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Canadian Rail 547 2012

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Canadian Rail 547 2012

SN 0008-4875P
ostal Permit No. 40066621• E SNTAE BELÉISDHNEDOFT
ABLE OF CONTENTSBrief Overview of the PGE, BCR and BC R
ail, Douglas N. W. Smith…………………………..47
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Stans Photo Gallery, Stan Smaill
All time PGE, BCR, BC R
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YOUT: Gary McMinn
ub Cité
: Traitment
ostal ExpressFRONT
8-40CMu 4605 leads 4603 and 4650 as they head southbound at MP 26.5 Porteau
on July 5, 2004.
ELOW: Early Pacific Great Eastern train passing Currie Ranch in the interior of B.C., date
nknown. BC Archives Collection, Call Number D-00435.
Dash 8-40CMu du BC Rail no 4605 est en tête des nos 4603 et 4650, alors
se dirigent vers le sud au mille 26.5 Porteau Cove en ce 5 juillet 2004.
SOUS : Un train des débuts du Pacific Great Eastern traverse Currie Ranch en
date inconnue. Collection des archives CB, no D-00435.
days before the CN takeover, BC Rails General Electric
avant la prise en charge par le CN, la locomotive Général Canadian R
Canadian R
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Work to extend the Howe Sound &
Northern line commenced in 1914. Progress was
sporadic as European funding for construction
dried up in the First World War. The line became
a political football when allegations surfaced that
the contractors had been skimming money.
Unloved and unwanted, the provincial
government had to take over the line in 1918 as it
had guaranteed most of the bonds that had
financed construction up to that time.
The provincial government tried to
unload the money losing line in the 1920s, but no
one was interested – even the federal government
could not be persuaded dump it on CN – for a
measly selling price of $17 million. The line
staggered on running from Squamish to Quesnel,
in the interior of the province, with hand me down
equipment, but lots of pride.
In 1949, Premier Byron Johnson
announced that his government would complete
the PGE. In 1952 the rails reached Prince George
ending the old saying that PGE stood for “Prince
George Eventually”. In 1956, the old North
Vancouver-Whytecliff line was reopened and
extended to Squamish. The PGE modernized its
operations with modern diesel locomotives for its
freight trains and snappy Rail Diesel Cars for its
passenger operations.The completion of the Vancouver-Prince George line
didn’t end the expansion. The line was pushed up to Dawson Creek
and Fort St John in
BC’s Peace River
Country in 1958
and on to Fort
Nelson in 1971.
The electrified
Tumbler Ridge
subdivision opened
to the Quintette
c o a l m i n e s
northeast of Prince
George in 1983.
E x p a n s i o n
continued with the
construction of a
branch line north
of Prince George
to Dease Lake.
Unofficially many
t h o u g h t t h i s
branch would
eventually be
pushed on to
Alaska.The Pacific Great Eastern required many bridges and trestles to conquer the formidable terrain, here we
see the trestle built to cross 11 Mile Creek. BC Archives collection, Call Number D-00064.
Le Pacific Great Eastern nécessita la construction de plusieurs ponts à chevalets pour conquérir ce décor
accidenté. Ici, nous voyons le pont à chevalets qui traverse le ruisseau au mille 11. Collection des
archives de la C.-B., no D-000644.As with so many Canadian railways, winter played havoc on the PGE,
here we see a snow plow equipped steamer in the early years on the
railway. BC Archives collection, Call Number E-04250.
Lhiver fait des ravages sur le PGE, à l’instar de plusieurs chemins de fer
canadiens. Ici, nous voyons une locomotive à vapeur équipée d’un
chasse-neige à une époque révolue de ce chemin de fer. Collection
des archives de la C.-B., no D-04250.

50MARS – AVRIL 2012RAIL CANADIEN • 547Remembering B. C. Rail
By Mark Forseille
Back in the mid 1980’s, the British Columbia
Railway had just changed its name to BC Rail. They were
in the midst of repainting their locomotive fleet into the
first new Red, White and Blue paint scheme. These
happened to be the official colors of the Social Credit
Government in power at the time.
The GE’s weren’t yet on the horizon, and the
MLW’s still ruled the rails along with the SD40-2’s. The
GF6C Electric’s had recently been introduced on the
Electrified Tumbler Ridge Subdivision to bring Northeast
Coal to Tacheeda, where it was handed over to CN diesel
power to finish the trip to the port at Prince Rupert, BC.
This is the point where I start this recollection of
railfanning BC Rail. I recall that most summers starting
in 1988, I’d head out from the lower mainland area of
Vancouver towards Williams Lake for about a week.
In 1992, I decided to take the next step and
venture further north up to Prince George. It was too bad
that by this time all of the Big Alco’s were all off the roster.
I was aiming to get as many M420’s as possible as most
were in the Prince George area.
In the summer of 1998, a group of us decided to
head up even further to Chetwynd seeking the new B36-
7’s. By 2000, we went the furthest up the line making it to
Fort St. John, BC. Our main goal of this trip was to get
photos of the GF6C’s in their last few months of
operation before they were removed from service.
BC Rail was a friendly road. They always
accommodated us whenever we stopped to visit their
diesel shops in both Squamish and Prince George. In the
later years, one of the Prince George Diesel Shop
Foreman even remembered my name from the previous
visit the year earlier. Looking back now, I’m glad to have
all those trips along the BCR.
BC Rail has some of the most magnificent
scenery along its right of way. There are four main
Subdivisions on the BCR between North Vancouver to
The Squamish Sub which runs from North
Vancouver to Lillooet is considered the most dangerous
subdivision on the line. Numerous derailments due to
rockslides have occurred on this subdivision over the
years. Trains in the most dangerous sections were
preceded by a Speeder car and later by Hi-Rail trucks to
ensure a safe passage. On February 29, 1980 a rockslide
blocked the track causing two engines to plunge into
Seton Lake with crew fatalities. This slide happened after
the speeder passed by and before the train arrived in that
spot just minutes later. Ironically, this slide happened only 100 feet from the northeast end of the lake.
The Lillooet Sub runs from Lillooet to Williams
Lake. At Lillooet the track starts in the Fraser Canyon
and rising 2, 716 feet in the next 34.6 miles to Kelly Lake
and the Caribou Region of BC.
