ..L. h … …h b 1… •
.,e :!:CO.1. ee, per ennum, r eLain un-
The list of donations received
during the past year both v81u-
abl e and intpresting, and
i ncr cGs ed t he l arge
store of historical matter now in
our possession. Our thanks ar e due
to all so contributed to our
We stand under oblig8tions of
thanks nnd grat i t ude t o our fellow member-s who-ho.ndlr}d t he
enoe of our pr oper t y to St.Lambert
from the de Ramezny, es-
to Mr . Terroux, who fur-
nished the vehicles to transport
it, Qnd su?erintended the work . To Mr .Ni chol l s
for his great ser-
vi ce in i ndeXing gnd t abulating
the as it -ras r emoved, Q
very patience-taxing work, and one
done. For t he i r re-
spective co-operat i on in this TIor k

must also r ecord our thanks as due
to Mr s .Bevingt on , Miss OTDowd,
Curator of the Chateau de Ramezay.
We not forgetful, either, of
the genpr ous mnnner in which mem-b
ers {i5, lccomDlOdat i on in their
aut omobi les to fellow member s not
so provid0d, to enable t hem to
participAte in our excur s i ons . It
Is hos mqde our
Associ ntion it is, a friendly cnd h
2rmoniuus circle.
In conc l usi on mq y a few
-W8 t hat a
suitQble mC2bp,r ship cord be issued
to Qll members this coming year;
t ha t is, 1 smn Ll. card of stiff,
strong t extur e , whi ch iTi l l r et at n
its form 8nd st2nd All
members should be able to produce such
Q in museums, or other
places thoy visit wher e their
identity rni ght win t hem ravor.
YT e vrou.ld recommend that the
resiCeEce for the ~ost ~art, the
re~ai~der going to ~r. Smiths care.
In the meanvrhile our regulc.:r
mCEthly and specj_al !Jleetings have
been held on several occasions in
Mr. TerrouxTs hone, as well as in
the hones 01 I.lessrs. August PJlgers,
a.A. Trudeau and Mr. Nicholls, and
twice i~ the R.R. Y.M.C.A. Hall,
360 Sebastopol Street. To all who
have so graciously entertained us,
we eytend our profound thanks.
The establismaent of a permanent
headquarters, however, is one which
cannot be dealt with rpadily. The
quest tons 01 expense of maintenance
as well as safety of location sre
as seriols_ as they are vitally im­
portant … i Edi torial Note: Wi th
the DermisS io n of the Presi den t, a
section of Dis Report appertaining
to an amended constitution has been
We note over the past year the
addition of several new and valuable
me:nbers, bo th local aIld out -of-town.
~e may observe, as we have done in
previous reports, that we have a
limi ted :n8nDcrship; not limi ted by
wri t ton rule, bu c-: by the dispos it i on
of those whose interest we appeal
to. 80:;:e join -,vith ns; others do
not feel attracted to our orbit of
In military circles they say that
one volunteer is worth five con­
scripts. By the same principle we
m.igh t say that we pref~r to have
our membership maintained and re­
cruited on strictly voluntary lines
ra th
3r than by urging and impress­
ing people into Gur circle. At the
present time the personnel of our
circle is small in nQ~ber but ideal
in quality, and we aspire to enlist
onlv those who are qualified by tem­
perament to follow in the particul­
ar line of research and activity
that TIe 9ursue. A large but un­
e~otional mC!TI.bership rould not help
our endeavors, and would soon fall
apart in natural consequence.
Railway historians, and those in­
-~ercsted in rai lway lore are a cl8.sS
to themselves, and generally spook­
i~g, not a nwnerous one. It was to
~cco~~odate the interest and prom­
ote the pursuits of this class that
our Associgticn was formed. In­
deed, our 8ircle is ~rhnt it 1?!8.S in­
tended to be at its outset, a
circle of students of railway his­
tory, so ~e can rendily understand
the li~it3tions of natural select­
ion v!hich must nl;Tays ,gOV·3rn our
size Qnd c~cracter. reco-T-iGnd th8t the llGI:lbership
fee, $2.00 per annum, reL, un­
The list of donations received
during the past year W8S both vqlu~
able Gnd intpresting, and has
m~terially increGsed the large
store of historical matter now in
our possession. Our tbGnks are due
to all .7bo so contributed to our
We stand under oblig3tions of
thanks and gratitude to our fellow
members ~ho handled the transfer­
ence of our property to St. La..-r:l. bert
from the Ch-::.teau de Ramezay, es­
pecinlly to Mr. Terroux, who fur­
nished the vehicles to transport
it, Gnd su?erintended the work.
To Mr.Nicholls for his great ser­
vice in indcYing:md tabulating
the ~aterial as it ~as removed, Q
v::::ry pstience-tGxing work, and one
nd:lir:1bly :011 done. For tht:ir re­
spective co-operation in this TIork
we must olso record our thanks os
due to Mrs.Bevington, Miss ODowd,
Mr.T~n ODowd, ~nd ~r.L.A.RenBud,
Curator of the Ch:1teau do Rarnezay.
We are not forgetful, either, of
the genprous llrinner in ~rhich mem­
bers {i5,ove ~ccommodation in their
automobiles to fellow members not
so provid8d, to enable tQom to
oarticioAto in our excursions. It
is this~spirit ~hich hes mqde our
Associn.tion TJh1t it is, a. friendly
and h~rmoniuus Circle.
In conclusion ~e mqy ma~G a few recoIn…:1end:?tions. –
W:::; advise tho. t a
sui t!1ble mC:~lbp,rship ccrd be issued
to all members this coming year;
thDt is, 1 s7;wll card of stiff,
strong t3xture, .hich 7.7ill rct~in
its form 3nd st2nd h~lldling. All
members should be able to produce
such Q c~rd in museums, or other
places thoy visit where their
iden ti ty !!ligh t win them f8.vor.
YJe .ou1d recom.ll~end thnt the
of mIr Assoc – attrac t ive f cld : i
ation be prjnt 3d , if t he ;8 concI ud e by rpcord ng our own
t . .th 32=e
b Gone Q Drlc8 In por sonnl t han vs to t ho raember s hfp t he
of our Those f or all tho favors and tokens of

