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The Railways of America, their construction, development, management, and appliances / / / / / / 10001477


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by various writers, with an introduction by Thomas M. Cooley … With more than 200 illustrations.

Maison d’édition

London, J. Murray,




xxviii, 456 p. incl


Railroads. United States.
Cooley, Thomas McIntyre,1824-1898.
Clarke, Thomas Curtis,1827-1901.
Scribner’s magazine.


Reprinted from Scribner’s magazine. First published with title: The American railway, New York, 1888.
Introduction, by T. M. Cooley.–The building of a railway, by T. C. Clark. [June, 1888]–Feats of railway engineering, by J. Bogart. [July, 1888]–American locomotives and cars, by M. N. Forney. [August, 1888]–Railway management, by E. P. Alexander. [January, 1889]–Safety in railroad travel, by H. G. Prout. [September, 1889]–Railway passenger travel, by H. Porter. [September, 1888]–The freight-car service, by T. Voorhies. [May, 1889]–How to feed a railway, by B. Norton. [August, 1889]–The railway mail service, by T. L. James. [March, 1889]–The railway in its business relations, by A. T. Hadley. [October, 1888]–The prevention of railway strikes, by C. F. Adams. [April, 1889]–The everyday life of railroad men, by B. B. Adams, jr. [November, 1888]–statistical railway studies, by F. W. Hewes.–Index.


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