The Prince George Sub runs from Williams Lake
to Prince George. The northward progress of the Pacific
Great Eastern halted for many years the Cottonwood
River, north of Quesnel. The million dollar cost of the
bridge was deemed too much for a railway that literally
ran from nowhere to nowhere. After Quesnel, its
towards the City of Prince George into the Northern BC
area of the Province. The majority rail traffic from the
Caribou Region is derived from the lumber industry.
The Chetwynd Sub runs from Prince George to
Chetwynd. Most of the southbound loads traveling this
subdivison are from other BCR branch lines or from the
Far North region of BC. Besides lumber, southbound
trains pick up about 20 sulphur loads at Pinsul located 15
miles south of Chetwynd.
The Chetwynd Sub has three branch lines. The
Stuart Sub branches off at Odell (MP 495.4) to Fort St
James. This becomes the Takla Sub from Fort St James
and continues north as far as Minaret (the current end of
the line). Mostly lumber products are shipped from this
section including raw logs.
The Tumbler Sub branches off at Wakely (MP
537.2) and heads to Tumbler Ridge, site of what was once
called the North East Coal Project.
At Kennedy (MP 567.3), the Mackenzie Sub
branches off to the town of the same name of which the
sub is named where several sawmills lumber are located.
Once at Chetwynd, the mainline continues north
to Fort St. John on the Fort St. John Sub.
Past Chetwynd, there are more petroleum loads
coming south as well as more lumber products and some
sulphur from Taylor near Fort St John.
The last sub is the Fort Nelson Sub from Fort St.
John to Fort Nelson where the line ends at MP 978.8.
More lumber products and grain are shipped from this
area heading south.
The Dawson Creek Sub branches from
Chetwynd to Dawson Creek towards the Alberta Border.
There’s some plywood, wafer board lumber products and
grain coming from this area.
There is one more little known Sub. It’s the Port
Sub from Pratt in Cloverdale, BC to The Roberts Bank
Coal Port. This is the only sub that the CN does not
control today and is still owned and operated by BC Rail. All photos by the author unless credited otherwise

Access to the Port Sub is off CN’s Yale Sub at Hydro (MP
101.7) and onto the CN Rawlinson Sub for 2.1 miles. The
line junctions with CP’s Page Sub (CP MP 16.4/SRY MP
21.92) at Livingstone which is SRY Rail Link/CP joint
track to Pratt (CP MP 23.9/SRY MP 14.23). Trains to
Pratt and onto the Port Sub are governed by BC Rail from
Livingstone west to the Port. At Pratt the SRY branches
off to their rails and the tracks continue another 23 miles on the Port Sub to Roberts Bank.
The southbound trains on the BCR consisted
mainly with loaded cars. Lumber products are the main
source of traffic. While mainly empty cars returned
northward on the BC Rail, one of their “hotshot” trains at
one time carried some Labatt’s Beer trailers loaded with
fresh supplies for the towns and cities located up the line! Photo 1: SD40-2 756 and C-425 812 are ready to
proceed north from the yard at North Vancouver, BC
in February 1988.
Photo 1: La SD40-2 no 756 et la C-425 no 812 sont
prêtes à partir en direction nord du triage de
Vancouver-Nord, C.-B., en février 1988.
Photo 2: The CPR 2860 “Royal Hudson” is heading
south from Squamish at MP 26.5 Porteau Cove on
August 18, 1996.
Photo 2: La Royal Hudson no 2860 du CPR fonce
plein sud vers Squamish au mille 26.5 de Porteau
Cove en ce 18 août 1996.
Photo 3: The CPR 3716 along with the CPR 2860
trailing on the layover at Squamish, BC on June 17,
Photo 3: La no 3716 et la no 2860 du CPR font
équipe sur une voie de garage à Squamish, C.-B., en
ce 17 juin 1998.
53CANADIAN RAIL 547MARCH  APRIL 2012Photo 4: M-630 712 and M-
630W 730 put on a smoke
show as they leave the old
station at Squamish, BC back
in August 1989.
Photo 4: La M-630 no 712 et la
M-630W no 730 crachent de la
fumée au moment de quitter la
vieille gare de Squamish, C.-B.
en août 1989.
Photo 5: RDC-3 BC-31 is
leading a quartet of Budd Cars
over the bridge over the
Manquam River after leaving
Squamish, BC at MP 41.7 in
August 1994.
Photo 5: La RDC-3 BC-31,
venant de quitter Squamish,
CB, est en tête de quatre
automotrices Budd sur le pont
au-dessus de la rivière
Manquam au mille 41.7 en
août 1994.
Photo 6: Dash 8-40CM 4611,
M-420W 641 and SD40-2 740 –
representatives of GE, MLW
and EMD locomotive
products– run over the
Cheakamus River Bridge at
MP 55.7 in April 1995.
Photo 6: La Dash 8-40CM no
4611, la M-420W no 641 et la
S D 4 0 – 2 n o 7 4 0 , d e s
locomotives produites
respectivement par GE, MLW
et EMD, traversent le pont de la
rivière Cheakamus au mille
55.7 en avril 1995.
MARS – AVRIL 2012RAIL CANADIEN • 547Photo 7: A pair of Dash 8-
40CM’s 4609 and 4603 is
starting to move southward
from Mons siding at MP 77 on
July 23, 1998 after the
Pemberton Pusher set had
been removed from the train.
Photo 7: Une paire de Dash 8-
40-CM, les nos 4609 et 4603,
s’ébranlent en direction sud de
la voie d’évitement de Mons au
mille 77 en ce 23 juillet 1998
après que la locomotive
d’appoint de Pemberton ait été
Photo 8: Another quartet of
RDC’s, BC-33, BC-14, BC-31
and BC-15, roll along the
Green River at MP 83 on
August 1, 1997. The BC-31
and B-15 will be cut off at
Lillooet for the return trip south
to Vancouver later in the day.
Photo 8: Un autre groupe de
quatre RDC, les BC-33, BC-14,
BC-31 et BC-15, roulent le
long de la rivière Green au
mille 83 en ce 1er août 1997.
Les BC-31 et BC-15 seront
retirées à Lillooet pour un
voyage de retour vers
Vancouver plus tard dans la
Photo 9: Dash 8-40CM 4623
and SD40-2 746 are passed by
RDC-1 BC-11 at Tisdall siding
MP 88.3 on August 27, 1999.