s erveto supply int2nding esteeD I have received at their
or-uicnos to be rormod ,7ith t he hands, and f or which I r emain sin-nccess0r y ins
trument of instruction cerel y grateful . And I BEl i n. duty
be sold n f eG bound t o eXDrcss mv sorrow at t he
.1. u
per copy 7h er a wer e called passing wi th t he year , 1939 , of
for . mutual and t rus t y friend, D. A.
Te r oconrnend all brc lc::os to Loor.rl s of Bur lington, Vermont, who be
formed bG t ol d of our o.dditiollcl the inter es t s of our Assoc –
L-:. st e-imboat 1l1d i ation so well and
r ecords, be nske d to o.dopt
pol icy i n t he int er est of t hat John LOYG, President.
There were 10 held . 4
in Chateau de
2 in R.R . Y.M .C .A. 4 in
One special open meeting in t he Mount Royal Hotel.
Two exec
utive m
tings .
excur si ons : 1 .
to Asbestos , July 9th
2 . to Adi ronnucics j.::gj.on, October 9th
3 . to :fon tpelLe r , St. Johnsbury, Novemo ar 11th .
There are at present 31 Regular of which 24
have active during t he year . 26 Out -of-Town mem-b
ers .
added – Regular -2
Out-of-Town – 1 .
erage attendance of r egul ar at monthly –
12 . 7 .
T. C. H . Sm.i th
Secr etary.
?cdc:rll cO:lstitut:o:1 of onr Assoc-attractive 1:.istorical f (ld:
ic:tio;) be regulJ.rly prjnt:;d, if the ;8 conclude by rpcord ng our own
32.::-:le C~.Yl br-; dOrlo nt .1 price ··.i thin pcrsonr.::l th:,:ml.:s to the ;:-;!embership t
he c~Dscity of our fu~ds. Those far all the favors and tokens of
~ould ~crvo to supply int2nding esteeD I have received at their
br~nchos to be fonned ,lith the hands, aYld for which I remain sin-
nccessnry iYlstruBont of i::lstruction cor-ely gratc;ful. And I ara in duty
~nd could bo sold ~t a sm~ll fee bound to exnross mv sorrow at the
.l. v
p·2r copy .:There nu:nbors were colled passing wi t11 the year, 1939, or our
for. mutual and trusty friend, D. A.
l!e rc:c om..:l.end t:-:::.t all brclc::e s to LOO~-.lis of Burl ington , Vermont, who
be fOI1!1cd bG told of our oddi tioncl s;;rved the i!lteresi;s of our ~t._ssoc-
L:ti~rost L1 stGr:mbo~t ~istory .;.ld iation so wall and geYlerously.
records, ~nd be nsked to adopt our
policy in the interest of that John LOYG, President.
There were 10 r~gular ~cetings held.
4 in Chateau de RB:11·3zay
2 in R.R. Y.M.C.A.
4 in private horees.
One special open meeting in the Mount Royal Hotel.
Two executive m 0tings.
Thr~e excursions:
1. to Asbestos, July 9th
2. to Adirond:J.c1cs r·:;gj.oD, October 9th
3. to :fon tpel ier, St. Johnsbury, November 11th.
Thore are at present 31 Regular mern.b:::rs, of wh ich 24
have bp8n active during the year. 26 Out-of-Town mem­
New me~bers added -Regular -2
Out-of-Tovm -1.
Avera&:.e attendance of regular menbors at monthly mcetiags –
12.7 .-
T. C. H. STIli th
The RE?OnT of the
deposit Bank of Montreal Jan.1939 69.43
L1ember shi p fees 43 .00
Member s hi p fees 1938 2 .00
Bulletin subscriptions 10 .00
Banl< i.nteres t .57
$125 .90

R.V.V.Nicholls -Bulletin expenses 1938 20 .00
Affiliation Antiquarian Society 5.00
Therri8n Freres -stBtionery 9.86
E . A. Green – 4.00
Ther r i en -st at i oner y 23.91
Mount Royal Hotel 10 .00 72 .77
Ba1 anc e 52.23

Balance J anu ary 9th, 1940 $52.23
Amount o
utstandi ng due t o Bulletin
Edit or $20 .00
M. E. BeVington,
Treasurer .

