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CRHA News Report no01 april-1937

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Canadian Rail no01 april-1937

{ Chateau De Ramezay
• . ,

The auI.LEiIN of the
Number 1
Cha de. Ramezo.y
Tho BULJ,hTIN of the
Chateau de· Ra:-:lczay. !iontrenl..
No.1.. April. 1937.
FO llliilO RD.
In yrosontlng thls. the flrst number of its official
journal, the Canadian Railroad i:listorical .lssoo1at1on re­
alizes in n modest way the aLlbltion of its members Since
1 ts founda tiO:1.
The 11.1 tiJT1ate ljllrpose of this r>t1.bllcatloli is to accttm­
ulate gradual-ly in one cOMpendium the records of Canadian
rnl1wa~r deeloI,lP.lent. ~:e l,>ro!)ose that in future 1 t Vlill be a
saUTee of reference tor those lrho I like ourselves, Iill be
interested to kIlO the circtl.r.lstances attending this most im­
portant national institution from its inoention to its Qul­
r~linatlon in the achievellents of the present da~.
fie aim to distribute the r.orlc of eatherlng information
emone lUuny, by giving to each a Dart1cular field in which to
)rosecute research. Herein lies a hidden adv, ,,hich our
menbers are asked to discern. It is a certainty that in :pur­
suing the study of their chosen 8ubjeot theY will disoover
m:tterial not in their dep:·,rtment, but of interest to a tel­
low uor)cer. in all such the endee.vor should be to trans­
mi t such inior!:!.ntiol1 to 1 ts !lTOi1er deDartment. and by follow­
in~ such R system of reciprocal exohange of historioal mat­
erial between members, ,e shall soon possess reoords oover-
ing every phuse of Cane.dian railway history. .
DurinB the five years of our Associations existenoe. we
have not confined ourselves strictly to railway history. It
i8 only natural that in the minds hioh tom our olrole. there
should be a deel) and en5ag,lng interest in all that alpert­
ains to the deva1o])lllent of steam. internal-combustion, and
electrical transDortatlon, whether on land or water. and as
consequence, we have adopted the st~dy and reco~d af steam­
ship, steamboat, and street .. car history, and we liropose to
embrace the evolution of aerial tr~sDort as well.
Our ambition is us ore~t as the fleld before us, but
our enthusiasm is proof A.gainst discQurae-8ment. The i~ssoc­
iation is one tor recreatiVe study, where Ie may pursue at
leiSUre our selected theme ·,ith assurance of suooess. For,
no mt:!tter he-, small may be our oontrubutian
the little we
.,111 oontribute 11111 be n .. ooin in the collection that 18
surely destinud·to be a treasure.of,reaord in the days to
~h. ?res1dent.
Gubr:i …. ~(;d 0·.·. John -oc on O~~. l t~ 19-7 … • ..I: .. ……. –. … .; :~ u, .:J •
. The ~re … r of 19:56 ir.S t:~c ~03t This locomotive and tender were
eventful tn our five yenTs of e:A-required by the Canadian National
istellc:~. It r.arked th~: lUOth :m Railways as a feature display in
nivcrsnr~ of the Ol}3n1l1~ of the their Centenary train, and the call
fLot raU!a: in cr.nuda,. thr.t of came from ?resident Hungerford. The
the Char:·~J.:lin (.; ~t .Lflslrencs t a.1 plan of the Centenary train Was sub-
event ~/h1ch :1::-:; nnly ol)servcd on I!li tted by your President, the en­
Saturdn~ a;ld. i:mnda~, Jnly 18th arid eagement being given that if the
19th ill St.JOlli1S :md j,praire, re-C.II.R. furnish the 6400 streamlin­
s:)cctiveJ.y, and there :fere other er to haul the train your Presi-
public I!;.~.rks of oOflsrvfl.!oCe on dent would guarantee the loan of
Tuesda;r, Jul!: 21st, which 1:rns the Hr.Browns model of the Dorohes-
f..3:J of ?r.n.iverscry !iro,:?ar. terTI as the contrast feature on the
Our issooiation initinted 9ro-flat ear drawn behind.
ceGdings in ,!)re.!.r;.rntior.. for th6 The inability of the Antiquar-
celebration, ~~d in crentinz the ian Society to lend Mr.Browns
Gan1l.dian ;;ailw:lY Centen;l.ry Com-model compelled the C.N.R. to pro- ttee, which orGanized and con-duce an improvised one wi thin a
ducted it. Although this ;S800-limi ted time or a.bandon the feature
iat10n did not Cl:J!,ear as thc body al tOBether. The model produced wa.s
directing the celebl~l.tion, never-adjudged to be satisfactory, ~d
theless, it recoive credit tor our Association was duly credited.
zll that ,::as fror:1 thosc coj.-for assisted, a8 we did, in the
i.rising the Centenary CocNittee ••• work by the officials of the C.N.R.