Photo 9: Dash 8-40CM 4623
and SD40-La Dash 8-40CM no
4623 et la SD40-2 no 746 sont
doublées par la RDC-1 no BC-
11 sur la voie d’évitement de
Tisdall au mille 88.3 en ce 27
août 1999.
55CANADIAN RAIL 547MARCH  APRIL 2012Photo 10: Dash 8-40CM 4617 and SD40-2 750 at Gates Lake
at MP 113.5 on June 19, 1996.
Photo 10: La Dash 8-40CM no 4617 et la SD40-2 no 750 au
lac Gates au mille 113.5 en ce 19 juin 1996.
Photo 11: Three units (4654, 4607 and 4603) rumble over the
spectacular Fraser River Bridge at MP 160.3 on August 14,
2003. They have just departed Lillooet, BC with a fresh crew
heading northbound.
Photo 11: Trois unités (4654,4607 et 4603) roulent au-dessus
du pont spectaculaire de la rivière Fraser au mille 160.3 en ce
14 août 2003. Ils sont partis de Lillooet, CB en direction nord
avec une nouvelle équipe à bord.Photo 12: Dash 9-44CWL 4649 with a pair of Dash 8-40CM’s
4612 and 4621 are rounding a large curve just south of
Glenfraser at MP 171 on August 13, 2003.
Photo 12: La Dash 9-44CWL no 4649 et une paire de Dash 8-
40CM, les nos 4612 et 4621, franchissent la grande courbe au
sud de Glenfraser au mille 171 en ce 13 août 2003.
Photo 13: Dash 9-44CWL 4646 leads a pair of
Dash 8-40CM’s (the 4610 and 4614) at MP 293.5, also known
as Enterprise, BC, on July 9, 2004.
Photo 13: La Dash 9-44CWL no 4646 est en tête d’une paire
de Dash 8-40CM (nos 4610 et 4614) au mille 293.5, qu’on
surnomme Enterprise, CB en ce 9 juillet 2004.Photo 14: M-630 720 is on the point followed by SD40-2 753
after just passing Exeter Station at MP 260 in July 1989.
Photo 14: la M-630 no 720 est suivie de la SD40-2 no 753
juste après le passage de la gare Exeter au mille 260 en
juillet 1989.
56MARS  AVRIL 2012RAIL CANADIEN 547Photo 15: A very rare photo
shows three Dash 9-44CWL’s
– the 4652, 4644, and 4643 – at
MP 192.6 Kelly Lake, BC on
July 10, 2004.
Photo 15: Une rare illustration
de trois Dash 9-44CWL, les
nos 4652, 4644 et 4643 au
mille 192.6 de Kelly Lake, CB
en ce 10 juillet 2004.
Photo 16: Dash 8-40CM 4602
and SD40-2 RCL-743 roll over
the 312 foot high Deep Creek
Bridge at MP 329.9 in
September 1995.
Photo 16: Les Dash 8-40CM no
4602 et SD40-2 RCL no 743,
roulent au-dessus du pont
Deep Creek de 312 pieds
(95,1 mètres) au mille 329.9 en
septembre 1995.
Photo 17: Dash 8-40CM 4622,
Dash 9-44CWL 4653 and
SD40-2 754 are passing
mileage board 365 at
Australian, BC on July 7, 2002.
Photo 17: Les Dash 8-40CM
no 4622, Dash 9-44CWL no
4653 et SD40-2 no 754
passent près du panneau du
mille 365 à Australian, CB en
ce 7 juillet 2002.

To complement Mark Forseilles article on the
modern day British Columbia Railway and Doug Smiths
overview of the BCR and its predecessors, this Photo
Gallery features a retrospective mostly of the Pacific
Great Eastern Railway from 1950 to the early nineteen-
seventies. The images from the Ron Ritchie collection,
which were taken by Ron and the late Omer Lavallee, give
a great visual insight to the PGE when it was in fact a very
local railway between the west coast port of Squamish,
B.C. and the town of Quesnel. Some wags said that the
initials PGE stood for Prince George Eventually. The
PGE did in fact reach Prince George in 1952 and finally
completed its southern entry into North Vancouver in
Ironic is the fact that while the CNR could not be
persuaded to purchase the PGE for the sum of $17 million
in the 1920s, CN’s long term lease of BC Rail in 2004 cost
$1 billion.
This Photo Gallery is dedicated to former PGE,
BCR and BC Rail chief dispatcher Paul D. Roy. Paul and
his family are avid supporters of the West Coast Railway
Heritage Park in Squamish where many items of PGE
history can be seen.Stan’s Photo Gallery
By Stan Smaill
French Version, Michel Lortie
Les photos présentéesici se veulent un
complément aux articles de Mark Forseille et de Doug
Smith sur les chemins de fer de la Colombie-Britannique,
ailleurs dans ce numéro. Elles nous montrent un petit
chemin de fer régional, le Pacific Great Eastern, entre
1950 et le début des annéessoixante-dix. Ces trèsbelles
images, prises en majorité par Ron Ritchie et feu Omer
Lavallée, nous font voir ce chemin de fer qui reliait le port
de Squamish, sur la côte ouest, avec la ville de Quesnel à
l’intérieur. Les initiales PGE voulaient dire, selon
certains farceurs, « Prince Georges Éventuellement ». Ce
n’est qu’en 1952 que le chemin de fer se rendit jusquà
Prince Georges. Le réseau fut enfin complété à North
Vancouver en 1956.
Il est un peu ironique de constater que le
Canadien National refusa en 1920 d’acheter le PGE pour
17 M$ alors quil acheta ce dernier, plus tard intégré au
réseau BC Rail, lors de l’acquisition de BC Rail en 2004.
Cette chronique est dédie à Paul D. Roy, qui fut
régulateur en chef au PGE, puis au BCR et enfin à BC
Rail. Maintenant retraité, il est l’un des piliers du musée
West Coast Railway Heritage Park à Squamish, C.-B., où
l’on peut voir de nombreux artefacts du passé du PGE.Les photos de Stan
Par Stan Smaill
Version française : Michel LortieLillooet, B.C. was the first division point
on the Pacific Great Eastern Railway
north of either Squamish or, after 1956,
North Vancouver. Immediately north of
the yard at Lillooet, the PGE main line
crosses the Fraser River on a
combination box span-trestle bridge.
