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The first international railway and the colonization of New England., Life and writings of John Alfred Poor. – Poor, Laura Elizabeth / / 923.873P667 / / / / 10002222


/ / 923.873P667 / / / / 10002222


Poor, Laura Elizabeth
Edited by Laura Elizabeth Poor.

Maison d’édition

New York, G. P. Putnam’s Sons,


1892 [c18


v, 400 p.


List of published writings, p. 136-141.


Railroads – United States – History.
New England. History. Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775.
Nivernais (France)
Poor, Laura Elizabeth,ed.


Life of John Alfred Poor.–List of published writings.–First article on the St. Lawrence and Atlantic railway.–First article on the Atlantic and St. Lawrence railway.–Plan for shortening the time of passage between New York and London.–The north-eastern boundary.–An American zoll-verein.–The transcontinental railway.–A national highway.–A bill to secure cheap transportation of breadstuffs at uniform rates.–The father of English colonization in America: a vindication of the claims of Sir Fernando Gorges.–The first colonization of New England.–Appendix.


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