The Edi t or i al Committee of the Bulletin beg to submit its r epor t f or t
he year According t o cust03 it is arranged in two parts : Part I
is a statistical report of t he administration during the
past year, Part II cont ai ns comments upon that and
crrers .reconmendations for t he coming year.
Part I
Bu:letin Copies Pages
St enci l s Paper Extra Loco. Paper Typing Post-reau
ired requi r ed Lists Printed cost cost age
No . 8 9
—-$2 .00 $1 .30
9 6 640 60 1 .50 1.15 10
5 455 30 1.50 2.10
1_1-8 650 60 2 .00 T
OTALS 28 2775 3.30 7.00 4.55
x includes covers .
Total Income : Tot al Costs:
Subscrintions, 26 $13 .00 Stencils, 46 .
Mat er i al s on hand , Paper, 3000 sheets 3 .30
Stencils , 12 . 2 .30 Typ inf.? .•••.••• • ••.• 7.00
Grant . 14.04 Postare . 4.55
Use of mimeograph , $2
per 1000 sheets 6.00
Total …. 29 .34 Total $ 29 .34
vouchers that accompany this r epor t cover all expenditures, except
On deposit Bank of Montreal Jan.1939
lJlembership fees
ivIembership fees 1938
Bulletin subscriptions
Banl< i.nterest
R.V.V.Nicholls -Bulletin exoenSGS 1938
Affiliation Antiquarian Soci~ty
Therri8n Freres -sD6tionery
E. A. Green -~iscellanGous
Therrien -stationery
Mount Royal Hotel
B a 1 a n c e
Ba~~ Balance January 9th, 1940
Amount outstanding due to Bulletin
Edi tor
M. E. Bevington,
The Editorial Committee of the Bulletin beg to submit its report for
the year 1939. According to custom it is arranged in two parts: Part I
is a statistical report of the Coa~ittees a&~inistration during the
past year, Part II contains comments upon that administratio~ and
off81~s .recorrrmendations for the coming year.
Bu:letin Copies Pages
-N= –0-. -8::0–80 Ti–
9 80 8 10 65
11 65 10
Part I
Extra Loco. Pape~
Lists Printed cost
60 30
Typing Post­
cost age
$2.00 $1.30
1.50 1.15
1.50 2.10 2.00
TOTALS 28 2775 7.00 4.55
x includes covers.
Total Income: Total Costs:
Subscriotions, 26
Materials on hand,
Stencils, 12 .. .
Grant ………. .
Total …. -~ 29.34
T~e vouchers that accompany this report
Stencils, 46 …… .
Paper, 3000 sheets
Typ inp-………… .
Postare ………. .
Use of mimeograph,
$2 per 1000 sheets 6.00
-Total $ 29.34
cover all expenditures, except
It .ril l be that at t.hc Annual l.fe<3ting of January, 1939,
fo l lo.-:j.r:g t J G r-ecommcncat Lo n of t hi s Co-nrai tt..-:>8 , t t was decided to re-
cuir e t net both Re!ular 3 …i d Out -or etown lil0I!lber s subscribe t o the Bulle-
Thi s new cvnr past ye ar has resulted in
a reVGLUe or.. Ih i r-t ecn Dollars, un der or di na r-y c Lr cumst a.aces wou.l.d
havG reduced the cpsrating deficit from its 1938 figure of ;21.85 to
<;8 .04 . However , as an t t ci.pated, it necessary t o reimburse :;lcGi l l Uni vorsity t o
the mnount of $6.00 f or the. use of t he mimeograph and so
the def i ci t for the year 1939 stands Qt $14 .04 . This deficit is covered
by t he grant fron genoral funds authorised at t he last Annual Moet i ng ,

ch r)r :1 4 s or a annuaI a o f; 1 t of __ J… J,;, -J …….. _ … _ V … …. _ .L… . oJ .-…. v :i t-) •
During the year a reuti ne was cstQblished of sending t he Febru-ar y
issue , cont Qining t he cnnusl reports of Associ at i on s
free t o el l memb c r s , numbe rtrig :lpproxim8t c1y 60, an d t o a s pecLa L list
of 1ibr8r ies , Lns t Itutt cns , f?n d p r i.vct e numbering 15 , of
sen dinf-t he throe issues t o t he 10 membeTs, 25 sub –
scribers 8nd the specicl list of 15. It is t het nr-r 0ngG
llicnt bo continued . I t may be Gnticipntcd if Q ChGpter is
es t2bl ishcd i n Toronto wi l l be derived Gn eddi –
tion01 15 to 20 subscriptions . It is to bs hoped that those libraries
2nd i nstit ut i ons no w receive t he Bulletin free will feel that its
v81ue its Drice Qnd wi l l become subscribers. Kaeuing t he