In 1950, doubleheading of eight-
coupled steam locomotives over this
bridge was prohibited. Therefore the
second engine in any train powered
with more than one locomotive,
required the second engine to be
placed back in the train. In this view
from 1950, CLC 2-8-2 No. 58 is
assembling a northbound freight. In
the background, the more modern 2-
8-2 No. 160 is the engine back in the
train. Ronald S. Ritchie.
La ville de Lillooet, C.-B., possédait la plus importante gare de triage du Pacific Great Eastern, au nord de Squamish. C’est
également à cet endroit que le PGE traversait la rivière Fraser sur un pont à chevalet. Ce dernier ne pouvait supporter le poids de
deux locomotives de type 2-8-2 attelées en tandem. C’est pourquoi, lorsqu’on avait besoin de deux locomotives, la deuxième était
placée à l’arrière du train. Sur cette photo, prise à Lillooet en 1950, la 2-8-2 58 est en tête d’un train au départ vers le Nord avec la 2-
8-2 160 quon voit plus loin à l’arrière. Ronald S. Ritchie.
60MARS – AVRIL 2012RAIL CANADIEN • 547PGE 2-8-2 No. 58 was built in 1927 by
the Canadian Locomotive Company
and served her owner until 1955. Seen
at Lillooet in 1950, the 58 is marshalling
a freight train soon to be northbound
for the division point town of Williams
Lake. Note the octagonal water tower
and the brakeman on the CNR outside
braced boxcar passing hand signals to
No. 58s fireman. Ronald S. Ritchie.
La 2-8-2 no58, construite pour le PGE en 1927 par la Canadian Locomotive Company, demeura en service jusqu’en 1955. On la voit
ici à Lillooet C.-B. en 1950,occupéeà raccorder un train qu’elle doit emmener vers le nord jusquà William Lake. Il est à remarquer
sur cette photo d’époque le château d’eau octogonal ainsi que le serre-frein debout sur le toit du wagon couvert. Ronald S. Ritchie.
No. 160 simmers at Lillooet in 1950 prior
to acting as an early version of
distributed power. Later in the diesel era,
the PGE and later BCR would make
extensive use of both manned and robot
pusher diesel locomotives, but on this
day, Mikado 160 is back in the train on a
Williams Lake northbound freight. The
2-8-2 160 was built by late in the steam
era by CLC in 1945 and was only retired
in 1961. Ronald S. Ritchie.
La 2-8-2 no 160, de conception plus moderne, a été construite par CLC en 1945 et a été en service jusqu’en 1961. Elle attend à
Lillooet d’être utilisée pour amener un train de fret vers William Lake; elle sera placée comme deuxième locomotive en milieu de
train afin de ne pas surcharger le pont sur la rivière Fraser au nord de Lillooet. Cette façon de faire est reprise aujourd’hui avec des
locomotives diesel contrôlées à distance par la locomotive de tête. Ronald S. Ritchie.
CLC 2-8-2 162 emerges from a wooden
Warren truss bridge near Squamish,
B.C. in 1950 with a CPR Spans the
World 40 foot boxcar immediately in
tow. No 162 was built in 1947 by
Canadian Locomotive Company and
was one the last new CLC steam
locomotives built for a Canadian
railway. By 1956, it was retired and
scrapped. Ronald S. Ritchie.
La 2-8-2 no162 vient de traverser un pont en bois situé près de Squamish, C.-B., en 1950. Cette locomotive, construite par CLC en
1947, fut lune des dernières locomotives à vapeur construites pour un chemin de fer canadien par cette compagnie. Elle fut utilisée
jusqu’en 1956, après quoi elle fut ferraillée. Ronald S. Ritchie.

1MW 647 1874 0-4-0ST ex-HSPVN 1, nee VCM&L Nanaimo, Scrapped 1919
1:02 Vulcan0-4-0ST ex- FW&S. Disposition unknown
2BLW 34270 1910 2-6-2ST ex-HS&N 2, nee HSPV&N 2. Sold to CL&R 7 1920. Now at WCRA
3DLW 1477 1914 0-6-0 scrapped 1949
4BLW 33021 1908 2-6-0 ex-WS Co. 13, nee OS 9. Retired & scrapped 1952.
5BLW 33022 1908 2-6-0 ex-WS Co. 14, nee OS 10. Retired & scrapped 1952.
51MLW 53709 1913 2-8-0 Retired & scrapped 1953
52MLW 53976 1913 2-8-0 Retired & scrapped 1953
53CLC 1242 1914 2-8-0 Lost in Seton Lake 50-01-23
54CLC 1243 1914 2-8-0 Retired & scrapped 1954
55CLC 1246 1914 2-8-0 Retired & scrapped 1953
56CLC 1247 1914 2-8-0 Lost in Anderson Lake 44-08-08
57CLC 1630 1920 2-8-2 Retired & scrapped 1953
58CLC 1631 1920 2-8-2 Retired & scrapped 1955
59CLC 1632 1920 2-8-2 Retired & scrapped 1954
160CLC 2286 1945 2-8-2 Retired & scrapped 1961
161CLC 2287 1945 2-8-2 Wrecked at Quesnel 51-09-23, scrapped 1952
162CLC 2408 1947 2-8-2 Retired & scrapped 1956
163CLC 2409 1947 2-8-2 Retired & scrapped 1956
2860MLW 69292 1940 4-6-4 Ex CPR 2860 to BCR 1999, Leased to WCRA 2002
3716MLW 51628 1912 2-8-0 Ex CPR 3916, to BCR 1975, retired 2001, to Kettle Valley Railway 2003PGE and BCR Locomotive Roster
101H-S 9 12/1913 S.P.C. wrecked & retired 1914 & scrapped
101:2H-S 16 1914 S.P.C. retired 8/47 rebuilt to comboose 1800 in 1957
102H-S 10 12/1913 S.P.C. retired 9/45 rebuilt to comboose 1801 in 1957
103H-S 17 1914 S.P.C. wrecked & retired 1916 scrapped 1922
104GE 3742 1/1913 S.P.C. nee GN 2301 2/1919 scrapped 1952
105GE 3741 40587 S.P.C. ex MF&M 2300, nee GN 2300 5/1920 scrapped 1947
106WIW2/1923 S.P.C. scrapped 1957
107OC4/1926 S.P.C. nee CN 15823 11/1949 retired 1961, scrapped 1962Omer Lavallee,
Ronald S. Ritchie collectionBUDD RAIL DIESEL CARS
BC-10 Budd 6319 8/1956 RDC-1 retired 11/2002, sold to Oregon Dept. Transportation
BC-11 Budd 6320 8/1956 RDC-1 retired 11/2002, sold to Oregon Dept. Transportation
BC-12 Budd 6321 8/1956 RDC-1 retired 11/2002, sold to Industrial Rail ServiceC. PruttonPrev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCRBy Paul Crozier Smith
78RAIL CANADIEN • 547MARS – AVRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCRBC-14 BC-20 Budd 7003 11/62 RDC-1 ex-SEPTA 9155 12/83, nee Reading 9155 Wrecked 7/2000 retired, sold
BC-15 Budd 6618 2/1957 RDC-1 ex-Via 6102 6/90, exx-CN 6102, nee CN D102 sold to M&B RR.