The Centenary carne Itt an in-and C.P.R., and Ie were assured of
c..:;.portuna time, n time :rhen debts the support of both Companies in
Viera en.sil:; contracter … The ieriod the future •••
of hard times ;/hioh, lit the ti,e The Royal Bank Calendar.
01 oar foundation in 1932, we had This calendar bore a repro duct-
bClled would havepassed when the ion in colour of an historical sub-
;:f~~r of celebration ur:.:-ived, was ject picture by Sheriff Scott. It
(.ill prevuilie in 1936. Conse-de+,icts the opening of the Champ­
itJ~1:1y, the fintulcinG of the cel-lal.
&: -St.Lawrence Railroad, July
0,;0, ,las . continuously d1ff-21st, 1836. The picture is l.uite
:~Qul tone, because bone of the elaborate in its ensemble and is a
/~rti cipants could spend enough very attractive one. The calendar
money to carry o t what they d.e-also bears a oomplete history of
s~.gned at first; every feature of the event illustrated, The train
the event had to be curtailed, and shown. on this calendar is ~ot cor­
as a result, it did not attain to reot in d.etail. The looomotive,
the elaborate character we propos-while true to type, is too small in
ed for it •• , oomparison with the man stooping
This Association was called. up-beside it. The two cars shown are
0, in an emergency to prod.uoe in a of the triple oompartment type paint­
hurry the full size plans and. d.e-ed in light yellow colour. It is
tails of a locomotive of the type not to be presumed that the Champ-
o~ the TlDorchester,lI to(Jether withlain &: St.Lawrence would have the

tender. IJe adopted the same d.e-Governor General and his suite ride
si~: as that approved by our mem-iO its second-claas cars, when it
·L.TC at an earlier date… 1s known to have had at the time
. ,
.. •
. .
…. wo double compartment first-class enarv with a summer-long public c.x.
:::a!s, elaborately decorated. For hibition of railway relics and gel.-
thls reason we reeret. that we can-era.l material, on display in the
not aplrove of this llcture as a Zlgin Gallery of the Chateau de
true :epresentation of its. subject. Ramezay. It was under the direction
Hlstory of the Champlaln & of Nr.Renaud, assisted by jUss
St.Lawrence Railroad. Anna and l:r.Thomas 0Dowd. A con-
For the first time the complete siderable part of our own .Associ­
story of our first railway has ap-ations material was included 1n
peared. issued as a special number the display. The exhtbition opened
of the Bulletin of the Railway,~ with an At Home, held on the even-
Locomotive Historical Society of ~~ng of Honday, July 20th, whereat
Boston. All the 1010vm facts Nere l·.r.Hungerford opemed the function
assembled and presented in order b? mounting the platform of the
under one cover, malcinG a vo.lnablo I1Dorchester
reT)lica and riding to
work of reference and filling a and fro. He was introduced by 1fr.
want in our general store of rail-. Victor Horin, President of the Ant­
way datum. The author is our fel-iquarian Society.
low member, Robert R.Brovm. Uonument at St.JOMS.
Replica of the IlDorchester
The local committee of St.Johns
The Antiquarian Society of subscribed to the reaction of a
Llontreal undertook to prepare a grani te monument in that Ci ty. Our
full-size model of the IlDorches-Association was asked to furnish
tor after the plans supplied by the text of the insoription and
hlr.Robert Brown, who took for his the sketch of the first locomotive
pattern the four-couDled ?lanet-in Canada, which apDear upon the
type locomotive sho~ in IIA Cent-panels ~f this monument. It is an
.lty of Locomotive Building, II com-attractlve object and one of the
piled and edited by the late J.G. few, if there are any, of its kind
I .1arren, formerly Eechanical l~ Canada. l!r.Regnie: and his com-
;;J.Derintendent of the Stephenson rnl ttee deserve the hlghest praise
wo~ks, under date of 1923. This and commendation.
illustration was reproduced from Monument at Lapraire.