tiOES in mind , it is r-ec omraended th.;?t 8. max i mum of $20
be voted t o the Committ 8e t o guer?ntf8 the ocorot i ng deficit for
1940 . . – –
For t he
of the DOBbers th0re is qppended to this r eport
8. l i s t of the back-issues of t he Bulletin, i tfJ t oe number of copies

are still available . Those bo et the repular price
of Fifteen Cents GAch or Fifty for four.
Bul let in No . No . of copi es Bulletin No. No . of copi es
3v::;.ilable eva i Lcb le
· ……….. 7 ••…• . . . •• 13

2 ·………. 1 8 ……… • . 1?
3 ·……… . 15 9 .••.•.••.• . 1 6
47 10 69 •••• • ••••• >II • 0•• • • • • • •
5 ·………. 4 11 …••…. . . . 6
6 ·.. … …..
Respe ct f ull y submi tted,
R.IT ol Ls , Chci rman ,
Loye , Rob
art R. Brown
i We announc e :vith deep regret t ho dn:;th on November 16 , 1939 , at
lnoul t.noy Vt f D . 1 Lc orn s G· -n ., :.> 1 !,Tr · l r.> 0 (· of t ho Take George r 0 i…<_ , , u.n. r ). ., 1., ..,u!
?0:::p2ny :::nd :::.embr:r 01 Ass octett on . I
I rur . born on 24th, 1870, nnd bhi
le still i n his t oens spent hi s summ-vr on t he George I
I ….. !l-l . T …. } r · -…. !1 rn c r r-.:.. . 11 (1 …….. . .. :7 Yl I:l r.:-. i T
s v;:;C..-J.:..e_u or t ne Che;… in .:,or t ,. :v10__ Ln l ..t er ) 8 , he I
-Gr ved successive l y as table WAiter , d2CkhQnd, and ,urser,fin1
-liT .., ,,, or o in 1890 !IS assi s ….ent to t:11 a···r l …..1 …., .,.·Oor – !
-v …… _……-n . ….. __ . ……… 0…..1 . l.H_ ….l. J . … . c .1.1.;, .. i .• …… • ..J…… 1
3ucceeaed George Rushlow 1n pcsltl on In 1903 s8rved
f or 34 until tho sold by & Hudson
) .R. on Apr i l 1st, 1937 t o t he Cor bi n I nt erests . he cont i nued
Goner oL ?-l 0:no@:8r of t he La,::(; George St c,mbo)t until IIi s deeth,
CoripLe t ing 53 years of ccnt mucus sorvt ce ri t h cno company . .
___-0 ; ;-… ;::; v ng …. 0 _ _ of t h0 _ 0 old- st ;. … … 1L :J t u..:. ·….,u _v ;… ..1. .1.
serv ce in the hist ory beck to 1826,
~,~2.rt II
It ~rill be rl3,;.e:-:.b·2red tl::8.t at the Annual l.fe0tlng of January, 1939,
follo:·:tr:g tle rGcommendatiorl of tJlis COY;}!J.i tt-;8, l.t was decided to re­
Quir(=; th2t both Re€ular 8. … 1d Out -of-towrl l:il0I!lbers subscribe to the Bulle­
ti~. This n~w Qrran~e~8nt op~rating cvnr t~c past year has resulted in
a revonue ot Thlrt88n Dollars, ~7.htch under orc1irlary circumsta.1.oes ;vould
havG reduced tho cpsrating deficit from its 1938 figure of ;21.85 to
8.04. HO.7ever, as a!1tioipated, it ~i3S neoessary to reimburse :;lcGill
Univorsity to the mnount of $6.00 for th8. use of the mimeograph and so
the deficit for the year 1939 stands at 014.04. This defioit is covered
by the grant from. goneral funds authorised at th(} last Annu8.1 ?vloeting,
which per:!lits of a maximum ermuel deficit of *20.
During the P3st year a routi~e was established of sending the Febru­
o.ry issue, oonto.ining the ·-::nnuF.ll roports of th:: Assooiations oommitt8GS
free to ell membors, munb(;)ri:rlg :lpproximeto1y 60, [-Ll1d to a s::eoi81 list
of 1ibr8rios, institutio~lS, f?nd )riv~te ]~rsons, nU8bering 15, 0.nd of
sendinr-the reffi::ining thrc;8 issues to the 10 honourRry mer;lbers, 25 sub­
soribors and the special list of 15. It is r~comended thet t~is nr­
r0ngollicnt bo continued. It may be ~nticipQt~d thQt if ~ Chapter is
est2blishcd in Toronto th~t t~8rc will be derived therefr~l Gn eddi­
tion0l 15 to 20 subscriptions. It is to bs hoped that those librarios
2~d institutions ~hich now receive the Bulletin free will feel that its
velue eau~ls its Drice Qnd will become subscribors. KCGuing the ~bOV8
GO~~S ideI~r..l ti OES in mind , it is recolJ1lJ.ended th.? t e t!lc.ximUlll* gr~nt of $20