BC_20See BC-14
BC-21 Budd 7004 11/1962 RDC-1 ex-SEPTA 9156 12/83, nee Reading 9156, retired 11/2002 sold to WCRA
BC-22 Budd 7008 12/1962 RDC-1 ex-SEPTA 9160 12/83, nee Reading 9160, wrecked & retired /94
BC-23 Budd 6607 2/1957 RDC-2 ex-Via 6211, exx-Via 9112, nee CP 9112. Retired /95 & blown up at
Porteau in episode of X Files.
BC-30 Budd 6508 9/1956 RDC-3 ret.& sold 11/2002 to M&B RR.
BC-31 Budd 6509 9/1956 RDC-3 Wrecked 23/11/73 retired 12/73
BC-31:2Budd 6302 7/1956 RDC-3 ex-AMT 43 10/76, exx-BN 2350, nee GN 2350. Wrecked 13/04/2001
Retired 11/2002 sold to Oregon Dept Transportation
BC-32 Budd 6510 9/1956 RDC-3 Wrecked at Canim 8/02/60 retired 2/60
BC-33 Budd 6601 12/1956 RDC-3 retired 11/2002 sold to WCRADIESEL LOCOMOTIVES
S-401 564 MLW 76107 6/1951 Slug (RSC3) Retired by CN 4/2006
S-402 571 MLW 79123 8/1953 Slug (RS-3) Retired by CN 7/2007
S-403 577 MLW 81205 12/1955 Slug (RS-3) Retired by CN 4/ 2006
S-404 560 Alco 80478 5/1953 Slug (RS-3) nee LSI 1606 Retired by CN 1/2008
S-405 559 Alco 78302 9/1950 Slug (RS-3) nee LSI 4605 Retired by CN 12/2007
S-406 567 MLW 77698 6/1952 Slug (RSC-3) Retired by CN 1/2008
S-407 566 MLW 76109 6/1951 Slug (RSC-3) Retired by CN 11/2007
S-408 573 MLW 81172 12/1954 Slug (RSC-3) Retired by CN 5/2006
S-409 565 MLW 76108 6/1951 Slug (RSC-3) Retired by CN 1/2006
S-410 562 MLW 76105 5/1951 Slug (RSC-3) Retired by CN 11/2007Mark Forseille
Mark Forseille
501 1001 MLW 82548 1/1959 S-13 Retired /89 sold to GWWD 8/89
502 1002 MLW 82549 1/1959 S-13 Retired 1/92 sold to VW 827
503 1003 MLW 82550 1/1959 S-13 Retired /89 sold to GWWD 8/89551GE 29951 6/1948 65Tonner Sold to MacMillan & Bloedel 1012 6/56 Squamish, BC. Now at WCRAClaude Prutton
Douglas SanfordMark Forseille79CANADIAN RAIL • 547MARCH – APRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR552GE 30037 2/1949 70Tonner Retired & scrapped /62
553GE 30038 2/1949 70Tonner Sold to S&L 60 6/60
554GE 30177 6/1949 70Tonner Sold to GP&P 65 1/65
555GE 30178 6/1949 70Tonner Sold to MP&P 555 4/64
556GE 30440 2/1950 70Tonner Sold to LOS 1/65
557GE 30441 2/1950 70Tonner Sold to WCOF /66559See S-405
560See S-404
561MLW 76104 5/1951 RSC-3m Retired 12/85 sold to WCRA
562See S-410
563MLW 76106 6/1951 RSC-3m Retired 7/1952
564See S-401
565See S-409
566See S-407
567See S-406
568MLW 77699 6/1952 RSC-3m Wrecked at Williams Lake 4/84, retired 4/84
569MLW 79121 7/1953 RS-3 Retired 12/1985
570MLW 79122 8/1953 RS-3 Scrapped 1948
571See S-402
572MLW 81012 7/1954 RS-3 Wrecked at Moran 11/8/60 retired 8/60
573See S-408
574MLW 81073 12/1954 RS-3 Wrecked at mile 651.5 27/5/79 retired 5/80
575MLW 81074 12/1954 RS-3 Wrecked at Prince George 20/5/79 retired 5/80
576MLW 81204 5/1955 RS-3 Scrapped 1998
577See S-403
578MLW 81206 5/1956 RS-3 Retired 12/1985579MLW 81537 5/1956 RS-10s Wrecked at Squamish 22/12/85 Scrapped 1986
580MLW 81538 5/1956 RS-10s Retired 12/85 scrapped 12/86
581MLW 81539 5/1956 RS-10s Retired 12/85 parts used in 606:2
582MLW 81540 6/1956 RS-10s Scrapped 1986
583MLW 81541 6/1956 RS-10s Retired 12/85 parts used in 601:2
584MLW 81542 6/1956 RS-10s Retired 12/85 scrapped 12/86
585MLW 81543 6/1956 RS-10s Retired 12/85 scrapped 12/86
Mark Forseille80RAIL CANADIEN • 547MARS – AVRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
586MLW 81544 6/1956 RS-10s Retired 12/85 sold to Prince George Railway Museum
587 See 601
588 See 602
589 See 603
590 See 604
591 See 605
592 See 606
593 See 607
594 See 608
595 See 609
596 See 610
597 See 611
598 See 612599 See 613
601 587 MLW 81604 4/1957 RS-11M Wrecked at Prince George 17/10/83
601:2 583 MLW 81541 6/1956 RS-10su Later upgraded with CAT engine, retired by CN 8/2005
602 588 MLW 81605 4/1957 RS-11Mu Later upgraded with CAT engine, retired by CN 9/2004
603 589 MLW 82509 5/1958 RS-11Mu Later upgraded with CAT engine, retired by CN 11/2004
604 590 MLW 82510 5/1958 RS-11Mu Later upgraded with CAT engine, retired by CN 1/2008
605 591 MLW 83274 5/1960 RS-18u Later upgraded with CAT engine, retired by CN 12/2007
606 592 MLW 83275 5/1960 RS-18 Wrecked at mile 474.4 18/6/84
606:2 581 MLW 81539 5/1956 RS-10su Later upgraded with CAT engine, retired by CN 5/2005Mark Forseille
607 593 MLW 83276 9/1960 RS-18u Retired by CN 1/2008
608 594 MLW 83277 9/1960 RS-18u Retired by CN 1/2006
609 595 MLW 83281 6/1962 RS-18u Retired by CN 4/2006
610 596 MLW 83282 6/1962 RS-18u Retired by CN 1/2008
611 597 MLW 83283 6/1962 RS-18u Retired by CN 5/2006
612 598 MLW 83304 7/1962 RS-18u Retired by CN 12/2005
613 599 MLW 83305 7/1962 RS-18u Retired by CN 9/2006
614MLW 84817 9/1964 RS-18u Retired by CN 1/2006
615MLW 84818 9/1964 RS-18u Retired by CN 9/2007
616 See 627
617MLW 84820 9/1964 RS-18u Retired by CN 2/2008
618MLW 84821 9/1964 RS-18 Wrecked at Exeter 28/11/79 retired 10/80
619MLW 84830 2/1965 RS-18u Retired by CN 6/2007
81CANADIAN RAIL • 547MARCH – APRIL 2012Mark ForseillePrev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
620MLW 84831 2/1965 RS-18u Retired by CN 6/2007
621MLW 84832 5/1965 RS-18u Retired by CN 6/2007
622MLW 84833 5/1965 RS-18u Retired by CN 1/2007
623MLW 84834 5/1965 RS-18u retired by CN 9/2004
624MLW 81603 5/1957 RSD-17 ex-CN demo 3899, nee CP demo 7007. To CP 8921
624:2MLW 84835 5/1965 RS-18u Retired by CN 12/2005
625MLW 84836 6/1965 RS-18u Wrecked 25/11/86 retired 12/86
