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The traffic dictionary, a compendium of domestic and foreign trade and shipping terms, phrases and abbreviations, with explanations and examples illustrative of their meaning and application, together with the names and kinds of documents, publications, equipment and services employed in the preparation, recording and handling of shipments via rail, water, express and parcel post: motor transport: commercial aviation; – Stufflebeam, George Teele, [from old catalog] / / / / / / 10002565


/ / / / / / 10002565


Stufflebeam, George Teele, [from old catalog]
warehousing and terminal transfer facilities: claim procedure: practice before the Interstate commerce commission: export and import trade transactions: and transportation legislation, rules and regulations.


[2d and rev. ed.]

Maison d’édition

New York, N.Y.




170 p.


Transportation – Dictionaries

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