11 Grierl s Hechanics 1 Pocket Dict-The local committee J.ikewise
ionary. n published by Blackie &; caused to be erected near the site
Sons. Glas50w, 1838, and was ad-of the first railway terminal a con-
opted by J·fr.Brown on the advice of crete monument bearing the metal
Mr.C.H.Dendy Karshall, the emin-tablets of a former memorial plaque.
ent railway historian of Great This r.lonument is now a striking
Britain. feature of the riverside park, and
This model was built by ;:r.R. l!ayor Longtin and his confreres de-
L.Renaud, our fellow member and serve to be congratulated.
curator of the Chateau d,e naI!leza~r, , Tablet at St.Lambert.
with the assistance of others, fe are pleased to record the p1ac-
l1essrs .Cole I 0 I Dowd, and Terroux. ing of a standard ?rovinc1al memor-
This model is a remarkably fine ial tablet on the wall of the City
piece of work, and has movable Hall in St.Lambert, in which vie re-
gearinB which acts when the model cognize the enterprising hand of
is in motion. It is intended to our Councilor, lIr.C.L.Terroux.
remain as a permanent exhi bi t in fe were duly consul ted in the
the Chateau Huseurn… matter, and v/ere pleased indeed to
The Railway Exhibition. see the lmveiling of this worthy
The Antiquarian Society sign-memorial made a consp1cious part o~
-.ied the Canadian Railway Cent-the general Centenary Celebration.
:he tablet commeMorates the locat-are not aware if the Province evel
ion of the Champlain & St.lawrence advanced any money as at first prG~­
~.2. terminals at that point from ised
1852 to 1863. Our fullest praise The ?resident of your ..19socia-
goes to }~ayor ~o
crum .md his com-tion received a special invitation
mit;ee. . to attend the golden jubilee cere-
_n ::?asSl~&, lIe are reMindT~d of monies in the ,findsor Station, mark­
the perservlne-endeavors of ,i.r.,Tar-ine-fifty years since the departure
roux in hi. efforts to have a from l!ontreal on June 28th 1886
marker placed at the site of the of the first through passenger train
farner croas:ng of the C.~ St.L. to Vancouver. This event took place
,t the King J>dllard Highway. Such on Sunday evening, June 28th, 1936 •
. :.~.::da~le en~eavors are worthy of T~e Canadian Railway Centenary
:_ e.,coura, 7ment and material as-Commlttee terminated its existence
.t.Lstance, wJllch same we hope to on December 31st, 1936 …
~3 able to advance in 1937… All told the Centenarv was a suc-
At the re dent, the railway companies, the conditions prevailing in the C.N.R.
Canada Steamshi~ Lines,and Har-at the time, the inability of the
::)ur executive agreed to sound Company to spend any money on the
whistles at 11 a.m. I i:ncsdr!T, Jul~· celebration, and the actual oppos-
21st, the approximate hour of the ition encountered in some official
departure of the first train from quarters, the event proved to be a
Lapraire in 1836. Owin5, however, memorable one, due in a laree meaa­
to a confusion of standard and ad-ure to the dete~ined efforts of
vanced times, the whistles did not the local committees of St.Lambert,
sound in unison… Laprairie, and St.J(lhns, and to the
Our members had the pleasure of conspicu9us efforts of l{essrs. A.A.
meeting the grandson of Canadas Gardiner and O.A.Trudeau of the
first locomotive driver in the C.IL:::L he are proud to record that
lerson of }~r.E. J. W .?angborn of the Canadian Railroad Historical
Col ton, California, who ca..-!le to Association shared ;argely in ach-
}.;c!1treal to participate in the ieving the general success, and we
Centennial ceremoni~s. are pleased to acknowledge the con~
The Centenary Committee had tribution of the Anti several disap~ointments. The Fed-Numismatic Society to the local ob-
eral Government refused to issue servance at the event in their three
a commemorative postage stamp, month historical exposition.
which it was expected to do, in
view of the fact that one was is­
sued in 1933 to mark the centen­
ary of the steamship II Royal Wil­
liam. .
The most important relic of the
Champlain & St.Lawrence Railroad
heretofore produced was the name­
plate of the locomotive Ii Dorches­
ter. During the past year the of­
ficial seal of the Railroad came to
light, donated by Col. Gear of lront­
real to the Anti pressions of this priceless relic
The Ci t~, of l10ntreal gave no
material aid to the celebration.
