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The life of James Watt, with selections from his correspondence. – Muirhead, James Patrick, 1813-1898. / / 926.2W375 / / / / 10002317


/ / 926.2W375 / / / / 10002317


Muirhead, James Patrick, 1813-1898.

Maison d’édition

London, J. Murray,




xvi, 580 p. front.,


Watt, James,1736-1819.
Inventors. Scotland. Biography.
Inventors. Scotland. Correspondence.


Inserted after p. 344: « Fac-simile of the erroneous title-page prefixed to the separate copies of Mr. Cavendish’s ‘Experiments on air,’ read before the Royal society, January 15, 1784. »
Appendix: No. I. List of the works of Denys Papin. No. II. Historical note on the discovery of the theory of the composition of water. By the Right Hon. Henry Lord Brougham … No. III. Summary of the history of the progress towards the discovery of the composition of water, and of the discovery itself.


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