:~g:?~in be voted to the Comrni tt·Je to guerE:lntr:e the operating defici t for
For the infornation of the Eombers th0re is ~ppended to this report
8. list of the b3ck-issues of the Bulletin, i t1) trle nwnbcr of copies
th~t are still aV8ilable. Thesc ~Qy bc ~urchasod ~t the rCfular price
of Fifteen Cents 8ACh or Fifty CAnts for four.
Bulletin No. No. of copies Bulletin No. No. of copies
o.vailab le
· · · · · ·
· · · · · · ·
· · · ·
· · ·
· · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · ·
· ·
· · · ·
· ·
· ·
· · ·
· · ·
· · ·
· · ·
· · ·
. . . . . • . • . .• 13
.. • . • • • • • • •• 1 7
. . . . . . . . . . . 16
• • • • • • . • • • 6
.. • • • • • • • • • . 6
Respeotfully submitted,
R.IT .V .Nicholls, Chcir:ann,
JOh~l Loye,
Robert R. Brm7n
i_ ~vG 3J:1…nounce Hi th deep regret the dnc:th on Novc~nbcr 16, 1939, at
~oultney, Vt., of Dsnicl A. Loo3is, Gen~r2l hlnnagGr of tho Lake George
rSt.~p,mbOQt ~o::::PGny :::nd BOn~11:3ry ::er:lbl:r of thi~ Associ!.1.tion. I
fJlr. Loorns :{PeS born it ;hl tohJ.ll, ~!. Y., 011 lillrch 24th, 1870, tmd
Rhile still in his t(~ens spent his>r v.O1tio~ls on the LQ1:3 G80rge I
ist,-:;8I2erS of t!1G Che:::ll)l:; i.n Tr:ns~ort:~tiol1 CC:-:.)FElY. In 1~t8r he I
-Grvod successively as table WAiter, st0~~rd, d20kh~nd, 2nd ,urser,fin1
-liT oo·,.,.,~r ,..r, ! ~.L –vi … ~J..l.~lF:~ __ [1 ….. __ . . …….. o…J (_ …. .l J. J 1::, .11·., ·.1 1 ……….. Q~ … .1 …..
3ucceeded C~ptein George Rushlc~ in th~t pcsttion in 1903 s~d s8rved
~2 ~t for 34 ye2rs until tho Com~8ny ~?S sold by the D2l~w2re & Hudson
).~. 02 April 1st, 1937 to the Corbin Interests. ~o~ev8r, he continued
;:::3 Ge !H;r.J.l ?-I.-:uo !ler of the La,::,:; George St,c,mbo) t C.,)~P?11Y until ):l is death,
:~hus 0 OY1ple t ing 53 years of c C:1t inuous sr:rvi ce i th one coapnrly.
i ~~ ~~c beflt+ ng ~o ~n 01~i~e~ ~f th0 old~st ~t0!lI~bcrt cO~DRny 1·…, __ 0 ., …. – .J…. U U c..t.J. _ 0_ v _…J _ •. J • ~J ~ _ …. ….. .I.L_ …. _… 1..1.
~C~7~UOUS serv ce in the ~crld ~ith ~ history d~ting b3Ck to 1826,
r ….. U —
, – . – 1….. t _ . ., ,.t L Ch La i-l.. I
11r . LOOI7;.lS .7e.S cecp y lnvJr·; ·:;; eel 111 t ne D1S cry c t: vJ.1(> 8.1:.e Q!!lP [a n I
s t eamboat servi ces; indeed his office in Bur l mzton was a ver i t abl e i
mu s euzi v.nos e treasures n ow 9 8.8 S to the i n tha t ci t y and] t he
:l8r i 118 ::useu8 i n Norf oLlc, Va. H:::; was eLe cted anHonour ar y Member I
of our Association in 1933 an d served it as lecturer, wr iter , and gen -i
( ar ous
fri end . His donat ions t o its wil l ever be prized. I
In tribute t o hin we quote f rom an ed i tor i al in the Burlington Daily
!Free Press written in 1936 at t h6 compl ot ion of hi s 50t h year wi t h thei
i To most BurLangt cni an s , Dan is pr.:rsonification of much I
that Lake Champlain t o this ci t y. His ?xpans ive gr in is like the,
beauty of the suns2t over t he Loke and his voice like roar
of the wave s agai nst the rocks in time of storn. His usually unruf f l ed
disposition i s embl emati c of t he placidity of t ho Lake when t he wi nds IOf
heaven breathe softly and t i s calm upon t he wa t ,
Honourary Membe r s
Sir Edward Beatty C. E. Fisher Boston
G. ! . Bishop S . J. Hungerfor d Monriireal
:T . F . ConnaI Montreal R. H. Johnston ,Vashingt on
N . M. Cut.hb crt Mont real Pangborn Colt on , Cal.
?iI..REi.>,JT SOCIETY: Charter Member s
J·lr s
.I:I. E .Ecv t ngton Mont roal Anna ODowd Montreal
R. R. Brown Mont r eal Iom 0 I Dowd Mont real
J. E. Dol man Ottawa L.A. Renaud Mcnt r eaJL
W. E. Foster Montroal :; .n, Spripgs Ste .Anrie de