626MLW 84872 6/1965 RS-18u Retired by CN 11/2004
627 616 MLW 84819 9/1964 RS-18u parts of 616. Retired by CN 1/2006
628MLW M3460-01 8/1966 RS-18u Retired by CN 12/2005
629MLW M3460-02 8/1966 RS-18u Retired by CN 5/2008
630MLW M3460-03 8/1966 RS-18u Retired by CN 3/2008631Alco 3431-03 1/1966 C420 nee LHR 25, retired & sold 20/12/2001
632Alco 3631-04 1/1966 C420 nee LHR 26, retired & sold 20/12/2001Mark Forseille
640MLW M6068-01 9/1973 M420 Wrecked mile 104 Takla sub. 30/1/94. retired 12/1995
641MLW M6068-02 9/1973 M420 Retired 2/2003, sold to Ontario Southland
642MLW M6068-03 9/1973 M420 Retired 1/99 Sold to Genesee Valley 1/99
643MLW M6068-04 9/1973 M420 Retired 11/98 Sold to Omnitrax 11/98
644MLW M6068-05 10/1973 M420 Retired 2/2003, sold to Ontario Southland
645MLW M6068-06 10/1973 M420 Retired /96 Sold to Genesee Valley 3/97
646MLW M6068-07 10/1973 M420 Retired 2/2003, sold to Ontario Southland
647MLW M6068-08 10/1973 M420 Retired 2/2003, sold to Ontario SouthlandMark Forseille
681MLW M6088-01 6/1975 M420B Retired 11/98 Sold to Omnitrax 11/98
682MLW M6088-02 6/1975 M420B Wrecked at mile 562 16/10/96 retired 2/97
683MLW M6088-03 6/1975 M420B Retired 11/98 Sold to Omnitrax 11/98
684MLW M6088-04 7/1975 M420B Wrecked mile 104 Takla sub. 30/1/94. retired 12/95
685MLW M6088-05 7/1975 M420B Retired 11/98 Sold to Omnitrax 11/98
686MLW M6088-06 7/1975 M420B Wrecked mile 104 Takla sub. 30/1/94. retired 12/95
687MLW M6088-07 7/1975 M420B Wrecked at mile 562 16/10/96 retired 2/97
688MLW M6088-08 7/1975 M420B Wrecked mile 104 Takla sub. 30/1/94. retired 12/95
82RAIL CANADIEN • 547MARS – AVRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
705MLW M6044-01 12/1970 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE1990
706MLW M6044-02 12/1970 M630 Retired 10/91 Traded to GE 1991 to D&H as DL 3000
707MLW M6044-03 12/1970 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
708MLW M6044-04 12/1970 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
709MLW M6044-05 12/1970 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
710MLW M6055-01 12/1971 M630 Retired 11/91 Traded to GE
711MLW M6055-02 12/1971 M630 Lost in Seton Lake Mile 154.4 29/2/80. Raised from lake and scrapped
712MLW M6055-03 12/1971 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
713MLW M6055-04 12/1971 M630 Retired 5/90 Traded to GE
714MLW M6055-05 1/1972 M630 Retired 5/90 Traded to GE
715MLW M6055-06 1/1972 M630 Retired 10/91 Traded to GE
716MLW M6055-07 1/1972 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
717MLW M6067-01 12/1972 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
718MLW M6067-02 12/1972 M630 Retired 5/90 Traded to GE
719MLW M6067-03 12/1972 M630 Retired 11/91 Traded to GE
720MLW M6067-04 12/1972 M630 Retired 10/91 Traded to GE
721MLW M6067-05 12/1972 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
722MLW M6067-06 12/1972 M630 Retired 6/90 Traded to GE723MLW M6074-01 11/1973 M630W Retired 10/91 Traded to GE
724MLW M6074-02 11/1973 M630W Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
725MLW M6074-03 11/1973 M630W Retired 5/90 Traded to GE
726MLW M6074-04 11/1973 M630W Retired 10/91 Traded to GE
727MLW M6074-05 11/1973 M630W Retired 5/90 Traded to GE
728MLW M6074-06 11/1973 M630W Retired 6/90 Traded to GE
729MLW M6074-07 11/1973 M630W Retired 5/90 Traded to GE
730MLW M6074-08 11/1973 M630W Retired 5/90 Traded to GEDouglas Sanford
Mark ForseilleMark Forseille
701MLW M6029-01 7/1969 C630M Retired 5/90 Traded to GE 1990
702MLW M6029-02 7/1969 C630M Retired 10/91 Traded to GE 1991
703MLW M6029-03 7/1969 C630M Retired 6/90 Traded to GE 1990
704MLW M6029-04 7/1969 C630M Retired 6/90 Traded to GE1990
83CANADIAN RAIL • 547MARCH – APRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
736EMD 776129-1 11/1978 SD40-2 nee KCC 101 10/86 retuned to Helm 6204 9/94
737EMD 776129-2 11/1978 SD40-2 nee KCC 102 10/86 returned to Helm 6205 9/95
738EMD 776129-3 11/1978 SD40-2 nee KCC 103 10/86 returned to Helm 6206 9/94
739EMD 776129-4 11/1978 SD40-2 nee KCC 104 10/86 returned to Helm 6207 9/95
740EMD 776129-5 11/1978 SD40-2 nee KCC 105 10/86 returned to Helm 6208 9/95
741EMD 776129-6 11/1978 SD40-2 nee KCC 106 10/86 returned to Helm 6209 9/94
742EMD 776129-7 11/1978 SD40-2 nee KCC 107 10/86 returned to Helm 6210 9/95
743EMD 786246-1 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9950 5/87 retired by CN 3/2009
744EMD 786246-2 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9951 5/87 retired 3/2003
745EMD 786246-3 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9952 5/87 retired 3/2003
746EMD 786246-4 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9953 5/87 retired by CN 3/2009
747EMD 786246-5 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9954 5/87 retired by CN 3/2009
748EMD 786246-6 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9955 5/87 retired 9/2003 sold to GECX
749EMD 786246-7 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9956 5/87 retired 3/2003 sold to GECX
750EMD 786246-8 9/1979 SD40-2 ex-O&W 9957 5/87 retired by CN 3/2009
751GMD A3945 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired by CN 3/2009
752GMD A3946 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired by CN 2/2009
