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World railways of the nineteenth century, a Pictorial History in Victorian Drawings – Harter, Jim. / / / / / / 10001975


/ / / / / / 10001975


Harter, Jim.

Maison d’édition

Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press,




xiii, 550 p. : ill.


Includes bibliographical references (p. 541-543) and index.


Railroads – Pictorial works.


British railways 1801-1850 — British railways 1851-1900 — American railroads before the Civil War — American railroads after the Civil War — Steam locomotives 1851-1900 — French and Belgian railways — Railways of the German and Austro-Hungarian empires — Railways of the Russian empire — Other European railways — Canadian and Latin American railways — Asian, Australian, and Pacific railways — African railways — Passenger service — Passenger stations — Freight or goods service — Railway signaling — Railway construction and operations — Railway bridges — Mountain railways: cog or rack systems, center rail adhesion, and the great tunnels — Military railways — Hazards and difficulties of rail travel — Rail accidents and disasters — Horse car tramways — Atmospheric, pneumatic, and compressed air traction systems — Steam traction: trams, tramway locomotives, and rail cars — Cable traction: inclined planes, street railways, and funicular systems — Electric traction: trolleys, railcars, and locomotives — Mass transit railway systems — Monorails and other anomalous modes of traction.


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