. 1
John Loye r.• Ol1-crea._ Bellevue
Vt ctor fllor in Montreal C .: . Terroux St .Lamber t R.V.V. N
icholl s Mont rr:al
gul3.r HU2bers
R , G. Ami ot Mont real F. J. :r.le Cluro . Montreal
Augus t e St.Lembert L. A Seton . , Montreal
D. F . P.rJ.{sU S Mont r oal R. n. Shepherd Morrt r ea I
Uiss Sheila Aust in Chambly, Que. Rudolphe Sr;J.ith Mont real
John Carr T .C•H. Smit h
Leon2rd Clar i dge MO:lt real S.l!. Tench Mont real
Alqn Clarke Mont r eal Mrs .C.L .Ter r oux St.Lamber t
W. G. Cole Mont r eal Guy Ioribs Mont real
A. Gagne Morrt r eaL O.A. Trudo.1u Mont real
Stanl oy Lowe Quebe c City Cb er Le s Viau Montreal
L. D. Eacboan Mont real S. The Lehan Grenville,
A. t t ingly Mont real Que .
Out-of-vown Hem.bers
I.E. Bar r Vi ctor i a , B.C. Reginal Mooriey Linds ay, ant . Mis s
M.e . Bett s Hal i fax , N.S. R.3. Pcnnover London, Eng. Champlai n Ot tawa , Onto C•D . Powe 11 Cadomin, Al ta
J .W . Cobur n Vancouver , B.C. Koith Pratt Bloorr.J.field,P.E .r.
E. A. Grupb Vancouver, B.C. E.J. Pruner Falls,Ont.
Harr i s Norway House, Man . R.J . RyLaa d SQn Jos e, Calif .
F .D . Vt. Bruce Scott New Gl asgOll ,N.S •
Insull,Jr.GenevG, Ill. J .0. Spr3en St .Loui s , 1110 .
Jenkins N.S. B. ThoInGS Nashua , N.H.
) . ? Bran tford, Ont .
Junior r s
r-Ir. Loor.:is .12.S deeply intJr·:·stcd in the histcrv Gt tJ.1(: V3.l-ce I
steambo2.t services; indeed nis office in Burling1:;on was a veritable !
museU::l ,,-:ho.3e treasures now :98.3S to the F18~:: .. I … Iw:3eurD. in tl::at ci ty andi
the :~aril1G ::useu8 in NorfoP(, Va. II::: was elp-cted an Honourary VIember I
of our Association in 1933 and served it as lecturer, writer, and gen-l
erous friand. His donations to its ao1l~ctions will ever be prized. I
In. tribute to him we quote from an editorial in the Burlington Daily
iFrae Press written in 1936 at th~ complotion of his 50th year with the)
! CO~1)any: To 2:lOSt Burlingtonj.ans, Dan is t~le v::rsonification of much I
that Lake Champlain m~ans to this city. His 2xpansive grin is like the,
beauty of the suns2t over thc Lake and his boomi~g voice like t~e roar
of the waves against the rocks in time of storm. His usually unruffled
disposition is emblematic of the placidity of the Lake when the winds
IOf heaven breathe softly and thp-re is calm upon the waters.
Honourary Members
Sir Edward Beatty
G. TU EishoD
~ontreal C. E. Fisher Boston
:v. F. Connai
Kenilworth,Eng. S. J. Hungerford M8D.icreal
Montreal R. H. Johnston
N. fir. Cuthb,3rt Montreal E.J.~. Pangborn
?}ill.Ei~T SOCIETY: Charter :Members
R. R. Brown
J. E. Dolman
W. E. Foster
John Loye
Victol filorin
R.V.V. Nicholls
R, G. A.miot
Auguste Angcrs
D. F. Angus
Uiss Sheila Austin
John Ce.rr
Leonard Claridge
Al3.n Clerke
W. G. Cole
A. Go.gnc
Stanley Lowe
L. D. Macbcan A.
:1 a t tingly
Chambly, Que.
Quebec City
MontrcCll MOrltlcal
?fiss Anna ODowd
TOf:l 0 Dowd
L.A. Renaud
C.:::.,. Terroux
F. J. :.le Cluro
L. A~ Seton·
R. ~r[. S!!.epherd
Rudolpho S:GJ.i th
T • C • H. Sn i t h
S.ll!. Tench
Guy TO:-lbs
o .A. Trude~u
Crl3rles Viau
S. The leh1.n
Ste .Anne de
, Montreal
St.L8.r:1bert Montr
St . La.rnbert
Out-of-town Hem.bers
I.E. BarT Victoria, B.C.
Miss M.C. Betts Halifax, N.S. Champlain Ottawa, Onto
J.W. Coburn Vancouvel, B.C.
B.A. Grupb Vancouver, B.C.
Geo~g8 Harris Norway Housc, Man.
F.D. Hoffman St.Alb~ns, Vt.
S~~uel Insull,Jr.GenevQ, Ill.
E.A. Jenkins WindEor, N.S.
). P. :.:8.US Brc..n tford, On t .
Roginal r,·:ooney
R .E. PemlOyer
C.D. Povvell
Koith Pratt
E.J. Pruner
R.J. Ryla:1d
Bruce Scott
J .0. Spr3Em
B. ThonGS
Junior f.1e:r;:bers
Lindsay, Onto
London, Eng.
Cadomin, Alta
Bl 0 omI i e 1 d , P • E • I.
S~iths Falls,Ont.
S~n Jose, Calif.
New Glasgoll,N.S.
St.LOUiS, Mo.
Nashua, N.H.
TORONTO Ch… ?{or2bcr s
J . -q. .A.llo11 Toronto F. E. Howar-d Toronto
L. G. Baxtor Toronto D. 1. KnowLes Toronto
C C . –
. S/!:,nseo , Onto J . D , KnowLes Tor onto
R . 3. Bro,;TI Toronto Albert S .01V,3r Toronto
s . C:-. Jrot,rne Toronto C. RlJ.nd:J.l l Toront o
T: . 1-.. Toronto J . A. ;700d Oehawa ,
T 1
…) . . Toronto Ont:
It i s th gr eat p.Loasur e tih at Vi G announce the r ormct i on of