753GMD A3947 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired 3/2003 sold to GECX
754GMD A3948 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired 4/2009 sold
755GMD A3849 9/1980 SD40-2Wrecked at mile 474.4 Chetwynd Sub. 18/6/84 retired 11/84 sold to GMD
756GMD A3950 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired 3/2003 sold to GECX
757GMD A3951 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired 3/2003 sold to GECX
758GMD A3952 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired by CN 10/2007
759GMD A3953 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired by CN 3/2009
760GMD A3954 9/1980 SD40-2Wrecked at mile 474.4 Chetwynd Sub. 18/6/84 retired 11/84 sold to GMD
761GMD A3955 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired 3/2003 sold to Western Rails
762GMD A3956 9/1980 SD40-2 Retired by CN 3/2009
763GMD A4497 7/1985 SD40-2 Retired by CN 3/2009
764GMD A4498 7/1985 SD40-2 Retired by CN 3/2009
765GMD A4499 7/1985 SD40-2 Retired by CN 3/2009
766GMD A4500 7/1985 SD40-2 Retired by CN 3/2009
767GMD A4501 7/1985 SD40-2 Retired by CN 4/2009Claude Prutton
800 808 Alco 3392-08 10/1964 C425nee EL 2458 4/76, 808 wrecked at mile 154.4 29/2/80 salvaged & retired 12/90
801Alco 3392-01 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2451 4/76 Retired 6/88Mark Forseille
84RAIL CANADIEN • 547MARS – AVRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
3601 7484 GE 43130 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7484 retired by CN 8/2004
3602 7485 GE 43131 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7485 retired 3/2003 sold to NRE
3603 7486 GE 43132 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7486 retired 3/2003 sold to NRE
3604 7487 GE 43133 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7487 retired by CN 1/2006
3607 7490 GE 43136 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7490 retired by CN 10/2005
3608 7491 GE 43137 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7491 retired by CN 8/2004
3609 7492 GE 43138 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7492 retired by CN 5/2006
3610 7493 GE 43139 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7493 retired 3/2003 sold to NRE
3611 7494 GE 43140 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7494 retired by CN 5/2006
3612 7495 GE 43141 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7495 retired by CN 4/2006
3613 7496 GE 43142 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7496 retired by CN 9/2004
3616 7499 GE 43145 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7499 retired by CN 8/20043621GE 41627 11/1977 C30-7u ex-HLCX 6701 nee CR 6601 retired by CN 8/2004
3622GE 41629 11/1977 C30-7u ex-HLCX 6703 nee CR 6603 retired by CN 8/2004
3623GE 41634 11/1977 C30-7u ex-HLCX 6708 nee CR 6608 retired by CN 2/2005Mark Forseille
Mark Forseille802Alco 3392-02 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2452 4/76 Retired 7/93 Sold to Delaware Lackawanna 7/93
803Alco 3392-03 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2453 4/76 retired 9/92 Sold to Mohawk & Adirondack 9/92
804Alco 3392-04 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2454 4/76 Retired 4/91 Sold to Mohawk & Adirondack 4/91
805Alco 3392-05 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2455 4/76 Retired 4/91 Sold to Mohawk & Adirondack 4/91
806Alco 3392-06 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2456 4/76 Retired 4/91 Sold to Mohawk & Adirondack 4/91
807Alco 3392-07 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2457 4/76 Electrical fire Retired 12/86
808 See 800
809Alco 3392-08 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2459 4/76 Retired 11/90
810Alco 3392-09 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2460 4/76 Wrecked at Squamish 22/12/85. Retired 12/85
811Alco 3392-10 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2461 4/76 Retired 7/93 Sold to Delaware Lackawanna 7/93
812Alco 3392-11 10/1964 C425 nee EL 2462 4/76 Retired 12/90
1001 See 501
1002 See 502
1003 See 503
1004FM 10L174 5/1949 H10-44 ex-ALX D-1 nee CLC D-1 Retired 8/75 Sold for scrap 11/75
1700GE 45467 11/1987 B39-8E In storage
85CANADIAN RAIL • 547MARCH – APRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
4601GE 46296 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4602GE 46297 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4603GE 46298 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4604GE 46299 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4605GE 46300 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4606GE 46301 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4607GE 46302 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4608GE 46303 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4609GE 46304 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4610GE 46305 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4611GE 46306 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4612GE 46307 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4613GE 46308 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4614GE 46309 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4615GE 46310 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service, in CN colours