The Dominion Government did not
participate directly, but did so
indirectly throue;h the C.F.R.
The Quebec :?rovinci~l Govcrn-were d1stri buted to our members
ment made a grant of Three Thou-with the consent of that Society,
3and Dollars to the munioipalities and to ou archives of Ottawa, G.ue-
,f St. Johns and Lapraire, to be ~ec, the C.?R., the C.N.R., S~.
G :..Rred equally between them. This ~,o.t:ns I St .L:unbert, Lapraire ane… th~
;;,:.:.rt was iater withdrawn, lind we ~~t~:y & Locomotive HistoricrU Soo-
~ ~ .
. —
l!r.D.} •. J,oomis, General 1t .. :.r.:;!.I~er 0
of t:l:) Ci1, …… !Ql::lii: Trar..sportation
(;o:j:n .. …:.l~.r, ~1 .. 1!:coveroJd .. :In hio Com­
pany 5 ?ceorcis, co:-·rcs:;:oodence iihich
de~l t_ wi ~h the del~ ver~T to the C.
~: ~t.JJ. n.R. of R ilor~lS lOCOMot­
ive in j.;[!J , 1837. ~·ie considar this
record as a most V~luBble addition
to the histor~r of our first rail­
1a~r, establishin0 as it does the
identi ty of the second locomotive
to apl?ear in Bri ti sh No rth .i.mer­
News Items.
On February 24th last, it was
announced that the Champlain Trans .. ·
porta tion Gompan!r. aIdes t steam­
boat comDany in continuous oper­
ation in the world, had been sold
by the Delaware & Hudson Railroad
to Horace Y;. Corbin of Grand Isle,
Vt. The new owner will use the
Ill-year-old nR.Ille to designate the
merger of his five ferryboat com-
Another addition to our store
of documentary data concerning the
Chaml?lain &: St.Lawrence was Mr.R.
r:. She,herd s diseover~r of any old
family journal disclosinG a des-
~ criptive recor~ of a visit to La­
prairle in June of 1836 where the
writer saw Canadas first loco­
motive under cover of a shed on
the railr:oad cOT!l.pan~ s preaises.
The same wri ter also gave an ac­
count of a trip over the line from
i Lanrairip. to St. Johns and return in
.4u;3ust of the same year. In this
In interesting account is given of
the passenger cars and their dec­
oration. Vie consider this inform­
ation in the writing of a travel­
ler of 1836 as among the most val­
ua.Jle so far discovered, It is to
be regretted, however, that he did
not give any intimate details of
the locomotive, although his test­
imony as to its presence there in
June, 1836, is a recortl .. of the
first order ..•
John Loye
Editors Note: Due to restrictions
of space, the ?resident has grac­
iously permitted me to make cer­
tain deletions in his Annual Re­
port at my discretion. These are
indicated by three dots, thus, •••
The Secretary will be !Jleased
to receive any. comments and sug-.
sestions relative to this Eull­
panies. :-: …..
Ur.Loomis, who last June ce1-.. ,.
ebrated fifty years of continuous
service with the Company, thirty­
three of whj,ch wf!re as its general
manager, will remain in the employ
of the Delaware & Hudson.,as gen­
eral manager of the I.ake George
Steamboat Company.
In the near future, 11 Railroad
Stories,l1 under the editorship of
Hr.Freeman H.Hubbard, is to pub­
lish an illustrated. article on the
railroad ufanl! organizations of
United States and Canada. The Ra;l-­way
& Locomotive Historical Soc­
iety of Boston and your Associat­
ion among others will be mention­
Du.rins-the :Teck of April 2nd to
9th t the Cnp1 tal The,,_tre ir, J leal, there Was shom the …:nelish l10vine
!?i ctura, 11 811 en t Barri ers • II
This llicture, or1
ino.lly cpJ.led
liThe Great Burrier, 1(.5 11shotll in
the vacinity of Revelstoke, B.C.,
during the summer of 1936 ~~d is a
dramatised versIon of Allan SuJ.l-
1 van s sto~J, II Track of Destiny, 11
which nPlleared some two years ago
in lIacl ean s Magazine.
Though it was by no means an
II educational picture yet there
were certain isolated scenes of in­
. terest to historians, such as those
in which-Locomotives 374 and 522
Hstarred, the driving of the last
spike, and the discussions carried
out in the Board Room at Montreal.

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