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Our new West., Records of travel between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. Over the plains–over the mountains–through the great interior basin–over the Sierra Nevadas–to and up and down the Pacific coast. With details of the wonderful natural scenery, agriculture, mines , business, social life, progress, and prospects … including a full description of the Pacific railroad; and of the life of the Mormons, Indians, and Chinese. With map, portraits, and twelve full page illustrations. – Bowles, Samuel, 1826-1878. / / / / / / 10001611


/ / / / / / 10001611


Bowles, Samuel, 1826-1878.
By Samuel Bowles.

Maison d’édition

Hartford, Ct., Hartford publishing co.;




xx, [21]-524 p. inc


West (U.S.) – Description and travel.


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