4616GE 46311 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4617GE 46312 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4618GE 46313 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service, in CN colours
4619GE 46314 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4620GE 46315 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4621GE 46316 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn serviceMark Forseille
3901GE 45654 7/1988 B39-8E In storage
3902GE 43655 7/1988 B39-8E In storage
3903GE 45723 12/1988 Dash 8-40 In storage
3904GE 45464 10/1987 B39-8E In storage
3905GE 45483 3/1988 B39-8E In storage
3906GE 45425 12/1987 B39-8E In storage
3907GE 45435 11/1987 B39-8E In storage
3908GE 45458 10/1987 B39-8E In storage
3909GE 45465 10/1987 B39-8E In storage
3910GE 45468 10/1987 B39-8E In storage
3911GE 45475 11/1987 B39-8E RetiredMark Forseille
3624GE 41635 11/1977 C30-7u ex-HLCX 6709 nee CR 6609 retired by CN 1/2005
3625GE 41633 11/1977 C30-7u ex-HLCX 6707 nee CR 6607 retired by CN 10/2004
3626GE 41631 11/1977 C30-7u ex-HLCX 6705 nee CR 6605 retired by CN 8/2004
86RAIL CANADIEN • 547MARS – AVRIL 2012Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
6001GMD A4340 11/1983 GF6C retired 10/2004 returned to lessor 1/2004
6002GMD A4341 11/1983 GF6C retired 10/2004 returned to lessor 1/2004
6003GMD A4342 12/1983 GF6C retired 10/2004 returned to lessor 1/2004
6004GMD A4343 12/1983 GF6C retired 10/2004 returned to lessor 1/2004
6005GMD A4344 12/1983 GF6C retired 10/2004 returned to lessor 1/2004
6006GMD A4345 12/1983 GF6C retired 10/2004 returned to lessor 1/2004
6007GMD A4346 12/1983 GF6C retired 10/2004 returned to lessor 1/2004
7484See 3601
7485See 3602
7486See 3603
7487See 3604
7488GE 43134 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7488 retired 3/2003 sold to NRE
7489GE 43135 10/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7489 retired 3/2003 sold to NRE
7490See 3607
7491See 3608Mark Forseille4641GE 48468 4/1995Dash 9-44CWLIn service, in CN colours
4642GE 48469 4/1995Dash 9-44CWLIn service
4643GE 48470 4/1995Dash 9-44CWLIn service
4644GE 48471 4/1995Dash 9-44CWLIn service
4645GE 52602 8/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4646GE 52603 8/2000Dash 9-44CWLIn service
4647GE 52604 8/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4648GE 52605 8/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4649GE 52606 8/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4650GE 52607 9/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4651GE 52608 9/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4652GE 52609 9/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4653GE 52610 9/2000Dash 9-44CWIn service
4654GE 52611 9/2000Dash 9-44CWIn serviceMark Forseille
4622GE 46317 4/1990Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4623GE 47180 4/1993Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4624GE 47181 4/1993Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4625GE 47182 4/1993Dash 8-40CMuIn service
4626GE 47183 4/1993Dash 8-40CMuIn service
BACK COVER TOP: Ushering in a new era in dieseldom on the PGE are brand new M630’s 713 and 712 on the shop
track, at CPR’s St Luc diesel shop in Montreal, Quebec in December 1971. Nos. 713 and 712 have just been delivered
from Montreal Locomotive Works and will be worked west on transcontinental CPR freights for transfer to the PGE at
North Vancouver. Stan J. Smaill.
HAUT DE LA PAGE COUVERTURE ARRIÈRE : Les locomotives flambant neuves PGE M630 nos 713 et 712 font leur
entrées parmi les diesels sur une voie des ateliers Saint-Luc du CPR à Montréal, Québec, en décembre 1971. Elles
arrivent tout juste de la Montreal Locomotive Works et seront affectées dans l’Ouest sur les trains transcontinentaux de
marchandises du CPR pour le transit sur le PGE à Vancouver-Nord. Stan J. Smaill.
BACK COVER BOTTOM: General Electric Dash 8-40CMu 4619 is heading up a colourful main line train at Lone Butte,
British Columbia on August 28, 1990. Glenn Courtney, CRHA Archives, Fonds Bury BCR1-106.
BAS DE LA PAGE COUVERTURE ARRIÈRE : Une locomotive Dash 8-40CMu no 4619, construite par General Electric,
est en tête dun train coloré de ligne principale à Lone Butte, Colombie-Britannique en ce 28 août 1990. Glenn Courtney,
Fonds Bury, Archives ACHF, BCR1-106.For current Canadian railway news, updated monthly, please visit
Pour des nouvelles concernant le chemin de fer canadien, sil vous plaît visitez le:
www.canadianrailwayobservations.comCRHA / Exporail CROBUILDERS LEGEND
BLW is Baldwin Locomotive Works
CLC is Canadian Locomotive Company
DLW is Davenport Locomotive Works
FM is Fairbanks Morse
GE is General Electric
H-S is Hall-Scott
MLW is Montreal Locomotive Works
MW is Manning Wardle of England
OC is Ottawa Car
WIW is Westminster Iron Works
BC Rail taken over by CN on July 15, 2004
Data last updated: 2011/10/18Prev # Builder B/N B/D ModelNotesBCR
7492See 3609
7493See 3610
7494See 3611
7495See 3612
7496See 3613
7497GE 43143 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7497 Wrecked at mile 562 16/10/96 retired 2/97
7498GE 43144 11/1980 B36-7 nee ATSF 7498 retired 3/2003 sold to NRE
7499See 3616

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