The Historical Association

to t hi s 3nd i nitiQtod 18st nnd as
result of G ont i t i on ? CS oresontcd to the Association
ot its on J; nu8r y 10th. petition accepted
nnd t hereby was brought into being t he first of the
hendquar tcrs of Ch}pter is in the City of
Toronto, its list alrc0dy thirteen persons,

the fol l owi ng acting A S t hc execl1t ive: President , Albert S .Olver ;
TrcQsurer? Arnold S . Browne; Secretary, John W. Griffin.
Ajdress nll to : S
ecretary of t he Society, Mr. Ssith,
200 Des8ulniers Blvd . ,
St. Lnnber t , Que .
Se cretc,ry cf th.e Torc:lto Ch3pter, :..Ir . John }J. Griffin , 101
DougLas Drive ,
Tcrcnto , Ont o
of the Minutes John Loye;Vice-president,Mr.C .L . ? 1r
ent SOCi8sl. Terroux;Treasurer ,LIrs .M.E .Bevington; :·
It-8t inr-of Deci3:ilber 13th : The

::t our horiour ar-y menbor, Mr .
D.d.Loomis, on 16th was les Viau –
nnnounccd . FroE his est et o G. donroux;Cha i rman,i!:ar ine COmrrJ.1tt ee .Mr .r
at ion of beoks Qnd re-R. .Shepherd; Chairman,Editorial c
eived. A report en Corami t t ee .R .V.V .Nicholls . t be ne
gotiations for tho A pe t it i on was received r ron a groip
of a Tcronto Ch8pter TIGS of railroad historians in Toronto
This Deo ting held in t he asktng for :porraission to be permit-
01 Mr .C.L.Ter r ollx . ted to form a chapter in that City.
eeting of Decanber 15th : A public The petition was granted . A fund
ncet t ng in the RCY·11 Ho tel was
set up to the op8rating
171th Al dcrncn. John K. C. , us deficit for the yoar 1940 . The fol-
sU88kcr . Ri s tonic wes 800 –
regUlar members were electro,

L:g 7o.r t

rnc Europe by

Rail. Mi ss
Shei l a Austin of Chambly and
ot 10t h, Annucl Tilr .Stanley Lowe of Quebec City . .A
=:Ccti ll;: : Tho r CDorts of the Pre-
t enporary c ommi t t ee Ta s set up to
cec-reb:lry t no recast th e and
uror, Gf t ho Bulletin
of the Assoctat i on and to rewrite

r e2d cJDroved . The
t he By-laws of the Parent Society.




..J__ .- V order to t he
……. _ …i. .;. …… v, oJ.1 , ,. J – .. ..• ., . … oJ. • c.:…..
pl ac+od
• In of-………..
Hcnourcry Presidont , Mr . Victor
ation of its th8
Gor in; Honourary Vi ce -pr es i dents, A
nnual cleet ing adjourned until
B2a t t Y,Mr .S .J .Hunger f ord
?ebruary . 3eeting was i n

.. -President ,::1: .
t he of R.V.V.Nichol l s .
J. ~. }~.llG11
L. G. B8xtcr
C C Bl-idEs8S
R. S . Bro~.~
A. C. J~Otlne
_i… …
Flc:tcIl3r .; .. {I
T 1
G :r i.;.:~ f i::l .~ .
S,J:.nseo, Onto
F. E. HOT!;nrd
D. :if. Knowles
J. D, Knor:les
Albert S .Olv.3r
C. _ …. R~nd·~ll
J. A. ;70od
Oshnrl8. ,
It is ~ii th great plcJ.sure th8t Vie ?nnounce the form.ntion of
The Cc.nadic…1 R·:ilro3.d Historical Association
Ncgoti~tions tending to this 3nd were initiated 18st Sa)te~ber and as
~ result of th~2 G forn3l pntition ?CS presonted to theAssociation
~t its L1.rlU··~l ~,i~~eting on J::l.l1uary 10th. T1;i8 petition Vins accepted nnd t
hereby thpre was brought into being the: first chapter of the
Associr:.tion. T~~ he~dquartors of t~ie Ch~pter is in the City of
ToroYltc its r.:er.lbership list G.lrce.dy numb
3rs thirteen perso:ns,
~ith the following acting ns tho execl1tive: PreSident, Albert S.Olver;
Trc8.surer? Arnold S. Browne; Secrctnry, Jehn T!-J. Griffin.
A1dress nll corresponder.ce to:
Secretary of the ~crent Society, Mr. T.C.~. Smith,
200 Desaulniers Blvd.,
St. LTlbert, Que.
Secretc:ry cf th.e Torc:lto ChC3pter, ~.1r. John W. Griffin,
101 D01H!,los Drive,
Tercnto, Onto
RosU:.J.6 of the Minutes
?1rent SOCi8!y
:·If-Gt inR of Dec,::;:ilber 13th: The
d8G.t~1. ,:,r:-our honour3ry ru.8B.bcr, Mr. D.
,A.Locmis, on ~-Jove:cJ.ber 16th was
r~nr..ouncc;d. Fro[;1 his estate G. don­
ation of beoks and m~DS were re­
baived. A prGlinin~ry report cn
tbe negotiations for the fcr~ation
of a Tcronto Ch8pter WGS presentod.
This nooting ~as held in the h0~e
01 Mr.C.L .Torrol1x.
MC8ting of Decenber 15th: A public
rlc;eting in tte :Iount RC7i,1l Hotel
7i th AldernC!n Jc>h!l ~{erry, K. C ., as
guest sperker. His topic w~s 800-
i~g 7o.rt ir:1G Europe by Rnil .
~eG~in~ of Jnnu~ry lOth, Annual
=>ct il12: The rCports of the Prc­
-:::-::-;;~-:-~~—nr:> cecreTry th rp~·s-
:…. _ u…..:: …… v, ~.6.1 , _,J .I .. -:: ., ~.I.J.. 1:.: …..
urer, Q~d Gf the Bulletin Cor~ittce
~are re2Q ~nd cpproved. The follo~­
ing officers ~Gre elected:
Hcnourcry President, Mr. Victor
Eorin; Honoursry Vice-presidents,
Sir Ed~2rd Beatty,Mr.S.J.Hungerford
=.~r .C!-!~~~Gs ~ .?is~~er -President ,::1:.
John Loye;Vice-president,Mr.C.L.
Terroux; Treasurer ,Llrs .M.:E .Bevington;
r-.a:essrs. D.F .Angus, F.J .::vrcClure, Char­
les Viau -Custodian,Mrs.C.L.Ter­
roux ; Cha i rEl811 ,i!:ar ine CO:m.rrl,i tt ee ,~r .
R. ~T .Shepherd; Chairman, Edi torial
Comni ttee ,~·lr.R.V .V .Nicholls.
A petition was received frOl1 a grolp
of railroad historians in Toronto
aslcing for pOrIaission to be permi t­
ted to form a chapter in that City.
The petition was granted. A fund
was set up to cov~r the operating
deficit for the year 1940. The fol­
lowing regular members were elect~,
Miss Sheila Austin of Chambly and
Ttl: .Stanley Lowe of Queboc Ci ty. .A
teLlDorarV conmittee nras set UD to
_ J _
recast tho Coasti tution and By-lavs­
of the Associ.ation and to rewrite
the By-laws of the Parent Socioty.
In order to ~0rmit of the i~pleme~~
ation of it,s recoTIl.7.endatior…s th,~
Annu:::.l ~{Ieoting WlS adjourned until
~ebruary. T~is 3eeting was h~ld in
the he~~ af ~r. R.V.V.Nicholls.
R.V.V.Nichon.s, Chairman
John IJoye
Robert ïi. Brown
John l,J. Griffin
jïddress all co-.-ij~.iunications tv;
i:`. . V . V . }T i c h o 1 1 s
3174 Sïherbï`odke ,C.:;t. t.Vest,
£iIontreal, `ue.

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